If you have pets, these clever things will save you a lot of money

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ByRachel Bar-Gadda
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When it comes to that very special someone in your life – I’m speaking, of course, of your beloved pet – there’s no amount of money you wouldn’t drop to spoil your favorite buddy. Your bank account may drain away, but you’ll still feel like it’s money well spent. Well, what if I told you that you could still get everything you need, but at an affordable price? If you have pets, these clever things will save you a lot of money.

Whether you’re looking to save money in the toy department or cut down on grooming expenses, there are myriad products out there that can help. From a treat ball that allows you to customize its difficulty via an adjustable inner disc to dog shaver clippers and an efficient electric nail grinder, these are the products you need to save money and keep your pet calm and happy.

Browse the list below to see tons of clever solutions, and start filling up your piggy bank stat.


A dog back seat cover that protects your precious car upholstery

This ingenious back seat cover allows you to take your pup wherever you go with no fear of damaged upholstery. It’s made with generous padding your pet will find comfortable, features a non-slip backing, and is both waterproof and scratchproof. Wipe it down with a wet towel or wash it off in the shower and save loads of money at the carwash.


This brush that can save you trips to the groomer

If you're starting to lose your mind finding long hair from your beloved cat or dog everywhere, skip the expensive groomers and go for this clever dual-sided pet brush. One side is designed to de-shed and thin the undercoat, while the other side smoothens matted, knotted fur and hair. Rest assured, the non-scratching nested blades will do the job efficiently without causing any pain to your pet.


A portable electric nail grinder that’s safe and quiet

You’ll have no fear of accidentally clipping your pet’s claws too short (and requiring an expensive trip to the vet because of it) with this electric nail grinder that uses a diamond bit grinder. It’s powerful enough to get the job done yet quiet enough to not cause your pet alarm. It won’t cause any pain and features three different-sized openings to appropriately match your pet’s nail size. Take it on the go and recharge it via USB.


This dog seat belt to keep your pup protected en route

Use this genius, universal-fit dog seat belt to keep your pet safe and sound while on the road. Starts and stops won’t give you worrying visions of your pup getting hurt while you drive, as this sturdy harness comfortably secures them with the help of a 360-degree rotating clasp. It has adjustable straps which allow them to roam free and safely en route.


A set of chew toys to keep your dog entertained

This set of chew toys will not only keep your doggo entertained for hours but will also potentially prevent costly damage to that gorgeous new sofa you just bought. The set comes with 10 toys: four chewing rope toys, three toss balls, two squeaky toys, and a rubber bone – as well as a handy carrying case with shoulder straps. The toys, and in particular the thick cotton ropes, are great for teething puppies or for simply soothing anxiety.


This brush that’s gentle enough for your pet’s face & paws

This brush is constructed of soft bristles with rounded edges that gently brush and detangle hair of any length. The bristles are so gentle, in fact, that you can even brush sensitive areas like your pet’s face and paws without fear of causing any pain. The ergonomic handle makes it easy for you to brush for longer, making for lovely bonding time and money saved on grooming trips.


A set of raised-edge dog bowls that won’t cause a mess

Say goodbye to messy floors and wasted money on food with this set of dog bowls that feature an ingenious raised edge to prevent any water or food spills. The food bowls are made of stainless steel and sit inside a food-grade silicone mat that won’t skid across the surface of your kitchen. Choose from five colors and four different sizes, and simply toss everything in the dishwasher when it’s time to tidy up.


This set of accessories to help you train your pooch yourself

Trainers are expensive — become your own dog whisperer with this dog training set that includes a dog clicker, treat pouch bag, housetraining doorbells, and an ultrasonic whistle. You’ll be able to teach your pup basic commands, potty training, and bark control, amongst other skills. It even includes a puppy training ebook to get you started.


A hands-free dog leash so you can go for a run with your best buddy

Save that money you’d spend on the gym and go on walks and runs with blissful ease using this clever hands-free dog leash that features a flexible bungee attached to the adjustable waistband. The bungee helps absorb shock from strong pulling dogs and allows you to move about together with freedom and comfort, preventing strain on shoulders and arms. The leash is made from durable materials that are completely weatherproof and even includes reflective stitching to keep you safe during nighttime walks.


This UV flashlight that accurately detects hidden stains

If you suspect your dog has stained the chair, don’t get rid of furniture — target the specific location of those stains with accuracy using this UV flashlight. The battery-operated flashlight (which comes with a battery) instantly identifies dry dog urine so that you can treat the spots accordingly (note: this flashlight does not detect wet stains or cat urine). Pop this portable flashlight in your bag to easily take it on the go.


A comb for your dog or cat that can detect fleas

This comb features two rows of closely-spaced metal teeth to quickly and smartly remove any dust or debris from your pet’s coat for a truly shiny and smooth result. The metal teeth feature rounded and smooth ends so they won’t cause your pet unnecessary pain, and will even help to increase circulation. This comb will also allow you to instantly detect any fleas or flea eggs as well, thus saving money on costly vet appointments and medication.


These leak-proof poop bags so you won’t have to double up on bags

You wouldn’t think the idea of leak-proof and eco-friendly could coexist, but they do in the construction of these durable poop bags. No need to spend extra money doubling up with an inferior bag, because these are thick enough to contain the largest of messes and seal up securely to ward off odors. In addition, they are easy to remove from their dispenser.


A set of pet blankets that are soft & protective

Save loads of money on the washing of bedding and upholstery with this pet blanket set that gives your dog or cat an ultra-comfortable landing place while simultaneously protecting your bed or furniture. Each set includes four blankets with delightful paw print patterns and is available in four sizes. The soft fleece flannel material is also conveniently machine washable.


These post-bath drying mitts for faster grooming

Dry your pet thoroughly post-bath with these drying mitts and save lots of time and money by not having to constantly wash towels. Two mitts are included (one for each hand) and each features soft chenille fleece on one side and a thick microfiber material on the other, allowing them to absorb seven times their weight in water.


A pet wand sprayer for both indoor and outdoor baths

Say “good-bye” to pricey groomers with this ingenious pet wand sprayer that’ll make regular bath times more feasible. The sprayer’s large comb shape makes it easy to wash dogs of all shapes and sizes and it features a powerful stream to thoroughly remove shampoo and clean under thick coats. It even includes a narrow spray feature to handle more sensitive areas with the appropriate gentleness. Attach it to your garden hose or install it in the shower to easily switch between the pet wand and the showerhead.


This pet feeding reminder chart to keep track of feeding schedules

If all of a sudden you realize you’re spending way too much on pet food from excessive daily feedings, this pet feeding reminder chart can help. It attaches to any surface using either adhesive or built-in magnets and features large, easy-to-read slide buttons for each day of the week that indicate whether or not your pet has been fed morning and night. Members of your family can take turns tracking when they feed your dog or cat so that you avoid over and underfeeding them.


A dental chew toy that’s great for teething

Keep your vet happy and your vet costs low with this dental chew toy that is designed for dogs who are aggressive chewers or are teething. This round ring is made of non-toxic rubber and can even be stuffed with peanut butter or other pastes to keep your pup entertained.


This treat ball puzzle toy with adjustable difficulty

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on multiple puzzle toys for your dog when you can simply choose one that’s customizable. This interactive treat ball with more than 22,000 reviews has an adjustable inner disc that controls the dispensing of treats, allowing you to provide more or less difficulty and stimulate them mentally for extended lengths of time. It comes in two sizes – a 3-inch ball for small to medium dogs, and a 4-inch ball for medium to large dogs.


A flea and tick spray made with a plant-based formula

Apply this flea and tick spray to treat infestations or use it as a preventative measure to save money on potentially expensive treatments. It’s made with natural oils such as peppermint and clove (otherwise known as eugenol) and is gentle enough to be used on puppies 12 weeks or older. As a bonus, spray it on all sorts of surfaces like dog bedding, furniture, and outdoor surfaces, for even more protection.


This paw plunger to keep muddy paws off of the couch

Save yourself the cost of cleaning or replacing precious carpets and furniture by using this paw plunger to remove dirt, mud, ice melt, and allergens from paws before your dog graces the home. Simply fill the plunger with warm water to the top row of the soft interior bristles, insert a paw, move it in and out, and wash away any lingering dirt and debris. Easily take it with you as it features a convenient carrying handle, and know that not only are you keeping your house clean, but you’re also preventing irritation for your pup’s precious paws.


A foldable pooper scooper that lets you clean messes from new heights

If bending over one more time to clean up your dog’s mess is going to send you straight to the back doctor, then opt for this pooper scooper that gives you 24 inches of pain-free reach. It’s extremely portable due to its foldability and is made from lightweight, yet durable materials. Use it to pick up waste from all kinds of surfaces: grass, concrete, or gravel, for example.


This cat litter mat that traps and recycles litter

If you’re going through so much cat litter because half of it ends up on the floor, use this cat litter mat with an ingenious honeycomb design that traps falling litter and allows you to put it right back into circulation. The waterproof mat underneath the honeycomb layer catches the litter and, using the open side of the mat, simply requires you to pour it right back into the box. It’s made of soft-feeling EVA foam that feels comfortable on cats' paws and is easily washable with water.


A furniture protector that’s made of soft microfiber

This genius furniture protector will not only save you lots of money on new upholstery but will also provide your pet with a comfortable surface on which to lounge. It’s offered in four different sizes and six colors that are fully reversible (such as merlot/sand or chocolate/taupe). The heavy-duty microfiber is tear-resistant, yet still soft, and can be tossed in the washing machine and dryer for quick cleanup.


These dog shaver clippers for a budget-friendly barber experience at home

Take your dog to the barber, but at half the price, with this set of electric dog shaver clippers. The clippers use a rechargeable, built-in battery and emit a low noise so as not to alarm your pet. Sharp, yet safe stainless steel fixed blade and a ceramic moving blade give you perfect cutting precision. As a bonus, the set also includes a clipping comb and several detachable guide combs.


A potty training mat made of real grass

Give your pet a taste of nature with this potty training mat made of fresh sod. It reminds them not to go inside the house (which would force you to spend tons of money on cleanup) and is great for those who don’t have quick access to a yard. The mat is very absorbent of both liquids and odors and can be picked up and rolled away when it’s time to discard it. It comes in three sizes.


This scratch shield that prevents damage to doors

If your pet’s excitement at the prospect of a new visitor means they scratch up your front door to the point where you need to paint or replace it, try this scratch shield to prevent some of that destruction. Apply it to your door in a matter of seconds by popping it over the doorknob, and the frosted, heavy-duty plastic material will protect your door frame. There’s even a smooth side to shield and a textured side that creates a scratching sound – great for training opportunities.


A reversible pet blanket that is both soft and waterproof

Preserve those brand new bedsheets you just bought, but still provide your pet a comfortable, cozy place to relax with this clever pet blanket. It’s conveniently reversible, with soft plush fabric on one side and cozy sherpa on the other. All the while, its waterproof material protects your surfaces from any stains or accidents and is perfect for taking on the go.


This immune supplement that helps with seasonal allergies

Give this immune supplement to your pup, and you may prevent them from dealing with annoying seasonal allergies, meanwhile saving yourself some expensive vet bills. It comes in the form of soft chews that include ingredients such as probiotics, prebiotics, omega-3s, Epicor (a natural yeast), and colostrum, which can assist with immune function. This pick has more than 55,000 reviews and is safe for dogs of all ages.


A dog bowl that encourages slow eating

Use this clever dog bowl to assist your dog in slowing their eating, which can help with their digestion on top of potentially saving you money on dog food or indigestion solutions. The design is made with special ridges that slow down eating by 10 times and come in all sorts of different patterns like “purple flower” or “orange swirl”. It’s made of a durable, food-safe plastic that’s non-slip and can be cleaned in the top rack of the dishwasher.


This medicated dog shampoo that gently treats inflamed skin

Bring the veterinary clinic home with this medicated shampoo that costs less than $10, has more than 49,000 reviews, and treats skin scaling caused by various infections, parasites, mites, or seborrhea. It uses coal tar, salicylic acid, and micronized sulfur to relieve your pup’s inflamed skin, but won’t interfere with other topical flea and tick treatments. It’s pH balanced for their skin, so you can trust that much-needed comfort is on the way.