If your cat is an asshole, you'll wish you got these clever things sooner

Ways to keep your cat active and happy — so you’ll be happier, too.

ByClaire Epting
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We love our kitties, but there’s no denying that their unpredictable behavior keeps us on our toes. Luckily, there are plenty of behavior-boosting cat products that can divert our feline friends’ more mischievous tendencies.

Cats have a natural instinct to chew, but that doesn’t mean your furniture has to suffer. Distract your cat with these edible chewing balls or this retractable lure toy, so they’re all tired out before they can chomp on your couch. The same goes for scratching — provide your kitty with their own sisal mat to dig their claws into, and they’ll leave your carpet alone.

Investing in an interactive toy will allow your cat to keep itself entertained (and give them a chance to work out the zoomies). This feather toy rolls around on its own, while this motion-activated laser toy encourages a game of chase. These clever pet products will keep your cat active, mentally stimulated, and happy — you’ll be happier, too.


This catnip-infused fish toy that flops around on the ground

Stimulate your cat’s hunting instinct with this rechargeable fish toy that flops around on the ground. Complete with a tantalizing catnip insert, the wiggling fish will keep your cat’s attention for a long time. It comes with a USB charging cable, so you can easily power it up wherever you are. Choose from realistic trout, carp, and clownfish designs.

  • Available styles: 4


An effective odor-eliminating spray for your carpet & furniture

If your cat has taken to marking their territory indoors, this odor-eliminating spray can help. The powerful enzymatic formula breaks down urine stains and smells on your carpet and furniture, discouraging your kitty from peeing in the same place twice. Gentle and chlorine-free, the odor eliminator is safe to use around your pets.


The stress-relieving pheromone spray that soothes nerves

This calming spray works by mimicking your cat’s facial pheromones, which in turn soothes nerves and helps them feel more secure — and it’s ideal for road trips, plane rides, and vet visits. The 2 fluid ounce bottle is compact enough to fit in a bag, and can be spritzed on a cat carrier. “I wish I would have known about this spray sooner. My cat hated being in the car and being touched by strangers especially at the vet. One day the vet introduced me to Feliway and my life changed. I now spray her blanket with some feliway and she becomes definitely more manageable!” one shopper wrote.


This rolling ball tower for multi-cat households

Fun for solo or multi-cat play, this rolling ball toy has three different levels, each with a colorful ball and a ringing bell, stimulating multiple feline senses at once. The balls roll around the durable tower’s tracks, encouraging your kitty to swipe at them, while the nonslip bottom keeps the set from sliding around your floor.

  • Available colors: 5


A calming pet bed with raised sides for feelings of security

Cats that act up just might be a little stressed. Give them a place to retreat to in the form of this donut bed that has raised sides to promote feelings of security and calmness. Kitties gravitate to the plush, soft material, and upkeep is easy — the whole bed is machine-washable.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 4


The wall-mounted brush that lets your cat groom itself

It can be hard to carve out time to regularly brush your cat’s fur (especially if they have long hair), which is why these self-grooming wall brushes are such a good idea. Designed with several rows of flexible bristles, each self-groomer can be mounted to a wall corner at your cat’s level. As your kitty rubs their body along the brush, the bristles will trap the fur (which means there will be less all over your sofa).


This extendable lure toy with 9 attention-grabbing attachments

Cats love a game of chase, and this retractable wand toy allows you to be in total control. Equipped with nine interchangeable feathers and worm-shaped lure attachments, the wand can be customized to best grab your cat’s attention. The adjustable rod extends from 15 inches to 38.9 inches, so you can cover more space while playing.


The shoulder sling for cats that won’t get into carriers

If your cat flat out refuses to get in a carrier when it’s time to go to the vet, this over-the-shoulder sling just might be a savior. With a 12-pound capacity, the zippered pouch keeps your kitty right next to you — where they’ll feel comforted and secure. The material is soft but durable, and the wide strap won’t dig into your shoulder. One reviewer wrote, “The vet tech even was able to carry him into the back for blood drawing and whatnot just by transferring the neck strap from me to her, so it was a little less jarring of a switch. He'll never love being at the vet, but maybe now I can comfort him a little more easily.”

  • Available sizes: 5


This litter scoop with sky-high ratings from reviewers

Not all litter scoops are created equal, and this one is a step above, having earned a 4.8-star overall rating from reviewers. Made from solid aluminum, the litter scoop has an easy-grip foam handle and a 2-inch depth, so you can reach all the way to the bottom of the box. It comes with a holder that you can mount to the wall with the included 3M adhesive.


A silicone mat for cats who make a mess of their food & water

If your cat is prone to making a mess with their food or splashing around in their water, a feeding bowl mat like this one is an easy solution. It has a nonslip surface and waterproof design with a raised edge to keep spills contained. Just slide it under their food or water bowl — and when it gets dirty, you can pop it in the dishwasher for a deep clean.


These natural ball toys that clean your cat’s teeth

Catnip, gall fruit, and a plastic bell ball sit inside individual cages of these silvervine sticks, creating a trio of natural ball toys that your cat will love to chew on. (Silvervine — like catnip — is a botanical cats love.) Each ball stimulates a different sense — taste, smell, and sound — so your kitty won’t get bored. As an added bonus, the sticks even clean your cat’s teeth as they chew.


A rechargeable toy that rolls around on its own

Keep your cat entertained with this rechargeable rotating ball that moves around on its own. The smart device senses when it has collided with a wall or furniture, promptly switching directions for extended fun. “This toy is amazing!” one reviewer raved. “Both of our kitties are obsessed with it and it’s really nice to keep them occupied especially at night when they are feeling wild.”

  • Available colors: 2


The patch of safe, non-toxic grass that aids your cat’s digestion

Felines have a natural craving for grass, and this self-contained patch allows them to satisfy that urge without going outside or chewing your house plants. The grass grows straight from the container in just one week, providing your kitty with safe, non-toxic plant access. A natural digestive aid, this grass can also settle your cat’s upset stomach.


This pheromone diffuser that reduces tension between cats

When introducing new cats into a household, using a pheromone diffuser can reduce signs of tension such as fighting, chasing, and blocking. Designed to cover up to 700 square feet, the device releases small amounts of a solution that mimics cats’ nursing pheromones, which stimulates social contact. Each supply lasts for up to 30 days.


A waterproof litter-trapping mat that’s easy to clean

If your cat is constantly tracking litter onto your floor, you should check out this flexible, double-layer mat that features a honeycomb-textured surface on top. The litter falls through the top layer and collects at the bottom, so you can easily pour what’s been collected back into the litter box. As the mat is waterproof, you can easily clean it off with a hose or in the sink.

  • Available colors: 3


The sisal mat your cat can scratch to their heart’s content

One way to keep your cat from destroying your rugs, carpet, and furniture is by providing them with something they actually can scratch — such as this mat made of natural sisal. You can hang it low on the wall as a scratching post, or lay it horizontally on the ground. A fabric border and anti-skid bottom gives this mat a long-lasting design and an upgraded feel.

  • Available colors: 2


This padded harness for outdoor walks with your cat

Walks aren’t just for dogs. Your cat can benefit from some outside playtime with this padded harness and leash set. Constructed from sturdy nylon with a breathable mesh layer, the harness securely buckles onto your kitty’s body and attaches to the leash in the back. There are three sizes available, as well as a variety of high-visibility colors to pick from.

  • Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Available colors: 11


A heated plush toy with a pulsing “heartbeat”

Anxious kitties can benefit from having something warm to snuggle up with, as it promotes feelings of security and comfort. Unlike your average plush toy, the Snuggle Puppy has unique features designed to soothe your pet, including openings for a disposable heat packet and a battery-powered heart that recreates a pulsing heartbeat.

  • Available colors: 5


This free-standing hammock that makes your cat feel secure

Giving your cat a designated space to call their own can improve their feelings of safety and calmness, and this free-standing hammock is a great option for doing just that. It has a deep cotton-net structure that surrounds your cat from all sides for enhanced feelings of security. Plus, the suspended design provides ventilation in warmer weather, keeping your kitty cool as they take their afternoon nap.

  • Available colors: Gray, Pink


The highly engaging circuit toy with a motion-activated ball

Complete with eight interlocking pieces and a motion-activated ball, this circuit toy is sure to grab your cat or kitten’s attention. The ball lights up when it senses motion, and begins zipping around the track. “This has been the best purchase I ever made for my cats. This is even better than catnip,” one reviewer raved.


Some transparent scratch shields that protect your furniture

Keep your chairs and couches in scratch-free condition by applying these self-adhesive shields to their sides. You get six panels, all of which can be cut down to size. Not only will they prevent your kitty’s claws from sinking into the upholstery, but the sticky texture (which cats find unpleasant) will slowly train them to take their sharp nails elsewhere. Since the furniture protectors are clear, you’ll barely even notice them.


This rotating butterfly toy for high-energy felines

At certain times of day or night, your cat might have excess energy pent up — this rotating butterfly toy is one good way for them to expend it. The toy creates a ton of movement, encouraging your cat to jump, bat, and swipe as the colorful lure spins around and around. The battery-operated unit has nonslip rubber pads on the bottom to keep it securely on your floor.

  • Available styles: 5


These edible chew toys you can stick onto any smooth surface

Transform your window, wall, table leg, or floor into an interactive cat toy with these edible chew balls that stick onto any smooth surface. You get three different flavors in a pack — catnip, silvervine, and gall fruit — botanicals that are proven to be irresistible to cats. The plastic setting prevents your cat from ripping the ball from the wall.

  • Available colors: Green, Gray


A smart feather toy with multiple movement patterns

With several movement patterns, this interactive toy knows how to keep your cat engaged for long periods of time. The rechargeable unit has a built-in smart sensor that allows it to pivot directions after hitting a wall. A pair of large wheels makes the toy suitable for both hardwood floors and carpets. Your cat will have a blast chasing the colorful feather lure around your house.


This stimulating toy with customizable settings

A great feature of this interactive cat toy is the adjustable speed setting, allowing you to customize your feline’s play experience. Complete with six colorful feather attachments and two track balls, the toy encourages your kitty to bat and chase. There’s even a smart mode that automatically powers up the unit when it senses daylight, and then shuts down at night.

  • Available colors: 5