If your home looks a little tacky, you'll wish you knew about these cheap, clever things sooner

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Sometimes a charming old home can cross the line from quaint to tacky without warning. One day, you love the old floors, retro fixtures, and the opportunity to fix it up just the way you want. The next day, you can’t wait to update the bathroom and modernize the kitchen. You don’t have to choose between old counters, dated wallpaper, or the mess created by an absence of functioning storage and a massive remodel. There are easy, cheap, and fast tricks for solving all of that. If your home looks a little tacky, you’ll wish you knew about these cheap, clever things sooner.


These lightbulbs to create better ambient lighting

If all your efforts at redecorating seem to fall flat, the problem is probably the lighting. Harsh overhead lighting makes a space feel unfriendly. These two smart light bulbs are a quick and easy way to fix it. Replace your current bulbs with them, connect them to your AI system, and dim, color, or change the lights with a word. You can also set schedules or turn all the lights off at once when you are already in bed.


A coat rack for entryway storage

Clutter is the bane of every household. One trick to getting it under control is to give every item you use often a place to live. This wooden coat rack will handle everything you discard when you walk in the door: coat, hat, and bag. It will also keep necessaries like umbrellas and scarves handy. When your gear hanging here, it’s no longer clutter. It becomes part of your decorated entryway.


A set of wall-mounted bathroom shelves

A bathroom that’s littered with shampoo bottles, soap, and bathing tools, jammed onto every available surface is crying out for organization. This shower caddy system has two shelves to provide lots of storage in the shower — or on the bathroom wall. It mounts to smooth surfaces using the included adhesive so it’s easy to install and the deep shelves offer lots of space that drains water away. It comes with four hooks that you can attach wherever you like.


This set of fine wine glasses

Nothing makes a glass of wine more enjoyable than getting to drink it from a good glass. This set of four Italian red wine glasses will turn every sip into a five-star dining experience. Not only do they look good and feel right in your hand but they enhance the smell and taste of the wine by allowing it to air and directing its aromas to your senses.


The silverware set you don’t have to save up for

Attractive flatware does not have to be expensive. This 20-piece silverware set looks good, washes easily in the dishwasher, feels good in your hand, and is so affordable you can have enough so you stop running out of forks before the dishwasher is full. “I searched all over for reasonably priced, reasonably modern flatware, and this product proved to be the ticket,” said one reviewer. “The tines on the forks are not absurdly long, and the bowls of the spoons are gently rounded. Makes for a pleasant eating experience.”


This quick fix for rugs that curl or slide around

Why do throw rugs always seem to migrate around the room? This set of 12 hook-and-loop rug gripper corners will stop them. Stick one piece to the floor and the other to the underside of the carpet. That rug will not move again. You can still move the rug to clean if you want to, though. The adhesive won’t harm floors.


A peel-and-stick wood-grain upgrade for walls & other surfaces

Turn a damaged or ugly wall into realistic-looking wood paneling with these vinyl adhesive tiles. They are thin enough to cut with scissors and peel-and-stick right to your wall. Choose from seven wood finishes and transform a space in a few minutes. They are easy to clean, water resistant, and long-lasting, too.


The solar solution to create a definied pathway

Creating dramatic or subtle garden lighting is so easy with these eight solar garden lights. Stick the stakes into the ground, let the sun charge them up, and watch as they turn themselves on at dusk. Each one has a solar panel in the top so there are no wires or charging stations to worry about. You can also use these as path lights along your walkway.


This rope light for cabinets & cupboards

Fix a dark closet or throw light onto a shelf of collectibles by sticking this under-cabinet light rope to a door frame or the underside of a shelf. A switch at the end of the rope makes it easy to turn the light on and off. And it all installs so easily — running on batteries — that you will wonder why you put up with bad lighting for so long.


An easy doorbell that requires no wires

Create a custom doorbell system for your home in minutes by peeling and sticking these two wireless doorbell buttons where guests will encounter them and plugging the two receivers into an outlet inside. Then pick a from the 52 chime sounds and four volume levels, and enjoy. Your new system requires no wires and installs in just a few minutes.


A set of towels that look great in the bathroom

Your old towels might feel soft and function fine but when they get so ratty they don’t look great hanging in the bathroom, it’s time to replace them. This set of cotton bath towels — in your choice of 13 colors — is soft, absorbent, fluffy, and decorative. This affordable 100% cotton set comes with two bath towels, four hand towels, and four washcloths. “They are fluffy, thick, and the color has held up well. Beautiful set,” said one reviewer.


This toilet paper holder that has room to store backup rolls

Set this free-standing toilet paper holder stand right where you need it and stop contorting to reach an unfortunately placed wall-mounted one. It has a minimalist vibe and stores backup TP on the base. The top flips up so you can load or deploy the backups. It looks great in the bathroom and requires no installation.


A rack for storing pans & utensils on the walls

Get your pans out of the cupboard and put them within reach while turning them into kitchen decor with this pot and pan organizer shelf. It has a rack on top for lids and sundries and a row of bars you can hang pans or utensils from. It comes with 10 matching hooks.


This dinnerware set that’s perfect for the patio

When you eat on the patio or deck as often as you dine indoors, this melamine dinnerware set will bring a bit of style out there. Each of the three patterns is festive and fun. And the dishwasher-safe, sturdy, and lightweight sets come with four dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls so you are covered for every dish you serve.


A good squeegee for keeping mirrors, shower, & windows clean

Cleaning windows, mirrors, and shower doors is easy with this handy squeegee. Slather on the cleaning suds then remove all the dirt and soap streak-free by swiping it away. It comes with extra silicone blades so it will function beautifully for ages and looks stylish handing in the bathroom. It comes in three colors.


These throw pillow covers for a quick & affordable style update

It’s so easy and cheap to turn your mismatched throw pillows — or some pillow inserts — into cohesive decor. Just zip these soft, corduroy throw pillow covers over them in matching — or complimentary — colors. A two-pack in your choice of 22 colors and 10 sizes is so affordable you can do the whole room. They bring a fresh look, texture, and color to your space.


A cabinet knob for a new kitchen look

A quick, easy, dust-free — and super affordable — way to update your kitchen is to change out all the nobs to something modern. You might discover that your cabinets don’t need to be replaced at all. This matte black cabinet knob is a great place to start. The clean lines and organic shape will transform your kitchen in minutes. Just unscrew the old ones and screw these in. There are four finishes.


This kit that fixes holes in the walls

You might think you need a contractor to fix a large hole in your walls. But, with this large hole repair kit, you can handle it. It comes with a repair plate to go behind the wall and a fiber-reinforced compound that fills the hole, smooths down easily, and is ready to paint. When you are done, no one will ever know the damage happened.


A bed skirt so your bedroom looks stylish

A bed skirt is the last step in creating a bedroom that looks finished and tidy. It hides the bed frame and whatever you have stored under the bed, turning the largest piece of furniture in the room into an appealing, upholstered destination. This brushed microfiber bed skirt has tidy pleats and comes in 10 colors to coordinate with your bedding.


These stackable shoe boxes

Turn that pile of shoes into a tidy stack of easy-to-access cupboards with this snap-together shoe organizer kit. It includes six clear boxes with doors that open so you don’t have to move the box to get your shoes in and out of them. It will transform your shoe storage area into a boutique-like shoe dispenser. Stack them. Slide them under a bench or bed. Or fill shelves with them.


This striped outdoor rug

Your front door is the first impression people get of your dwelling so why not make it splashy? Start with this striped outdoor rug that looks great, feels good underfoot, and comes in six sizes and three colors so you can customize the look to your space. It’s machine washable, UV treated, and water-resistant so it will look great for ages.


A rotating sprinkler to make watering the lawn easy

A green lawn and a colorful garden all need water. This rotating garden sprinkler makes it easy — and less time-consuming — to give that outdoor space what it needs to look its best. Just set it down, adjust the 12 spray nozzles so the water goes where you want, and let it run until your garden is happy.


This deck box that stashes the outdoor gear

Leaving garden tools, outdoor toys, and pool gear lying around to clutter up your outdoor spaces looks messy and shortens the life of all of your gear. This resin deck box makes it easy to stash it all. It keeps the water and sun off of your outdoor accessories and you can lock it to keep everything safe. It acts as an extra seat, too.


A pro-level storage system for styling tools

Do you envy the orderly system your hair stylist has for all the combs, scissors, hairdryers, and other tools of the trade? Apply that same system to your own space with this hair tool organizer that mounts to the wall. Drop styling tools into the two stainless steel cups without worrying about letting them cool down first. Drop your hair dryer into a holster. Everything is ready to use but looks tidy.


A wireless charging station for your everyday tech gear

The struggle over bedside table clutter is real and it gets worse the bigger your daily tech kit gets. This wireless charger system creates order. Set your phone on the angled mount so it charges and serves as a clock or video phone. Drop your Apple watch on the elevated charging mount and set your AirPod case on the charging base. Your EDC will be organized, charged, and easy to find.


This ottoman that turns any space into storage

Set one of these clever storage ottomans down in front of an armchair as a soft place to put your feet up. It will also help keep the living room clean of clutter by giving you a readily accessible place to stash toys, game accessories, extra pillows, shoes, or whatever else is a problem. Line two or three of them to create a coffee table or at the foot of the bed and you will have so much storage. It comes in four colors.


A decorate shelf for that holds lots of books

Is your to-be-read pile tottering on the bedside table? Turn it from a pile to a decorative statement with this tree bookshelf that has four angled book-storage areas, each capable of holding up to 10 books. Flat shelves on the base give you a spot for a bit of decor, too. It comes in two finishes.


This basket that makes clutter pretty

When it comes to cleaning up clutter, baskets are your best friend. Toss anything from laundry to toys to pillows into this decorative storage basket instead of onto the floor and your clutter looks good in the room. This woven basket has no sharp edges to catch on fabrics, has big handles so you can move it around, and is big enough to handle whatever you toss into it. It comes in three colors.


An easy way to cover the couch

A dingy couch can drag down the look of your room fast. If you aren’t ready to replace it, stretch this soft couch cover over it and clean up all the spills, scratches, and dinginess fast. The three-piece design fits over the couch and cushions separately for a custom look. It comes in 28 colors so you can have exactly the couch you want.


This contact paper that makes anything look like marble

Use this marble contact paper to transform anything — the bathroom vanity, kitchen counters, a flea market find — into something that looks as if it was rendered in marble. And, once you have covered your surface with this glossy, pool-and-stick paper, your surface will be easy to clean, too. “We used it to upgrade our bathroom on a budget, and the results were spectacular,” said one of nearly 29,000 five-star reviewers.


These stick-on-tiles to create a mirror

These wall mirror tiles let you create a full-length mirror anywhere you want it, easily and affordably. Trick out your home gym or dressing area so you can see your reflection. Or use the four tiles to make a small space feel larger. They are light and easy to hang with the included adhesive stickers. There are 10 sizes available so you can create exactly the custom design element you imagine.


The spray nozzle that makes yard work easier

Make every yard chore — watering, cleaning the car, bathing the dog, or clearing the driveway — easy and fun with this spray nozzle for your hose. It goes quickly from a gentle spray to an intense jet with a turn of the dial. The high-quality metal components will last for years without leaks. A thumb dial lets you control the water volume. And the easy-grip handle is comfortable to hold.


A clever shoe-storage shelf that fits in small spaces

Get rid of shoe clutter while keeping them where you like to put them on by putting them all into this vertical shoe storage organizer. It holds seven pairs of shoes in the same footprint one pair requires, taking advantage of vertical space instead of floor space. “Fits perfectly in my small space near the door for my shoes,” said one reviewer.


These pop-open storage containers for the pantry

Streamline your morning cereal. Make measuring out rice, oatmeal, pet food, or flour easy. And keep all your stored food dry and bug-free with this four-piece storage set. With locking lids and snap-up pour spouts — all sealed with silicone gaskets — your goods are sealed in but easy to access. They come with a set of eight chalkboard labels and a chalk marker so you can label what’s inside.


The tool you need to get rid of that wallpaper

Tired of staring at that ugly wallpaper? This wallpaper-scraping tool makes removing it fast and easy. A dual-edge blade on a perfectly angled tool that’s designed to be easy to hold, it takes all the pain and suffering out of this task. “I used this tool for an entire room of 33-year-old wallpaper removal with no wall damage,” said one reviewer. “It was fast and made the job so much easier than expected.”


This hack for storing an ironing board

If digging the ironing board — and all the tools you need to iron — out of a closet is a hassle, make a place for that kit somewhere that’s easier to access. This ironing board hanger can turn any piece of wall into a dedicated ironing station so you can keep all your tools within easy reach. It also makes it all so much easier to put away that your house will stay clutter-free.


These storage bags that fit under the bed

Tap the wasted space under your bed to stash everything that’s overwhelming your closet with this set of two underbed storage bags. The clear top makes it easy to find what you stored. The side handles make accessing your stash easy. And they are large enough to hold a vast sweater or boot collection or a household’s worth of winter blankets or coats.


A utensil holder that spins and holds all your gear

This rotating utensil caddy is the perfect place to store all your oft-used kitchen tools. It looks decorative on the counter, spins so you can find what you want, and has an optional divider system so you can set it up to hold the tools you have. It comes in five colors.


A set of storage canisters for all your dry goods

Clean up all the random bags and boxes in your cupboards by moving everything from pasta to candy into this stainless steel canister set. They’re clear so you can see what’s inside and the stainless steel lids screw on to keep air out. And they look pretty enough to set on a counter. This is a set of eight in different sizes.


This kit so you can hang all your art

Be ready to hang anything with this picture hanging kit that has all the picture hangers, nails, and wire you are likely to need. Whether you are hanging a light photo or a mirror that weighs 100 pounds, the tools you need are here — and organized into compartments so you can locate them.