If your pets are destroying your home, these 35 clever things will be life-changing

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ByChristina X. Wood
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It doesn’t matter if your pet is a brand new puppy or kitten or the best friend you have had at your side for years, pets can’t exactly tell you when they’re bored, scared, cold, or anxious — not with words anyway. They tell you something is wrong by chewing things you care about, making a mess where they shouldn’t, or shouting like there is a crisis of massive proportions that needs your immediate attention. A destructive pet can test your patience, destroy your home, and put unnecessary pressure on your finances. But, for the most part, your pet is a simple creature with simple needs. When you figure out what the need is, you can solve for it and — very likely — change the behavior. If your pets are destroying your home, these 35 things will be life-changing.

For example, when a dog destroys the couch or barks like the world is ending, it’s probably because the little buddy got bored, scared, or anxious and had nothing else to focus that excess energy on. When cats scream, break things, or make a mess where they know they shouldn’t, it’s likely because they are bored, worried, angry, or cold and had no other way to tell you about it. There are ways to handle these problems. Maybe your cat needs a warm place to sleep. Perhaps your dog needs an anxiety treatment. All pets need toys and activities to keep them from getting bored.

Read on and find the solution to the problem that’s making your pet destroy your things so you can both live happily together.


A plush, fur-lined bed as a soothing place to rest

Give your pet a comfy place to lay their head (and furry lil butt) by setting this soft and plush donut bed somewhere where they can keep an eye on the world they are protecting. The lush, shaggy fur is so soft and the donut shape provides safe, calming containment as well as support for their head and neck.


A variety of toys for an entertained & happy dog

Want to see that tail wag? Open this 10-pack of toys for your pup. It’s loaded with ten chew toys to keep your furry friend entertained and chewing on things that are not your shoes or furniture. There are three balls for tossing, two toys that squeak, four chewing rope toys, and one durable rubber bone.


The nail grinder for safer (& stuff-protecting) pet pedicures

Trimming your pet's nails doesn’t have to carry the risk of cutting those nails too short and causing pain. This rechargeable nail grinder is quiet and gentle, letting you easily control the nail trimming process so that one slip of the paw doesn’t leave your pet crying. The guide over the grinder is removable for larger dogs, the cap keeps it secured for travel, and it comes with a charging cord. Diminished scratch-power was never so simple.


A complete dog training kit with pet pouch & training aids

This complete dog training kit has everything to get you started on this mutually rewarding endeavor. The pet-treat pouch clips to your belt so you always have a reward at the ready, and has a pocket for training tools. The clicker lets you reaffirm commands. And the dog whistle helps teach recall without making you shout. It even includes bells you can hang on the door to give your pet a clear signal to use when asking to go out — great for potty training. There’s a puppy training guide, too, to help you learn.


This carrier for when your pet wants to go everywhere with you

Want to take your pet along with you but their little legs just can’t keep up? Wear this pet sling and free up your hands while toting them. It’s designed to wear cross-body to distribute the weight of an animal up to 12 pounds, is reversible so you can change up the look, has a security strap so your fur baby can’t jump out, and comes in five colors.


The pet training spray that helps you change bad behavior

Training your dog to stop barking, jumping on people, or stealing food off counters will make your pet easier to live with and help you both get along better with others — but some behaviors are hard to change. This pet corrector spray is a useful tool. It creates a disruptive noise that gets your pet's attention away from the bad deed and on you — the origin of the hissing noise. Use that moment to teach the appropriate behavior and, one step at a time, your dog will learn to alter bad behavior.


A big bag of cat nail clips to save furniture & make your kitty glamorous

These nail caps are a clever way to stop your cat from scratching the furniture (or you). They cover those sharp murder claws with not-sharp — but very colorful — caps so the cat can carry on being a cat without doing any harm. There are 10 colors in this collection of 100 caps and adhesive to secure them to your pet’s claws is included.


The cat scratching post that looks like a cactus garden

Your cat needs a place to scratch or it will attack your furniture. But you need your living space to look nice. This cat-scratching post that looks like a cactus garden is your compromise. It has three posts wrapped in green sisal and carpet that satisfy kitty's need to scratch, and it looks like a decorative item you won’t mind putting in the living room. Win, win.


A mat for kitty that stops litter from getting all over the house

Set this clever, waterproof litter-trapping mat down next to the litter box so when kitty steps out, paws covered in litter, it falls into the honeycomb pattern on the top layer of the mat and rests on the layer below — instead of getting tracked all over the house. To clean the mat, just open it up and pour the trapped litter back into the box.


A portable paw cleaner so your pup’s fun doesn’t destroy the car seats

When your pup has had a very good day, it usually shows in the paws. They will be covered in mud, dirt, swamp water, and other filth you would rather not get into your car or house. Bring along this portable paw cleaner and that won’t be a worry. Just fill it with water and push the dirty paw into it where the lining of soft silicone brushes will quickly clean those hooves.


This powerful stain & odor remover to help carpets & pets get along

When a dog or cat experiences digestive issues or can’t get outside, they let loose where they can. And that can mean messes on floor coverings and furniture you spent good money on. This stain remover is designed for pet stains, is safe for carpets, and is super effective at removing stain and smell because it uses enzymes that feed on the ammonia that causes both. Almost 59,000 people gave this five stars and their reviews are, sometimes, novel-length.


A pet-food mat so food & water stay off your floors

Set this silicone mat down where you feed your pet so that even the messiest eater can’t leave behind a wet mess of food and water on your floors. The half-inch raised lip around the mat keeps things safely contained and the grippy bottom stops dishes from sliding around. Just lift it to rinse it clean.


The treat-hiding puzzle that keeps your fur baby thinking

Stash a few tempting goodies into the compartments of this treat puzzle and let your dog or cat figure out how to unearth the prize. It’s the right mix of difficulty and rewards to keep even the smartest pet quiet and busy until they solve it. It’s also easy to clean and load so you don’t have to fuss with it too much.


A big cat play tower with loads of scratching & resting spots

Give your cats a place to play, scratch, and nap by setting this multi-surface cat condo down in your living space. There are several firm surfaces for them to sleep and play on — one can be flipped from carpet to sisal for cool summer lounging or cozy winter digs — and a hammock made from soft, plush fabric. The sisal-wrapped posts are satisfying to scratch. And a ball hangs below for playtime.


These treats that help calm your dog down

If your pooch tends to be excitable, keep some of these calming treats on hand so you can offer something tasty that will help settle their nerves before you go to the vet, travel, or do anything that causes stress. They are loaded with L-Theanine, Colostrum, and Thiamine but are free of corn, wheat, or artificial ingredients.


This massaging brush to calm and relax your cat or dog

Create a relaxing experience for your pet during their grooming sessions with this handheld massaging brush. The bristles are made from a soft, flexible silicone material that is the secret behind the massaging sensation your fur friend will feel all over their body. You can even use this to help bathe your pet to really lather up the shampoo and get deep cleaning and


The happy hood that comforts dogs for grooming or other stressful times

If you are prepping to give the fur-buddy a bath, pull this calming hoodie on first. It settles your pet down with a sensation of swaddling and reduces noise to protect their sensitive hearing from harsh sounds of the dryer or water spray so they will be more agreeable about the process. It’s also great for other stressful events like thunder or fireworks.


A stuffed toy with a heartbeat so your pup won’t feel lonely

When you are crate training a puppy, leaving your dog in the house, or want to calm a stressed dog, give them this stuffed animal with a gentle heartbeat so your buddy won’t feel alone. It simulates the feeling of napping with littermates to create calm in lonely pups. Reviewers love it. “She cries for five minutes until she feels the heartbeat, and then she snuggles up with it and is out like a light,” said one reviewer.


This plug-in diffuser that releases cat-calming pheromones

If your cat is skittish, angry, or chronically upset with you — or you are bringing in a new pet or going on vacation — plug one of these pheromone-releasing diffusers into an outlet and let it work its magic. It releases a constant, calming pheromone into the air that noticeably chills out stressed felines. Over 11,000 people gave it five stars.


A cozy blanket for your pet that also protects surfaces

Toss this warm and cozy blanket over your pet’s favorite spot and your little fur baby will assume you are doting on them and anticipating their every need. This is, of course, true. But you are also protecting that surface. Because while this blanket has warm sherpa on one side and microfiber fleece on the other for comfort, it also has a waterproof inner liner that will keep whatever mess your pet got into off of where they’re resting.


The wood-flavored chew toy that looks like a stick

Why do dogs love to chew on sticks? We may never know. But we do know that sticks splinter, can get stuck in their throats, and are covered in who-knows-what-else that’s not healthy. This Benebone chew toy, though, is a delicious wood-flavored chew that looks like a stick, chews better than one, got over 10,000 five-star reviews, and won’t hurt your pup.


These stainless steel bowls with a spill-proof mat to keep your floor tidy

You’ll love how clean your floors stay when you make the switch to these stainless steel bowls with silicone mat. There are two holding spots that securely cradle the bowls so they won’t move around while your pet is munching away on their food or wetting their whistle. The silicone mat helps with any potential spills by keeping them off your floor for easy and convenient cleaning.


A homeopathic stress-relief drop that helps calm your pet

Put a few drops of this calming remedy into your pet’s food or water before a stressful event — a car trip, a storm, or fireworks — and watch as it calms those nerves so your bestie can take whatever is happening in stride. “I have a pitbull that chews and gnaws everything. I use these drops before I leave for work so she doesn't tear my house up,” said one reviewer. “They are amazing! I followed directions and put four drops on a treat. It worked instantly to calm her down.”


The snug jacket that swaddles anxious dogs

If your pup freaks out about loud noises or stressful events, help that fur baby into this snug ThunderShirt. It provides a feeling — like a constant hug — of tactile calm that helps dogs feel safe and secure. Often a stressed dog will fall into a deep, relieved sleep when wearing it. “Trazodone, Xanax, CBD...nothing made a dent in my poor guy's sky-high anxiety levels,” said one reviewer. “The first time I put this on him, though, he lay down and went to sleep. I had to check to see if he was still breathing! The furry goofus now wears his nightshirt every night, and happily collapses and starts snoring.”


This warm & cozy cave for your cat or small dog

Cats and small dogs run at a higher temperature than humans, so they can get cold in temperatures that feel comfy to you. Give them a cozy home within your home where they can be as warm as they like. This cave bed has a super soft floor and a fuzzy, warm tent top that you can remove any time you like. It comes in six patterns that will look great in your home.


A freezable, treat-hiding toy to keep your dog busy

When you go out, don’t leave a bored dog home to wreck the place. Instead, give the pup this durable, fillable chew toy packed with a favorite frozen treat to make getting at the goods nice and slow. Your dog will be so focused on the smell and challenge, your couch will be safe. Chewing on the vanilla-scented toy is good for the dog’s teeth, too.


This long-lasting steak toy with replaceable treat rings

When you want to keep your dog busy so you can nap or work, hand over this big rubber sirloin steak toy with a couple of treat rings installed and it will keep that pooch occupied for a nice long time. The BPA-free rubber is durable enough to withstand even the most aggressive chewer. The treat rings are easy to insert and a challenge to get out, and maintain an appealing scent for a long time. Even without the treat rings, the chew toy smells like beef.


A cute broccoli cat toy that’s infused with catnip

This little broccoli cat toy is designed to keep your cat happy and engaged (rather than destroying your belongings). It is infused with catnip — and comes with more catnip to boost it — and has rope legs. The legs have pieces of matatabi fruit on the ends, which is edible for cats. It’s the perfect length for kicking, too. So your cat will love it.


This bitter apple spray that stops from pet from chewing on things they shouldn’t

When your pup loves to chew shoes, the couch, plants, or furniture, and the cat is always biting power cords, this bitter apple spray will save everything and everyone from that bad habit. Just spray it where you don’t want them to chew. When they get a taste of it, they will move right onto something that doesn’t taste so bitter.


A snuffle mat because pets love to solve puzzles when treats are involved

A bored pet can be a destructive pet. But every day can’t be a romp in the park. For all the other days, there is this snuffle mat that keeps your pup or cat looking for the treats secreted in its many folds and hiding spots. Just fill it with treats, cinch it closed as much as you like, and let your buddy get to work finding the food. It’s a great way to slow down a fast eater, too.


This treat-filled toy that slows down meal-scarfers

This two-part bobbing treat toy is a great way to slow a fast eater or give a clever dog something to keep them busy for a long time. Just fill the two compartments with treats, set the difficulty level, and let your dog have at it. They play with it to get the treats or kibble out one piece at a time so that every meal becomes an engaging endeavor. The bottom is weighted so it wobbles unpredictably and it holds up to three cups of food.


A colorfully patterned harness that is specifically designed to keep your pooch from pulling

If you are looking for alternative options to collars when you’re out walking your dog, you should consider switching over to this no-pull reflective harness. It comes equipped with two leash clip-on points that let you decide how much control you need to exert over your pooch. You can also implement it into long leash training to work on you dog having more freedom.


This door strap that lets the cat through & keeps the dog out

Even if your cat and dog adore each other, there are a couple of solid reasons that the cat needs a room the dog can’t get into. (Namely the cat food and litter box.) This door strap holds a door in a slightly ajar position so the cat can get through but the dog can’t. It’s easier for you than gates and keeps the dogs from eating things they shouldn’t.


A furniture cover so your pet can sleep on the couch without leaving a mess

If you aren’t enforcing a “no pets on the couch” rule, put this water-resistant, fur-proofing cover on there so you don’t have to replace — or constantly clean — the couch. The bottom layer protects furniture from a wet pet. The top layer holds all the shed fur so the couch doesn’t have to. And the wrap-around cushions make it a safe and comfortable place for your pet to enjoy. It looks nice, too, and comes in three colors.


This chew toy for big dogs that love to hold their bone

When your dog is a big chewer, you know you can’t hand them any tiny chew toy or it will be decimated in minutes. But this big chew from Nylabone is up to the challenge. The shape lets your dog get a good grip on it, and the many crevices make for satisfying chewing and teeth cleaning. There are three shapes and four flavors to choose from.