If you're into cool sh*t, check out these weird & clever things getting popular now

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What a time to be alive. It wasn’t all that long ago that we were limited to physical stores for all the appliances, random tools, and goofy gadgets that our hearts desired. Now, however, we have the internet. Amazon is chock full of products that you never knew you needed (and maybe never knew existed). It’s also a great place to browse when gift-hunting for someone who already has everything — because do they really have everything if they’re without a frog-shaped egg yolk separator? I think you know the answer.

So, if you or someone you know is into cool sh*t, you might want to consider this list of weird and clever things that are growing in popularity. Along with the frog-shaped egg separator, you’ll find other kitchen accessories like a bread slicing guide and a personal blender, useful MVPs like microfiber towels and adhesive phone mounts, and my personal favorite category: household basics with whimsical shapes that will give your home an extra pop of personality (a cactus-shaped humidifier and mushroom-shaped nightlight? Yes, please). If anyone needs me, I’ll just be over here, clearing space for the slew of packages that may or may not be arriving at my home soon.


The handy gadget that’s part grabber, part flashlight

This magnetic pick-up tool can be a game changer while doing repairs, housework, and general fixes. It telescopes up to 22 inches, so it can get deep into hard-to-reach places to snag nails, nuts, bolts, screws, and more. The LED positioned at the end also makes it easy to spot your target item.


This cleaning gel that reaches into corners & crevices to remove dust & debris

If you’ve ever longed for a just-detailed level of cleanliness in the car, without a trip to the cleaners, you may be interested in this strange blue cleaning gel. You squish it into vents, cupholders, around the gear shift, and any other crevice, and it picks up any trapped dirt and dust. It’s also good for certain electronics and devices, and even window blinds. Depending on how much it picks up with each use, you can reuse it, too.


This smart & simple tray that hooks onto your steering wheel

Turn your parked car into a comfortable workstation, dining table, and more with this steering wheel desk. It’s easy to install, offers a flat side for working, and a sectioned side with a cupholder for eating and snacking. It’s easy to store behind your seat in between uses, too.


A silicone body sponge for gentle scrubbing & exfoliation

If you’re not a fan of loofahs or washcloths, this silicone body scrubber might be a game-changer to your shower routine. It’s easy to grip and use, and is suitable for all skin types — especially sensitive. It’s also easy to clean and is said to be more hygienic than brushes and loofahs. Five colors are available, and it comes in single or multi-packs.


This stir stick that doubles as a wine purifier

These aerating, purifying wine wands are made to remove sulfites and histamines from red, white, and even sparkling wines. So if you or someone you know ever deals with uncomfortable side effects from wine, these could be a game changer. They work in just three minutes, and don’t change the flavor or appearance of wine.


A travel-sized toothbrush sanitizer so you can be germ-free on the go

If you’ve ever stopped to think about germs that might be lurking on your toothbrush (especially if you toss it into your travel bag willy-nilly) then this toothbrush sanitzer will be a welcome addition to the mix. The ultraviolet light promises to eliminate up to 99.9% of germs, and it fits almost all toothbrushes — even electric ones.


This charging station that wrangles all your devices

If you’ve got a houseful of devices, they’re likely scattered about on every available surface that’s anywhere near an outlet. Keep them all in one place with this convenient charging station. The station has room for up to six smartphones and tablets, and holds them upright in the most space-saving way. The best part? You get six ultra-short charging cords, so you can kiss those annoyingly long cables goodbye.


A spoon holder & lid prop that’s shaped like a crab, because why not?

Why buy a plain, boring kitchen gadget when you could buy a crustacean-shaped one? This useful spoon and lid holder doubles as a cute crab perched on the edge of your pots and pans. It’s made of durable silicone, and in between uses, you can pop it into your dishwasher for easy cleanup.


The flexible phone holder you can position however you need

If you’ve ever felt awkward while holding or positioning your phone, you’ll appreciate the versatility and adaptability of this flexible cell phone holder. The goose neck design can be wrapped, worn, propped, and more, and you can use it with a variety of phones of all different sizes.


A colorful cubic lamp that jazzes up home or events

This color-changing light cube allows you to create a literal rainbow in the comfort of your home. With 16 color settings and 8 dimming settings, it’s versatile enough that you can use it indoors or out, and the included remote lets you adjust all settings with ease. Buy a few and build the video game landscape of your dreams.


A froggy egg separator to assist with cooking & baking

After cracking an egg, you can use this frog-shaped silicone egg separator to pull the yolk away quickly and easily, then just squeeze it to release. The silicone material makes it dishwasher-safe, and no worries if frogs aren’t your favorite, there’s an orange fish and pink pig available, too.


These extra-long oven mitts that offer way more protection

If you’ve ever burned yourself while reaching into the oven, I’m willing to bet it was your forearms that felt the singe. Get extra protection with these extra-long oven mitts that offer (very necessary) forearm coverage. Steam-resistant and waterproof, they feature silicone on the palms and wrists, making them super easy to wipe clean in case of contact with food (which will inevitably happen).


A mini handheld vacuum that’s perfect for desks, tables, & other surfaces

No more dusty tables or countertops when you have this tabletop vacuum. It’s great for offices, craft rooms, workbenches, and the area around your coffee maker where grounds always spill. Plus, it’s a cinch to operate and surprisingly effective, according to buyers. It’s battery-operated, so you don’t have to fuss with cords, and looks charming atop any table.


These towels that can be used hot or cold for DIY face masks

If you desire more flexibility and customization in your skincare routine, going beyond what store-bought sheet masks provide, then these cotton face mask towels will be a welcome update. They can be used as cold compresses, for steaming, or even with some of your favorite products for an at-home facial treatment. Plus, your children and pets will love your new look.


A magical fungi-shaped nightlight that changes color

Show everyone that you’re a “fungi’ wit this LED mushroom nightlight. It’s available with color-changing capabilities, or you can opt for a single-color version (there are five to choose from). With built-in sensor, it turns on and off on its own based on the darkness of its location. That whimsical forest-scape is just a couple nightlights away.


The mini humidifier that looks like a cactus, for more aesthetic misting

You’ll never look at a plain, boring humidifier the same way again, after enjoying this mini cactus version. It’s powered by USB and is small enough to be portable, so makes a great addition to your desktop or office. You can opt for a version with or without a nightlight feature. Many reviewers like making it a neighbor to their humidity-loving houseplants.


This movable wall mount so you can watch (or film) from your phone anywhere

This wall phone mount can hold up to two pounds of weight, and it promises not to leave any residue or remnants behind after it’s detached. It’s available in white or black, and it’s even waterproof so you can comfortably use it in the bathroom. Phones can even charge while they’re on it, thanks to the notch at the bottom.


A portable neck fan that cools you off on hot days outside

Hammacher Schlemmer fans, unite! This portable neck fan looks like it came straight from the catalogue’s pages. It works like a personal air conditioner that you can wear hands-free. There are three different speeds so you can manage the breeze, and it’s rechargeable (by USB), holding hours of power with each charge. Enjoy it for everything from walks and farmers’ market visits to sporting events and concerts.


This pourover travel mug that lets you brew delicious coffee anywhere, anytime

Sometimes, the coffee available to us while we’re out just doesn’t compare to the coffee we have at home. Enter this pour over travel mug, which you can use for brewing at home (to save dishes), or that you can bring with you to make a fresh cup at your destination. The included stainless steel filter is reusable, too.


These copper mugs that make an elegant upgrade to your cocktails

A set of these handcrafted, 100% copper mugs takes your bar or kitchen to the next level. They promise to frost up in just seconds, so you’re never more than a few moments away from a chilled drink. They hold 16 ounces of liquid, and the set comes with a bonus shot glass and cocktail recipe eBook.


A trash bin for the car you can attach wherever it’s needed

What separates this catchall car trash bin from the pack is the adjustable strap that allows you to hang it in various parts of your car — wherever trash is generated most. So whether you want the driver, front passenger, or backseat passengers to have the bin within reach, you’ll have the option. Twenty trash bags are included, too.


This bath pillow to instantly improve tub time

What good is a bubble bath if you can’t get comfortable the whole time you’re in it? With a bath pillow, you’ll be able to fully relax in there. It has six suction cups so it stays in place while in use, and an included hook makes it easy to hang dry for next time.


A phone mount for handlebars — including bicycles, motorcycles, strollers, & stationery bikes

This rotating rubber phone mount works with phones of varying sizes, and it can fit on different styles of bikes, strollers, scooters, exercise equipment, and more. The bands are ultra secure, and three different colors are included. Buyers raved about how sturdy and stable they are, securely holding phones on the roughest rides, along with easy installation.


The windproof umbrella that’s lightweight & portable

Few things are worse than thinking you’re safe from the rain, only to have your umbrella ruined by strong winds. This windproof option is designed in a way that lets wind travel through the top to help prevent the entire structure from being damaged. There are 15 colors to choose from, and it gets a 4.5-star overall rating.


A specialized tool for lifting pizzas out of the oven

From frozen pizzas to gourmet pies from scratch, this useful pizza paddle has you covered — no more awkwardly wielding spatulas to scoop those bad boys outta the oven. It’s available in two different sizes and the handle folds down for easy storage. If you don’t cook a lot of pizza, you can use it for grilling and other large bakes. It easily cleans up in the dishwasher.


This tabletop pasta roller for fresh, homemade pasta on the regular

This best-selling pasta maker has adjustable settings so you can create pasta in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the hand crank gives you control over the whole process. You can position it on your surface of choice with the included clamp. And, since it’s made of a sleek and shiny silver alloy, it looks great living on the counter, too.


The packing cubes that make it easier to stay organized while traveling

If you’ve ever stared at a messy suitcase, you know the struggle. These compression packing cubes make it easy to store and stash not only more clothes and belongings, but to keep your bags neat and tidy, too. They’re available in three different colors (great for packing multiple kids’ things in one bag), and in sets of four or eight.


A popcorn popper that’s a step up from instant packages

This durable microwave popcorn popper can make up to 15 whopping cups of fresh popcorn at a time, and unlike prepackaged microwave bags, you’re in charge of all the ingredients and flavors. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe, and you can collapse it for easy storage. There are 18 bright, popcorn-party colors to choose from.


These quick-dry towels that have so many uses in & out of the home

These microfiber quick dry towels are the kind of go-to that you’ll find yourself constantly reaching for. They’re super lightweight, and they work great at the gym or beach, or while camping or doing projects at home. Each set has three towels in three unique sizes, and there are eight colors to choose from.


A grippy cupholder so you can safely have a beverage in the tub or shower

No more feelings of regret when you set a can or cup down before taking a shower or bath. This shower drink holder is made of durable waterproof silicone, and the suction cups allow you to apply it and reapply it however you see fit. There are seven colors and styles available, with a mug option, too. Shower beer has never looked so good.


The brilliantly-shaped utensil scrubber that works double-time

Why scrub one side of your utensils at a time, when you can scrub both sides of your utensils at a time? This utensil scrub brush has dual sets of bristles, so you can more efficiently and effectively clean knives and other utensils. The unique shape allows you to store it over the side of your dish rack if you like.


A combination lightbulb & speaker to set the ultimate vibes

This LED bulb and Bluetooth speaker offers many of the same features as a regular Bluetooth speaker, but with the fun of a light show added. The included remote lets you control and manage colors, brightness, volume, and even light effects like flash, fade, flicker, and more. As one reviewer put it, “Frankly, this device has no right to be as good as it is for the price point.”


An alarm that saves you from leaving the fridge door open

Spoiled food is never fun to deal with, and a few minutes of foresight can save you a lot of potential trouble down the road. This freezer door alarm has four sound modes, and begins with a gentle alarm that works its way up the longer the door is left open. It comes with adhesive already applied, so installation is super simple. Three colors are available.


A ring light that clips to phones, laptops, & tablets for great lighting anytime

This clip-on, rechargeable ring light is easy to slip on and off different devices to enhance your streams, video calls, photos, and more. Each charge can hold up to two hours of light, and a USB cord is included. Even better, it offers three color modes to suit your preference, and it’s compact enough to pop in a backpack or purse.


These easy LED lights for enhancing the ambience

If you’ve ever wished for a TV or monitor set-up that feels like a theater, then you may want to sit down for this one. This adhesive string of LED lights can frame your screen for that theatrical flare, or line your cabinets, go under your bed, and more. Multiple string lengths are available, and you have the option to choose between color-changing lights and solid white.


This bread-slicing guide for perfect fresh slices every time

This best-selling bread slicing guide and knife makes it so much easier to enjoy delicious homemade (or store bought) bread, cakes, loaves, bagels, and more. The bamboo material is versatile, and there are three differently-sized guides for your preferred slices. It folds down when not in use so you can easily tuck it away.


A food chopper that streamlines & simplifies meal prep

No more tired hands (or delayed meals) because of lengthy chopping and prep sessions. This food chopper can slice and dice entire vegetables in record speed, and has three blade sizes according to the chop you need. Plus, the container catches it all, holding up to 8 cups of veggies. It’s dishwasher-safe, too.


The slim-can cooler that puts koozies to shame

This sleek, stainless steel can cooler securely holds the taller, slimmer cans that energy drinks and hard seltzer often come in. It keep them 20 times cooler than a koozie per the brand, and the metallic exterior comes in more than 30 styles and patterns — so you can buy it in your favorite team’s colors or to match your décor.


These grippy socks that are perfect for yoga (or hanging out)

If you’ve ever done yoga on a cold morning, you know how psychologically painful it can be to forego socks. Slip on a pair of these grippy socks, and you can go into a secure downward dog while keeping frigid toes at bay. Of course, those same grips make them perfect for just moseying around the house sans shoes, too. (Sometimes slippers are just a little too bulky.)


These odor-absorbing charcoal bags for freshened air wherever you put them

These charcoal bags could not be easier to use; you simply place them wherever you want to absorb odors, and the activated bamboo charcoal does its work freshening the air. The best part? They are effective for up to two years — just pop them in the sun for about two hours a month to charge up.


This personal blender for easy single-serving smoothies

Using a full-sized blender for a single smoothie is a recipe for waste and incorrect portions (not to mention annoying cleanup). A personal sized blender, however, helps you to get it just right, and then you can use the jar itself for drinking, too. The parts are dishwasher safe, and there are five colors to choose from.


These dog bags that have a nearly-perfect rating

Something even less fun to think about than dog poop is the potential environmental damage of all the plastic bags dog owners use to take care of it. Enter these dog poop bags, which use recycled material in the packaging and core. They are lavender-scented and promise to be leak-proof. The brand is careful about their use of ‘biodegradable,’ but according to buyers, they break down over time.


A pair of ultra cut-resistant gloves for a potent layer of protection

If you love to cook but don’t love the potential to cut or nick your fingers, you may want to try these cut resistant gloves. They’re made from a material 4x stronger than leather. Though designed for food prep like dicing veggies, shucking oysters, grating or using a mandoline, they can be used for everything from woodworking to crafting and carving. Taking care of them is a breeze since they’re machine-washable.


The soap-dispensing sponge holder that simplifies washing up

Refill your sponge with a simple press, thanks to this soap dispenser and sponge holder. Its sizable bottom compartment holds up to 12.5 ounces of soap, ideal for those who buy in bulk, and reviewers said the dispenser noticeably reduces the amount of soap needed to clean. It also reduces countertop footprints for a sleeker sink-scape.


A sleek countertop bin that makes the garbage look good

Whether you use it for paper scraps, wrappers, or remnants from your coffee station, this countertop trash can will help keep your space tidy, and looking quite chic while you do it. At 6.5 inches tall, it fits on a shelf or counter, and the swing top keeps all the garbage out of sight.