If you're lazy but want to look good, you'll love these 45 cheap things on Amazon


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There is no shame in putting in basically zero effort and still looking put together — Call me lazy, but I think it’s honestly something to strive for. So, keep scrolling because you’ll love these cheap things on Amazon that make the effortless look a breeze.


This root touch-up powder that’s cleverly mess-free

With a built-in applicator and stain-proof formula, this root touch-up powder will be quick to use and completely mess-free if you prefer to cover up roots. It lasts up to 48 hours, so you’ll only have to apply this fragrance-free powder once, and it easily washes right off with your shampoo.


This hydrating in-shower lotion to save time after your shower

This lotion has a water-activated formula that you can use in the shower because applying lotion after the shower is honestly way too time-consuming. It’s formulated with nourishing cocoa butter, and its clever in-shower design won’t leave behind that annoying sticky feeling that a lot of post-shower lotions do.


This dry shampoo & puff ball applicator that’s *so* quick to use

Putting off the whole hair-washing ordeal for another day is super easy with this clever little container of mattifying dry shampoo that comes with a puffy applicator on top. Simply flip over the applicator and use it to dot this biotin-infused powder to refresh your hair.


These game-changing fake collars for breathable layering

Pop one of these fake collars on any time you’re layering to get that crisp collar look without getting too warm. Each one comes with little arm straps to keep them perfectly in place under your sweaters and tops. These breathable cotton collars are also long enough to tuck under pretty much any top.

  • Available sizes: Medium — Large
  • Available colors: 2


These handy pens to quickly sweep on teeth-whitening gel

If you prefer to whiten your teeth, these little pens come pre-filled with everything you’ll need to whiten them in 30 minutes without making a mess. Each one of these mint-flavored teeth whiteners comes with a brush on top, so you can sweep it on without touching the gentle gel.


A portable steamer to toss out your time-consuming ironing setup

If you have to deal with an outfit that’s too wrinkly, grab this portable steamer instead of pulling out ironing supplies. It’s ready to go 30 seconds after plugging it in, and it’s compact enough to carry around and use wherever you have a spot to hang up that annoying wrinkled top.


A cashmere-like blanket scarf that will look like you spent a ton

This blanket scarf is made of ultra-soft fabric that will look like you spent a ton on an oversized cashmere scarf. It has elegant tassels and a bit of a shiny finish to add to its luxuriously elegant style. The medium-weight design also makes this luxe piece super versatile for styling.

  • Available colors: 11


A quick lip & cheek stain to skip touch-ups throughout the day

Simply dot on this ultra-blendable lip and cheek stain instead of wasting time with lip products and messy powder blush. It has a sheer formula, so you won’t be in danger of it looking too bright when you apply it in a hurry. Plus, it’s smudge-resistant, so you can skip blush and lip touch-ups throughout the day.


These press-on nails that don’t look as quick-to-apply as they are

No one will know that you popped on these reusable press-on nails as quickly as you did because they look seriously professional. It comes with the glue you’ll need, and it only takes about five minutes to create this polished look. Plus, the gel is flexible and durable enough to wear every day — even if you need to wash the dishes.


A calming facial set with an easy-to-clean ice roller

This calming set comes with a classic gua sha and a gel roller you stick in the freezer to get it all frosty to soothe your skin. The roller is filled with gel beads to massage your skin and potentially help out with migraines and redness. You can also pop the roller off to rinse off excess serums or skincare products.


A volumizing mascara with an impressively lightweight beeswax formula

This mascara is made of a uniquely lightweight formula that’s made with beeswax to add volume and fluff up your lashes without them feeling uncomfortably heavy. It’s water-resistant, and this clever formula even prevents all of those classically annoying mascara problems, like smudging, flaking, and clumping.


This gentle double-sided tape to make clothes comfier

This double-sided tape is specifically for securing every annoying spaghetti strap, strapless neckline, or whatever other piece in your closet could feel a little comfier. The adhesive is gentle on your skin and clothes, and you get a ton of them in this pack, so you always have one handy.


These washable nipple covers to avoid uncomfortable straps

Reach for these water-resistant nipple covers if you prefer a bit of coverage, but you’re not down to deal with uncomfy bra straps. Their gentle silicone design is also washable and completely reusable, so you won’t have to spend money on new covers all the time.

  • Available sizes: Small — Large
  • Available colors: 5


These impressive 24-karat gold eye masks that refresh your skin

These sparkly eye masks come in a huge pack, so you’ll always have a pair of expensive-feeling 24-karat gold masks on hand. They look more elevated than classic under-eye masks, and they also only need about 20 minutes to take care of any puffiness when you wake up.


This stretchy lounge set with an elevated henley top

This sweatsuit set comes with an adorable button-up sweatshirt that makes it look elevated and way more expensive than it actually is. This chic henley-style top is paired with minimalist waistband joggers with a helpful adjustable drawstring. Plus, both of these timeless pieces are made of stretchy fleece fabric for extra coziness.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 22


This heatless curling set with a clip to secure everything

This heatless curling set comes with a cushioned curling rod, gentle satin scrunchies, and a super handy clip to keep everything in place while you create your curls. You can wear it overnight or pop it on for over two hours before you have to leave the house. The satin finish also prevents any painful pulling when you slide it out of your hair.


A round brush-shaped hair dryer to skip volumizing products

Sweep this round brush-shaped hair dryer through your hair, and you’ll be ready to go without reaching for any volumizing products or even your hair brush. The gentle bristles will leave behind a shiny finish every time you pull this volumizing brush through your hair. It’s also perfectly curved to create bends and curls on the ends of your hair with basically zero effort.


These gold-plated hoop earrings to make any outfit look timeless

You’ll always be prepared to elevate any outfit if you keep this bulk pack of elegant 14-karat gold-plated hoop earrings around. You also get six different (but equally timeless) styles of these hypoallergenic hoops, so you’ll always have a new one to style throughout the week.

  • Available colors and styles: 4


A snail mucin cream to soothe your skin with one step

This luxurious cream is packed with snail mucin to add extra hydration and even soothe your skin every time you sweep it on. Even with an impressive 92% snail mucin packed into the formula, this lotion still saves a bit of space for some hyaluronic acid to help strengthen your skin barrier.


This iron-on hemming tape to save a ton of tailoring time

Instead of going to a time-consuming tailor, simply stick this easy iron-on hemming tape onto any piece of clothing that could be a little shorter or look a bit more polished. This budget-friendly role is double-sided, and it’s permanent, so you’ll only have to hem your clothes once.


These anti-wrinkle wool dryer balls to avoid ironing

This wool dryer ball pack helps to prevent wrinkles and even static cling on your clothes, so they’ll always look polished with barely any effort. They can also help cut down on drying time, so throwing laundry in the dryer isn’t as big of an ordeal as it usually is.


These scrubby gloves to speed up your exfoliation routine

These clever gloves make exfoliating such a quick and mess-free process because you simply apply your soap or body wash onto these soft gloves and wash your body as usual. Their exfoliating material also has some built-in stretch, and they even come with a little loop to hang dry them between showers.


This luxe hair oil that protects against a ton of things (like humidity)

Sweep this luxurious hair oil through your hair to prevent any unwanted damage or frizziness and to save yourself from using a ton of other products. It protects your color from fading in the sun, protects your hair from heat up to 450 degrees, and it even protects your hair from humidity with built-in ama oil.


A mock neck sweater dress that requires basically zero styling

This luxurious knit mini dress lets you get away with pulling on a single piece and immediately looking put together. With expensive-looking rib-knit fabric, a minimalist mock neck, and slightly puffy sleeves, it will instantly look like you put a ton of thought into your look.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 24


These satin scrunchies to elevate your hair between wash days

These satin scrunchies come in a big pack, so you’ll always have a chic and glossy scrunchie to pop in your hair between wash days. Not only will the shiny satin fabric look elegant in your car, but it also prevents any pulling when you remove these expensive-looking scrunchies from your hair.

  • Available colors: 6


A speedy micellar water to convince you to remove your makeup

With a quick one-step formula, this micellar cleansing water might just be the easiest way to tackle makeup removal without dreading the process. It soothes your skin, is completely residue-free, and requires zero rinsing, so you can finish up your nighttime routine way quicker than usual.


A quick-absorbing sunscreen that’s impressively quick to sweep on

This sunscreen has a sheer and super blendable formula, so you can quickly sweep it on without adding a ton of time to your routine. It only takes a few seconds to absorb if you’re laying something on top of this SPF 30. It also has a non-greasy finish, so you can skip an extra mattifying step.


This customizable fabric shaver to speed up the de-pilling process

Quickly shave any pills or extra lint right off of your clothes with this speedy shaver instead of trying time-consuming de-pilling hacks (or shopping for new clothes). You get two shaving heights and three speeds to choose from, making it a breeze to change up this shaver depending on the piece you’re working on.


A satin-lined beanie to avoid fixing your hair when you take it off

Pull this gentle satin-lined beanie on instead of fixing your hair every single time you take your hat off. The glossy satin helps prevent frizz and breakage while you wear this cozy breakage while you wear this cozy hat, so you can simply whip it off when you get where you’re going (no hair-fixing needed).


These comfy button extenders to customize your pants

This pack of button extenders lets you customize the waistband of your favorite pants without spending a ton of time shopping for pants or going to a tailor. Each one extends your button by as much as 1.3 inches to make every pair of pants seriously comfy.


This chic little hair remover to speed up your usual process

If you prefer removing hair, this chic little battery-powered tool is such a speedy way to do it. Simply sweep the handheld design over anything you want to remove, and the durable 18-karat gold-plated design will gently take care of it (pain-free). It also has an LED light to easily see the skin you’re sweeping it over.


A nourishing cuticle cream that isn’t a hassle to apply

This moisturizing cuticle cream only takes about two drops on each nail with the quick-to-use applicator, so it’s easy to pop on before leaving the house. It also dries with a non-greasy finish, so your fingers won’t be all oily after applying this nourishing seaweed and aloe cream.


A setting spray to save time finishing up your makeup

This lightweight makeup setting spray gives you that matte finish without dealing with layering a primer, messy powder, or any other mattifying products out there. Quickly mist it on, and it will last for up to 16 hours (AKA — you also won’t have to take time to re-apply later).


These sleek leggings with secret cozy fleece built-in

These leggings will look sleek and classic when you’re wearing them, but they’re secretly lined with plush fleece to keep you cozy. With its soft fabric and the extra fleece lining inside, this timeless pair of leggings is also super opaque to avoid any see-through worries.

  • Available sizes: One Size
  • Available colors: Blue


These satin pillowcases that could help save time on your hair

Simply pop these satin pillowcases onto your bed to save yourself time on your hair in the morning because the glossy fabric will help prevent split ends or creases. They also have an envelope closure, so you won’t wake up with these expensive-looking covers sliding right off your pillow.


This portable glass nail file to easily keep up with nail care

This ultra-precise glass nail file comes with a case, so you can carry it around and keep up with chipping nails (instead of booking a time-consuming appointment). The washable and rust-resistant glass design is also impressively long-lasting, so you won’t be stuck using a dull file.


These wearable foot peel masks that are pretty much zero-effort

These fruit acid foot peel masks are basically effort-free because all you have to do is wear them like socks for an hour. In about two weeks, you can simply watch all of the dead skin disappear instead of spending a ton of time working on calluses with a pumice stone.


A timeless lantern-sleeve cardigan that requires zero thought

This timeless cardigan comes with oversized lantern sleeves, so you know it will look chic on whatever pieces you throw it over. The drop shoulder details and chunky knit fabric also add to how cozy and expensive this piece looks every time you pull it on.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 22


A sugar scrub that saves you time moisturizing your lips

This easy-to-use Hawaiian lip scrub also hydrates and soothes your lips with shea butter, so you won’t have to track down a balm or lip oil after using it. It has kukui nut oil to make it even more hydrating, and this gentle scrub will leave behind a glowy finish on your lips every time you use it.


This unique jelly mask for an easy way to deeply moisturize

This face mask has a unique jelly-like formula that’s not only fun to apply, but is also a low-effort way to deeply hydrate your skin. This jelly-like formula is packed with seaweed, hyaluronic acid, and even luxurious rosehip seed oil to plum and seriously hydrate your skin.


These headband-style hair scarfs with zero folding required

These hair scarfs have a nonslip and super stretchy headband design, so you can quickly slide them on, and they’ll instantly look perfect (no folding or adjusting necessary). Each one of these polished headbands is also made of a breathable fabric, so they’ll be comfy all day.

  • Available colors: 17


This cozy & stretchy lounge set that looks super structured

This lounge set comes with a ton of chic details to give it some structure, like seams on the front of the joggers, a drawstring waistband, and a cropped sweatshirt on top. This set also comes with functional pockets and enough stretchiness in the fabric to make it more than lounge-worthy.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 20


This color-depositing shampoo for a shockingly quick color routine

You can definitely get away with skipping a time-consuming hair appointment if you add this color-depositing shampoo to your hair-washing routine. You only have to wait about two to five minutes for it to refresh your color, and it will also cleanse and moisturize your hair, so you won’t have to follow up with more shampoo.


These cargo pants with a sneaky sweatpant fit

These sweatpants look like trendy cargo pants with their two classic pockets and two velcro cargo pockets. These stylized pockets disguise the fact that these pants are actually stretchy and super soft cotton sweatpants. They also have an anti-pill design to keep these clever cargo pants looking new.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 8


These pimple patches with a clever design to keep them secure

Make pimples feel better quickly with these completely invisible patches that absorb all of the painful gunk. They’re clear and matte, so no one will notice these patches while they tackle your pimple and protect it from dirt or makeup. Each one also has tapered edges to keep them flat against your skin, no matter where you pop on one of these patches.