If you're weird AF, you're gonna love these 40 things on Amazon

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Being a weirdo has its benefits. For one, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or says — you're too busy being yourself to care. And two, it gives you the freedom to do whatever the heck you want — like stick a few cat butt magnets on your fridge. So if you're finally ready to embrace your inner oddball, make sure to check out all the weird stuff they've got for sale on Amazon.

Speaking of which, those cat butt magnets weren't a joke. And if you don't like cats? They're also available as dog butts, as well as farm animal butts. But I know what you're thinking: "I'm looking for useful weird stuff, not just weird stuff." In that case, I'd like to direct your attention to the goop that helps you clean out dirty nooks and crannies. Just squish it into any tight space, and it'll instantly latch onto dust, crumbs, or whatever else is dirtying up your home.

So what are you waiting for? With so many weird products available on Amazon, there's absolutely no excuse not to get at least a little weird — or at least buy those cat magnets. They're less than $15, you know.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


A set of magnets for the cat butt lover in all of us

Even if you don't like cats or butts, you can probably still get behind these cat butt magnets. Each order comes with six different butts from six different cat breeds. And if you prefer cat bellies? There's a set for that, too.


This gel that cleans deep underneath dirty keyboards

Got crumbs stuck deep in your keyboard? Gently press this cleaning gel underneath your keys, and it'll latch onto crumbs, dust, dirt, or any other bit of debris it comes into contact with. It's reusable until it turns transparent in color — and once disposed of, it's even biodegradable.


A tool that helps you slice & serve delicious watermelon

Some knives can have trouble slicing up watermelon, whereas this tool is designed to pierce directly into the fruit with ease. It's made from rust-resistant stainless steel, while the spinning windmill dices up melon into bite-sized cubes. And since there are no sharp blades, it's even safe for kids to use.


A versatile pen with 6 handy tools built into it

Not only is this pen made from high-quality aluminum, but it also features six versatile tools to help you tackle projects around the house: two screwdrivers, a ruler, and more. Plus, there's even a clip at the top so you can attach it onto your belt for safekeeping.


This egg separator that keeps your hands clean

You don't have to get your hands dirty when separating yolks from whites — just use this handy little tool. The lip at the tip allows you to balance it overtop bowls, allowing you to crack eggs directly into it. Reviewers raved about how it "works great," with one writing that it "cleans up easily, and doesn't take up much room."


This angry mama that helps clean out dirty microwaves

What would your mama say if she saw how dirty your microwave is? Because this angry one is not impressed. Fill her up with a blend of vinegar and water, then pop her inside for about five minutes. Steam will erupt out of her head, loosening up any baked-on crud so that it easily wipes away with a damp cloth.


This gadget that gets breakfast on the table quickly

Busy mornings don't mean you have to skip eating — just use this rapid egg cooker to get breakfast on the table in a few short minutes. You can use it to hard, medium, or soft boil eggs, as well as cook omelets. And since it weighs less than 2 pounds, it's perfect for cramped kitchens.


A tile that helps you locate misplaced items

Loop this tile onto your keys or slip it into your wallet — the next time either go missing, you can use the smartphone app to have the tile let out a loud ring. The best part? It also works in reverse — press the tile, and your phone will start ringing.


The travel-friendly gadget that magnifies small screens

Watching videos on your phone can put strain on your eyes — so use this screen magnifier the next time you're watching a movie. It's designed to work with most smartphones, and collapses down flat so that it's easy to pack in a bag. Plus, it's made from solid wood instead of plastic.


A pair of headphones you can comfortably sleep in

Over-the-ear headphones or earbuds feel uncomfortable when you're trying to sleep, which is why these headphones are covered in soft fabric. They won't put stress on your ears when you lie down — and if you pull them down over your eyes, they even double as a sleep mask when napping.


The smartphone holder you can wear around your neck

Hang this smartphone holder around your neck to watch videos handsfree, or even wrap it around your car's steering shaft when following GPS directions. It's designed to work with nearly any smartphone, and the clamp even rotates to help you find the perfect viewing angle.


An electric scrubber that's perfect for tight spaces

Grout, window tracks, sink drains — this scrubber's narrow head allows it to fit into all sorts of tight spaces around your home. The water-resistant exterior helps keep it safe from short-circuiting, while the oscillating brush head does the scrubbing for you. Plus, each order comes with four AA batteries included.


This hands-free fan to help you stay cool in warm weather

Wear this hands-free fan around your neck to help stay cool while you're exercising — or even if it's just plain hot outside. The speed is adjustable up to three levels, and it's easily recharged via USB. "I love that it has a light on it that changes colors," wrote one reviewer. "Great for going on walks with my son in his stroller."


A ring grip that's compatible with wireless chargers

Unlike some ring grips, this one is designed so that it won't block wireless chargers from connecting to your phone. Each order comes with super-sticky adhesive to keep it firmly in place — and it's even made from sleek ceramic.


This wireless charger that doubles as a UV sanitizer

Pop your phone into this wireless charger the next time it needs a little juice. It's designed to work with any Qi-enabled smartphone — and the built-in UV light even works to eliminate up to 99% of bacteria and germs in just 10 quick minutes.


A night light that gently guides your way to the toilet

With eight different LED colors to choose from — as well as a rotating carousel mode — this toilet night light gently guides your way through dark bathrooms in the middle of the night. The flexible arm is made to wrap onto nearly any toilet, while the built-in motion sensor helps preserve the battery when no one is around.


The spiralizer for making delicious veggie noodles

Looking for easy ways to add more veggies to your diet? Start using this spiralizer to turn zucchini, carrots, eggplant, and more into delicious noodles. They taste great with tomato sauce — just like actual pasta — and each order comes with four interchangeable blades so you can choose how thick your noodles are.


A garlic press that keeps your hands clean

Don't get your hands soaked with that sticky garlic juice — use this press to keep your hands clean. The grate is made from tough stainless steel that won't rust over time, while the collection bin underneath holds all your minced pieces until you're ready to cook.


This tray that helps frozen meat thaw quickly

Forget to take something out of the freezer for dinner? Not a problem when you've got this defrosting tray. Simply place your frozen ingredient on top, and it'll thaw up to eight times faster using zero electricity whatsoever. Plus, there's even a drip tray on the bottom to catch any melting water.


An LED cube light you can use all over your home

Looking for a chic night light? This LED cube is a versatile option. The brightness is adjustable up to four levels, while the waterproof exterior makes it safe to use outdoors. And since it even comes with a remote, you don't have to get up to change its color.


This snack-a-saurus that's fun for kids & adults alike

You don't have to be a kid to appreciate this snack-a-saurus. With space for chips, veggies, crackers, dips, and more, it's the perfect functional-yet-fun conversation piece for your next dinner party. "It holds a good amount of chips," wrote one reviewer. "And we are loving the separated bowl for two different dips. Super fun!"


A utensil rest that helps your counters stay clean

Don't let your dirty stirrers sit on your counters — keep everything looking clean with this kitchen utensil rest. It's made from non-slip, heat-resistant silicone that easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. And unlike some spoon rests, this one has space for up to four utensils. Choose from a rainbow of colors.


The magnetic wristband that holds onto your nuts & bolts

Little nuts and bolts are too easy to misplace when you're tackling DIY projects — unless you're wearing this magnetic bracelets. Nails, screws, washers, and more will stick to it so that they're always within reach until you need them. And since it's made from breathable mesh, it won't leave your wrist sweating.


A blanket that wraps you up like a warm tortilla

If you've ever wondered what it would feel like to be a burrito, now's your chance with this giant tortilla blanket. Not only is the toasted print on both sides, but the blanket itself is made from soft, cozy flannel to keep you warm year-round.


This tiny vacuum that tackles tiny messes

Whether you've got crumbs under your keyboard or dust on your shelves, this little vacuum can help get them clean. Two AA batteries (not included) keep it running for more than two hours, while the cordless design makes it easy to maneuver all around your desk.


A drain protector that can help you save money

A visit from the plumber can cost hundreds of dollars — but this little TubShroom is available for less than $15. Pop it into your drain, and it'll collect any bits of debris or hair that flow its way. And unlike some drain protectors, it won't impede the flow of water down your pipes when full.


The personal blender with a rechargeable battery

Since you don't need to plug this personal blender into an outlet, you can easily take it with you practically anywhere. It's great for everything from baby food to smoothies — and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 20 cups of juice


A pair of BPA-free nylon claws for shredding meat

I like to use these shredder claws when I get bored of my usual chopped chicken. Something about shredding it leaves the meat tasting juicier — and since each claw is made from BPA-free, heat-resistant nylon, they make quick work of everything from pork to poultry.


This cupholder that lets you sip while you soak

Few things feel as good as taking a long soak after a stressful day, and this cupholder gives you a convenient spot to keep a wine glass. It's large enough that it can also fit solo cups, beer cans, or even some coffee mugs. The best part? The suction cup is so strong that it can hold up to 7 pounds.


A gadget that helps you slice up ingredients quickly

Load your grapes, olives, chicken, or even shrimp into this gadget, line up your blade, then give it a spin to get them all sliced quickly. It also works great for bagels, while the non-slip feet help keep it from shifting around. Choose from four colors: white, grey, teal, or coral.


The thermometer that ensures meat gets cooked thoroughly

If you're unsure that your meat is cooked all the way through, just stick this thermometer into it. The large LCD screen is backlit so that it's easy to see if you're grilling at night, while the probe is made from stainless steel that won't rust. Plus, it's even waterproof — so go ahead and wash it under running water.


The pod that helps keep herbs fresher for longer

Having your herbs go bad before you're able to cook them is a waste of money — luckily, this pod can help. Simply refill the water reservoir once every five days, and it can help keep your greens fresh for up to three weeks.


These ladles that look like cute little Loch Ness monsters

With little feet that allow them to sit upright on your counters, these ladles are an adorable addition to any kitchen. Each order comes with three — one small, medium, and large — and they're made from plastic that's 100% food-safe as well as BPA-free.


A soft serve maker that repurposes over-ripe fruit

When your bananas and berries are on the verge of going bad, just turn them into dessert with this soft serve maker. You get to choose exactly which ingredients get added, making it great for anyone on a vegan diet — and most parts of it are safe for the dishwasher.


The tool that helps you separate cauliflower florets

With its curved stainless steel head, this tool gets underneath the cauliflower head to help you pop off florets with ease. The ergonomic handle is designed to fit in both hands — and one reviewer with arthritis raved about how chopping up cauliflower is now "so much easier."


A bowl that lets you pop fresh kernels in the microwave

In the mood for some fresh popcorn? This collapsible bowl takes up way less space than a bulky air popper, and you can even use it for snacks other than popcorn. It's made from tough silicone that won't melt in the microwave, while the heat-resistant handles on either side help keep your hands safe from burns.


A dish rack that takes up very little space

Roll this dish rack out over the unused space above your sink, and it'll help keep your counters free for cooking prep work. The rungs are rust- and heat-resistant — which means you can use it as a trivet if you need — while the silicone tips help keep it from shifting around.


A fabric shaver that breathes new life into tired garments

Sweaters, leggings, blouses — you name it, this fabric shaver can trim away pilling and fuzz to leave it looking good as new. The blades are made from sharp stainless steel, while the rechargeable battery lasts for up to a full hour.


The stainless steel soap bar that helps remove unwanted odor

If your hands have gotten saturated with unwanted odors — fish, garlic, and more — try rubbing this stainless steel bar between them. Similar to a real bar of soap, it'll neutralize odors it comes into contact with so that your skin emerges scent-free. And since it's reusable, there's no need to stock up on replacements.


A lighter that won't go out in the wind

No matter how hard the wind blows, this lighter still won't go out. Instead of flame, it generates an electric arc that can still ignite candles, yet won't go out in windy conditions. And since it's rechargeable via USB, there's no need to waste money on replacements.