I'm a shopping researcher & here are the coolest things under $30 trending on Amazon now

Products that will make your life easier, cooler — or just a little more fun.

ByVeronika Kero
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I know that trends come and go, but let’s not forget that some come for very good reason. In fact, there are a lot of really cool, trending products that I look at every day as a shopping researching, I’ve put together a list of the best of the best cheap items that Amazon has right now.

The Amazon ratings for this stuff say all you need to know. Some, like this trunk organizer, having over 46,000 five-star reviews, so you know it’s a smart choice for your car. There are also deeply beloved, highly-rated inventions for your kids (like this ring toss game that you'll probably end up loving also), your office (like this reusable notebook that can transfer notes to your phone), and even your weekly chores (like these reusable laundry balls that quicken drying time)

Every product has at least four stars and will make your life easier, funner, or just cooler in some way. Don’t believe me? Just scroll.


A clip-on strainer that attaches to any pot

The typical bulky structure of a strainer are a pain to store and use, which is why this clip-on strainer is the perfect solution. The half-size silicone piece attaches to any pot, pan, or bowl so you can easily drain water from your pasta or washed salad without having to transfer the food back and forth. The BPA-free material is food-grade and dishwasher-safe, and the compact design is easy to store even in a small kitchen.


These acne patches with over 19,000 five-star reviews

Put down the toothpaste and pick up these acne patches. The transparent, ultra-thin dots create a barrier to prevent pimples from getting more irritated and to stop you from picking at them, meanwhile the non-irritating, paraben-free hydrocolloid works to extract pus from unwanted blemishes. Sleeping with a patch on will have you waking up to a minimized pimple that’ll be gone in no time.


These core sliders that work on any floor type

These core sliders are the most compact but effective tool you can carry in your workout bag or set up at your home gym. The double-sided discs have both a foam and plastic exterior that make them possible to use on any floor type — even carpet. They can enhance your core work, help with balance, and support your joints — plus they make working out your lower and upper body a bit more fun.


These aromatherapy shower steamers that create a spa-like experience

If you love bath bombs but tend to take showers, meet shower steamers. This trending variety pack includes six relaxing scents: Lavender, peppermint, vanilla and sweet orange, menthol and eucalyptus, pomegranate and rose, and lemongrass and coconut. Using the steamers is easy. Rather than going under the water like a bath bomb, they go into the corner of the shower to slowly release their soothing smells. On top of being calming, reviewers wrote that the Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers can also, “relieve congestion.”


The reusable notebook that’s allows you to transfer your writing to the cloud

If you’re conscious of paper waste but still enjoy the feel of writing with a pen and paper, this reusable notebook will give you the best of both worlds. Each of the 36 lined pages can be wiped clean using a damp microfiber cloth. But before you do, transfer all your ideas to nearly any cloud service using the app. That way, after physically writing done all your notes you can have access to them right in your phone or on your computer as you wipe the book clean for a fresh start.


This trunk organizer that keep things still while driving

Avoid that “oops” moment when you’re already on the highway but hear something go flying in the back by keeping everything neatly packed in this trunk organizer, which secures into yout car with steel-tipped tie-down latches. Separate your emergency supplies, groceries, and more within its three interior sections and six side pockets. Each panel is reinforced to create a strong barrier and has a waterproof lining to avoid any messes, and you can collapse this organizer into half size or completely when you don’t need it.


These reusable chilling stone that’ll make your drinks cool & fancy

Not only will these chilling stones make your cocktail look that much cooler, but they’ll also keep it chilled without watering it down. The set contains 12 pieces all made out of Toros Black marble that is known to maintain a temperature for 40 to 50 minutes, all while looking elegant. These stones only require three hours in the freezer to chill, so you can make sure they’re ready for happy hour.


The minimalist toothbrush holders that come in a bunch of pretty pastels

This mini toothbrush holder will give you the counter space you’ve been missing out on, and it’ll look really, really cool while doing so. The ceramic piece is just 1.5 inches wide and 1 inch deep which will save your toothbrush from sitting in dirty water that usually gathers at the bottom of traditional toothbrush holders. These holders, which can also be used for writing utensils and makeup brushes, come in aesthetically pleasing colors that’ll go with any decor, including green, blue, gray, white, and pink.


This spray bottle with an ultra fine mist

Whether you’re applying skincare, watering your plants, or coating your hair in a heat protectant, you you probably want a gentle mist like the one this spray bottle provides. Its leak-proof, 360-degree design allows you to spray from any angle and still receive a strong continuous spray, and it only requires a light touch of your finger to do so.


These reusable dish cloths that are safe for all surfaces

These dish cloths are a great way to help the environment and save a few bucks along the way. Each fast-drying cloth in this pack of 10 can absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquid and even have scrubbing ridges to easily grip surfaces and remove dirt and grime from wood, marble, glass, steel, tile, and more. Use each one up to 100 times and throw it in the wash in between to keep them working like brand new, all while you ditch paper towels for good.


A sauce holder that clips onto your car’s air vent

If you happen to find yourself in the car with some delicious chicken nuggets or fries, use this sauce holder to make the snack even better and your en route eating a bit safer. The mount can be clipped into any car vent (even diagonal ones) to make dipping easy. The rectangle container is the perfect size for a BBQ sauce tub from your favorite fast food joint, or use the reusable cup to enjoy ketchup or hot sauce from a packet.


These eye masks that leave you looking refreshed in just 15 minutes

We all look a bit tired from time to time but to help keep your skin radiant and bright even when you’re sleepy, apply these gold-infused eye masks that reduce puffiness and dark circles. Full of hydrating ingredients like collagen, castor oil, and hyaluronic acid, they work to nourish and replenish the skin in just 15 to 20 minutes.


A reusable hair remover that quickly traps lint & fur

Picking up all the hair your pet (or you) leave behind can take forever if you don’t have the right hair remover. This one makes both the picking up and cleaning off parts a breeze. First, just roll over your furniture, blankets, or even carpeted floor to trap all lint and hair. Second, open up the waste compartment to easily release all that’s been collected into the trash. You can use this easy-to-clean roller over and over again — no sticky tape required.


This handy universal socket tool

The one socket tool to rule them all: The RAK Universal Socket Tool can adjust to be the perfect wrench adapter in any situation on the road or at home. This one-size-fits-all tool replaces a slew of wrenches ranging from 1/4 to 3/4 inches, saving time and money — and it’s small enough to stow in your trunk or glovebox. This trending product has a 4.6 overall rating on Amazon.


This alarm clock that projects the time onto your ceiling

This digital alarm clock has all of your standard functions: a nine-minute snooze, the ability to set two alarms for different family members, five levels of adjustable brightness, a USB charger port for your phone, and so on. What makes it unique, however, is the 350-degree adjustable projector that will showcase the time on your ceiling or wall, so you can sleepily see how many more minutes you have until morning without looking at your phone or turning in bed.


A vitamin-filled strengthening cream that helps nail growth

To make your polish last longer and make the nails underneath less prone to splitting, start applying this strengthening cream. Vitamins A, C, D, and E along with calcium and beeswax are just some of the ingredients that’ll promote nail growth and condition your cuticles at the same time. Wear the cream alone or underneath polish.


The salad chopper that protects your hand from the blades

Feel like a real chef with this salad chopper that lets you cut herbs, vegetables, lettuces, and nuts fast simply by rocking this back and forth. The dual unique blade and single handle design keeps your fingers distant from the sharp edges and stops food from getting stuck on the sides so you can finish your work all in one go. The blades also come with covers to keep them protected when in the drawer.


This mini bug zapper that lasts super long on a single charge

Put down the shoe and pick up this electric bug zapper instead to get rid of that pesky fly. The racket uses 4,000 volts of energy to quickly eliminate any bugs that come in contact with it. The built-in LED light even makes it easy to use at night. A single charge will give you 10,000 zaps, which is plenty even for a late summer night in the backyard.


These slim, grippy velvet hangers that spin 360 degrees

Putting in these velvet hangers to replace your old school plastic will instantly make everything appear much more uniform and organized, especially since each hanger spins 360 degrees to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, the grippy velvet doesn’t just look chic — it helps keep your clothes secure on the hanger.


The detangling brush that won’t pull or break your locks

The beadless, cone shaped plastic bristles on this detangling brush gently unravel knots and tangles instead of just pulling straight through, which helps to minimize breakage, frizz, and pain. Use this ergonomically designed brush on wet, dry, curly, or straight — it works on all kinds of hair.


This drink dispenser that helps prevent spills

Pouring from bottles (especially when they’re heavy) always has the potential of being messy and awkward, especially if kids are the ones looking for a drink. Avoid spills with this drink dispenser that gives you the perfect pour each time. Just place and slide the universal cap on any uncarbonated beverage jug, put your cup or bowl to the trigger, and you’re all set.


These blue light glasses that decrease eye strain

Spending a ton of time on the computer and phone can bring a lot of strain to your eyes. To prevent any serious damage, start rocking these lightweight and surprisingly stylish blue light glasses. They have eight protective coatings to block out 90% of harmful light. You’ll notice a decrease in eye fatigue and you may even begin sleeping better.


A magnetic screen door that keeps out flies

This magnetic screen door will help keep bugs out of your home but still allow you to get fresh air in. It also allows you to freely walk in and out without having to worry about closing the door after you, because the entire middle seam is lined with 26 magnets that quickly create a barrier between your home and any sneaky flies. Meanwhile, you and your pets can walk through hands-free with ease.


An insulated bowl that keeps ice cream nice & cold

Picture this: you scoop out the perfect serving of ice cream, you set up your favorite show, and by the time you reach for your bowl, your desert is already half melted. This freeze bowl takes care of that. Its insulated plastic walls are filled with a proprietary cooling gel that’ll keep your treat frosty for hours, which also makes this an ideal serving vessel for dips. Your hands will still be warm though thanks to its comfy silicone base.


The hair finishing stick that tames fly-aways

This hair finishing stick uses a mascara-like wand to moisturize and set your hair so it looks shiny and smooth. The plant-based formula tames unwanted frizz and flyways, so your updo can be perfectly chic. Its compact size and discreet design makes it the perfect purse accessory to keep with you on the go.


This cold brew maker with a leak-proof lid

Skip the expensive cafe and brew your own coffee at home with this cold brew maker. The temperature-resistant glass pitcher has space to brew a liter of coffee that can stay fresh for up to three weeks thanks to its leakproof lid that seals shut. Just use the included scoop and collapsible funnel to put your favorite grinds into the ultra-fine mesh filter. This cold brew maker will do the rest in eight to 24 hours.


A viral cleaning paste with over 107,000 five-star reviews

Having a spray bottle for every separate surface in your home can end up taking up pointless amounts of space. Instead, opt for this cleaning paste that can do it all. Use it wipe clean porcelain, stainless steel, marble, wood, glass, and more. The mildly abrasive cleaner will leave a great shine on everything from pans to tubs to windows, car wheels, grills, and everything in between.


The digital meat thermometer that works in just 3 seconds

Take the guesswork out of cooking and use this digital meat thermometer to get your dinner right every time. It gives an accurate reading in just three seconds down to one-tenth of a degree, which is just as fast and accurate as much more expensive thermometers. This waterproof thermometer automatically turns off and on and has a handy guide on its face to give you common meat temperatures so you don’t constantly have to Google “medium rare steak temperature.”


This ring toss game that you can set up in 5 minutes

Don’t be fooled — this ring toss game isn’t just for kids. The easy-to-assemble activity takes minutes to hang, minutes to learn, and a long time to master exactly how to get the ring on the hook. The board even comes with a handy bottle opener, turning your yard into a hangout spot. Hang it outdoors or indoors so you can play all year long.


These reusable dryer balls that quicken dryer time

Give your dryer a bit of assistance with these reusable dryer balls. By lifting and separating laundry, the balls allow hot air to flow more efficiently so you don’t have to wait as long for your clothes to dry. They also help detangle everything so you don’t have one big lump when the buzzer goes off.


A scalp massager that really scrubs away product

You may end up reaching for this scalp massager so much just because of how good it feels — but just know that you’re actually benefiting your hair health each time you do. In addition to really scrubbing away any buildup, the silicone bristles work on dry or wet hair to stimulate blood flow that can help increase hair growth and thickness. This set includes two brush heads with different sized bristles.


These blue “apples” that extend the life of fruits & veggies

Not so fun fact: fruits and veggies produce ethylene gas that cause them to ripen. These saver balls use non-toxic packets to absorb the gas and slow down the ripening of each piece, extending the life of your pricey produce. Throw the small apple-shaped savers into your fruit bowls or in your fridge and enjoy fresher produce for three months before having to put in a fresh packet.


The tea tree body wash that soothes your skin

This tea tree body wash can work wonders. In addition to the tea tree oil and main ingredient coconut oil, the eucalyptus and peppermint oil help to eliminate odors and bacteria that can cause things like acne and athlete’s foot, all while soothing and moisturizing your skin. The wash is chemical-free and made without any sulfates or preservatives.


This portable charger that’s solar-powered

Sure, a portable charger is great but what if you also forget to charge the charger? Forget about the tongue twister and grab this solar powered power bank that has both USB and type C cord outlets and wireless charging abilities that work with many iPhone and Samsung models. It can fully charge most phones at least two times and some even three and has a flashlight on one end. Combined with its ability to be powered by the sun, that makes this device a camper’s dream.


A tray table that folds over your sofa arm

When the coffee table is just too far, turn your couch or chair into one. This sofa arm tray table bends to fit over most furniture and is made of real bamboo that’ll keep your drink or snack sturdy and your living room looking great. It also has a slit to keep your phone vertical in so you don’t have to go searching through the couch cushions anymore.


The vacuum attachment that removes lint from your dryer

Attach this dryer vent cleaner to any vacuum hose and allow the flexible coils to reach into the vent and clean out any built up lint. It’s over 16 inches long, so it can reach spaces other hoses absolutely cannot, and the guide wire allows you to maneuver the flexible tube. The end result of your vacuuming will be a dryer that runs much more efficiently and is less likely to cause dangerous problems, like a fire.


A cuticle oil that deeply moisturizes cracked skin

Condition and soften your cuticles at home with this salon-quality cuticle oil. With a sweet almond scent, this cuticle oil is infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E to seriously moisturize your nails. Unlike other cuticle oils, this one comes in a convenient nail polish-like bottle with a brush, so you can apply it easily and cleanly.


These bamboo dividers that expand to fit any drawer

Junk drawers will become a thing of the past when you use these bamboo drawer dividers to keep everything organized. Separate clothes in the bedroom, cooking utensils in the kitchen, or crafting supplies in your office. Since they expand from 17 to 22.25 inches, you won’t have trouble placing them in different drawers throughout your home. And don’t worry, the rubber pads at each end prevent them from scratching your drawers.


An extra-long duster that can reach your ceiling fan

There’s no need to pull out a chair every time you want to clean your ceiling fan or high corners.. These dusters extend from 27 to 47 inches so you can get all those spots that are typically hard to reach. The fluffy fibers lock in dust to reduce allergens and give you cleaner air, and the unique circular design loops around your fan blades to clean the top and bottom simultaneously.


This putty that molds to clean your car vents

This cleaning gel molds to any shape so that it can easily clear any built-up dust, dirt, or grime from your car vents. This universal dusting solution is actually good for all sorts of nooks and crannies, like computer keyboards, fans, printers, car cupholders, and more hard-to-clean spots. This easy-to-use product will also leave behind a light lavender scent.


This electric candle lighter with a flexible gooseneck

If you love to light candles for the ambiance but hate burning yourself with matches or running out of fuel on traditional lighters, the electric lighter is here to save the day. Rechargeable via USB, this windproof lighter emits electricity that can light candles and other small fires quickly. Unlike other electric lighters, this one has a flexible gooseneck, so you don’t have to tip your candle or get too close to the flame while lighting.


A reusable water bottle that stays cold for 24 hours

Keep your water cold for up to 24 hours or your coffee hot for up to 12 with this insulated water bottle. The double wall insulation prevents both condensation and heat transfer, all while maintaining a consistent temperature. The stainless steel bottle is leak-proof and shatter-proof so you can feel free to bring it along on even the most intense hikes. It comes with three different lids, too, so you can sip from a straw, traditional mouthpiece, or use this as a thermos.


The oil-absorbing roller that can replace blotting sheets

To wipe away unwanted oil without resorting to single-use blotting papers, carry around this face roller that soaks up oil. The discreet roller works just as a oil-blotting sheet would but without having to throw out a gross paper afterwords. The small stone can be removed and washed to use time and time again.


A toilet nightlight that’s motion-sensored

To avoid fumbling around in the dark looking for the light switch when you wake up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, pop on this toilet nightlight that turns on as soon as it detects motion. It has an adjustable arm that attaches to any toilet quickly and easily. Choose between nine different colors and then get back to your dream.


This bag hanger that can hold up to 33 pounds

If there’s no place to hang your bag, make one yourself with this bag hanger. The compact hook can be slid on to any table so you don’t have to put your purse down on the dirty floor or have it rolling around while driving. The unique circular design can be attached to your purse’s straps, so it’s always handy. Feel free to use this for your work tote too, because this hanger can hold up to 33 pounds.