These are the impressive Valentine’s Day gifts that they won’t be expecting

Give roses the year off.

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ByBDG Commerce and Rachel Cavanaugh
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If you’re stumped for a gift that strikes that perfect balance of thoughtful, unique, and maybe even a little romantic, you’re not alone. Fortunately for you, we searched the internet for some of the most impressive yet unexpected Valentine’s Day gifts, whether you’re shopping for a new love interest, a long-term partner, or a special someone who’s legally bound to you. These are items you probably haven’t seen anywhere else — but you’ll be grateful to know about them now.

This monthly subscription box full of hard-to-find Japanese snacks

What better way to show your person how much they mean to you than with rare snacks? This cool and unique TokyoTreat subscription box will arrive at their doorstep full of hard-to-come-by Japanese candies, snacks, ramen, drinks, and other delicious items. New surprises show up every month so they can sample a wide variety of treats (or you can keep it simple and just send them a single box).

A pair of ultra-comfy slippers made with memory foam insoles

You can never go wrong with a comfy pair of slippers. These sleek London Sock Co. slippers, which are lined with soft Merino wool, offer a dreamy combination of warmth, comfort, and style. In addition to breathable uppers, they have memory foam insoles that will make your significant other feel like they’re walking on clouds.

This charming air freshener clip to keep their car smelling sweet

The little things can sometimes be the most thoughtful, and if you’re shopping for someone who logs a lot of hours on the road, this heart and arrow vent clip will be a nice touch. Designed to hold an air freshener pack, (like this one that’s scented like champagne toast), it’s designed to clip right onto their car’s air vent to keep the space filled with a lovely scent.

This cool & customizable keychain made from vintage baseball gloves

Whether they pair it with some collectible tokens or let it stand alone, this Wander Club keychain makes another fantastic gift for baseball fans. The unique gadget is handcrafted from old vintage baseball gloves, offering a great way for them to show their love of the game. Best of all, you can make it extra personal by adding a monogram to the back.

These MLB stadium tokens for the baseball lover in your life

If your partner is an MLB fan, there’s no better Valentine’s Day gift than these Wander Club stadium tokens. Stamped with a lifetime guarantee, the well-made tokens are handcrafted with hard enamel and brass, and polished with a smooth finish. The high-quality collectible tokens are also lightweight and durable.

A set of luxurious sateen sheets made from temperature-regulating bamboo

Nothing says “romance” like silky sheets. These soft, sateen sheets, which are designed with deep 15-inch pockets, offer 100% viscose bamboo material that helps regulate your body temperature. That makes them perfect even for hot sleepers — and the 400 thread count means that they’re durable too.

These quartz-charged bath salts that offer soothing relaxation

Help them take their soaking to the next level. These luxurious Wild Yonder Botanicals bath salts are made with quartz-charged sea salt, epsom salt, biodynamic honey, and essential oils. Add them to their bath water to create soft, silky water that soothes their achy muscles. It’s a wonderful way to show your SO that you love them.

This cute subscription box filled with assorted Japanese goodies

Spoil your sweetie this Valentine’s Day with a Sakuraco subscription box. The cool monthly delivery service brings an assortment of Japanese snacks, candies, teas, and home goods right to your doorstep every month. The “Valentine’s Indulgence” edition includes goodies centered around “love, unity, and culinary artistry.” Past boxes have included themes such as “Kyoto’s Crimson Leaves” “New Year’s in Hiroshima,” and “Holidays in Hokkaido.”

This cinnamon-and-fir candle that helps support national parks

If you have an eco-conscious partner, this “Take Me to the Parks” candle is a great way to show your love while also giving back. The richly scented candle, which burns for an impressive 80 hours, emits the smell of fresh-cut fir, caramelized oak, cinnamon, and sweet berries — just like winter in the woods. And by purchasing the hand-poured candle, you’re helping to support national parks.

A limited edition candle that features their astrological sign

Is your significant other an astrology lover? If so, this celestial light candle is the perfect gift. Made with a sweet blend of coconut oil, apricot, and soy, it smells amazing and features a unique artist-rendered design based on their astrological sign. Best of all, the natural wax candle burns for up to 60 hours in total.

These stylish boxer-briefs made with ultra-soft fabric

Soft boxer-briefs make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day because they’re both practical and romantic. These ones are made with silky smooth Lyocell that’s breathable and moisture-wicking, so they’ll stay comfy no matter what. The material is three times softer than cotton, according to the brand — and the cut is stylish, too.

This soothing massage oil that smells like rose and vanilla

If you’re looking for an excuse to get closer, this Aroma Body And Massage Oil will do the trick. It has a sweet, fragrant scent of rose essential oil and vanilla absolute, and it contains nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, aloe, and argan oil to leave their skin feeling softer than ever.

A 6-pack of soft, stylish socks in assorted shades of blue

A dapper mix of denim and various shades of blue, these elegant socks exude sophistication and style. Not only that, but they’re soft and comfortable too, making them a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day. With a crew cut that hits right around the mid calf, they come in a six-pack with assorted colors and patterns.

A soft and luxurious facial cream to pamper their skin

This soft and luscious revitalizing cream is the perfect gift for someone who could use a little pampering. Made with an assortment of nourishing ingredients including lavender, peony, and four types of rose, the smooth cream will help nourish and hydrate skin. Not only that, but it smells amazing too.

This cool bartender’s kit that makes 8 olive oil-based cocktails

Bring out their inner bartender with this pre-mixed cocktail kit. The Corto Cup comes with a mason jar containing a pre-blended mix of dehydrated lemon, cranberry, sage, and citrus-infused sugar. Simply add vodka, leave it in the fridge for three days, and voilà — you have homemade infused spirits. The kit also comes with a special lemongrass-and-basil olive oil, which you can combine with the vodka to make eight different delectable cocktails. (Or hold the vodka and create some sophisticated mocktails).

This stunning LED desk lamp that looks like a delicate rose bush

Whether it’s on or off, this LED rose lamp adds a romantic touch to any space, whether it’s a bedroom, living room, or home office. Available in pink, purple, and pure white designs, each lamp features 24 LED lights for a gentle, soothing glow.