60 inexpensive things that’ll instantly make your home look better

No major renovations needed for major impact.

ByAmanda Pellegrino
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You’d never guess it can be this easy — and inexpensive — to make your home look better. There are magnetic accents that elevate your garage door, rotating organizers to keep your countertops clutter-free, and cleaners that make sure your wood floors, stainless steel appliances, upholstered furniture look better than new.

No matter if you’re looking to organize, declutter, decorate, or accent, these 60 inexpensive things will instantly impress and make your home look better.


A stylish stainless steel utensil holder that rotates 360 degrees

Keep all your essential utensils at arm’s reach with this stainless steel holder. While the sleek black look adds a modern touch to your kitchen, the removable internal divider and skid-resistant bottom keep you organized. And it rotates 360 degrees so you always have access to everything you need, which is why this has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


This clever, comprehensive kit to repair any accidental holes

If you have a hole in your wall under 3 inches in diameter, this repair kit will seal it up really fast and really easily. It includes 8 ounces of spackling compound, a mesh adhesive patch for larger holes, a putty knife, and a sanding pad to finish it up when you’re done. Then, just apply some paint, and this kit will have your wall looking brand spanking new.


These tear-proof bed sheet straps for crisp fitted sheet corners

Get perfect corners every time you make your bed when you have these bed sheet straps. The triangle-shaped strap clicks firmly to the corners of your fitted sheet, using adjustable buckles and elastic bands to keep the sheet from crawling out from under your mattress while you move around in your sleep.


These cotton storage baskets with detachable handles

Use these cotton baskets to keep all your clutter tucked away, but easily accessible. The woven baskets feature detachable vegan leather handles and a mod duel-tone facade. They measure 9 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 15 inches long, and are malleable enough to be folded super easily to store when not in use.


These 16-ounce mouthwash dispensers with labels

Get your bathroom countertop in check with these 16-ounce mouthwash dispensers. The whole set includes two glass dispensers with spouts tops to easily pour into the two included shot glasses. There’s also a funnel to fill the dispensers, and four labels so you always know what you’re using.


This bedside lamp that’s also a wireless charger

This wireless charger and lamp is a sleek and functional addition to your desk or nightstand. Place your phone on the lower shelf for fast and easy charging, and the modern square-shaped lamp brightens things up. It features three brightness levels that are activated and changed with one sensitive touch sensor on top, creating a modern aesthetic.


An adorable mail holder to keep your envelopes organized & in 1 place

This modern and meta mail holder makes a statement on your tabletop while keeping all your envelopes in one organized place. It’s made of a durable metal and features a front cut out reading MAIL that’s hard to miss. The 2.2-inch wide pocket between the letters and the tall back can store almost everything you pull from your mailbox to keep it in one place.


A 2-compartment bathroom organizer with a handy tray lid

Keep your cotton balls, Q-tips, beauty blenders, floss picks — you name it — organized and stylish in this plastic storage container. It features two circular compartments to store different things, and a lid that can act as a shelf for additional small storage (think: jewelry, lipsticks, tweezers). Plus, the lid has a high lip to prevent things from falling off.


This best-selling wood repair kit for furniture & floors

This wood repair kit has six markers, six wax sticks that can be used to take care of scratches, knicks, or discolorations in your floors or furniture. The markers match oak, cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany, and black wood, making fixing any nicks or scuffs in your cabinets, tables, couch legs — you name it — as easy as can be. Plus, this set comes with one sharpener to keep the wax sticks ready to go.


This fun welcome mat that has an anti-slip back

Do you run a shoe-free household? Well, let this welcome mat enforce it with its clever embroidered plastic reading “cute shoes, take them off.” The mat is super easy to clean, just shake off large pieces of dirt and then wash with a hose. It dries really fast, and has an anti-slip back to keep it secure at your door all day long.


This wooden coat rack that’s adjustable

Display all your jackets or those clothes that aren’t quite dirty but not 100% clean while organizing them with this wooden coat rack. It features a self-standing bottom and four poles that can be attached to create three different sized racks — 68.5, 54, or 39.5 inches. It features six hooks on which you can hang all your winter coats, summer sweaters, or that one jacket you can only wear for about two weather-appropriate weeks a year.


These cord organizers that stick directly onto your appliances

These cord organizers uses a simple winder design to keep your tricky wires tucked away when not in use. Using adhesive tape, they stick directly to the base of your blender, air fryer, toaster, pressure cooker, juicer — you name it. Then, simply wrap the wire around the holder, clicking it into the cinched middle to keep the end in place, and there you have it — your counter will have less clutter.


This super plush, expensive-looking blanket that’s reversible

Two blankets in one? Count me in. This blanket is so soft and plush, you’re going to want to curl up underneath it all day long. It’s breathable, fade-resistant, anti-pilling and can be used indoors or outdoors. Plus, it features a stylish white-focused print on one side, and a gray-focused print on the other to match your mood.


This adjustable, wooden desk organizer with 4 cubbies

Great for a desk or a bookshelf, this organizer comes in two parts, which can be styled together, or as two separate units, depending on your needs. It’s super sturdy, easy to install, and features both cubbies and open-top shelves, perfect for storing books, pens, and other desk essentials.


These waterproof anti-fatigue mats with a classic, easy-to-style pattern

This two-pack of anti-fatigue mats is a super cute and functional add to your kitchen or bathroom. Not only are the mats waterproof, stain-resistant, and super easy to clean, but they have a super cushioned memory foam base to keep your feet, legs, and spine comfortable while you’re standing at the sink doing dishes. And each features a non-slip bottom so you don’t have to worry about slipping while you’re working.


This highly-rated cleaning set to keep stainless steel appliances shiny

This stainless steel cleaner will have your refrigerator, dishwasher, sink, and stovetop shining like a diamond — just peep that 4.7-star rating. It cleans, shines, and polishes the steel, while also adding a barrier to resist grody fingerprints and smudges. The kit includes a spray, a streak-free microfiber cloth, and a package of stainless steel cleaning wipes, so you have everything you need to keep your kitchen spotless in a jiffy.


These durable under-bed storage bags with a clear top

These under-bed storage bags are super popular on Amazon — with over 3,000 people buying them in the last month alone. They’re only 6 inches high, so they slide right under your furniture, but their wide, deep design means they can hold a ton of off-season clothing, bedding, and shoes. They’re breathable so your pieces don’t get musty, but the reinforced stitching allows you to confidently pull them out to retrieve your sweaters.


These adorable macrame coasters with handmade details

If you’re sick of water stains on your wooden tables, these coasters are an absolutely adorable solution with a stitched design and sweet fringe details. Each coaster is handmade and dyed to one a half dozen cute colors, including dusty rose, lavender, and mustard. The cotton cord can be used to hold any drink — though I have a feeling you’ll want to display them as much as you’ll want to use them.


This stylish 4-tier ladder to hold blankets & towels

Whether you’re lacking on floor space or attracted to its sleek silhouette, this ladder is a no-brainer when it comes to chic storage solutions for towels and throw blankets. It’s rust-proof, waterproof, and corrosion-resistant, making it compatible in high-steam areas like bathrooms. And it has rubber feet to protect your surfaces and avoid slipping.


This linen table runner to elevate your dinner setup

Whether you want to elevate a dinner party or make an at home meal more special, this table runner is exactly what you need. It’s made of lightweight linen, with an embroidered crisscross design and cutout details that make it a charming addition to your table. It comes in over 10 neutral-plus colors and 10 lengths to best suit your style and needs.


A faux leather caddy that rotates 360 degrees

Putting easily misplaced accessories and essentials into this caddy is an organizational game changer. It features four small compartments and one large center compartment, great for your phone, remote, car keys, glasses — you name it — and it rotates 360 degrees to make sure all those things stay at your fingertips. Plus, it has a non-slip rubber base so even when you’re spinning it around, all your things stay in place.


This peel-and-stick marble paper to elevate your countertops

Do you have a dated kitchen or bathroom and want to bring it to the 21st century without breaking the bank? Check out this marble contact paper. It has a self-adhesive back that’s easy to carefully apply to turn your drab surfaces into an expensive marble-looking masterpiece, and its water isolation properties make this a great option for rooms with steam or grease, like kitchens and bathrooms.


This large storage ottoman with a cushiony, sturdy top

This storage ottoman does a big job while still looking chic as can be. The internal capacity is great for blankets, sweaters, kids toys, whatever you’re looking to tuck away and can hold up to 80 liters. The best part? While keeping your apartment clutter-free, it can be used as a seat, ottoman, coffee table, or footrest, since the top can hold up to 350 pounds.


These metal mirrors that come in 3 cool geometric patterns

Intentionally-placed mirrors like these geometric ones around your home not only elevate your style but can also reflect natural light to create a warmer, larger-feeling room. The circular mirrors are framed by a thin gold line and then decorated with varying geometric details that make these mirrors a stunning, expensive-looking addition to your wall.


A silicone squeegee that keeps your glass streak-free

Just suction this silicone squeegee to your bathroom wall and your shower and tub will never look better. Add water and cleaner to your surface and the 10-inch silicone blade removes soap scum, water drops, and limescale without any streaks. Pro tip: it’s not just for bathrooms, it can also make your windows, fogged mirrors, or countertops look shiny and new.


These airtight food storage containers that come with reusable labels

These storage containers are stackable to take advantage of vertical space, and clear so you always know how much rice, noodles, beans, cereal, or lentils you have left. They have an airtight, leakproof seal to keep your food fresher longer. Plus, they come with chalkboard labels for extra organization.


These super soft, cooling sheets with over 106,000 5-star reviews

Not only are these microfiber sheets lightweight, breathable, and super soft, but they’re also wrinkle-free, stain-proof, and anti-fade. That means they’ll add a glamorous feel to your bedroom while remaining so easy to clean you’ll never choose another sheet set again. Plus, with over 145,000 ratings, fans agree these sheets are “super soft” for a “great price.”


A highly-rated vase that brings a modern touch to your weekly flower haul

The only thing that looks better than fresh flowers on your table are fresh flowers in this gorgeous, modern, and monochromatic vase. The expensive-looking design features a black outline of a series of abstract faces on a white ceramic vase with a bottle top to keep your flowers perfectly displayed.


This waterproof bathroom caddy to store your essentials

With a super sturdy adhesive and mounting hooks that can hold up to 20 pounds, these caddies are a great way to keep your bathroom clutter-free. The minimalist design features sleek lines of rustproof and waterproof stainless steel, which makes them ideal for the tub. Don’t believe that these are a big upgrade? Just check the 4.8-star rating after over 27,000 reviews.


This gorgeous, popular furniture paint with a chalky matte finish

Repainting something with this chalky matte paint is an easy way to refresh any room or piece of furniture. It’s compatible with wood, laminate, glass, metal, and plastic, and dries into a flawless finish in under 30 minutes. Plus, it has over 11,000 ratings and is the bestseller in Amazon’s “household furniture paint” category, so you know it’s good.


These solar-powered lights that project a gorgeous pattern on your pathways

These aren’t regular solar lights. These are cool solar lights. With a Mandala pattern on the bright lampshade, these stake lights emit a stunning pattern on the ground, not only brightening up your outdoor space but adding a little modern touch at the same time. After charging for six to eight hours in the sun, these lights glow for eight to 12 hours, keeping your pathways, patio, driveway, or deck lit all night long.


This hanging shoe shelf to keep your closet organized

Nothing makes a house look instantly sloppy like a pile of shoes on the floor near the entrance. If that’s you, check out this hanging shoe organizer. Hook it around the bar in your closet and it can store 10 pairs of shoes at at time. Plus, there are 10 mesh pockets along the sides, great for storing daily essentials or shoe accessories like socks, laces, insoles, or more.


This bold stoneware dinner set to replace mismatched table settings

If you need a classic dinner set staple that won’t go out of style or break the bank, this stoneware set is for you. Available in matte black, emerald, ruby, and other cool colors, this modern set includes four 22-ounce mugs, four 32-ounce dinner bowls, four dinner plates, and four salad plates. They’re also microwave and dishwasher safe, so elevating your kitchen has never been so easy.


This peel-and-stick tile that will make your backsplash shine

If you want an expensive looking custom backsplash without the price tag, these peel-and-stick tiles are a great choice. Just peel off the adhesive back, stick to the wall, and it’ll look like a new kitchen. The overlapping tile ends makes for a seamless installation, and the tile is heat- and moisture-resistant, making it super easy to clean.


This rattan tray great that’s great for serving or displaying

Become the perfect host when you have this rattan tray. It can be placed on a fabric ottoman and used to hold glasses or coffee table books, put on a kitchen counter to store fruits and veggies, or used as a tray to serve apps to guests. With a hand-woven design, and sturdy built-in handles, this tray is so versatile you can do almost anything with it.


These wireless puck lights with a stick-on installation

Say goodbye to dark corners and dimly lit spaces when you have these wireless puck lights. Since they’re battery- and tap-operated, last over 100 hours, and include a peel-and-stick installation, they’re great to add light underneath dark kitchen cabinets, closets, or other places that don’t have easy access to an outlet.


These adjustable bamboo dividers to organize any drawer

Keep your drawers spick and span when you have these adjustable dividers. From a junk drawer, to a silverware drawer, to a bathroom vanity drawer, these dividers can be expanded from 17.5 to 22 inches for a custom look. Plus, they feature soft foam ends to protect the inside of your drawer while keeping the dividers from slipping around.


This liquid soap dispenser that’s motion sensored

Just hover your hand under this automatic soap dispenser and it will pour soap directly into your hand for an easy, touch-free clean. It features a clear 17-ounce canister so you know when you’re running out and an anti-slip bottom to keep it sturdy on your countertop. Plus, the whole thing is waterproof, so you never need to worry about accidental spillage around your sink’s edge.


A horizontal organizer to neatly store up to 6 water bottles

If you’ve ever opened a cabinet and had a rogue water bottle fall on your head, you need this organizer. Stackable, it takes advantage of both horizontal and vertical space in your cabinets to store up to six water bottles — three on each shelf. You won’t know what to do with all the space you save and your cabinets will look more organized than ever.


An expensive-looking glass lamp with a vintage design

The vintage design on this mushroom lamp brings an instantly elegant touch to any room. When it’s turned on, it emits a warm, ambient light, emphasized by its sleek stripes. And when it’s off, the design is so pretty, it looks like a piece of art on your table. Plus, it’s small silhouette means it won’t take up too much space on your nightstand or console table.


This 6-compartment faux leather tray to keep your nightstand organized

A cluttered nightstand is red flag, so get it all organized with this faux leather tray. It features six velvet compartments — two large, two medium, and two small — to keep all your essentials stored and in one spot. The largest area has cord notches so you can charge your phone while it’s inside, and one of the medium compartments has a top to keep glasses and delicate things secure.


This carpet spot remover with 52,000-plus 5-star ratings

It’s no wonder this spot remover is a bestseller on Amazon, fans said it “works like magic” and is the “best product out there.” The 32-ounce spray is water based and oil free to get out tough — but super common — stains like grease, ink, wine, coffee, rust, and pet accidents. While it’s made for carpets, it can also be used on upholstered furniture, too.


These address numbers that are super sleek

Add a modern touch to the outside of your home with these sleek address numbers. The sleek, 3-D design will elevate your outdoor aesthetic and make sure no one passes by your address. Plus, the black alloy steel numbers are rust-, corrosion-, and weather-resistant, and won’t fade in the sun.


This ceramic sponge holder that’s cute & functional

Expensive-looking homes have a place for everything, including a sponge. This ceramic holder not only keeps your sponge in place and off the bottom of the sink, but it’s unique U-shaped design helps it dry faster for a more sanitary clean. It’s made of durable, embossed ceramic to resist cracking and is dishwasher safe.


This wood cleaner & polish for super shiny floors

Shiny, clean floors will instantly make your home seem more expensive. Get that look with this cleaner and polish combo. It works on vinyl, finished hardwood, engineered hardwood, and laminate flooring to remove scratches and scuffs for a perfectly polished floor.


A stylish bamboo turntable with 2 shelves

This lazy Susan can be placed on your countertop or in your pantry for instant organization at a budget-friendly price. It features two tiers of shelving that are 7 inches high and over 8 inches wide to store medicine, condiments, spices, cans — you name it — and it rotates 360 degrees so you always have access to what you need. Plus, it’s easily cleaned with soap and water in case there’s an accidental spill.


A wall-mounted toothbrush holder that also has a shelf & secret storage

This clever toothbrush holder and shelf can be mounted directly onto the wall to not only save counter space but — with all it’s functions — it’ll have your bathroom looking way less cluttered. It features sunken ledges on the top shelf and an inner drawer to store skincare or dental essentials, a toothpaste dispenser, a holder for six toothbrushes, and three magnetic mouthwash cups. It does everything. Your bathroom will thank you.


This tiered wire basket with 2 banana hangers

Use this two-tiered wire basket to display your fruits and veggies in your kitchen. The two tiers are detachable and can be used stacked or separately, and it comes with two hooks specifically designed for hanging bananas. And each basket has sturdy feet that prevent scratches on your countertop.


This luxe-looking candle with 90 hours of burn time

Not only does this natural soy candle smell like a blend of pumpkin, cinnamon, and caramel, but it’s also displayed in an embossed jar that’s a piece of decor in itself. If pumpkin and orange isn’t your vibe, this luxe candle also comes in a variety of other pleasing scents like rose noir and oud and marine breeze. Plus the wooden wick gives off the coziest crackling sound while burning to feel like you’re next to a fireplace even if you’re not.


These farmhouse-style canisters for potatoes, onions & garlic

These rustic, farmhouse-style containers are pre-labeled to store about 9 pounds of potatoes, 2.5 pounds of onions, and nine bulbs of garlic. They’re made of powder-coated stainless steel and feature ventilation holes along the bottom to keep your food fresher for longer. So, get your gold, russet, red, or sweet potatoes, and your red, yellow, or white onions ready. They’ll love their new home.


This heavy-duty broom holder that mounts to the wall

This broom holder mounts directly onto the wall and features five slots and six hooks to keep all your tools organized. The slots are rubber gripped and spring loaded to keep your broom, mop, or rake handles secure, and the whole thing can hold up to 35 pounds.


These clear organizer bins to get your fridge in order

If you’re often throwing out spoiled food because you’ve lost it in the back of the refrigerator, these organizer bins can help you out. Because they’re clear, you’ll be able to see what you have — and how much — to avoid waste. The set comes with two wide bins, two narrow bins, one drink bin that holds nine standard cans, and an egg canister that holds 14 eggs.


This cool knot pillow that comes in over a dozen colors

Add a modern touch to your collection of pillows with this knot ball. Made of a super plush velvet filled with cotton, the pillow has a cool knotted design that will instantly elevate your couch or bed. It’s available in multiple sizes and over a dozen colors, to match your vibe in any room.


This salt & pepper grinder set that comes with a sleek stand

Make your tablescape look better than ever with this salt and pepper grinder duo. The 6-ounce glass jars with a stainless steel top let your stylish Himalayan pink salt and pretty peppercorns shine, while the ceramic grinder inside lets you adjust the coarseness levels. The stylish set comes with a handy little holder to make everything come together.


This bamboo makeup organizer that rotates 360 degrees

Keep all your cosmetic essentials easy to see and grab when you have this rotating bamboo organizer. It features eight different-sized shelves that are perfect to keep your makeup, lipsticks, nail polishes, and three holes in the top shelf perfect for tall and slim items like brushes, eyeliner pens, and mascara tubes. One fan raved, “I was looking for an organizer to help clean up my daily makeup/skincare items. [...] It swivels too making it easy to get things all the way around.”


These water-resistant peel-and-stick floor tiles that elevate any room

These chic peel-and-stick floor tiles are a super easy way to elevate your bathroom or kitchen without a massive renovation. They stick right on without any special tools and the geometric design and low-lustre finish bring the hotel to you. Plus, they’re water-resistant and washable so you won’t have to worry about spills.


These magnetic garage door decals that are wildly popular

Turn a dull and drab garage door into a stylish, cool garage door when you have these magnetic accents. It’s no wonder they’re a bestseller with over 25,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating. The set comes with two handles and four hinges that attach instantly to the door, wherever you want it. The plastic is weather- and rust-resistant and won’t discolor in the sun. “What a steal!!” one fan raved. “These are a fraction of the price and look highend. They don’t interfere with the function of the garage door while still giving the garage a pop of style…”


These stylish glass coffee mugs with handles that keep cool

If your favorite part of drinking coffee or tea is pouring milk in and watching it swish around, these chic glass mugs are for you. Elegant and modern, the mugs work for cold or hot beverages. And the handles are designed to say cool, even when microwaved. Plus, they’re dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


This tufted, embroidered comforter set that’s super plush

Make your bedroom look — and feel — like an expensive hotel with this comforter set. It has a timeless embroidered jacquard design and a super plush feel that makes your bed seem like you’re sleeping on a cloud. It’s super lightweight and breathable to stay cool at night, and it’s machine-washable.


This night-light that’s made from stylish Himalayan salt

Bring your night-light to the next level with this Himilayan salt one. About the size of an iPhone, it plugs right into the wall with an adjustable plug. The salt is extracted from the Himalayan mountains and emits a soft, warm glow that’s slight and not jarring to use in the dark.