It's not just you, we all need these clever things that solve our embarrassing everyday problems

Annoying moments happen (but they’re also preventable).

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Whether it’s tangled cords, overflowing cupboards, or spilling something, minor annoyances happen that can be a drag on our mood and routine. Unlike a lot of problems, these things can easily be solved with a few bucks and a trip to Amazon’s virtual aisles. I’ve rounded up some of the best products that can solve commonly frustrating (and slightly) embarrassing problems. Choose your favorites and sidestep all of those annoying moments.


This reusable lint roller for when you have pet fur everywhere

This reusable lint roller can pick up any hair that your furry friends leave behind. Instead of expensive sticky papers, this roller uses electromagnetic charge to attract lint and hair. When it’s time to empty the storage compartment, all you have to do is push a button. And the roller is gentle on fabrics, so you can use it practically anywhere.


An expandable wand to get rid of grimy baseboards before guests arrive

Make tackling dusty baseboards before guests come over feel less like a chore with this expandable wand. It has a telescoping handle and a head that swivels 360 degrees, so you can reach dust and grime wherever it is. The textured fibers in the cleaning cloth trap dust and debris and can be used with or without water.


A powerful stain-treating kit to tackle all kinds of spills & slip-ups

Take care of embarrassing spills super quickly with this stain-treater spray. The kit comes with a 4-ounce spray bottle and 10 wipes that you can throw in your bag or car and take on the go. The water-based formula is designed to be tough on stains and it’s designed to be spritzed on things like carpets, upholstery, and clothes.


This pumice scrubber that can get rid of toilet stains & more

Hard water stains and mineral deposits are no match for this fine-grit pumice cleaner. Use the clever pumice material to clean surfaces gently without the use of chemicals (it only needs is water to start working). It also features an attached handle to keep your hands clean, and a vented carrying case for storage.


A gap filler to prevent your phone from sliding between seats

These gap fillers prevent that embarrassing moment when small items (like your phone) fall in between your car seats. Each kit comes with two gap fillers so there’s one for both the driver’s and passenger’s seats. The gap fillers expand to the space of the gap and attach to the seat belt so they’ll stay in place even if you move the seat.


These reusable cord wraps that can eliminate messy drawers

These hook-and-loop storage wraps are perfect for keeping all your cables and cords looking neat. They come in a variety of sizes and a range of fun colors, so there’s something to keep up with every type of cord. Since they’re self-gripping, and don’t contain any adhesive, they also won’t leave behind a sticky residue on your chargers.


A grocery bag carrier for when your hands are embarrassingly full

Use this genius carrying handle to transport all of your heavy groceries at once without dropping any on the way. They keep your hands comfy with a gel grip, and the rotating top makes it easy to load and unload. Plus, each side of the carrier can hold up to 50 pounds.


An easy-to-install handle that lets you avoid touching the gross toilet

Stick on this toilet seat handle, and you’ll be able to lift and lower the seat without getting your hands dirty. It comes with both thin and thick adhesive, so you can get the right fit for your toilet seat. Grab it in plain white to blend in with the toilet or a blue tile design.


This sleek organizer that corrals food container lids

If you’re constantly searching for matching food storage container pieces, this lid organizer can contain the mess. It comes with multiple dividers, so you can customize it based on what lids you have. Meanwhile, the center channel in the middle keeps things from rolling around and handles that make it easy to move.


These containers that organize embarrassingly messy under-bed storage

If the area under your bed is a mess (it happens), these zippered storage containers can get things in order. They compactly store items like linens or out-of-season clothes while also protecting them from dust. The dual zippers allow you to completely open the container for easy access and the tear-resistant handle helps with moving and repositioning the bin.


This tub & shower drain protector to avoid dealing with gross clogs

Instead of constantly calling the plumber for your tub, this mushroom-shaped drain protector catches hair before it can cause clogs. The TubShroom collects hair around the middle while still allowing water to flow through and exit the tub. Bonus — it discreetly keeps the hair out of sight until you’re ready to clean.


These elastic rings that keep trash bags from falling inside the trash bin

Wrap these elastic bands around trash bins to prevent bags from falling down and spilling food everywhere. They fit a bunch of different trash bins, but they can also be used for keeping items like boxes bound together. They’re also a breeze to fasten with a built-in metal joint for extra durability.


These space-saving hangers that tame an overstuffed closet

If your closet is bursting at the seams, these space-saving hangers can get things in order. These durable plastic hangers feature five vertical posts that can each hold a traditional hanger, allowing for more efficient use of your closet. They’re also ideal for storing accessories such as belts and handbags.


These tablets that will deep clean a grimy & slightly smelly water bottle

Deep clean your reusable water bottle and easily get rid of any griminess or residue with these seriously easy-to-use cleaning tablets. Simply pop a tablet in, fill with warm water, let things sit for 20 minutes, and then rinse out your go-to bottle. They’re also designed to be compatible with stainless steel, plastic, glass, porcelain, metal, and more.


This foldable garbage can to instantly fix a messy car

Keep your car tidy with this chic Oxford cloth and vegan leather garbage can. The folding bin features a sturdy bottom and adjustable straps, so it’s super easy to hang it from a seat back or prop it up on the floor. It can also work as on-the-go storage for drinks, snacks, and toys.


A bracelet closure tool if you’re spending too long putting on jewelry

Putting on bracelets or zipping clothes by yourself can take forever, but this clever jewelry tool is a game-changer. The lightweight design is easy to use, and the tips are coated, so they won’t damage or scratch delicate jewelry. It’s also versatile — in addition to bracelets, it’s also helpful with fastening necklaces, watches, and zippers.


A spray that smooths out messy & wrinkled clothes with quick spritzes

Rumpled clothing happens, but this wrinkle-releasing spray smooths things out in minutes. To use, just give both sides of the fabric a few sprays and then gently tug and smooth out the wrinkles (AKA — no iron required). It’s also unscented and doesn’t contain any potentially irritating chemicals if you usually avoid those things in your laundry.


These no-effort toilet bowl cleaners for when you’re too busy to scrub

Use these toilet bowl gel stamps to deodorize and clean the loo automatically so it’s always perfectly fresh for guests. Each gel stamp lasts for two weeks, delivering a fresh scent and washing away grime every time you flush. They’re also completely dissolvable and residue-free, and they come with a handy dispenser.


A socket concealer that helps you hide messy cords around the place

Messy and tangled cords can look sloppy, but hiding them with this outlet concealer is such an easy process. The thin plate fits most duplex outlets, and the 3-foot extension cord comes with adhesive to help it blend into the wall. Plug your devices into the extension cord and tuck it out of sight for an uncluttered look.


These stretchy chair leg covers stop you from scratching up your floors

Help your furniture to glide smoothly across the floor and prevent scratches with these felt-backed stretchy chair leg covers. The silicone chair leg covers are easy to install — no tools, glue, or nails necessary. And they come in various colors and sizes to easily grab the perfect match for your chair or furniture.


These oven liners that catch hard-to-clean spills in the bottom of your oven

These nonstick oven liners help to prevent messy spills in your oven. Their nonstick surface is also easy to clean in the dishwasher, and the liners can be trimmed for a custom fit. They’re also made of durable PFOA-free teflon and are heat-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in electric or gas.


An herb keeper that stops you from tossing out wasted greens every week

Prevent fresh herbs from spoiling in the fridge by storing them in this extra-large herb keeper. The keeper can preserve herbs for up to two weeks in the refrigerator, saving money and food waste. And when it’s time to remove the herbs you want, the anchoring ladder and ergonomic handle make it easy.


These water globes to save you from under-watered & wilted plants

These glass watering globes can help if you’re prone to neglecting your plants, resulting in embarrassingly wilted greenery. The glass gloves feature colorful designs and are easy to use — simply fill them up with water and invert in your plant’s pot. The water will hydrate the soil for up to two weeks.


This snap-on strainer that prevents you from spilling pasta in the sink

If you’ve ever tried skipping a colander and spilling half your pasta into the sink, you’ll appreciate this space-saving snap-on strainer. The strainer works on almost all pots and bowls including those with lips, and it’s made of a nonslip, food-grade silicone that can stand up to frequent use.


These citronella sticks for when mosquitos are swarming your outdoor space

Ward off an attack from unwelcome mosquitoes during your next outdoor hang with these incense sticks. They’re of deet and, instead, deter insects with essential oils and citronella. They can last for up to three hours, and they work best when placed around the perimeter of your patio or yard.


These drip catchers that help if you’re constantly spilling laundry detergent

These drip catchers have a simple design, but they can save you from the headache of constant detergent messes. To use, just place the drip catcher on the edge of the counter or washing machine and place the detergent bottle on top to weigh it down. The drip catcher fits all bottles with a pour spot and can easily be wiped clean.


This clever little sweater brick that prevents pilling clothes

Remove annoying pills and extend the life of your clothes with this sweater-saver brick. This clever little tool is lightweight, reusable, and doesn’t require any electricity or batteries. Just gently swipe the brick over clothing to de-pill, and it’s designed to not snag or damage fabrics (like wool, knits, and fleece).


A cleaning gel that grabs the crumbs in your car & keyboard

Use this cleaning gel to pick up all of those annoying crumbs that might be making your car or keyboard look dirtier than it actually is. Its formula is flexible and reusable, and it’s perfect for getting into nooks and crannies like your air vents or in-between buttons.


These clever little caps that help if you’re always spilling toothpaste

These self-sealing silicone caps fit a variety of tube shapes and sizes and help to keep things tidy. Pop on the caps to prevent bathroom counter messes and avoid spills. These reusable caps also make it a breeze to dispense the perfect amount of toothpaste or gel with every squeeze.


These rug grippers that can prevent curling & crooked rugs

Install these adhesive rug grippers to prevent corners from curling and making things look a bit sloppy. They can be used on almost any type of rug or floor, and when it’s time to mop or vacuum, they release easily. Plus, they’re a breeze to reuse — to renew the adhesive, just wipe it with rubbing alcohol.


An electric fly swatter that eliminates annoying bugs all over the house

Prevent flies, mosquitoes, and other insects from taking over the house with this seriously clever electric zapper. It features a 4,000-volt grid, bright LED light, and triple safety mesh to protect your hands while you tackle bugs. It has a lightweight design that’s easy to handle and it charges via a USB cable, so there are no batteries necessary.


A cleaning spray specifically for eliminating frustrating pet stains & smells

Eliminate those pet stains and odors with this enzyme cleaner spray instead of dealing with the frustrating smell. It’s designed to be spritzed on most surfaces your pet might have access to, including carpet, hardwood, and tile. Plus, it replaces any pup or cat scents with a fresh linen scent.


A water-repellant spray to prevent outdoor furniture from looking old & yellow

Simply spritz on this Scotchgard spray to prevent rain and sun from fading and yellowing outdoor furniture. It provides water repellency while also blocking out UVA and UVB rays. The one-step aerosol spray dries odorlessly and is ideal for items like chairs, sofas, patio umbrellas, and grill covers.


A dispenser that manages a mess of plastic grocery bags

Tidy up that constantly messy plastic bag stash with this stainless steel dispenser. The dispenser can be wall-mounted and has extra large openings to make adding and removing bags a breeze. The surface is resistant to smudges and fingerprint marks, giving your bag storage a perfectly clean look.


A magnetic flashlight that keeps you from losing things

If you’re constantly dropping small things, this magnetic LED flashlight has a telescoping head that can fit in small spaces to provide light or pick up metal items. It folds down to pocket-size, so you can take it with you anywhere. It also has three strong LED bulbs attached to a flexible neck, so you can point the light where you need it.


The unbreakable tumblers that prevent chipped & shattered glasses

Avoid messes with these colorful drinking glasses that are resistant to breaking, shattering, and chipping. The glasses are made of BPA-free super-grade acrylic and are perfect for cocktails or even outdoor gatherings. Plus, they can go in the dishwasher without any worries of breaking.


These wool balls that can prevent annoying wrinkles without any effort

Keep clothes wrinkle-free and cut down on drying time with these 100% wool dryer balls. They’re designed to speed up clothes drying by lifting and separating items. The wool balls can also reduce annoying static cling problems and will last for up to five years (depending on use).


An absorbent mat that saves you from coffee-stained counters

Whether you put it under an espresso machine or use it for drying dishes, this absorbent mat soaks up water in seconds and dries quickly to save your counters from stains. It has a rubber backing that is leakproof and nonslip, keeping surfaces underneath dry. And it comes in eight colors and multiple sizes to easily tuck it away on your counter.


This 10-year deodorizer that tackles a smelly fridge

Keep tight spaces like the fridge or your car trunk smelling fresh with this impressively long-lasting stainless steel deodorizer. It’s sleek and designed to eliminate odors for up to a decade. Plus, since it doesn’t require filter replacements, electricity, or batteries, maintenance is a breeze.


These tablets that tackle grime in dirty washing machines

Quickly deep clean with these powerful descaling tablets because sometimes washing machines can get a little gross. They tackle deodorizing while removing hard water deposits and built-up grime in the drum, gaskets, and hoses. They’re designed to be safe for septic systems and all types of machines, including high efficiency.


A clever dip clip that prevents a sauce-covered car

Enjoy your favorite sauce on the go and without mess when you use this adjustable dip clip. It can hold a variety of sized containers and also comes with its own ramekin for your fav sauces from home. The universal clip fits most sizes of car vents and locks into 16 different positions so you can get the perfect angle.


A portable fan for when you’re feeling overheated and uncomfy

This lightweight and portable fan comes to the rescue when you’re feeling stuffy and uncomfy but cant find AC. It folds down for transport, so you can take it from the office, to the beach, to a stuffy hotel room. It features three speeds, comes with a USB charging base, and the battery pack can also charge your phone if you run low on juice.


The spray that finally gets rid of fingerprints on your stainless steel

Messy-looking fingerprints and smudges are usually inevitable, but you can completely eliminate them from your appliances with this specially formulated stainless steel spray. It’s made from coconut oil and essential oils and gently cleans while leaving behind a barrier that protects against scratches.


A pen that cleans up dirty-looking grout around the house

This game-changing pen is a quick and inexpensive way to brighten up dingy tile grout. It features a water-based paint that dries quickly and comes in a number of colors so you can get the perfect match. And each pen can cover up to 150 feet before needing to be replaced.


A multipurpose chopper for when dinner takes way too long

Cut down on food prep time with this multifunction vegetable chopper and slicer. The kit features a large BPA-free catch tray, five interchangeable stainless steel blades, a spiralizer, cleaning brushes, and a protective glove for your hand. In just a few seconds, you can have a meal’s worth of produce prepped and ready to go.


A cute holder that prevents damp & grimy sponges by the sink

Use this cat-shaped holder to give your dish sponge a dry and super clean resting spot. It also features a cute black cat design that adds some whimsy to your dishwashing routine. The strong suction cup on the back helps it adhere to flat surfaces, and it includes its own sponge, so it’s ready to go right out of the box.


A cup holder expander to prevent your water bottle from spilling everywhere

Install this cup holder extender and you won’t have to deal with your water bottle tipping over and spilling everywhere. The extender works with most car cup holders and can be offset so that two can be used side by side. And there are special tabs that keep the bottle from pulling the extender out of the cup holder.


These handy item locators to speed up the search for keys & things

Misplacing your stuff all the time is annoying and a bit embarrassing, but these battery-operated item locators send out a loud 80-decibel ring to help you find lost things. The kit comes with six color-coded locators and a lightweight remote control that has a range of 50 to 100 feet.


A clever device that saves time on your favorite shredded meat recipes

Creating perfectly shredded meat for recipes doesn’t have to take all day when you use this shredding tool. It features a transparent lid and ergonomic handles so you can easily see the status of your food. The sharp spikes are designed to work in seconds, and when you’re finished, the whole tool can go in the dishwasher.


A pre-mixed spray that removes unsightly mold stains around the house

Mold and mildew stains can be unsightly even if you’ve already cleaned up the mold. To tackle the leftover marks, use this pre-mixed stain remover spray. It doesn’t require scrubbing and is ideal for use in your kitchen on decks, wood, vinyl siding, drywall, concrete floors, and more.


This cleaning brush that removes grime from hard-to-see-through screens

Quickly remove dust and grime from hard-to-clean screens with this mesh brush head. The mesh cleaning head features an ergonomic grip and an optional handle, and the long fibers are perfect for cleaning out screen holes. It cleans up screens whether you’re using it dry or wet, and it rinses clean so you can keep reusing it.


These lids to avoid spilling (or wasting) your canned drinks

If you’re always knocking over or wasting half-drank canned drinks, these silicone lids can keep things in check. These washable lids fit all cans with a 2-inch top, and the secure kit means you won’t spill a drop. The lids are also great for keeping bugs and dust out of your drink when you’re enjoying the outdoors.


A spreader knife to stop cold butter from tearing up your bread

Cold butter can ruin a perfect piece of toast at your next brunch, but this ergonomic spreader knife offers a clever solution. The stainless steel knife features slotted holes that create meltable butter curls, ensuring you don’t tear the bread. And if you’d rather slice off a pat, it also has serrated teeth that are perfect for the job.


A toilet night-light to skip the harsh overhead light at night

For midnight bathroom trips, this motion-activated toilet night-light is a fun way avoid the huge overhead light. You can choose from over 16 LED colors and five dimmer settings of this clever bathroom light. It also simply hangs over the rim with a flexible arm and is operated by AA batteries (not included), so electricity isn’t necessary.


A coffee mug warmer to skip the constant microwaving of your brew

This mug warmer is a genius alternative to microwaving your coffee a ton of times. It features a simple tap function that allows you to choose from three temperature settings and it automatically shuts off after four hours (in case you forget). Plus, it has a large cup surface and a blinking light that indicates when it’s hot.