It's way easier to keep your house nice if you try any of these clever things

Cleaning and organizing can even be fun with these genius products.

ByAmanda Pellegrino
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I don’t know how this is possible, but it feels like I’m always cleaning, decluttering, or organizing. The second I finish one project, another one pops up right after it. Despite my best efforts, there’s always something. Then, add pets or kids and — forget it — keeping your house looking nice and clean seems impossible. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether your coffee table is covered in water stains, your pantry is out-of-this-world cluttered, or your sink never seems to actually get sparkly clean, these products will give you a hand and make keeping your place looking nice so much easier.


These breathable fabric containers that organize your under-bed clutter

Take advantage of the sneaky storage space under your bed with these storage organizers. Sleek and inconspicuous, these breathable yet protective fabric bags have a see-through top so you can always find exactly what you’re looking for. They can be slid right under your bed and the reinforced handle means you never have to worry about tearing as you pull them out.


This heavy duty, best-selling cleaner that gets rid of the toughest grime

Get your kitchen and bathrooms cleaner than they’ve ever been with this heavy-duty cleaning paste. Great for stoves, floors, marble, silverware, jewelry, shower doors, countertops, toilets, tubs — you name it — this cleaner works its magic on the toughest stains without leaving streaks or grimes in its wake. There’s a reason this cult-favorite product has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon after over 180,000 reviews.


This double-sided tape that stops your rugs from slipping & sliding

Say goodbye to rugs that curl or slide when you step on them, and say hello to this double-sided fabric tape. The extra-thick tape was designed with mesh to ensure a stronger adhesive to keep all your rugs in place. Just roll one side directly onto the carpet, then peel the other side off and stick onto the floor. It works on hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, or concrete like a dream and easily peels right off all surfaces when you’re done, which makes it great for renters and owners.


This 5-pack of brushes that are made to dust even the tiniest spots

Tired of looking at the dirt that’s accumulated in your sliding glass door tracks? What about the dust that’s built up on your window blinds? Well, check out these brushes. The set comes with five cleaning brushes for all those often ignored small-scale needs like window groves, computer keyboards, baseboards, car vents, and more. With multiple functions per brush, your house will never look the same.


A durable 5-tier hanging shelf for maximum closet organization

Stay organized and keep all your folding clothes easily accessible with these hanging closet shelves. The five-cubby shelf is great for bulky sweaters or skirts and towels that are hard to hang and also includes six side pockets for smaller items like socks, belts, makeup tools, and more. Plus, it doesn’t take up any floor space making it great for small homes that lack a ton of storage space.


This citrus stain remover to clean up after even the worst pet accidents

No matter how well your furry friends are trained, accidents happen and this cleaner will make sure the clean up is quick, easy, and odor-free. Just spray this convenient cleaner directly onto the affected area of your carpet, hardwood floor, or fabric couch and the active enzymes don’t just cover the odors — they destroy them. The zesty citrus smell tackles pet poop, pee, vomit, and more, for up to 80 hours of freshness.


These elastic fasteners that keep your fitted sheets crisp & secure

If you move around a lot in your sleep, you may wake up to find you’ve untucked the fitted sheet and woken up on a bare mattress. These sheet fasteners solve that problem and keep your bedding looking crisp and clean. The triangle-clasp elastic straps are fastened underneath the mattress, attaching to each corner of the sheet to keep your them secure all night long. This four-pack also won’t rip holes into your sheets, thanks to the protective design.


This adjustable ceiling fan duster that will reach up to 47 inches

Yes, the top of your ceiling fan accumulates dust. And, yes, you should regularly clean it. So make it super easy with this ceiling fan duster. The four-part detachable handle can be extended from 27 to 47 inches to reach even the highest ceilings and even the corners of your walls. And the microfiber head is reusable and easily cleaned — just pop it off the handle and wash with warm water.


A space-saving trash can that hangs on a cabinet door

Keep your garbage out of sight and out of mind with this hanging trash can. Available to use with or without a lid, the bin can be seamlessly hung over a cabinet door, or attached with included hooks, making sure you save floor space and keep your garbage concealed and contained. Perfect to hide under your sink, the bin includes a trash bag holder for easy access and is collapsable when not in use.


A reusable window cleaning cloth for a streak-free finish every time

Get rid of streaky mirrors and fingerprint-full computer screens with this microfiber cleaning cloth. Great for windows, stainless steel, mirrors, and electronics, this cloth only needs water to clean and won’t leave any streaks — ever. It can be reused over 1000 times and is machine washable for easy clean up.


This cordless scrubber that gets into the tiniest spaces

Make your grout lines shine like the top of the Chrysler Building with this fan-favorite power scrubber. The brush’s toothbrush-sized head oscillates 60 times per second to clean even the hardest-to-reach spots. With over 23,000 ratings, this best-selling brush uses AA batteries (included) and features an ergonomic grip to keep your wrist happy while you’re scrubbing away to get your bathroom looking spotless.


A pretty macrame armchair caddy that keeps your necessities organized

If your coffee table is overflowing with clutter, organize it all into this functional (and cute) armrest organizer. Just fold the caddy over the armrest of a couch or chair, and the non-slip particles keep it in place for a secure storage option. It has a pretty woven design and features four pouches that are great for remotes, magazines, books, and more to keep your space tidy and organized.


A long, flat duster that extends to reach the trickiest spots

No need to move your couch to clean underneath it when you have this adjustable duster. The long and flat duster has a bendable head that makes it easy to slide under or between appliances or pieces of furniture to attract and gobble up dust. The adjustable handle can be extended from 40 to 55 inches. Plus, the microfiber cloth is machine washable for easy clean up.


This giant pack of budget-friendly sponge erasers that are tough on grime

Keep your appliances and every other place in your home spotless with these sponge cleaners. Tough on grease, oil, and dust, the food-grade melamine sponges will make sure to remove all the remnants of your dinner party in no time. Just rinse the sponge with water until it’s damp and start scrubbing away even the oldest oil stains. And don’t worry, it’s not limited to kitchen use; it’s also great for shoes, walls, floors, bathrooms, and more.


A handheld rake that will remove pet hair from most fabrics

Get even the most embedded pet hair out of your couch, carpet, or clothes with this remover. Endlessly reusable, the pet hair rake is only 6.6 inches long, allowing it to reach inside cracks and other small spaces. It has over 21,000 ratings on Amazon and reviewers call it a “game changer” in pet hair clean up.


These foldable storage cubes that come in 10 colors

Designed to fit into square storage compartments but also great for shelves and closets, these foldable fabric bins will keep your things organized and your space clutter-free. Collapsable when not in use, each cube measures 11-by-10.5-by-10.5 inches and comes in 10 colors to match any colorful or muted aesthetic.


This heavy-duty pumice stone cleaner for an immaculate toilet

There’s no denying cleaning your toilet is always at the bottom of the to-do list, but it’s way easier with this pumice stone cleaner. Just wet the stone and gently scrub any stains for a quick removal. Then rinse it clean and store it in its included ventilated case that dries and prevents odors. Tough on stains, this cleaner is great for any porcelin or ceramic surface.


A rotating organizer that keeps your things easily accessible

Great for countertops, refrigerators, or bathrooms, this lazy Susan organizer will keep all your things in one convenient spot. It has a 360-degree rotation and two tiers for double the storage space. Plus, both tiers feature a small lip around the edge to help keep your items from falling off as it spins.


A non-scratch scrubber that fits perfectly into glasses & bottles

If you have an emotional attachment to a water bottle these days, don’t forget to clean it with this bottle scrubber. The filter foam yellow base lathers with only a drop of soap, and the tough blue tip will scrub without leaving a scratch. To dry, just leave it on a hook using the convenient hanging loop.


This portable fabric shaver that has over 83,000 5-star ratings

Get rid of pills on your couch (and sweaters) for good with this portable fabric shaver. From a fan-favorite brand Conair, the defuzzer has a honeycomb mesh design to ensure it only shaves fuzz — not fingers. It works on clothes, sofas, and more, and the portable design means even your vacation clothes will stay pill-free.


This clever drywall stick that makes repairing holes easy

With a 4.5-star rating and over 9,000 reviews, this drywall putty stick is great for fixing any gallery wall mishaps or filling in holes before you move. Simply swipe the stick over a hole in a circular motion, remove excess with your hand, and paint over when it’s dry. No sanding or tools necessary. It’s that easy.


The sturdy shower caddies with a near-perfect rating on Amazon

Keep every piece of your shower routine in one elevated spot with these convenient caddies. The metal rods are made of rust-proof stainless steel and can hold up to 40 pounds. And the super durable adhesive attaches to tiles, marble, tempered glass, and solid metal so you’ll never need to worry about it crashing down and scaring the crap out of you in the middle of the night.


A floor-mounted scraper to clean dirty boots & shoes

You’ll never bring outside dirt in again when you have this shoe bottom scraper. With a durable metal frame, stylish maplewood finish, and heavy duty bristles, this scraper can be easily mounted with screws onto any floor to keep your shoes — and floor — looking better than ever.


These clear refrigerator organizers to store all your essentials

Never let food or condiments go to waste when you have this set of refrigerator organizer bins. With four general containers, one for eggs, and one for cans, everything in your refrigerator will be visible, organized, and clutter-free. Plus, the totally transparent plastic bins are stackable to make the most of both your horizontal and vertical space.


These mini disposable brushes that clean the tiniest crevices

If it’s tiny and dirty, these crevice brushes have got your back. Designed to clean out gaps in everything from your blinds, to your vents, to the overflow hole in your sink, it features a small fiber brush that slips right in there and can be tossed in the bin when you’re done for easy clean up.


A clutter-free dock that charges 6 devices at once

Keep all your devices charged and in one spot with this clever charging dock. It features six slots with moveable plastic dividers to keep things sturdy and an indicator light in front of each USB port to designate when the device is fully charged. It comes with three USB/AB cables, three USB/Micro cables, and one USB/C cable (common for iPhones, Androids, and iPads, respectively).


An adorable hair catcher that can be mounted right onto the shower wall

This adorable hair catcher will help prevent hair from clogging your drain. When loose hair tangles in your hands as you shampoo and condition, just run your finger through the catcher’s bristles to trap the hair and keep it away from the drain. Its adhesive strip attaches to almost every shower surface and — bonus — it’s shaped like a cute cat.


This easy-to-use pen that restores grout instantly

Rather than scrubbing grout until your arms hurt, use this clever pen to paint the grout so it looks bright, white, and brand new. One pen can cover up to 150 feet of 2 millimeter grout and it’ll dry completely in six hours. It’s especially great for renters who want minimal effort and minimal investment but maximum payoff.


These acrylic bathroom shelves that are easy to install

You’ll wish you knew about these bathroom shelves ages ago. Perfect for all of your morning and nighttime skincare essentials, the shelves are made of sturdy acrylic and have raised edges to keep all your products secure. They’re great for renters and owners alike, as they can be installed either with adhesive tape or screws.


This multi-purpose microfiber mop that spins 360 degrees

Want floors so clean you can eat off them? This microfiber mop will do the trick. The 18-inch long base rotates 360 degrees to easily dust hard-to-reach spots, and the handle extends from 35 inches to 60 inches so you can clean in comfort. Plus, it comes with four reusable microfiber pads — two for dry messes and two for wet messes.


A waterproof mattress protector with over 260,000 reviews on Amazon

Don’t leave your mattress susceptible to the elements — get this mattress protector ASAP. Built like a fitted sheet, it sits underneath your regular sheets to keep your mattress safe from liquids, bacteria, and dust-mites. It has over 260,000 ratings and is the best-selling protector on Amazon. Plus, it’s machine-washable on the cold cycle for a super easy clean-up.


A stainless steel deodorizer that keeps your fridge smelling fresh for years

Your refrigerator (and your nose) will thank you when you get this food-grade stainless steel deodorizer. It lasts for as long as 10 years without replacements and uses advanced technology to eliminate the odors, not just mask them, to keep food fresh. One reviewer wrote: “I’ve tried everything for my fridge - baking soda, various storage techniques, cleaning - [...] Adding this has really made an impact [...]” It’s no wonder why it’s the best-selling product of its kind on Amazon.


This mini vacuum cleaner that will sweep up your desk with ease

Keep your desk and other high-traffic tabletops clean with this mini vacuum cleaner. With up to 400 minutes of continuous cleaning time per USB charge, this tiny vacuum is cordless so you can take it anywhere you need it. It features a high-capacity suction power and a dust bin that can be emptied into the garbage when you’re done sweeping up crumbs and bits of paper.


An expandable U-shaped shelf to organize the clutter under your sink

Never lose anything under your sink with this organizer. The clever U-shaped design allows you to maneuver it around existing plumbing. It has an adjustable height and width to work under any sized sink and fit around bulky pipes, and it can hold up to 40 pounds. Your cleaning supplies, toiletries, and other essentials will all be visible and easily accessible with this under sink must have.


A budget-friendly water mark remover that makes your furniture look new

Your mother was right: use a coaster on wood. But in case you (or a guest) forgot, this water mark remover cloth will save the day. Just rub the cloth with the grain over the surface stain, and the mark will begin to disappear before your eyes. Plus, if stored correctly in its package between uses, the cloth can be reused until it’s dried out.


These elastic bed sheet bands to organize your linen closet

Have you ever unfolded a fitted sheet only to realize it’s the wrong size for the bed you’re making? Well, these sheet organizers are for you. They’re elastic bands clearly labeled for every bed size. Just wrap them around your sheet set—fitted, blanket, and pillowcases—and never pull out the wrong size again.


This food-grade mineral oil to glaze & protect your wood & steel essentials

Keep your cutting boards as moisturized as your skin with this food-grade mineral oil. Just wipe this oil over your wooden utensils, bowls, butcher block countertops — you name it — to keep your things looking shiny and new. It also works on stainless steel to remove smudges, fingerprints and grime. Your entire kitchen will thank you.


A universal wrench that’s portable and budget-friendly

This universal wrench is great whether you have a list of DIY projects or a bunch of at-home fixes. The set comes with a ratchet driver, adapter, universal socket, extension bit, and 10 CRV bits to make sure it works for whatever project you need it for. Compact and portable, this wrench is a necessity and has over 15,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


These airtight food storage containers that come in multiple sizes

Organize your kitchen and pantry with these stackable food containers. The seven containers come in sizes from 4 to 12 inches tall, great for everything from nuts to spaghetti noodles and everything in between. The durable lid features an airtight lock to keep food fresh for longer. Plus, it comes with chalkboard labels so you always know what everything is.


A clever toilet paper holder that stores up to 4 rolls

Make sure you (or your guests) never unexpectedly run out of toilet paper with this clever holder. The stainless steel rod can be hooked over the toilet tank so it doesn’t take up any floor space, or attached to a wall with double-sided adhesive tape. It can hold up to four rolls of toilet paper, so you always know if you’re running low.