Just because you're cheap doesn't mean your home has to look bad — & these things are proof

Cuter house — more money in your wallet.

ByRachel Bar-Gadda
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You might feel like home improvement jobs need to be put on the back burner as you keep track of every dollar leaving your wallet. Despite these self-imposed austerity measures, you still may continue to stew over that cluttered countertop, messy closet, or tired-looking sofa. But just because you’re wanting to save money doesn’t mean your home has to look bad — and these things are proof.

Whip your closet into shape for under $30 with velvet hangers. Even less is required for a pair of chic throw pillow covers that will have your couch looking immediately updated. There are lots of affordable ways to make your home look great – often for a low price that results in a big impact.


A ceiling fan duster that makes cleaning at great heights easy

Even if you consider yourself a neat freak, there are always those impossible-to-reach spots in the house that remain filthy. This affordable ceiling fan duster makes cleaning from top to bottom easy as can be with its adjustable pole that extends up to 47 inches. It comes with a large microfiber duster head whose fluffy texture helps to trap dust efficiently while never scratching surfaces. Simply wash the head in warm water and air dry so that it’s ready for the next cleaning session.


This laundry detergent holder that eliminates soap scum on surfaces

Keep your laundry room looking tidy and organized with this laundry detergent holder that eliminates soap scum, as well as the need to lift heavy bottles ever again. The detergent sits in the holder at an angle, secured by a strap, and allows for effortless pouring while a bottom tray catches any and all mess. It will seriously streamline your laundry game for less than $20, which is why it probably has a near-perfect 4.8-star rating.


This broom holder that can neatly store up to 11 tools

Cleaning tools or gardening supplies are often an afterthought when it comes to storage, but they can seriously look like a mess when piled up in that neglected corner of your home. This broom holder changes all that by easily mounting to the wall and being able to hold up to 11 tools via six retractable hooks and five spring-loaded, rubber-gripped slots. Though it’s popular (with over 55,000 reviews on Amazon), it still won’t cost you more than $15.


A pack of pants hangers that will get your closet in order

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to instantly make your closet look incredibly put together. These pants hangers made of elegant, sturdy wood will do just the trick. They come in a pack of 20 for under $20 and use two adjustable metal clips with rubber grips to keep pants and skirts securely hung. Choose from three finishes to suit your style: vintage wood, natural, and cherry wood.


A memory foam bath mat that comes in tons of colors

This memory foam bath mat not only provides feet with cushioned comfort but also comes in over 20 shades to perfectly match your bathroom look. It has over 56,000 reviews on Amazon and is loved for both its durability and softness while still being affordable at $35. Choose from six sizes and toss it in the washing machine for effortless cleaning.


This bed skirt made of brushed microfiber

Give your bedroom an upgraded look with the simple addition of this under-$20 bed skirt made of elegant brushed microfiber. The pleated corners lend stylish structure and the microfiber remains wrinkle-free for a clean aesthetic. It comes in standard sizes ranging from twin to California king and is available in 12 colors such as neutral cream to bold eggplant.


A plush throw blanket that’s reversible

Spoil yourself with a choice between two plush sides of this budget-friendly and incredibly soft throw blanket. One side features cozy sherpa material while the other is made of a lustrous microfiber cashmere that comes in gorgeous colors like tourmaline blue or rich purple that will add beauty to any sofa or bed. Choose from five sizes and machine wash it in cold water to keep it clean through the seasons.


These silicone oven mitts for serious versatility in the kitchen

These silicone oven mitts that come in a set with two trivets take your average pot holder and improve it significantly. Not only can they handle your usual tasks but they can literally replace other kitchen tools like tongs. They’re heat-safe up to 450 degrees and offer a flexible yet secure grip which means you can use them to retrieve eggs or vegetables, for example, straight from a boiling pot. The food-grade silicone is BPA-free as well as flame-retardant and can easily be cleaned in the washing machine.


A stylish bean bag that doubles as storage

If you’re trying to decide whether to spend money on more storage or more seating, look no further than this bean bag that achieves both for only $25. Made of high-quality and durable cotton canvas, it comes in tons of fun patterns and features a large handle on top for easy carrying. Stuff it with towels, blankets, seasonal items, or stuffed animals, and use it for additional comfortable seating that kids will especially love.


This UV flashlight that susses out bothersome pet stains

There’s no doubt that ridding your home of foul-smelling pet stains is the first step to making it much, much nicer. This powerful yet affordable UV flashlight is the tool you need to get that job done. It comes in a small, lightweight design that’s battery-powered and works to detect hidden stains in addition to scorpions and worms that might be invading your garden.


A popular shower curtain liner that resists mildew

Shower in bliss sans soap scum and mildew using this popular shower curtain liner with over 212,000 reviews on Amazon. It comes in a pack of two for a mere $20 and is made of non-toxic, waterproof PEVA that emits no chemical smells or odors, on top of being made with a heavier gauge thickness for durability. Choose between six available sizes to suit your particular dimensions as well as three styles (clear, frosted, and white).


This small & sleek trash can to tidy your workspace

Whether it’s on your kitchen countertop or your desk, this mini trash can will tidy up the detritus that accumulates. With a sleek, compact stainless steel body, this mini bin is the right size for trash such as tissues, tea bags, food wrappers, etc. Place one on your desk and the other near your kitchen’s coffee station for an organized look. “It's big enough to use it for an entire week without having to empty it every time I use it, yet small enough to store on the desktop,” one reviewer shared.


An elegant down alternative comforter with reversible colors

Bring both coziness and style to your bedroom with this budget-friendly down-alternative comforter that comes in reversible colors, all in neutral shades. You can use the four corner loops to secure it as a duvet but it’s certainly not required as the color of the comforter serves as an elegant standalone (and money-saving) option. The diamond baffle design adds elegance and the synthetic down helps to regulate temperature no matter the season.


These bath towels made of soft & durable Turkish cotton

There’s nothing like having a matching set of soft towels at the ready for you or your guests. These bath towels are the perfect choice as they’re made of OEKO-tex-certified Turkish cotton that can absorb moisture well, withstand lots of washing, and even increase in softness over time. Four large towels come in each set with a choice between four colors: blue, grey, pink, or white.


A large storage bag that organizes seasonal items

If your winter items are hogging space from your summer items come summer, or vice versa when the cold weather hits, grab this jumbo storage bag that’ll only set you back $13. It offers the perfect place to securely store clothing and large items that need to be put away for the season. It’s made of durable yet breathable polypropylene material, has a transparent panel on top to easily see contents, and includes handles on either side for effortless retrieval.


These floating shelves that add chic & meaningful decor

These floating shelves that come in a set of two are the perfect answer to sad, bare walls that are crying out for a little attention. They’re made in a minimalist design and are perfect for displaying treasured photographs, art pieces, or even vinyl records with a U-shaped ledge helping to keep items secure. Choose from four finishes to complement your home: white, walnut, espresso, and gray.


A pack of Swedish dishcloths that can clean anything

There’s no surface you can’t thoroughly clean with the help of these miraculous Swedish dishcloths. They’re made of a biodegradable blend of cellulose and cotton and can be used either wet or dry on materials ranging from glass to marble to tile. They absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquid and are machine-washable and reusable up to 100 times. Every pack comes with 10 for only $20, which means you can say goodbye to money wasted on frequent paper towel purchases.


These velvet hangers that come in a pack of 30 for $20

These velvet hangers that come in an affordable pack of 20 will keep all your clothes neatly hung and forever off the closet floor. Each hanger can hold up to 10 pounds and features a contoured shoulder that preserves the shape of your blouses and shirts. In addition to having over 53,000 reviews and a high 4.8-star rating, they also boast a super slim profile so you can store tons more clothing in limited space.


A hanging shelf suspended with all-natural jute rope

Take that clutter that’s been causing an eyesore and store it in a way that adds tons of style. As a perfect example, this hanging shelf will add loads of earthy vibes and texture to any room with its distressed wood and durable jute rope. It has three tiers to hold all manner of plants, books, pictures, or art, and mounts easily with the included hardware.


This handheld bidet sprayer for a little hygienic luxury

Create a luxurious and hygienic bathroom experience for less than $30 with this awesome handheld bidet sprayer. It installs easily with the provided directions and comes with all the necessary parts you need to attach it to your existing toilet. The whole kit is made from stainless steel, features adjustable water pressure, and can be used additionally for other purposes such as bathing your pet.


An over-the-door shoe organizer that can hold 12 pairs

This ingenious (and well-priced at $11) shoe organizer takes advantage of underused vertical space by hanging over the door of your closet to hold 12 pairs of shoes. Instead of sifting through a pile of heels to find that one pair, they’ll be neatly displayed as they sit tidily in their breathable mesh pockets. Choose from either a black, java (pictured above), or clear plastic finish, and additionally use empty pockets to store all kinds of accessories.


These patio chair covers that are fully weatherproof

It just takes a little money and forethought to keep your outdoor furniture looking in great shape all year long. These patio chair covers come in a pack of two and slip over your furniture, using a drawstring hem to create a secure seal from the elements. The Oxford polyester material is both completely waterproof as well as UV-coated to prevent color fading and it even includes small air vents to prevent condensation.


A pack of kitchen towels in a charming bistro design

These charming kitchen towels come in both a block color and a bistro-style striped design in a choice of six different colors to match your kitchen’s look. This pack of six costs just $20 and is made of 100% cotton, which accounts for its softness and high level of absorption. They’ll easily replace paper towels as they can be tossed in the washing machine and dryer again and again for a thorough cleaning.


This Himalayan salt lamp that creates a chill ambiance

Sometimes it only takes the minimum of investments (in this case, $30) to cultivate a calm ambiance that is worth every penny spent. This Himalayan salt lamp gives off a serene glow and comes in a set of two, which means you can feel free to create that chill environment in multiple rooms of your home. It’s designed with a wooden base as well as a dimmer to control its brightness.


A set of unscented pillar candles that make rooms glow

When lit, these pillar candles create an inviting atmosphere that only natural candlelight can provide. They come in a set of three 6-inch candles that are all unscented, making them the perfect addition to fun dinner parties or cocktail soirées in the living room. Each candle is designed with a slightly textured surface, can last up to 70 hours, and burns cleanly without creating smoke. Choose from 11 colors such as purple, blue, or ivory.


This free-standing shoe organizer that collapses flat

This free-standing shoe organizer is a cinch to set up and break down so you can easily move it from place to place. It can hold up to 10 pairs of shoes and can be set up on closet floors or shelves, in foyers, or simply against any wall. It’s made of durable cardboard that’s covered by soft cloth and requires no tools or hardware to set up. Use it additionally for storing hats, scarves, towels, or crafts.


These magical flames packets that create mystical blue fire

Transform cozy bonfires into mystical experiences by tossing in one or two of these magical flame packets. It only takes minutes for fiery orange shades to change into a supernatural blue. Every purchase comes with 25 packets and they can be used on any wood-burning fire, whether that be an outdoor campfire or an indoor fireplace.


A set of non-woven storage cubes for organized dressers

If you’ve got an underwear drawer of nightmares or a closet shelf of haphazard miscellany, these versatile storage cubes will be just the thing to create serene organization. They’re made of durable non-woven fabric in a beige shade and come in two different sizes: one rectangular and two square-shaped cubes. Perfect for whipping your underwear and sock drawer into shape, they can also be folded flat when not needed.


These throw pillow inserts that won’t lose their shape

Give your sofa, chairs, or bed a refresh by replacing tired old pillows with these throw pillow inserts that only cost $22 for the pair. They’re 90% filled with fluffy polyester stuffing that promises to not lose its shape over time. Choose between four size options, all of which come in a square shape, and use them with any of your existing shams. Best of all, these inserts are machine-washable so they’ll stay clean and fresh for the long haul.


A set of stylish throw pillow covers with faux fur details

Now that you’ve got some fresh pillow inserts on your hands, these fashionable throw pillow covers are the perfect choice to solidify your living room refresh. They’re made with soft faux fur lining the stylish, geometric pattern and feature a hidden zipper. They come in seven different sizes and will complement your existing decor with a choice of nine beautiful colors such as teal, mustard yellow, or taupe.


This coat rack with six hooks for ample entryway storage

Simply tidying up the entryway will do wonders for making your home feel neater, and you only need to spend $25 on this coat rack to accomplish it. It sets up quickly requiring no tools and features six robust hooks to hang anything from coats to purses to hats. Match your home by choosing from six available finishes (such as white, black, or vintage) and adjust the height if needed to accommodate adults or children.


A pet hair remover for brand-new looking furniture

There’s nothing like pet hair lining every surface of your home to make you and your guests feel less than welcome. This magical pet hair remover will eliminate this problem immediately and requires no lint paper or batteries in the process. Instead, it utilizes a reusable brush that when moved vigorously back and forth generates static electricity to pick up every single piece of hair. And it comes in an adorable limited edition dog design just to make tidying that much more pleasing.


This rotating makeup organizer with adjustable shelves

This makeup organizer is the ultimate solution to overflowing drawers or messy dresser tops laden with cosmetics. It’s made of sturdy acrylic and features height-adjustable shelves to accommodate smaller or larger products. It conveniently rotates 360 degrees to give you quick access to what you need and includes a top tier with compartments specifically designed for lipstick, nail polish, and brushes.


A magnetic knife block that doubles as elegant display

This chic-looking magnetic knife block turns your idea of a traditional knife block upside down and creates an elegant, almost artistic, display. It’s constructed of beautiful bamboo and is able to be moved wherever needed with the help of a non-slip, felt bottom that won’t scratch surfaces. Knives are easily accessible but safely stored thanks to strong magnets.


This soft chenille bath mat for an elegant bathroom

This budget-friendly bath mat set comes with two mats, one smaller and one larger, and both are made of a thick, soft chenille. The material is highly absorbent and a non-slip back keeps them in place as you exit your tub. Choose from lots of available colors like a beautiful mauve or serene stone blue and machine wash in cold water for convenient cleaning.


A corner shower caddy that can hold up to 22 pounds

Greatly increase the amount of storage in your shower or bath with this corner shower caddy that securely adheres to hold up to 22 pounds. It uses two powerful suction cups that are easy to mount and just as easy to remove. The caddy itself features convenient drainage slots to prevent any mold or mildew from building up as well as a grooved edge that allows you to hang loofahs or dry brushes.


This glossy marble paper that updates furniture on a budget

Transform that tired old side table into an expensive-looking piece of furniture with this glossy marble paper that costs a mere $7. The paper features a grid pattern on the back for easy trimming and uses self-adhesive to stick to all kinds of surfaces from wood to plastic to metal. It’ll give your side table, desk, countertop, or whatever else you’re trying to beautify the look of authentic marble, but at a fraction of the cost.


A sink protector mat that safeguards fragile glassware

Keep your glassware and ceramics free from chips and breaks using this sink protector mat. It comes in three configurable pieces that interlock neatly around your drain and it features raised feet for efficient water drainage. A soft rubber surface prevents potential glassware breakage and also protects the sink itself from damage.


This undershelf storage basket that takes advantage of underutilized space

Make the most of limited space with this ingenious undershelf storage basket that allows you to take advantage of oft-neglected shelf space. It’s made of a steel wire frame and slides easily onto standard cabinet shelves so you can store napkins, cans, utensils, spices, or whatever else you can imagine right below. It comes in a set of six and is available in either a small or medium size.


A storage ottoman with a comfortable foam seat

There are few deals better out there than this $20 storage ottoman that offers a perfect place to hide clutter while also providing additional seating that features a comfortable foam top. It comes in a textured linen material that’s available in four neutral colors (beige, black, navy, and gray) sure to fit seamlessly into any living room. On top of extra seating, it’s also a perfect place to rest your feet or a tray of cocktails. Fold it up flat when not needed for simple storage.


This microwave cover made with tempered glass

Cleaning out the microwave from hardened splatters is the last thing you want to do on your day off. This microwave cover prevents that splatter from ever occurring and is made with non-toxic materials like tempered glass for safely and evenly heated food. The cover is heat-safe up to 450 degrees. and, as an added bonus, you can toss it in the dishwasher for effortless cleanup.


A wall-mounted toilet paper holder with an attached storage shelf

For under $20, this clever toilet paper holder is a no-brainer as it mounts to the wall to save space and even includes an attached shelf to hold books, phones, or tissue paper. It can hold up to two rolls of toilet paper at a time and includes all the hardware needed for easy installation. It’s available in a bronze or chrome finish.


This magnetic fridge organizer with multiple tiers

If cabinets are overflowing with items and kitchen space is at a minimum, this magnetic fridge organizer will change your life. It attaches securely to any metal surface and, in addition to boasting side hooks that keep smaller kitchen tools handy, it also features four tiers: two wooden hanging rods for paper towels or food wrap and two shelves for spices, condiments, oils, or vinegar. Choose between black, white, or gray.


A set of bathroom accessory jars in a rustic farmhouse style

Give your bathroom countertop a pulled-together look for only $20 with this bathroom accessory set in the form of rustic mason jars. Included in the set are a lotion (or soap) dispenser, a toothbrush holder, and two smaller jars that are great for Q-tips or cotton balls. The jars are made of durable glass and all feature rust-resistant stainless steel lids.


This microfiber sofa slipcover that gives old furniture a facelift

If your sofa is looking shabby but there’s not enough money in the budget for a new one, feast your eyes on this microfiber sofa slipcover that will give it new life for less than $40. It stretches to fit over different-shaped sofas and comes in four sizes ranging from small to extra-large as well as over 20 colors like neutral navy or bright cyan. Best of all, you can keep it in tip-top shape by popping it in the washing machine when needed.