Just because you're lazy doesn't mean you can't keep your house looking nice — these genius things are proof

Well-rated items that give your home an updated look without all the work.

ByNikol Slatinska
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Decorating the home might seem frivolous at first. As long as you have a comfy bed to sleep in, functioning kitchen appliances, and furniture in every room, little knick-knacks aren't such a pressing issue, right? In reality, though, the details are what make a home feel like it’s really yours. That’s why Amazon is so convenient. Its inventory is chock-full of literally anything you could ever want, including interior goods.

Still, that doesn’t mean you have time to scroll the site all day and compare reviews (though that’s certainly a pleasurable pastime). We’ve rounded up some of the top-rated products that’ll make your living spaces more efficient and stylish — no renovations or serious spending required. Read on to discover the best clothing hangers, a hands-free microwave cleaner, and other small but important essentials.


These wheel stoppers that prevent furniture from rolling

Not to be dramatic, but these wheel stoppers could save a life. If you’ve ever had a bed, sofa, or chest of drawers on wheels, you know that such furnishings can be dangerous, especially when small children and visitors are around. Prevent falls by placing one of these hollow rubber boxes under each wheel and keeping furniture stationary. There’s no reason to upgrade to a whole new bed or couch when these exist.


This wet floor mop that you can fill with your favorite household cleaner

Forget the traditional string mop; this lightweight wet mop is so much easier to use and will have your floors spotless in no time. Unlike some dusters for which you have to repurchase pads, this product comes with a microfiber pad that you can toss in the washer and reuse again and again. The mop also has a detachable bottle that you can fill with your favorite cleaning product, which is so much handier than having to manually spray your floors.


A storage beanbag that comes in fun prints and helps kids keep their rooms clean

Get ready to finally have an obstacle-free floor thanks to this beanbag that doubles as a toy holder. Picking up after playtime will result in a comfy seat to jump into, so motivating your little ones shouldn’t be such a hassle. If you don’t have kids, these bags are also a great place to store extra towels or linens. The beanbag comes in a variety of fun prints and colors, so your child can pick their favorite one.

  • Available colors: 16


This refined toilet brush that’ll match your other bathroom fixtures

You probably never thought you’d hear a toilet cleaning product referred to as “elegant,” but that’s exactly what this stainless steel brush is. It has a bronze finish, so it’ll match perfectly with faucets and other fixtures that are the same color. No more flimsy plastic brushes from the dollar store; this one is still inexpensive but looks way better.


These versatile storage boxes that snap shut and come in cute prints

Whether you need a designated spot for important documents, sentimental keepsakes, or cosmetics, these storage boxes are ready to lend that extra space. They arrive in a set of three (small, medium, and large) and in your choice of a floral, dotted, or diamond print. Arguably the best part is that each container has a magnetic closure, so even if a box gets jostled or takes a tumble, your items will remain inside.

  • Available colors: 6


These space-saving storage bags that make packing a breeze

Why deal with an overstuffed suitcase when you can flatten your clothing down in these vacuum storage bags instead? The bags come in a pack of six and a variety of sizes. In any case, you’ll be able to double, maybe even triple, your storage space for apparel and bedding. A travel-sized hand pump is included, so you can easily take these on the go and never feel dread upon packing again.


This massive collection of food storage containers that’s a must for meal prepping

This set of plastic food containers contains 16 boxes of varying sizes and their respective lids, so you won’t have to worry about what to use when packing leftovers for lunch. What’s more, the set comes with a chalkboard marker and stickers, so you can label each box. To microwave the contents, simply remove the lid and pop the container inside.


This hanging organizer that doubles the shelf space in your closet

You’ve likely seen a hanging closet organizer similar to this one, but we doubt it had this many individual compartments for apparel and accessories of all kinds. In addition to spacious shelves for stacked clothing, this product also has slide-out cubbies and mesh pockets on the sides for smaller items. You can even plan your outfits a couple of days in advance and place them on the shelves to make getting dressed easier in the mornings.

  • Available colors: 2


This glaze that gives furniture a rustic finish

If your wooden tables and cabinets don’t have that farmhouse vibe you’re after, simply sweep a layer or two of this furniture stain over them. They’ll instantly look older but in a charming, antique way. This way, you don’t have to rip out your entire kitchen or replace the dining room table. The stain also comes in six different tones, so you can choose the one that best matches your surface.

  • Available colors: 6


This labeled container that keeps your napkins off the table

Don’t leave napkins strewn about the table. Instead, dinner guests can pluck clean ones out of this clean stainless steel napkin holder, which is conveniently labeled. It’s the perfect size for standard rectangular napkins, and there are handles on the sides that make the container easy to pass around. The tin-like construction and scrawled font lend this product a charming, old-timey appearance.


A stainless steel utensil holder that keeps cooking tools within reach

Rather than leaving whisks and stirring spoons lying about on the counter, store them neatly in this roomy stainless steel container. It’s simultaneously spacious and compact, so it won’t take up too much counter space. “It is the perfect size,” one reviewer said of the holder. “Its sturdy and durable just as described. Its perfect for what's its needed. Couldn't have asked for a better one.”


This stainless steel gadget that gets all the gunk off your grill

This grill scraper allows you to get the residue off your barbecue without forcing you to put your back into it. It has a long handle that offers plenty of leverage, plus four different-sized grooves that hug the individual grates on your grill and shuck the grime right off. And the tool, itself, is dishwasher safe.


A leather cleaner that revives old surfaces, giving them a glossy finish

Even the highest quality leather gets dull over time, so it’s good to keep a bottle of the SHINE ARMOR leather cleaner in your cleaning cabinet. This product gently gets rid of any dirt that might be hiding on your couches and car seats before leaving them with a polished sheen. A little goes a long way, so one bottle will last you a while.


These holders that (literally) elevate your candle display

Make your candles stand out by placing them on these tall black metal holders, which come in a set of three. The holders have pillar bases and a simple design, so you can use them all year long and change the surrounding decor with the seasons. The top base is wide enough to catch any wax that drips off, keeping surfaces underneath safe.

  • Available styles: 3


These biodegradable dishcloths that you can reuse countless times

These spongey dishcloths are a much more eco-friendly alternative to paper towels. Not only that, but they’re also super absorbent and can be rewashed up to 50 times before you recycle them. Next time you have a spill of any kind, you won’t even think before reaching for one of these.

  • Available colors: 10


These floating shelves that save space and look so modern

This set of floating wall shelves would look great in any room thanks to its minimal design. You can choose from five different colors and match them to the rest of your furniture. The shelves are a terrific storage solution for those who live in small homes and don’t have enough floor space for extra drawers or cabinets. Also, customers also say these are so easy to mount.

  • Available colors: 5


This flower seed kit that even beginners can use to plant and grow

Grow your own garnishes with this flower-growing kit. That’s right — these buds aren’t just for decoration. The four varieties included in the kit are all edible. In addition to the seeds themselves, you get four burlap grow bags with waterproof lining, four potting soil disks, four bamboo plant markers, gardening shears, and a lined wood box that doubles as a planter. Sounds like a worthy endeavor, even for the amateur gardener.


An upright rack that keeps your cutting boards stable

Avoid the annoyance of toppled cutting boards by investing in this stainless steel rack. It has four rungs and can therefore hold up to three boards of any size. If you’re feeling innovative, you can store other items on this rack, like baking sheets and flat dinnerware. For more space, buy the six-slot rack instead of the three-slot. From there, just set it on your counter, and place your boards inside.


A chic bamboo bath mat with an anti-slip surface

Make your home feel like a cozy ski chalet by placing this bamboo bath mat in front of your shower instead of a basic rug. The mat is less than 20” wide, so it won’t take up too much space in small bathrooms. It’s sturdy, though, thanks to its non-slip surface and bottom, as well as a water-resistant coating. If you have cabinets of a similar color, the bamboo will look divine.


This odorless grout pen that saves you from endless scrubbing

If you want clean-looking tiles but don’t care to regrout or scrub them down, try this grout pen instead. Just swipe it in those crevices, and watch as dull, dingy grout becomes shiny and white. The marker’s formula is also completely non-toxic, so it’s safe to use around pets and kids.


These markers that cover imperfections in wooden surfaces

Scratches and stains are no match for these furniture repair markers, which arrive in a set of 13 and mimic the look of wood. Whether your cabinets and chairs are made from oak, maple, or cherry, you’ll find a color in the set that matches them exactly. Fill knicks in with the included wax sticks, then draw over the discoloration with a marker. No one will ever notice that the spot in question ever had a blemish.


These linen napkins that are worthy of a five-star restaurant setting

Impress your dinner party guests with these luxurious linen napkins, which don’t sustain wrinkles and can be washed multiple times without fading. Although they’re elegant, the napkins can also be used to absorb moisture and clean messes. A simple washing cycle will have them looking as good as new.

  • Available colors: 17


A wrinkle-proof tablecloth that’s available in five rustic patterns

There’s nothing pretentious about this cotton and linen tablecloth. Tassels, subdued colors, and earthy geometric patterns give it an organic look, while its durable fabric can withstand countless washes. Customers also say the material is heavy and thick, so you can rest assured that this covering will last you for years to come and never go out of style.

  • Available colors: 5


These funny little gadgets that make it easier to clean the microwave

Forego minutes of crouching and scrubbing the microwave, and instead just pop an Angry Mama in there. This uncomplicated gadget loosens the dried and congealed food inside your microwave, making the appliance easier to wipe clean. Just pour some vinegar into the Angry Mama, and microwave her for seven minutes. From there, any unwanted substances will come off in seconds.


These sheer curtains that allow for both privacy and plenty of sunlight

You can simultaneously prevent passersby from peering into your home and also let in natural light with these sheer voile curtains. Layer these under thicker coverings, or put them up on their own. No matter which color you choose, the curtains will have a soft, effervescent appearance that’ll brighten up any space. As daylight hours wane, it’ll be great to get as much light as you can.

  • Available colors: 8


This wood imitation wallpaper that’ll add subtle texture to your space

This peel-and-stick wallpaper proves that the right style and color can give your home a warm, stylish atmosphere. The wallpaper resembles white wooden panels, and it can be applied to walls and furniture alike. It’s also durable and water-resistant, so you can confidently add it to surfaces that get a lot of traffic.


This wall light that lends an industrial appearance to your vanity

This three-light wall sconce is a must for your next remodeling project. Black metal cages around each bulb give the fixture an industrial farmhouse vibe, and at nearly 17” wide, the sconce isn’t measly by any means. Shoppers also love that they don’t need professional help with this product. “The installation was easy and straight to the point,” one reviewer said. “Once it was installed, it looked awesome and gave a more modern look to the bathroom.”


These sleek cable management boxes that keep cords out of view

Those living with children and pets will love this set of boxes that conceal power strips and prevent cables from getting tangled. Not only do they make the home safer, but the boxes also help improve its appearance, as they sport a sleek black and wood finish. With this set, you also get multiple cord clips and cable ties, which you can attach to desktops and other surfaces to keep chargers close at all times.

  • Available colors: 2


A toolkit that hides the pesky cords at the back of your TV

This cord-hiding kit comes with two cable pass-throughs, which are little orbs that you drill into the wall and pull the cords through, so they’re concealed behind the wall. Although the change might not be immediately noticeable, it still adds a sense of luxury to your TV display.

  • Available colors: 3


This rust-proof shower caddy that securely holds your bathing essentials

A lot of shower caddies shake at the slightest bump, but this caddy has a thick rubber grip on its top handle that keeps it from budging. The caddy’s black metal frame is not only modern-looking, but it’s also rust-proof and divided into three separate compartments to hold shower products of varying sizes. No matter how heavy and off-balance your shampoos and shower gels are, this product won’t tip over.

  • Available colors: 3


This inexpensive marble-printed paper that’ll give you the countertops of your dreams

Real marble is obviously pricey, but you can emulate its look with this $7 roll of peel-and-stick vinyl paper. Place it over your kitchen counters, a desktop, the bathroom cabinets, or really any surface that you want to upgrade. Even if you spill food or water on top of the paper, it remains intact and as real-looking as ever.


A plant-based stainless steel cleaner that gets all the fingerprints off your fridge

There’s no grosser feeling than reaching for the oven or fridge door handle and feeling a greasy substance, so keep your appliances clean with this Therapy spray. It contains coconut oil and other natural ingredients that break down dirty residues and then leave your stainless steel surfaces looking polished. Since it contains no harsh chemicals, this cleaner is completely safe to use around pets and children.


This bathroom cleaner that removes rust from fixtures with minimal scrubbing

Rust-stained drains, tile, and faucets won’t stand a chance against this Goof Off spray cleaner. Customers who bought the product say it removed hard-to-clean stains in mere minutes and on a variety of surfaces, too. For only $6, you get a good-sized bottle, and you’ll only have to spray most stains one or two times for this cleaner to really work.


These electrical outlet covers that have night lights built right in

There’s no need to invest in a separate night light when you can buy this set of wall outlet covers that have built-in LED lights. A sensor alerts the lights to movement and causes them to turn on and off automatically, so you don’t have to flip any switches when you get up at night to use the bathroom. Also, installation is so easy! Just pull your original outlet covers off, and drill these on in their place.


These non-slip metal hangers that increase closet space

Avoid fallen garments and crowded closet rods with these five-in-one hangers. Each individual rack on the hangers has a spongey covering, so clothes won’t slide off. The racks also slope downwards, so your favorite shirts and sweaters won’t develop those annoying bumps in the shoulders that need to be ironed out. Basically, this one product solves all your closet hanging woes in seconds.


A bathroom storage cabinet that ensures you never run out of toilet paper

This compact cabinet is perfect for those who want to increase the storage in their bathroom without taking up too much square footage. It makes great use of vertical space, giving you three shelves and a tissue paper dispenser to work with. Store extra rolls, cleaning products, personal items, and whatever else you can fit. The cabinet also has a slated door to conceal the contents.

  • Available styles: 5


These sweet-smelling sachets that’ll make your clothes smell like lavender

Your clothes already smell good when they come back from the laundry, but these lavender sachets will make their fragrance last even longer. You get 24 sachets that you can place inside drawers and attach to hangers. The next time you open your closet door, the enticing scent of lavender will envelop you and your garments — no perfume or room spray required!

  • Available colors: 5


This splash guard that prevents water damage around the kitchen sink

Even rock-hard countertops should be protected against continuous moisture, which is why you’d be smart to invest in this absorbent faucet mat. The foamy mat is 24 inches long, but you can cut it to fit the area around your sink. Once it’s applied, all you have to do is watch the mat catch splashes and spills, and throw it in the washer from time to time. No more wiping the sink after every use.


These beautiful ceramic vases that exude pared-back luxury

You can place this set of glazed ceramic vases on the coffee table, the fireplace mantle, or really anywhere, and they’ll look amazing. That’s because each one is basically a work of art in itself. The vases sport a subtle cracked pattern and are the perfect off-beige color, thus able to blend well with almost any interior decor style. Put flowers in them, or leave them as is. They’ll garner endless positive attention regardless.


These deep-set hexagonal mirrors that make for a fun wall display

Switch up your wall decor with this set of three wooden hexagonal mirrors. Each one is a different size, but together they form a honeycomb-like design. The makers of these mirrors were going for a Scandi-chic look, and they nailed it. The fixtures look simultaneously trendy and minimal, adding interest to your wall without overtaking it.