I was skeptical, but this at-home whitening kit completely revived my teeth in just 6 days

Custom oral care for a shockingly good price.

Personalized whitening serums to brighten smiles in just six days.
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I don’t smoke or drink much red wine, but coffee is a two- to three-times daily vice — which means I am both well-caffeinated and increasingly frustrated with the state of my enamel. The espressos have started to take a toll on my teeth, with persistent discoloration that I know will be fodder for “conversation” at my next dental checkup. Traditional drugstore teeth whitening strips are too potent for my sensitive teeth and gums, so I needed another option. Enter: Laughland, a personalized teeth whitening kit that uses your quiz results to tailor a formula based on your sensitivity needs and dental profile. I’ll admit, I was skeptical that anything could effectively reverse years of staining in as little as six days. But, lo and behold, I am here to tell you — the hype is real.

It all starts with a simple quiz that takes just a few minutes and asks you questions like, “How sensitive are your teeth?” and “Have you used teeth whitening products before?” It also prompts you to you do a color match of your teeth using an illustrated scale. Then your formula results are emailed to you; I found it oddly satisfying to learn the teeth whitening equivalent of my Meyers-Briggs type. (I’m a proud Formula 19-2, ICYWW.)

What’s inside the kit

The Whitening Kit comes in packaging the size of a new iPhone box, with an aesthetically pleasing ombre color scheme. The main components of the kit include a nano-LED mouthpiece with a cable to power it via your phone, three syringes filled with your specific whitening formula, and some caps to place on the syringes in between uses since one syringe is good for two treatments.

My experience using the kit

Getting started

Using one of the sterile-looking syringes, I was able to easily apply the whitening gel onto both sides of the LED cure light, and before I knew it, I was sitting on my couch scrolling on my phone without giving much thought to what was going on in my mouth. The fact that the mouthguard plugs directly into your mobile device makes it supremely easy to occupy yourself for the 10 to 20 minutes required for the six-day treatment. So much so that I was genuinely surprised when my timer went off alerting me to the fact that it was time to remove the cure light. After a quick rinse of the mouthpiece, I was done with Night 1.

First impressions

I didn’t love the taste of the formula or the fact that I covered myself in drool when I removed the mouthpiece, but I noticed that even after just one treatment, my teeth looked a little whiter and felt like I had just had a 6-month cleaning at my dental practice. My teeth just felt smoother, which made me even more motivated to continue the process.

Final results

I’m genuinely thrilled by how much whiter my teeth look are after using the kit for less than a week. The coffee stains have been tamed and my smiles just looks brighter. I’m also thrilled that I didn’t have to suffer through any gum or teeth sensitivity in the process. In fact, I’ve noticed no irritation whatsoever, which is saying something since I’ve had sharp pain after using those popular brand-name whitening strips.

The science behind the whitening formula

Formulated with clinically tested ingredients by a team of dentists, Laughland’s Whitening Kit has science on its side. While I initially had to wonder if the brand’s claim that the kit makes teeth “7+ shades brighter in 6 days” was merely marketing speak, there’s data to back it up. In a clinical trial of 34 participants ages 18 to 55, the participants reported, on average, a 74% increase in teeth brightness, equating to a 7.2 times whiter teeth in six days. After 14 days of use, that percentage was even higher, with participants indicating an 87% increase in teeth brightness.

It was also noteworthy to me that 100% of the study participants (yep, all of them) found the formula to be effective without causing sensitivity.

How the subscription works

With Laughland’s gel formula tailored to your specific dental needs, I expected the price of the Whitening Kit to cost more on a par with what I’d get at the dentist, so I was genuinely shocked that a subscription was just $19. Of course, the hitch here is that if you don’t want to sign up for a subscription you have to shell out $76 for an individual treatment. Subscriptions come in 1- or 2-month intervals, so assuming you did that latter, you’d be in for $114 for the year. For context, that’s roughly the same as Netflix’s basic annual plan these days.

Other Laughland offerings

The Whitening To-Go Pens are filled with your custom whitening gel — just in a portable size that’s smaller than a tube of mascara. Slip it in your purse or suitcase for easy access before a big event or work presentation.

Some people are notoriously hard to shop for, but this Laughland gift card is one present that will be well-received by pretty much anyone looking for a smile boost.