Living with pets would be so much easier if you had any of these clever things

Humans swear by these products for happier cats and dogs.

Living with pets would be so much easier if you had any of these clever things
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I tried to prepare myself as much as possible before I got a dog, but in the end, nothing prepares you quite as well as first-hand experience. While the vet and the trainer were my primary resources, I also relied pretty heavily on Amazon and its products that make having a pet so much easier. And they’re not just for dogs, either — thousands of cat owners are obsessed with these genius products, too. Whether your pet eats too fast, brought home fleas, could do with some teeth-freshening, or needs help breaking a few bad habits, these clever items can help.


This automatic pet feeder with a lot of smart features

Like most others on the market, this automatic feeder allows you to feed your cat or dog in regular intervals automatically throughout the day. (That way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting, irregular mealtimes, or staying home all the time.) Unlike most others, this one has an easy-to-use LCD screen that allows you to set up to six meals a day consisting of different portion options, plus it has a built-in filter to keep the food fresh.


Or these finger wipes that are so much easier than a toothbrush

“My dog is very [skittish] with a lot,” one reviewer says, but these dental finger wipes are so much better than a toothbrush because the owner doesn’t “have to worry about him being scared.” They also work well for cats. Just slip the wipe over your finger and rub your pet’s teeth to remove plaque, tartar, and bad breath. Each one is textured and infused with freshening, soothing ingredients like aloe, baking soda, chamomile, and coconut oil.


This best-selling poop scooper that doesn’t require you to bend down

With its extendable rake, swiveling bin, and two large baking-soda-infused bags, you can pick up all of the poop in the yard — in one trip and without having to bend down. This Arm & Hammer pooper scooper set is a best-seller with an overall 4.5-star rating from more than 85,000 reviewers on Amazon. It works on all surfaces (including dirt, grass, and concrete), and it extends up to 32 inches.


An ear wash that “helps so much” with itchiness & yeast

“Helps so much,” one reviewer says about the Clear Ears Therapy ear wash. “He isn't scratching like he was.” Its alcohol-free solution aims to remove wax and trapped moisture while tackling yeast and moisturizing dry spots, so your dog’s ears are cleaner and significantly less itchy.


A carpet powder that resists odors, fleas & ticks

No matter what your pet brings in from the great outdoors, this carpet powder helps to keep your home fresh and bug-free. It not only deodorizes rugs and upholstery, but it also combats fleas and ticks in every life stage, including eggs and larvae. “This stuff got rid of [the flea investation] after one treatment,” says one reviewer who called it a “lifesaver.”


This starter pack that teaches your pet to communicate with you

With its four buttons that you can record with your own voice to customize the commands, this pet communication starter pack is a great way to train your cat or dog to ask for exactly what they want. Thanks to the colors, placements, interchangeable sticker icons, and easy-to-press buttons, they can learn to request food, water, play, or time outside. Reviewers say it has “great sound quality” and is “easy” for both humans to set up and pets to learn.


This plush toy that helps soothe anxious cats with 10,000+ five-star reviews

If your cat is experiencing stress, consider this plush toy to soothe them. Each squeeze or cuddle activates 2 minutes of purrs which them automatically turns off. It’s battery operated so there are no cords to worry about, and when it’s time to clean, just remove the soft cover and toss it into the wash. It’s also backed by more than 10,000 five-star reviews with cat parents writing things like: “We have a shelter cat who has had serious problems with human contacts. This little purple cat was the first item which really made our nervous kitty relax.” If purring functions don’t sound like a fit for your pet, it also comes in warming and nightlight versions.

  • Available designs: 4


This puzzle game with 100,000+ reviews that slows down eating

This Lickin’ Layers puzzle game has almost 130,000 reviews on Amazon and has still managed to retain its 4.4-star overall rating. Most slow feeders have textured grooves that make the kibble harder to get, but this one has three layers of different textures that spin. That way, your dog has to use their problem-solving skills to figure it out, which provides mental stimulation, fights boredom, and slows eating.

  • Available designs: 32


This bungee leash extension that absorbs shock without compromising control

No matter what kind of leash, harness, or collar you use, this bungee extension helps to absorb shock to prevent injury and minimize stress on your dog’s body. It’s super stretchy to offer comfort despite jerking motions, but it won’t compromise control on your end, plus it comes in four sizes to suit breeds as large as 110 pounds. “I used it daily with my assigned (strong-drive) police working dog,” one reviewer says. “This device works very well.”

  • Available sizes: Extra Small — Large
  • Available designs: 3


A licking mat that’s a “game changer” when distracting anxious pets

Whether your pet hates baths, brushing, or nail cutting, this silicone licking mat may be able to help. Smear yogurt or peanut butter on the textured surface and use the suction cups to stick the whole mat to the floor, wall, or bath. Reviewers have called it a “game changer” when it comes to keeping their pets calm and distracted during stress-inducing situations, and you can freeze the treat in the mat to slow eating even more.

  • Available designs: 4


This water supplement that encourages fresh breath & dental health

Very few dogs allow teeth brushing without a struggle, which is why reviewers have called this TropiClean dental supplementamazing” and a “lifesaver.” Measure half a cap-full and put it into 8 ounces of water twice a day. The formula aims to clean teeth and freshen breath, plus it has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to nourish dogs’ skin and coat. (You can also get formulas designed to aid in whitening, digestive support, and hip and joint pain.)


This airtight food container that keeps freshness in & pests out

The Vault airtight food container comes in six sizes to store up to 80 pounds of pet food, so you can buy it in bulk to save money without worrying about waste. Its threaded locking system and double gaskets create a controlled moisture balance that keeps freshness in and pests like ants and mice out. The containers are also BPA-free and have a wide mouth for convenient, easy scooping.

  • Available sizes: 15 Pounds — 80 Pounds


A brilliant portable water bowl for your dog

This best-selling portable water dispenser is “so convenient,” “such a brilliant device” and a “must-have” for dog owners, according to reviewers. When upright, its leak-proof bottle holds up to 19 ounces of water and fits in most cup holders. Whenever your dog gets thirsty, however, you can just turn the container sideways and press the button, and the top turns into a bowl that automatically fills with water.

  • Available sizes: 12 oz — 19 oz
  • Available designs: 3


These clear furniture covers that finally got reviewers’ cats to stop scratching

If you’ve tried just about everything to stop your cat from scratching your upholstery, reviewers “have finally won the battle” with these furniture protectors. They’re made from clear nylon that sticks to your sofas and chairs using residue-free adhesive and twist pins for better security, and cats simply don’t like the feel of them on their paws. The protectors can also be cut to size and reused as needed.


A cult-favorite litter box with a built-in sifting tray

You may wonder which qualities qualify a litter box as a cult favorite, but reviewers say this Arm & Hammer sifting pan is “so cheap,” “very convenient,” and the “best litter box” they’ve ever used out of the many they’ve tried. The built-in sifting pan removes lumps and waste without the need for a scooper, so you can just lift it and toss it. It also has built-in Microban protection to minimize odors and it works with just about any type of litter, all for $20.


Some litter box liners so you never need to scrub again

Even the most convenient litter boxes get dirty. These litter box liners, however, aim to ensure that you never again need to scrub away stains and odors. They’re big enough to fit just about any litter box, have a convenient drawstring closure that offers a secure fit, and are made with a heavy-duty material that resists tears and leaks. That way, when it’s time to change out the litter entirely, you can just remove the liner and toss the mess out along with it.


A machine-washable litter mat that looks like a chic rug

With its thick, soft pile made of microfiber, this kitty litter mat is designed to trap more litter than options made from hard materials — and it’s fully machine-washable and easy to shake out. That said, it’s also a chic option that makes it look like your cat has their own plush area rug. “It definitely helps cut down on tracking of litter, and it is very cute,” one reviewer says.

  • Available sizes: Medium — XXL
  • Available designs: 4


Or this mat that traps litter in such a brilliant way

Put this litter mat right outside of your cat’s litter box, and its honeycomb design cleans your cat’s paws of any residue. The litter then falls to the second layer of the mat, which traps it in place until it’s time to vacuum or shake it out. You can also easily hose it off since it’s made from a durable, waterproof EVA material. “This really works!” one reviewer says. “Makes cleaning up after my cats a lot easier.”

  • Available sizes: 24x15 inch — 30x24 Inch
  • Available designs: 3


This treat pouch that attaches to your pants for on-the-go training

How often does your dog perform a behavior you’d like to reinforce, but the treats are nowhere to be found? This dog training pouch has both a metal clip and a nylon loop, so you can attach it to your pants, belt, or bag. It then has a lined main pocket with a drawstring to securely hold treats, as well as mesh and zipper side pockets for keys, wallets, poop bags, and other essentials.


An affordable tracker that you can put on your pet’s collar

Pet trackers can be really expensive, but this tracker tag offers an affordable solution. Sync it to your phone via Bluetooth and attach it to your pet’s collar. From there, you can ring it when it’s within Bluetooth range or use the Apple Find My app to track it. You can also get notifications if someone within the NVQ network finds your pet — and yes, it’s water-resistant with a durable metal frame.


This best-selling probiotic supplement for cats

Sprinkle a scoop of these digestive probiotics into your cat’s favorite food, and its mix of good bacteria and chicory root aims to reduce stomach pain, bloating, and digestive issues. It also has chicken liver, fish collagen, and catnip to make it appealing to picky cats, and some say it also helps with itching and energy levels. One reviewer raves: “This really works. My cat is acting like a kitten again.”


Or this probiotic chew for dogs

If your dog has stomach issues, reviewers say these Active Chews probiotics are the best they’ve tried. The combination of prebiotics, functional flora, and psyllium husk aims to help with diarrhea, constipation, and vomiting — but customers also found unexpected benefits, like improvements with itching, hot spots, bad breath, energy, and ear infections. Finally, even owners with picky eaters say their dogs love the chewy texture and duck flavor.


A leash you can see from 350 yards away

If you walk your dog at night, early in the morning, or in environments with poor visibility, this Blazin’ Safety leash could save both of your lives. Its LED lights have three modes (strobe, blink, and always on) and are visible from 350 yards away so cars can see you despite darkness, rain, or fog. It’s rechargeable for up to seven hours of battery life, and it comes in two sizes to fit various breeds.

  • Available sizes: Small — Large
  • Available designs: 9


This stimulating cat toy that got its start on Shark Tank

The Sharks on Shark Tank fought for equity in this Cat Amazing puzzle feeder, which was specifically designed to stimulate a cat’s natural hunting and exploration instincts. It works with their favorite treats or kibble to not only slow down eating, but keep them stimulated and entertained. Each one is made from recycled cardboard and the brand also donates these enrichment toys to shelter cats awaiting adoption.


This fur remover tool that has pet owners “shocked”

This hair remover scraper has a textured head that reaches deep into fibers to pull up pet hair, and it works without batteries, cords, or damage. You can use it on everything from carpets and stairs to upholstery, and customers are astonished by how well it works: “I vacuum my stairs once a week so I was shocked to see this much hair!” says one reviewer who has a dog and two cats.


These foam pet steps that come in tons of stylish designs

These foam steps ensure that your human furniture is optimized for your pet’s needs. They’re made from soft yet structured foam and come in heights up to 22.5 inches tall, so your small or older pets can get up onto the sofa or bed without a struggle. The covers are also available in over a dozen colors, prints, and textures (all of which are removable and machine-washable), because let’s face it — in the name of your pet’s comfort, these steps will probably become a permanent fixture in your home, so you might as well like the way they look.

  • Available sizes: 3-Step — 5-Step
  • Available designs: 16


A durable cat hammock that’s easy to mount on walls

Most cat hammocks are designed to stick to windows using suction cups, but for an option that doesn’t monopolize window space, reviewers are “quite impressed” with this wall-mounted cat hammock. It comes with all of the hardware you need to mount it to drywall, cement, or brick, after which it can support up to 30 pounds with its rubber-wood frame. The fabric sling is also soft, fade-resistant, and machine-washable.

  • Available designs: 4


This raised bowl with a funneled shape that minimizes whisker fatigue (& can also help dogs)

Cats’ whiskers are extremely sensitive and eating out of a standard bowl may cause overstimulation. This non-slip, weighted food bowl is specifically designed to minimize whisker fatigue by collecting both dry and wet food in the center, keeping it in place while your cat eats. Its raised, tilted design may also help prevent vomiting or make eating easier for flat-faced dogs, plus it’s easy to clean thanks to its stainless steel construction.

  • Available sizes: .5 cups — 1.5 cups
  • Available designs: 4


This slower feeder bowl in different difficulty levels with 110,000+ reviews

A number-one best seller with an overall 4.6-star rating from more than 110,000 Amazon reviewers, this Fun Feeder Slo bowl has clearly changed mealtime for countless pet owners. Its raised ridges and deep valleys slow your dog’s eating by up to 10 times compared to a standard bowl, preventing vomiting, stomach upset, obesity, and boredom. It’s also non-slip and made from food-safe materials, plus it comes in plenty of colors, designs, and sizes to suit your dog’s needs.

  • Available sizes: Small — Large
  • Available designs: 7


These pill treats that are a “godsend” when it comes time to administer medication

Reviewers have called these pill pockets a “godsend” for extremely picky dogs and say they’re “such a relief” when it comes time for administering medication. (They’re also available for cats.) Slip the pill into the center and pinch the soft pocket to seal the medicine inside. Thanks to the delicious peanut butter or chicken flavor, your pet should swallow it without a second thought.


These nail-clipping scissors that make a daunting task much easier

These nail-clipping scissors have saved reviewers “lots of money” on trips to the groomer, but still have features that make at-home clippings safer and more straightforward. The stainless steel blade facilitates a quick, even cut, while the safety guard reduces the risk of over-cutting. They also have a rubberized handle for a slip-resistant, comfortable grip, and each order comes with a file. “Makes a daunting task much easier,” another reviewer raves.

  • Available designs: 5


This rocking toy that keeps cats entertained for hours

Cats can get bored of toys quickly, but this self-righting cat toy “held the attention of my cats for hours,” according to one reviewer. The weighted base rocks back and forth as soon as your cat starts playing, waving the feathers and ribbons to catch their attention over and over again.

  • Available designs: 14


Some calming drops made with floral ingredients

These calming drops use a homeopathic floral remedy to calm your cat or dog during fireworks, car rides, separation, vet visits, or other anxiety-inducing situations. The plant-based formula is doctor-developed and free from artificial flavors, colors, and alcohol. Most importantly, one reviewer called it the “Holy Grail” and says it’s “literally the best thing I’ve ever tried for my overly anxious dog.”


This hypoallergenic deodorizing spray for when your dog needs freshening up

No time for a bath? No problem. This Arm & Hammer deodorizing spray is gentle and pH-balancing for direct application on your dog, leaving them smelling fresh and clean. It’s made with odor-absorbing baking soda, but it’s free from parabens, sulfates, and common allergens, so even pet owners with dogs who are “allergic to [everything]” say they’re “obsessed” with this spray.


A seat cover that protects your car’s upholstery & keeps Fido contained

Yes, this seat cover protects your car’s upholstery from dirt, sand, and scratches — but it also keeps your dog safely contained in the back seat of your vehicle. It secures around headrests for damage-free installation, after which the back of the vehicle turns into a hammock for your pet. The cotton material is also waterproof and easy to vacuum, plus it has velcro openings so you can still access the seatbelt clasps.

  • Available sizes: Standard — XL
  • Available designs: 4


The “best cat litter scooper” reviewers have “ever used” that comes with a hook

This is the “best cat litter scooper ever used,” one reviewer says. Another writes, “I never thought I could be wowed by a litter scooper but here we are” — so what’s so special about the iPrimio Monster Cat scooper? For one, its extra-long handle helps you dig as deep as you need to retrieve all the waste. For another, its foam grip feels comfortable in your hand and the vertical slits only allow litter to pass through, catching every clump. Plus, when you’re done with it, it comes with a hook to keep it out of the way.

  • Available designs: 4


These durable treat toys that can even keep aggressive chewers entertained

Whether your dog is an aggressive chewer, has tons of energy, or doesn’t quite understand toys in the first place, multiple reviewers say this West Paw treat toy has quickly become their dog’s “favorite.” Fill the inside with chews, dry food, or treat sticks, and dogs stay entertained for quite a while. Most importantly, this toy is dishwasher-safe, ergonomically shaped, and virtually indestructible according to owners with 90-pound dogs.

  • Available sizes: Small — Large
  • Available designs: 3


These long-lasting treats that even the pickiest dogs love

Because these triple-flavored rawhide kabobs are packed with chicken breast, chicken liver, and duck, even the “pickiest [dogs] in the world” love them, according to reviewers. Due to their tougher consistency and multiple layers, they satisfy your dog’s urge to chew, take a while to finish in order to keep them entertained, and help reduce tartar and plaque build-up on their teeth. They’re also a good source of protein.


A cleanser that gently removes tear stains

“A groomer recommended blueberry facial shampoo for my blonde/cream pup who gets tear stains a lot,” one reviewer says. “It makes her face clean, her hair is so soft and smells good.” Because the formula is soap-free and instead removes build-up with oatmeal and vitamin E, it’s like “no tears baby shampoo for dogs.” Reviewers say their sensitive-skin pups haven’t had any reactions, and some have even used it successfully on their cats.


These calming chews that actually work, according to reviewers

Car rides, thunder, fireworks, separation, the groomer, the vet — whatever stresses your dog out, these calming chews may be able to help. They’re made with plant-based ingredients like valerian root, chamomile, and hemp seed, all of which aim to put your dog into a calm, relaxed state. “I have a high anxiety dog and this product has made vet visits, car rides, and grooming appointments a great experience,” one reviewer says.


A de-matting and de-shedding brush for both cats & dogs

One reviewer says this tool “seriously changed [their] life” when it came to keeping their pet groomed and their house clean. A full-time groomer even writes, “It’s one of the best de-shedding tools I have ever used.” The double-sided head has nine longer teeth for de-matting and 17 shorter ones for undercoat thinning and de-shedding, but both rows are rounded to be more gentle.


This toy that keeps food-motivated cats entertained

“I got this thinking it would occupy my cat long enough while I’m doing homework,” one reviewer says, but now their cat is “obsessed” and “can’t get enough” of this treat puzzle toy. Hide the treats (or up to 1/4 cup of dry food) underneath the raindrops, and cats will swat and bat at them, stimulating their natural hunting instincts and keeping themselves entertained.

  • Available designs: 4