40 mistakes you don't realize are making your home 10x worse

There are simple solutions.

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It’s hard to come back from a bad first impression — that’s why I always try to make sure my home looks as nice as possible before guests come over. The only catch is that it can be hard to figure out why your home looks a little amiss. When everything is clean and organized, what’s left to spruce up?

Luckily for both of us, I’ve put together this list of 40 mistakes you don’t realize are making your home look worse. From overly humid rooms to water stains on your coffee table, there’s a little fix in here for practically everything. But if you want to see more? Then you’ll just have to keep scrolling.


Mistake: Letting lint build up inside your dryer

Fix: This vacuum attachment that helps you suck it all out

A lint-clogged dryer has to work hard in order to dry your clothes, making this vacuum attachment a must-have in every home. It dives deep into your lint trap to help you suck out all those stray bits that are clogging up your machine — and each order even includes a flexible brush to help you reach any spots the attachment missed.


Mistake: The rugs in your home keeping shifting out of place

Fix: Using these grippers to hold them down

Whether your rugs are always shifting out of place or curling at the edges, these grippers can help securely fasten them down. The strong adhesive is designed to work on all types of hard-style floors, from wood to concrete — and they won’t leave behind any sticky residues if you ever decide to remove them.


Mistake: Spilling food between your counter & stove

Fix: These covers that help keep mess to a minimum

Place these covers over the gap between your counters and stove they’ll help keep spills and drips from messing up the side of your stove, saving you some difficult clean-up after every meal. And since they’re made from heat-resistant silicone, there’s no need to worry about them melting when exposed to high temperatures.


Mistake: Your washing machine has started to smell funky

Fix: Using these tablets to give those pipes a refresh

Ever notice how your washing machine can start to smell funky? Send one of these tablets through a wash cycle, and it’ll cleanse away all that odor-causing residue that’s started to build up inside the pipes. They’re safe to use with nearly any machine — and one reviewer even wrote, “My tech tells me it will prolong the life of the machine and keep the unit running and draining properly.”


Mistake: Scratching chair legs across your hardwood floors

Fix: These pads that let them easily slide across

Furniture legs can leave scratches on your hardwood floors, making these protector pads a smart investment. They’re made from soft felt, helping prevent scratches by allowing your furniture legs to easily glide across all sorts of hard-style floors — and the adhesive backing makes installation a total breeze.


Mistake: Letting your cabinet doors slam shut

Fix: These bumpers that help soften the impact

Letting your cabinet doors slam can leave them cracked and damaged — luckily, these bumpers are an affordable fix at less than $12. They’re versatile enough for use on cabinets and drawers, and you can even place them underneath picture frames to help keep them from sliding around. Plus, the adhesive backing makes installation a cinch.


Mistake: Putting up with large holes in your drywall

Fix: Repairing them with this easy-to-use kit

Don’t forfeit your security deposit — use this easy-to-use kit to repair any drywall holes up to 3 inches in diameter. It comes with all the materials you’ll need to get the job done, including a putty knife, spackling compound, and more. Plus, the spackling is even resistant to cracking, sagging, or shrinking.


Mistake: Setting drinks down on top of hardwood tables

Fix: These coasters that absorb excess moisture

Water marks are one of the easiest ways to ruin your hardwood tables, which is why I’m a big fan of using coasters. These ones in partiuclar are made from hand-woven cotton, allowing them to absorb excess moisture as it drips their way. The best part? Each order also includes a metal holder to keep them together when not in use.


Mistake: Leaving your sponges sitting in a puddle

Fix: Storing them in holder to help them dry out

Soggy sponges can quickly become mildewy, so why not store them inside of this holder? Not only does it help them dry faster, but its rustic design also matches effortlessly with practically any style. Plus, it’s even made from sleek ceramic — not plastic.


Mistake: Your kitchen counters are crowded with appliances

Fix: Using this sliding tray to open up some space

Instead of dragging your coffee maker back and forth every morning, why not place it on this sliding tray and save yourself some effort? It has a weight limit of up to 30 pounds, making it suitable for heavier appliances if desired — and the nonslip pads on the bottom help keep it from shifting out of place when in use.


Mistake: Nailing holes into your walls

Fix: Using double-sided adhesive to hang stuff up instead

When it comes to hanging up pictures, kitchen utensils, or even keys, these command hooks have got you covered. The adhesive backing is strong enough to hold up to a half of a pound, making them great for all sorts of small items — and they won’t ruin the paint on your walls if you ever need to peel them off.


Mistake: Letting your house get too humid

Fix: A dehumidifier that fits practically anywhere

A humid home is likely an uncomfortable one, so why not grab this dehumidifier? It’s small enough to fit practically anywhere, from musty closets to damp bathrooms. And unlike some models, this one has an ultra-quiet motor that won’t disrupt your sleep if you decide to let it run overnight.


Mistake: Your dogs keep tracking mud inside

Fix: Using this washer to clean their paws beforehand

Keep this washer by the door, and it’ll always be conveniently within reach the next time your dog tries to come inside with dirty paws. Dozens of silicone bristles on the inside gently scrub away dirt, mud, and more — just add a some soapy water and it’s ready to get to work.


Mistake: Letting your shower leak all over your floors

Fix: Swapping out that crummy door seal with a brand-new one

If your shower always leaks everywhere, try swapping out that crummy door seal with this brand-new one. Installation is a total breeze — simply trim it to fit, then press it into place until it snugly clips into the glass. And since it’s made from tough PVC, you can rest assured that the seal it creates is completely watertight.


Mistake: Your bed keeps damaging your walls

Fix: These cups that stop your bed from shifting out of place

Your bed frame can easily ding your walls if it shifts out of place, so why not grab these cups? They’re made from solid rubber, making them safe to use on floors as well as tough enough to hold up against a heavy bed frame. Plus, the universal size is made to accommodate bed posts of nearly any shape or design.


Mistake: Your utility closet has become a jumbled mess

Fix: Tidying everything up with this broom holder

With space for scrubbers, mops, dustpans, and more, this broom holder can help even the most disorganized utility closets look neat and tidy. The frame is made from metal, making it sturdy enough to support up to 50 pounds. And if your utility closet is already looking good? You can also use it to organize sports and gardening equipment in your garage, as the clamps are covered in grippy rubber that can hold onto all sots of handles.


Mistake: Letting your drawers get messy

Fix: These dividers that help you get organized

Whether your kitchen or bedroom drawers have gotten messy, these dividers can help you get everything sorted. The spring-loaded end expands from 17 out to 22 inches, providing a snug fit to help keep them firmly in place. You also have the choice of three finishes: white, grey, or bamboo.


Mistake: Your shoes always wind up in a pile on the floor

Fix: This organizer that can hold up to 24 pairs

Don’t have enough closet space for all your shoes? Hang this organizer over any standard door, and you’ll instantly have space to store up to 24 pairs. Stainless steel hooks on the top keep them held up without any sagging — and you even have the choice of three colors: black, brown, or clear.


Mistake: Letting your cat scratch up your sofa

Fix: Using these shields to protect furniture

Place these shields on the sides of your furniture, and they’ll help keep your cat from shredding the upholstery. You can trim them to fit smaller pieces of furniture as needed, and as for installation? Each one has an adhesive backing that lets you press them right into place the same way you would with a sticker.


Mistake: Your cat keeps scattering litter everywhere

Fix: These mats that pull litter off their paws

Place one of these mats underneath your cat’s litter box. The mesh upper will latch onto litter, pulling it off your cat’s paws before they have a chance to scatter it throughout your home. And once it’s looking a little too dirty to ignore, simply shake it out overtop a trash can for a quick, easy clean.


Mistake: Leaving your stove exposed & susceptible to damage

Fix: Placing this protective cover on top when you aren’t cooking

Scratches, spills, cracks — this cover can help protect your stovtop from all of them and more. The nonslip backing works to keep it firmly in place, while a waterproof allows for easy, stress-free cleaning should you ever spill on it. You also have the choice of more than 10 colors, ranging from classic black to a gorgeous red rose print.


Mistake: Your charging wires have become a knotted mess

Fix: Powering up your devices using this charging station

Every home has one corner that’s become a jumbled mess of chargers and wires, so why not get organized with this charging station? It comes with seven shortened cables to help keep everything looking tidy: three lightning, three micro-USB, and one type-C. Plus, its quick-charging ports help power up your devices faster than a regular USB brick.


Mistake: Putting up with a dark home

Fix: Letting in some light with these sheer curtains

Don’t have a ton of natural light in your home? These sheer curtains can help you make the most of it while still giving your windows some much-needed privacy. And since they’re made from soft polyester, the rod-in-pocket top easily glides across your curtain rod — no snags within sight.


Mistake: Letting pet hair build up on your furniture

Fix: A pet hair remover that’s infinitely reusable

Whereas lint rollers rely on wasteful sticky sheets, this pet hair remover utilizes thousands of tiny bristles that latch onto hair, pulling it off your furniture and stuffing it inside its built-in dustbin. Once the dustbin is full, simply press the button on the handle to open it up so that you can dump it out inside a trashcan.


Mistake: Your kitchen is dimly lit

Fix: These under-cabinet lights that are easy to install

There’s no need for a professional contractor when you have these under-cabinet lights. Installation is a total breeze, as there’s no need for any complicated wiring — just plug them into a standard outlet and they’re ready to go. The best part? Each order comes with a remote, making them easy to turn on and off from afar.


Mistake: Putting up with scuffed furniture

Fix: Using this chalk paint to give it a much-needed refresh

From dressers to bed frames, this chalk paint can be used to give a much-needed makeover to practically any piece of furniture. It goes on very thick, making it unlikely that you’ll need a second coat — and the matte finish is easy to distress if that’s the look you’re going for. Plus, it only takes about 30 minutes to dry.


Mistake: Pretending those pet stains don’t exist

Fix: Using this powerful cleanser to get rid of them

Pet stains can be difficult to find — that’s where this stain remover bundle comes into play. Each order includes a blacklight to help you find those hidden stains that are producing unwanted odors, and the stain spray even has a refreshing citrus scent so that your home is left smelling and looking good.


Mistake: Letting unsightly cables make your home look messy

Fix: Hiding them inside of these boxes

When no amount of organizing will make those cables look good, the fix might be as easy as hiding them inside of this box. Open slats in the back let you thread your cables through if needed — and there are even ventilation holes on the top help keep them from overheating. Choose from two colors: black or white.


Mistake: Your television is really, *really* bright

Fix: Softening the screen with these LED backlights

Staring at a bright television while you sit in the dark can put strain on your eyes, so why not grab these LED backlights? Installation is a total breeze using the included adhesive, and each order even includes a remote so that you can easily adjust their color and brightness. Plus, the USB power cable lets you plug them directly into the back of your television, so there’s no need to hide any wires.


Mistake: Leaving your couch vulnerable to stains

Fix: Protecting it with this slipcover

When the stains on your couch refuse to wash away, try hiding them underneath this slipcover instead. Its water-resistant upper layer helps protect your couch from future spills, while a nonslip base layer works to keep it from shifting out of place — even when you’re tossing and turning. Choose from more than 30 reversible colors.


Mistake: Cleaning stainless steel with regular scrubbers

Fix: Using these nano towels that won’t leave it looking cloudy

Whereas regular scrubbers can leave stainless steel looking cloudy, these Nano Towels are made with specialized fibers that easily power through streaks, smudges, fingerprints, and more. The best part? There’s no need for any special cleanser — just get them wet and they’re ready to work.


Mistake: Letting your shower curtain get mildewy

Fix: Swapping it out with this heavy-duty PEVA liner

Not only is this shower curtain made from water-resistant PEVA, but it also features magnets along the bottom to help keep it from billowing it out while you’re bathing. The rustproof metal grommets on the top won’t corrode over time — and you even have the choice of two styles: clear or white.


Mistake: Forgetting to water your plants

Fix: These planters that keep them hydrated for *weeks*

Always forgetting to water your plants? Not a problem when you have these self-watering pots. A large reservoir in the bottom holds enough water to help keep your plants hydrated for more than a week — and since it’s see-through, you shouldn’t have any trouble noticing when it’s time for a refill. Choose from three colors: gray, black, or white.


Mistake: Letting guests stumble down dark walkways

Fix: Using these solar lights to illuminate your outdoor space

Don’t let guests stumble around as they approach your front door — instead, brighten up your outdoor space with these pathway lights. A solar panel built into the top of each light not only keeps them illuminated nearly all night long, but also eliminates the need for any complicated wiring. And since they’re water-resistant, there’s no need to worry about how they’ll fare in poor weather.


Mistake: Your desk is dysfunctionally crowded

Fix: An organizer with space for all your home office essentials

When your desk has become a cluttered mess of paperclips, pens, sticky notes, and more, this organizer might just be the game-changer you’re looking for. Four compartments and one sliding drawer give you tons of space to store a variety of office supplies. Plus, the steel frame is even scratch-resistant.


Mistake: Letting your fridge turn into a jumbled mess

Fix: Getting organized with help from these bins

Losing track of all the items in your fridge is an easy way to wind up with spoiled produce, making these bins a smart investment. They’re made from shatterproof plastic, with handles in the front and back that make them easy to pull out when you need something. Each order also includes two special bins: one designed for eggs, as well as a second that can hold almost an entire 12-pack of drink cans.


Mistake: Leaving spills to solidify on your fridge shelves

Fix: Laying down these easy-to-clean shelf liners

Refrigerator spills can be a pain to wipe up, which is why I’m a big fan when it comes to these shelf liners. Their waterproof surface makes it easy to wipe up spills — and since they’re 100% food-safe, you can even place fresh produce directly on top of them. One reviewer wrote, “I absolutely love these liners, easy to clean and install but mostly my refrigerator glass stays clean, no more rings left on the glass from jars.”


Mistake: Throwing your dirty clothes on the floor

Fix: Stashing them instead of this hamper instead

While it may be tempting to throw dirty clothes on the floor, putting them inside of this hamper will leave your bedroom looking much, much nicer. The flip-top lid helps keep everything inside hidden from sight, while handles on either side make it easy to carry from bedroom to mudroom. And if you ever decide you no longer need it? Simply collapse it down for easy storage.


Mistake: Placing damp towels on chairs

Fix: Hanging them up on this hook instead

Damp towels can gradually damage your chairs over time — instead, hang them on this hook. The high-quality finish is resistant to rust and scratches, nor will it flake or chip with regular use. You also have the choice of three colors: matte black, chrome, or gold.


Mistake: Your house numbers are rusted

Fix: Upgrading to these floating numbers that are rust-resistant

Not only are these floating house numbers a definite upgrade from the crummy ones that probably came with your home, but they’re also made from rust-resistant stainless steel that’s sure to stay looking good from season to season. The best part? If you aren’t a fan of the floating look, each order also comes with the bits you’ll need to install them flat against your home.