45 mistakes you're making that are costing you money in every room of your home

Don’t worry — their solutions are shockingly budget-friendly.

mistakes you're making that are costing you money in every room of your home
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When you’ve already put in the work to budget, the last thing you want to do is make little mistakes around the house that toss away money. Whether it’s something minor, like over-buying expensive paper towels, or a bigger issue, such as a basement leak — I’ve tracked down things to watch out for. Plus, all of their solutions are surprisingly budget-friendly on Amazon, so grabbing what you need is an absolute breeze. They’ll make your space feel more secure, budget-friendly, and even a bit cozier.


Mistake: Buying pricey paint to cover up mold & mildew stains

Solution: This cleaning spray that removes mold stains (with zero scrubbing)

If you’re dealing with mold and mildew marks, this stain remover spray can make surfaces look like new again. It’s formulated to be safe to use on a number of surfaces like decks, kitchen surfaces, vinyl siding, concrete, and more. It’s also already pre-mixed, and no scrubbing is required (simply spritz it on).


Mistake: Paying for a plumber or buying drain cleaners

Solution: This drain protector that hides hair perfectly out of sight

The TubShroom drain protector catches hair before it can go down your pipes while also keeping it nicely hidden until you’re ready to clean it out. It’s designed to fit most standard drains and features plenty of holes to allow water to flow through freely. When you’re ready to clean out the hair, you can do so in just a few seconds.


Mistake: Wasting skin care & beauty products

Solution: These mini spatulas that can scrape the sides of pricey skin care jars

These flexible spatulas fit inside jars to help you use every bit of those pricey beauty or skin care products. This ultra-compact set comes with a 12-inch option for larger bottles and a 6-inch version that’s perfect for travel-size toiletries or smaller jars. The flexible heads bend to scrape the sides of the jars, and they’re easy to rinse clean with water.


Mistake: Worn-looking rugs with fraying corners

Solution: These reusable corner grippers that keep corners flat

If daily use is doing a number on your rugs, use these adhesive corner grippers to keep them smooth and flat. These grippers hold down rug corners, minimizing tripping that may create fraying or a worn-looking rug. They’re also reusable (AKA money-saving) — simply wipe down with rubbing alcohol to reactivate the adhesive.


Mistake: Always losing your chargers

Solution: These colorful cord wraps that keep you organized

If you’re constantly misplacing charging cords or struggling with tangled wires, these hook-and-loop storage straps will get things organized. These rainbow-hued ties come in two sizes and are designed to stay securely tied around any cords and chargers. Plus, they’re reusable and won’t leave behind a sticky residue (like tape).


Mistake: Throwing away produce

Solution: These food-saving sheets that extend the life of fruits & veg

Toss one of these convenient food-saver sheets into a lettuce clamshell, plastic bag, or produce bowl to extend the life of your fruits and veg. The sheets are designed to make fresh produce last two to four times longer and can be used in the fridge or even in your countertop fruit bowl.


Mistake: Running your dryer for too long

Solution: These wool dryer balls that can reduce wrinkles

These reusable wool dryer balls can reduce wrinkles and shorten drying time by lifting and separating clothes so all of the dryer air can flow between them. The balls are made of 100% New Zealand wool and don’t contain any additional fillers or fragrances, making them ideal if laundry fragrances tend to irritate your skin.


Mistake: Buying pre-cut veggies

Solution: This breezy vegetable chopper with interchangeable plates

Skip the pre-made produce section at the grocery store and use this multipurpose veggie chopper instead. The veggie chopper features a generous 5-cup catch tray and four interchangeable plates that are easy to swap out. Whether you want to chop, dice, spiralize, or create ribbons, this handy tool helps you do it quickly.


Mistake: Ruining toilet & shower scrub brushes

Solution: A pumice cleaner to tackle bathroom grime without a ton of scrubbing

Scrubbing the bathroom can be dirty work, but this pumice cleaner is a shockingly easy (and chemical) way to get rid of grime. The dense pumice stone can tackle hard water stains in the toilet or tub, and the built-in handle is there to keep your hands dry. It also has a vented case to keep it fresh in between bathroom cleaning days.


Mistake: You’re unaware of water leaks

Solution: This super easy-to-use sensor that alerts you when there’s a leak

Be alerted to drips and leaks as soon as they happen with this compact water sensor that’s a breeze to set up. Simply plug in the gateway device and place the little waterproof detector wherever you need it (think: next to a washing machine or under a sink). In case of an internet outage, the sensor also has a loud 100-decibel alarm.


Mistake: Paying for new grout on your tiles

Solution: This easy-to-use pen to revitalize grout on a budget

If your kitchen and bathroom tile grout has seen better days, these paint markers can give it a refresh (without paying for new grout). The chalk paint pens come in a bunch of colors, and the cotton tip helps you get the paint exactly where you want it. Plus, the paint is fast-drying, so this DIY upgrade won’t interrupt your routine.


Mistake: Not unplugging unused devices

Solution: These clever cord labels that are easy to write on

You can save a lot of money (and energy) by unplugging unused appliances, and these cable labels make that process a breeze. These petite labels are the ideal size for identifying cords, and the surface is easy to write on with a ballpoint pen. Plus, they have a strong hook-and-loop closure, so you won’t have to worry about the labels falling off.


Mistake: Wasting spilled toothpaste

Solution: These little self-sealing toothpaste caps that minimize mess

These genius little self-sealing toothpaste caps can eliminate wasted product and drippy messes. They’re easy to pop on and help you to use just the right amount of toothpaste. Simply squeeze the tube, and it will dispense your toothpaste, and it will reseal it right after. This budget-friendly pack comes with six different caps, so you’ll have enough to last a long time.


Mistake: Constantly replacing sticky lint rollers

Solution: This reusable pet fur roller that uses electrostatic charge

If you’re always buying new sticky paper lint rollers for pet fur, this reusable lint roller just might change your life (or at least save you some dollars). It uses an electrostatic charge to attract hair, and emptying out couldn’t be easier — just push a button. This roller won’t snag fabrics and is safe to use on things like upholstery, carpets, and clothes.


Mistake: Forgetting to turn off kitchen lights

Solution: These stick-on LED puck lights with built-in timers

Forgetting to turn off the lights can be a major energy vampire, but these stick-on LED puck lights make it easy to save on power and money. They come with a remote control that lets you adjust brightness, set timers, and turn off the lights from across the room. They also come with optional screws if you want this aesthetic under-cabinet lighting to be a bit more permanent.


Mistake: Scratching up your floors

Solution: These see-through chair leg covers that stretch to fit any shape

Reduce the chance of floor scratches with these stretchy chair leg covers (that also blend in with furniture). Their silicone design adjusts to fit a number of chair leg shapes, and they come in more than 15 colors and a ton of sizes, so they’re sure to fit your furniture. They’re also finished off with gentle felt pads that are super soft on your floors.


Mistake: Constantly replacing a moldy shower curtain liner

Solution: This clever option that’s resistant to mold & mildew

This durable shower curtain is made of cleverly designed PEVA material that resists mold and mildew to save you from constantly buying new liners. It’s waterproof, easy to wipe clean, and it features a weighted bottom to really keep water off of your floor. Plus, it has rustproof grommets to keep it looking extra nice.


Mistake: Replacing window screens

Solution: This clever repair tape that’s made of long-lasting fiberglass

Completely replacing screen windows and doors can be seriously expensive, but this easy-to-use repair tape is a budget-friendly alternative. This waterproof tape is made of heavy-duty fiberglass and it’s self-adhesive, so all you need to do is cut the tape to size and pop it right onto that torn screen.


Mistake: Spills on your sofa & upholstery

Solution: This long-lasting water shield spray that protects furniture

Keep your upholstered furniture and clothes looking good with this water shield spray. This clever spray is formulated to repel water-based stains and is ideal for use on sofas and throw pillows (or even things like luggage and shoes). Application is also shockingly easy — just aim and spray and it will dry clear and odorless.


Mistake: Tossing out herbs every week

Solution: This clever container that keeps greens & herbs fresh for weeks

This extra-large herb keeper is designed to extend the lifespan of greens and your go-to herbs, as opposed to you having to toss wilted ones in the trash every week. It holds water in the bottom reservoir to keep herbs hydrated, while the vents at the top increase air circulation to keep things fresh for up to three weeks. It also features an ergonomic handle and a pull-up container for easy access.


Mistake: Using more than one paper towel at a time

Solution: This clever paper towel holder that *always* gives you one sheet at a time

No matter what size roll you use, this paper towel holder ensures you can tear off exactly one sheet at a time. The clever, adjustable clamp arm keeps a tight grip on the towels, so you never have to worry about them unraveling. It also features a weighted base and a nonslip bottom to keep the roll sturdy.


Mistake: Buying clothes you already have because you can’t see them

Solution: These space-saving hangers for more breathing room

Maximize your closet space with these unique space-saving hangers that add vertical space. Their sturdy design has five vertical posts, so you can stack up hangers for more room. In addition to clothing hangers, these clever closet fixers are ideal for storing belts, scarves, and other accessories.


Mistake: Throwing away detergent at the bottom of the jug

Solution: This detergent holder that saves you from lugging heavy jugs

Laundry soap jugs can be a pain to lift, but this detergent holder tips things at the ideal angle, allowing you to easily pour out what you need. It has a universal fit, nonslip feet on the bottom, and a drip tray to reduce messes. Plus, it includes a strap to keep your jug from falling off while the washer is going.


Mistake: Spending way too much replacing candles

Solution: A flameless candle pack you can customize with a remote

These battery-operated flameless candles last practically forever, eliminating the need to rebuy scented candles all the time. This set of three pillar candles features actual wax inside and a realistic LED flame (without dealing with smoke and mess). The tinted glass comes in 10 colors, and the included remote lets you customize timers and brightness.


Mistake: Constantly buying pricey salad dressing

Solution: This shaker to keep homemade dressings & marinades fresh

Mix up homemade salad dressings and marinades and keep them perfectly fresh for future recipes in this dishwasher-safe shaker bottle. It has measurements on the side for easy mixing, and you can open the pouring spout with one hand to drizzle it over salads. It’s also airtight and leakproof, so you can shake without worrying about spills.


Mistake: Drafts sliding under doors

Solution: This door draft stopper that’s so easy to stick on

Minimize the loss of heated or air-conditioned air with these sneaky self-adhesive draft stoppers that come in five colors to blend in with your door. To install — simply measure your door, cut the material to size, and then stick it right on the bottom of your door. It can block openings up to 1 inch and can even seal out noise in addition to energy loss.


Mistake: Constantly washing rags & sponges

Solution: These adorable dishcloths that you can easily wash & dry

These quick-drying Swedish dishcloths help you save on laundry and reduce paper towel use. They’re made from a mix of cotton and cellulose that’s ideal for wiping up spills, cleaning counters, or washing dishes. And they’re super easy to clean — rinse with water or toss them in the dishwasher and let them air dry.


Mistake: Wasting all kinds of liquid products

Solution: This bottle-emptying kit that helps you get every last drop

If you’re always throwing out the last bit of liquid products (like hand soap or honey), this bottle-emptying kit can save you money. This easy-to-use kit comes with two bases and six adapters, which will fit 90% of bottle shapes. The three-legged base keeps the bottle upside down and then lets you easily squeeze out what you need.


Mistake: Keeping a bedroom light on all night

Solution: This motion-activated night-light to mount under the bed

These adhesive LED strip lights are motion-activated, so you can get up and find the bathroom without leaving a light on. They’ll illuminate under your bed with a cozy glow when you step out of bed, and you can customize how long they stay on. In addition to under the bed, this night-light strip also works well under cabinets or in the bathroom.


Mistake: Replacing stained clothing or furniture

Solution: This water-based stain remover that’s travel friendly

This stain treatment spray is the perfect size for tossing in your bag and dealing with messes on the go. The spray is tough on all sorts of stains, including tomato sauce, formula, or dirt, and it can be used on carpets, clothing, and more. Plus, it’s made without perfumes or dyes, if those are sometimes aggravating to your skin.


Mistake: Letting hidden ingredients & produce get moldy

Solution: These stackable fridge bins to see what you have in stock

These transparent food storage bins keep items in sight, cutting down on forgotten perishables. These shatter-resistant plastic bins have generous handles that make it easy to move them around. Plus, the feet on the bottom allow you to stack them up, so it’s even easier to see things.


Mistake: Keeping lights on everywhere

Solution: These motion-activated puck lights you can stick all over the house

Brighten up dim areas on a budget with these game-changing motion-activated LED puck lights. They detect motion up to 10 feet, so they’re perfect for staircases, closets, and more. These long-lasting lights are also battery-operated and moisture-resistant, so you can use them in damp places like bathrooms or garages.


Mistake: Using plastic bags or plastic wrap to save food

Solution: These adorable little food huggers that you can reuse again & again

These clever silicone food savers can eliminate the need for single-use plastic wraps, bags, or bulky containers to keep your leftovers fresh. Their rounded design firmly grasps things like halves of tomatoes, leftover citrus, opened canned goods, and more. This clever kit also comes with five sizes, and you can toss these colorful produce huggers in the dishwasher.


Mistake: Breaking all of your aesthetic glassware

Solution: These shatterproof rainbow drinking glasses that go in the dishwasher

Treat yourself to a set of these unbreakable drinking glasses, and they’ll look like you spent a ton on glassware (while also saving money on broken cups). Their shatterproof design can hold up in the dishwasher, and their design will make all of your go-to drinks look aesthetic.


Mistake: Pet paw prints & mud ruining your furniture

Solution: This cozy blanket with a hidden waterproof layer

This pet blanket sandwiches a waterproof liner between flannel fleece and soft sherpa fleece, making it the perfect blend of practical and cozy for your furry friend. This machine-washable pup blanket also has durable stitching and it comes in eight colors as well as size options to fit your sofa.


Mistake: Letting pantry ingredients go bad

Solution: These airtight pantry bins with spots to jot down dates

Keep your dry goods fresh and easily see them so you remember to use them with these aesthetic food storage containers. The lids have a locking lever and a silicone ring to seal out air and keep food from getting stale. This handy kit also comes with labels and a chalkboard marker so you can label your ingredients and jot down expiration dates.


Mistake: Going out for brunch too often

Solution: This clever pancake dispenser that cuts down on mess

Skip long waits and overpriced entrees with this easy-to-use batter dispenser that makes pancakes pretty much a mess-free task. It has a 4-cup capacity, and the pull-trigger handle helps you create perfectly sized pancakes while minimizing messy drips. In addition to pancakes, the dispenser also works great for other brunch favorites like waffles, crepes, or muffins.


Mistake: Constantly replacing dead house & patio plants

Solution: These best-selling water globes to make sure your greenery doesn’t dry out

The hand-blown glass watering globes slowly release water into your potted plants, keeping the soil at the ideal moisture level. These aesthetic iridescent globes have a narrow stem that cleverly drips water when it detects dry soil. To use — simply fill the globe about 80% full and insert it at an angle into your plant or flower’s soil.


Mistake: Buying too many food containers

Solution: These versatile mixing bowls with super clever lids

These glass mixing bowls are ideal for baking projects, food prep, or filling with leftovers if you’re short on food containers. The tempered glass is sturdy and dishwasher-safe, and the matching transparent lids form an airtight seal. You also get four sizes that nest inside each other, so they’ll take up less space than a bunch of food containers.


Mistake: Cleaning stainless steel daily

Solution: This stainless steel cleaning kit to prevent daily smudges

This stainless steel spray is made of a clever coconut oil and essential oil formula that’s designed to keep appliances clean and smudge-free. It removes dirt and residue while leaving behind a protective barrier to prevent those annoying scratches and smudges. And the spray comes with a microfiber cloth so you can get a lint-free shine.


Mistake: Paying for pricier Wi-Fi

Solution: A simple plug-in Wi-Fi extender to amp up the range of your internet

This plug-in Wi-Fi extender is a cleverly cost-effective way to boost your signal and eliminate dead zones. You can pair it with your router with one tap, and the easy-to-use signal indicator light will show you the ideal location to place it. This game-changing plug-in can also extend coverage on up to 32 devices.


Mistake: Replacing scratched & scuffed furniture

Solution: These best-selling touch-up markers & wax sticks to hide imperfections

This best-selling furniture repair kit can cover up scratches and scuffs, extending the life of your pieces and saving you money. You get six touch-up wax sticks, a sharpener, and six markers in a range of common wood colors, such as cherry and oak. The markers cover up surface scuffs, while the wax crayons can fill in deeper scratches.


Mistake: Using too much AC when your home is already at the optimal temp

Solution: A mini thermometer & humidity gauge that’s shockingly easy

This digital thermometer and hygrometer combo easily lets you see if your AC actually needs to be running all the time. It displays the temp and has a little smiley face that changes to let you know the humidity level, so you won’t unnecessarily run your AC or humidifier. Plus, it has a display stand as well as a magnetic back.


Mistake: Spending a ton on outdoor lighting

Solution: These custom-looking deck lights that are solar-powered

Keeping your outdoor space illuminated doesn’t need to be expensive with this pack of solar deck lights that look impressively custom. They’re curved to pop them on deck railings, fence posts, garden beds, or outdoor stairs, and they automatically turn on at dusk. Plus, they’re solar-powered, so they’re budget-friendly and pretty much effort-free to use.


Mistake: Leaving the fridge or freezer door open

Solution: This stick-on fridge alarm that notifies you when a door is open

Unknowingly leaving the fridge or freezer door open can result in a ton of food waste, but this adhesive door alarm alerts you when things aren’t closed. Simply pop it on with adhesive, and it will start alerting you when it’s open for 60 seconds or more. Plus, you can choose from different alarm levels, ranging from a low 80-decibel beep to a loud siren at 110 decibels.