Turns out, finding your perfect perfume is as simple as taking this 3-minute quiz

And for a limited time, you can snag $25 off

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Finding your match in time for Valentine’s Day is as easy as taking a three-minute quiz — at least when it comes to perfume. Shopping for a new scent often involves a lot of sniffing — and isn’t easily accomplished online — but Noteworthy Scents, a brand dedicated to simplifying how you pick perfume, makes things easy with their technology that helps determine the combination of fragrance notes that best suit your personality and mood.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the brand is offering $25 off your purchase of $70 or more when you enter code ‘VDAY2024’ at checkout from February 2 through the 9. Ready to meet your match? Keep reading to learn more about how Noteworthy Scents works, and take the quiz for yourself to test out four personalized fragrances.

Take the quiz to find your perfect scent

How the quiz works

Noteworthy Scents’ quiz only takes three minutes, and you’ll be asked a series of general and personalized questions ranging from your birthday to your ideal vacation destination, and unsurprisingly, selecting from scents you might already love (think baby powder, Juicy Fruit gum, and even crayons).

Once complete, Noteworthy Scents will create a custom kit based on your answers, which includes four of the brand’s fragrances. The idea is that you’ll be able to cut through the scent combos that likely wouldn’t appeal to you and be presented with more personal perfumes from the start.

The secret behind the quiz’s 90% success rate is Noteworthy Scents’ Fragrance Finding algorithm, which started by collecting data, ranging from demographics and behaviors to preferences, from real-life people. The brand then worked with data scientists to come up with a recommendation engine and expert perfumers to develop 17 fragrances.

What’s included in the kit

Once you finish the quiz, Noteworthy Scents will immediately calculate your results to come up with your set of four trial-size fragrances (1.5 milliliters each). Sent as part of the Personalized Discovery Kit for $24.99, the mini fragrances include free U.S. shipping and a $25 credit toward the purchase of a full-size bottle of perfume from the brand. The 17 full-size fragrances are all eau de parfums (meaning they’re longer lasting than an eau de toilette or eau de cologne because they have a higher concentration of perfume oil to alcohol), and they come in a 3.3-ounce size that’s housed in a French-crafted glass bottle.

You can purchase the full-size fragrances without the kit as well for $134.99 each or in a refillable travel-size mist for $39.99. For those who are more indecisive, you can also opt for the brand’s best-selling Signature Sampler set, which includes trial sizes of all 17 fragrances for $59.99. And for those who know what fragrance notes they like, you can curate your own kit of four trial-size fragrances for $24.99.