People are really, really obsessed with these 47 cool things on Amazon


It doesn't take much to be considered "cool." Being a nice person? That's cool. Tipping well on that bar tab? Also cool. But to be so cool that people become obsessed with you — now that's something to brag about. So when I tell you that people are really, really obsessed with the cool products I've gathered for you below, don't be surprised if you wind up adding more than a few to your cart.

And if you think I'm overselling it? Please direct your attention to this sleek serving tray. Not only is it great for breakfast in bed, but its vibrant color paired with gold accents is a must-have — especially if you consider yourself bougie. Or, if you prefer function over fashion, I've also made sure to include these dryer balls made from premium New Zealand wool. They'll help your clothes dry faster, and they're even reusable for thousands of loads. I made the switch years ago — and to be honest, I can't imagine switching back to dryer sheets. Ever.

There's a reason why people are obsessed with these cool products — and it's not just because they're affordable. So what are you waiting for? That serving tray won't be in stock forever, you know.

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These camping lanterns are nearly indestructible

Don't get lost in the dark when you're exploring the great outdoors — let these lanterns help guide your way. They're made with aircraft-grade materials, making them waterproof as well as nearly indestructible. Plus, each order even comes with batteries included.


A desk lamp that doubles as a wireless charger

Not only is this desk lamp ultra-sleek, but it also features a wireless charger built into the base. The charger will work with any Qi-enabled smartphone — regardless of whether it's an Android or iPhone. And unlike some LED lamps, this one features sensitive touch control, as well as five lighting modes.


These door stoppers that'll work on all types of floors

Whether you've got hardwood or carpet, these door stoppers are designed to work with all types of floors. They're great for keeping guests or housemates from walking in unannounced — and each one even comes with an adhesive tab, allowing you to stick them to your door for safekeeping when not in use.


A mattress topper that won't leave you sweating

With its jacquard stitching that keeps the filling evenly distributed, this mattress topper is an effective (and affordable) way to breathe new life into uncomfortable mattresses. It's made from luxurious microfiber that feels push against your skin — and reviewers raved about how the deep pockets easily fit mattresses.


This scratch-off poster is a must-have for movie fanatics

Consider yourself a movie buff? This scratch-off poster features 100 different movies considered the top films of all time, ranging from Django Unchained to Jaws. "I think the list of movies on this poster is pretty comprehensive," wrote one reviewer. "Regardless of personal tastes, every movie is generally regarded as great."


A laptop stand that'll work with nearly any laptop

Some laptop stands can only handle smaller devices — but this one is able to support laptops ranging from 10 to 17 inches. There's also a vent on the underside, helping siphon away heat so that your hardware doesn't overheat. And since it's made from tough aluminum, it's also exceptionally durable.


The running shorts with pockets for your phone

Have you been holding your phone the entire time you're out running? Give yourself a break with these shorts. Pockets on each leg and the waistband give you space to store your phone, keys, cards, and more. Plus, there's even a hidden cable hole where you can thread your headphone wires through.

  • Available sizes: Small — Large, X-Large — 3X-Large


These floor mats help keep your kitchen floors clean

You don't have to constantly sweep your kitchen floors to keep them clean — just put these mats down. They'll absorb any spills that come their way, while the non-slip backings keep them from shifting around. Choose from six colors, including a gorgeously deep shade of red.


This bougie serving tray with elegant brass accents

When was the last time you ate breakfast in bed? This serving tray not only gives you a firm place to eat a meal while lounging, but the elegant gold accents make it look more expensive than it is. Or, you could even use it as a chic place to hold toiletries in your bathroom — it's that versatile.


A pair of bookends that can handle larger texts

From dictionaries to overloaded work binders, these bookends are designed to handle extra-large texts — without falling over. The non-skid base helps them stay in place, and one reviewer even wrote that "I tested them out with a huge stack of heavy books, and the ends didn't budge or bend."


The key that helps you remove ticks

Instead of panicking if you find a tick biting into your skin — just use this key to painlessly pop it out. The loop at the top lets you keep it on your keyring, making it easy to access when you're out camping. Plus, it'll even work on animals.


A reusable water bottle that comes with 3 different lids

Not all reusable water bottles are created equal — this one comes with three different lids to let you sip, chug, or pour your drinks. The walls are also vacuum-insulated, helping to keep cold liquids chilled for hours. And since it's made from stainless steel, it's even resistant to rust.


The swim goggles that won't fog up

Foggy goggles can ruin your day at the pool. Luckily, these ones feature a special coating that keeps the lenses from fogging up. The silicone eye sockets provide a snug fit, keeping water from leaking inside — and the polycarbonate lenses are even shatter-resistant.


A set of resistance bands made from natural latex

The next time you don't feel like going all the way to the gym, you'll be glad you grabbed these resistance bands. Each one is made from natural latex, and the intensities range from extra-light, to extra-heavy. Each order also comes with a drawstring bag — just in case you want to take them with you.


The camping chair with a built-in can cooler

Tailgating? Camping? Backyard BBQs? Whatever plans you have coming up, this folding chair will give you a place to relax. The tough steel frame can easily support up to 325 pounds — and unlike many chairs, this one features a built-in cooler that can hold up to four cans.


These reusable ice packs get extra-cold

Unlike regular ice, these packs won't melt and turn your cooler into a soggy mess. They're also more effective than ice when it comes to chilling your drinks, as they cool down to less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, you can reuse them as many times as you need.


This umbrella you can clamp to nearly anything

Whether you're at the beach or in your backyard, this umbrella can help keep you cool in the heat. The clamp at the bottom lets you attach it to everything from chairs to strollers — and the 360-degree swivel keeps you protected from the sun in any direction.


A hammock you can take with you camping

You don't have to carry a heavy tent with you when camping — just take a snooze in this hammock. The heavy-duty nylon weave is made to last, while the triple-interlock stitching helps prevent tears. The best part? It folds down into a compact drawstring bag that you can easily attach to your backpack


The socks that help keep your legs from growing sore

I like to wear these compression socks when I'm on a long flight, or whenever I go out for a jog. The compression helps stimulate blood flow, working to keep your muscles from growing sore. Plus, they're also moisture-wicking — which means they won't leave you feeling damp during sweaty workouts.


These cases keep your phone safe in the pool

I use these waterproof cases whenever I'm on vacation. They're large enough for your phone, cash, as well as multiple cards and IDs. The lanyard lets you wear them around your neck for safekeeping — and the transparent front is even compatible with touchscreens.


The sun hat you can wear in the pool

Go ahead and wear this sun hat in the pool or ocean — the water-repellent polyester won't break down if it gets wet. It's also foldable, making it easy to cram into your bag if need be. Plus, there's even a built-in sweatband to help keep your eyes protected from droplets.


A sport towel that dries really, really fast

Don't get stuck carrying around a wet towel at the pool — upgrade to this sport towel instead. It's made from soft microfiber that dries faster than cotton, and it can even absorb up to five times its weight in water. Choose from more than 10 colors, including a bright shade of orange.


This charging cable that looks like a stylish leather bracelet

Not only is this faux leather bracelet stylish, but it also doubles as a lightning cable so that you can charge your iPhone at a moment's notice. Its joints are made rom corrosion-resistant zinc alloy — and you even have the choice of three colors: brown/gold, black/gold, or black/black.


A beach blanket that won't bring sand home

Give this beach blanket a few shakes, and any bits of sand will immediately fall off so that your floors at home stay clean. It's also wind- and water-resistant, as well as quick-drying. "I'm especially impressed with the water-resistant fabric," wrote one reviewer. "The kiddos stayed completely dry despite the blanket being placed on sopping wet cement."


The cooler with a protective hardbody

If you're looking for a cooler that's a step above those cheap soft ones, consider this one from Titan. The tough hardbody keeps your drinks — or lunch — from getting crushed in transit, while the radiant heat barrier works to deflect warmth. Plus, the outside is also stain- and water-resistant.


These vintage string lights are completely weatherproof

Whether you hang these string lights in your bedroom or out on your patio, they'll cast a soothing, amber glow that adds warmth to any space. They're also weatherproof, so there's no need to worry about rain — and reviewers raved about how they're "well-made."


The bidet that can help you save money over time

Think about how much money you've spent on toilet paper in the last year — this bidet likely cost less than that number. Not only can it help you save money, but it also features a hygienic nozzle guard to help it stay clean between uses. Choose from two colors: blue or white.


A set of lids that stretch to fit your containers

Every kitchen has that one cabinet overflowing with mismatched plastic lids — so downsize to these silicone ones. They'll stretch to fit containers and bowls of nearly any size, and you can even use them to save halved citrus for later. The best part? The seal they create is leakproof.


This first aid kit that weighs less than 2 pounds

You don't want your first aid kit to weigh you down in an emergency — that's why this one weighs less than 2 pounds. All the items inside are hospital-grade, and there's even a bonus emergency blanket. "The size fits easily into a bag or pack for traveling," wrote one reviewer. "The smaller bonus travel kit is lightweight enough to put on a keyring."


A personal water filter that lets you sip straight from streams

I tried out this personal water filter on my last backpacking trip — being able to sip directly from streams and lakes was so much more convenient than filling a bottle. And since it removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and parasites, there's no need to worry about ingesting any contaminants.


The broom that grabs onto stubborn pet hair

Some brooms are ineffective when you've got pet hair embedded into your carpet — but not this one. The bristles are made from natural rubber that latches onto hair and dirt, while its telescopic handle helps you reach underneath furniture. Once filled with hair, it easily rinses clean.


A set of fishbowl party cups that are reusable

Red solo cups may be iconic, but they're also wasteful. In my opinion, these fishbowl glasses look way more fun — and you can even reuse them from party to party. One reviewer also wrote that "the bottoms are flat, so you can set them down, the lids screw on tightly, nearly eliminating spills, even when dropped."


The odor-resistant scrubbers that won't leave scratches

Not only are these little scrubbers odor-resistant, but their textures also change depending on temperature. They'll become soft when submerged into warm water, whereas cold water will make them tougher. Either way, they're still gentle enough to not leave behind scratches on delicate surfaces.


A scraper that won't leave bristles in your grill

Bristled scrapers can shed fibers into your grill, whereas this brass tool is made without any bristles whatsoever. 10 different notches on the head are designed to fit nearly any type of grate — and there's even a bottle opener built into the handle.


The minimalist plant hanger that suits any style

This plant hanger is great for adding a chic, classy pop of green to any room — and its minimalist design blends seamlessly into any style. Reviewers raved about how it's lightweight, making installation a breeze. "The size is perfect for a condo balcony," wrote one.


A pizza stone that heats up faster than others

Because this pizza stone is made from black ceramic, it heats up twice as fast as other stones. The non-stick glaze allows your pizza to glide off once cooked — and it even helps shield the stone from high temperatures, which in turn prevents it from smoking in the oven.


These freezable cups keep wine at the perfect temperature

Keep these cups in the freezer — the cooling gel inside their walls will freeze so that anything you pour inside stays chilled. They're great for white wine, and the silicone band around the middle gives you a neutral place to grip them.


An affordable gadget for sharpening dull knives

Getting your knives professionally sharpened can cost hundreds of dollars — but this at-home version is available for less than $15. Two slots let you sharpen, then hone your blades. And with its patented edge grip feature, your knives won't go dragging over your counters after you've pulled them through.


These glass containers for all your meal-prepping needs

Even if you don't prepare meals in advance for the whole week, these containers are still great for leftovers. They're made from heavy-duty borosilicate glass that's BPA-free, and they're even oven-safe up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, the lids are leakproof as well as airtight.


A platform that saves your drinks from spills

Keep your coffee mug on this platform when you're walking around the office — it'll automatically swing to keep it from spilling. You can also use it with bowls of soup or cereal, and the silicone coaster on the bottom helps keep them from shifting.


The fire pit that won't break the bank

A hulking fire pit can cost a pretty penny, whereas this one is available for less than $60, yet still large enough for the whole family to gather round. It's made from tough steel, while the heat- and weather-resistant coating helps keep it looking great season after season.


A terrarium stand for a touch of green in your room

When placed into water, some plant stems will gradually grow roots, allowing them to be re-planted later — and this terrarium stand gives you a chic place to keep them until they're ready. It's made from real wood rather than plastic. And if you don't have any plants to propagate? It also works great for showcasing flowers.


This bird feeder you can stick to your window

Attach this feeder to a window, and you'll get to have an up-close look at any birds that come to eat. The suction cups allow for easy installation — and they're tough enough to withstand all sorts of weather. Plus, the extra-deep feed tray holds more seed than many other feeders.


A set of reusable straws made from food-grade silicone

Looking for easy ways to become more eco-friendly? Search no further than these reusable straws. They're made from food-grade silicone that easily scrubs clean using the included pipettes — and the bent tips make it easy to sip from tumblers. Each order also comes with a drawstring bag to keep them clean during transit.


These wool balls that will help your clothes dry faster

By creating air pockets as your clothes tumble, these wool dryer balls help your wet laundry dry faster. Not only can they possibly help you save money on your utility bill, but they also require zero fabric softener or any other laundry additives. The best part? They're reusable for thousands of loads.


A cup that lets you enjoy cereal on the go

Don't have enough time to sit down for breakfast? Not a problem when you've got this cup. Two chambers keep your milk and cereal separated until you take a sip, allowing your cereal to stay crunchy throughout the whole meal — no spoons or utensils necessary.


The tiered shelves that fit neatly into cabinets

If your bathroom cabinets are as disorganized as mine were, these shelves are an absolute must-have. The baskets slide out so that it's easy to access all your toiletries — and they even come with dividers to help keep them sorted. Or, you can also use them to organize office and art supplies.