People who are good with money say these clever things help you save a lot of dough

The best tips from budget-savvy people.

People who are good with money say these clever things help you save a lot of dough
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Want to save money around the house, but don’t know where to start? If only there were a giant online community of money-smart people with big opinions willing to offer their advice. Luckily for us, there is. Mic has put together the ultimate guide to handy products that help save you money, inspired by the wisdom of budget-savvy Reddit users and YouTube financial influencers. Scroll on to see this list of brilliant (and affordable) finds that come highly recommended for their ability to lower costs around the house.


Keep heating costs down with an electric blanket

Reddit user froopaux recommends a toasty solution when the temperature drops. “I use a heating pad and blanket to keep myself a little warmer rather than turning up the heat,” they write.

Quick to warm up with six adjustable settings, this heated blanket is a budget-friendly ally against cold weather. Featuring plush microfleece on one side and cozy sherpa on the other, it’s ideal for chilly nights or lazy days indoors. Machine washable for easy care, it’s spacious enough for two, so no one gets cold feet.


Save money on K-cups with these reusable ones

“I did this more for sustainability reasons, but you could look into buying reusable items to replace single-use things,” suggests Reddit user Remarkable-Cod108. “Like cloth napkins and paper towels, or a reusable coffee filter. Has saved me some serious money with inflation!”

Designed to fit a wide array of Keurig machines, not only are these reusable K-Cups kinder to the planet, reducing landfill waste, but they also offer significant savings. Constructed with BPA-free plastic and stainless steel mesh, these dishwasher-safe cups allow you to brew your favorite gourmet coffee or teas right at home.


Ditch disposable paper towels for these reusable dishcloths

Ditch the disposable paper towels, suggests Remarkable-Cod108. Try these Swedish dishcloths instead. Crafted from cellulose, they transform from soft to gritty, adapting to your cleaning needs. These super-absorbent marvels can be reused up to 100 times, making them both eco-friendly and cost-effective. This value pack comes with 10 odorless cloths.


Make the most of your groceries with this food dehydrator

“I just got a food dehydrator and it's fantastic for saving kitchen scraps,” says Reddit user Ajreil. “Grimy looking apples can be turned into chips, fresh herbs can be ground into spice mixes, etc.”

Boost your snacking game with this expandable five-tray food dehydrator, great for preparing homemade, nutritious treats. Add up to two more trays to accommodate a bounty of fruits, veggies, and meats. Cleaning is a breeze with dishwasher-safe trays, and it has safety features like overheat protection.


Use rechargeable batteries instead of buying new ones

This Reddit user advises a simple yet genius investment for saving money: “Rechargeable batteries and charger.”

Juice up your gadgets with these AA rechargeable batteries. Ideal for everything from remote controls to flashlights, these power packs promise to keep your devices running smoothly. Recharge up to 1,000 times for an eco-friendly, wallet-friendly solution.


Dry clothes on a rack instead of always using the dryer

Don’t let your dryer run up your electric bill. Redditor LatterConfidence1 has a simple solution: “Clothes drying rack.”

This retractable clothing rack unfolds to offer 12 inches of extra hanging space, great for air drying in the laundry room or maximizing space in cozy closets. Easy to install on any wall, it comes with everything needed for a quick setup. Despite its discreet profile when folded, it robustly supports up to 60 pounds.


Make baking simpler with these versatile, easy-to-clean mats

Sweet treats are fun, but constantly restocking the pantry can burn a hole in your wallet. “Make cookies, cakes, and muffins from scratch,” suggests YouTuber Jennifer Cook. “You save so much money by doing it.”

Make your baking mess-free with these silicone baking mats. This set includes four professional-grade, color-coded mats that are BPA-free and reinforced with fiberglass mesh. Capable of enduring temperatures from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, there’s no need for parchment paper when you can get 3,000 uses of eco-friendly, nonstick baking goodness.


Learn a new (& affordable) hobby with a beginner’s crochet kit

Do you like shopping a little too much? Cook can relate. “Find a hobby, a frugal one,” she suggested in her vlog. “I used to use shopping as a hobby — bad habit. There are so many hobbies out there that don't cost a ton of money and can really help with that spare time you have.”

Learn a new skill that can become a fun hobby and allow you to make your own accessories with this crochet kit tailored for beginners. This kit comes with everything needed to start your crochet journey: yarn, a pre-started piece, tools, and clear video tutorials that cater to both right- and left-handed crafters. With step-by-step guidance and supportive online resources, this kit has everything you need.


Use accent lighting to help cut down on overhead light usage

Cook has another illuminating recommendation. “Using natural light...I greatly prefer it,” she said in her video. “I have my task lighting with my lamp to the side and my window. My eyes are much happier [than with] unnatural light.”

This eye-friendly LED desk lamp provides a soft, steady light without flicker or glare. Find the right illumination for any activity with 50 adjustable lighting options, touch control, and a handy memory function that remembers your last settings for convenience. Plus, a built-in USB port keeps your devices charged and an auto-off timer helps conserve energy.


Revamp your wardrobe & sofa pillows with this fabric shaver

This Reddit user suggests shaving down your expenses by shaving your fabrics: “Ok this is going to sound weird... But it's a pill shaver,” they write. “It saved me hundreds [on] couch pillows alone, not even counting making your clothes nice and new again.”

Revitalize your wardrobe and home textiles with this fabric shaver. It’s excellent for rescuing sweaters, blankets, and more from pesky lint and bobbles, and gentle enough to protect delicate fabrics. The large collection container and cordless design, powered by two AA batteries, make it convenient for tackling large areas. Safety is also a priority, featuring a lock mechanism to prevent accidents.


Choose cookware that lasts, like a cast iron skillet

When it comes to cookware, invest in brands that will last. “You can easily get a Lodge cast iron skillet with $25,” writes this Reddit user.

The enduring charm of a Lodge cast iron pan makes them a must-have for any culinary enthusiast. This kitchen staple excels on any cooktop, oven, grill, or open flame. Pre-seasoned with natural vegetable oil for a nonstick surface that enhances with each use, it promises a legacy of flavorful meals.


Save money on gym time by turning casual walks into workouts

No need to drop serious dough on expensive gym equipment. “I have some ankle weights from Amazon that are so much better than any I’ve ever purchased from a sporting goods store,” says Reddit user lcbtexas.Turns a casual walk into a nice workout.”

Step up your workout game with these adjustable ankle weights. Tailored to grow from 1 pound to 5 pounds, these weights boost your gains by adding resistance. Designed for comfort and a snug fit, they stay put, letting you focus on getting stronger without any fuss.


Fix small holes & tears using this sewing kit

Is investing in a sewing kit worth it? Ab-sew-lutely, says YouTube finance guru Cook: “This saves so much money. There are so many things where there's a small tear here or a small tear there.”

This comprehensive sewing kit is packed with all the essentials you might need. Featuring an array of vibrant thread colors, sharp scissors, and a plethora of sewing tools, it's handy for those minor repairs. The kit's compact design fits snugly in any travel bag, making it your go-to ally for quick fixes or creative projects on the go.


Opt for these reusable silicone bags instead of pricier single-use ones

Disposable plastic bags hurt your wallet as well as the environment. “Resealable silicone bags. [...] I no longer purchase plastic bags, cannot recommend enough!” Reddit user alyssakeezy raves.

Snack sustainably with these food-grade, eco-friendly storage bags. These reusable bags have a leakproof double zipper and are easy to handwash, keeping them ready for your next meal prep or picnic outing. Not just for food, these versatile bags can hold anything from cookies to cosmetics — plus they’re freezer-safe.


Get every last drop from your toothpaste with these tube squeezers

Squeeze every last drop out of your toothpaste with this heavy-duty metal tube squeezer. The clever tool comes recommended by budgeting YouTuber Frozen Pennies, aka Sara Conklin, who says, “It's so cute and it's so handy.”

Made from stainless steel, rolling out paste has never been easier or cleaner thanks to its efficient and residue-free mechanism. Beyond just toothpaste, this multifunctional wizard works wonders on any tube up to 2.5 inches wide, be it hair color, cosmetics, or even tomato paste.


Avoid buying single-use plastic with this filtering water bottle

Staying hydrated is important, but don’t let it become an excuse to spend cash unnecessarily. “I use a water bottle all the time,” Conklin shared on YouTube. “It saves me from going through Dunkin’ Donuts and getting a large iced tea.”

This 20-ounce stainless steel water bottle is double-wall insulated to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours. The activated carbon block filter reduces chlorine's taste and odor, along with other particulates. Its convenient design boasts an easy-sip straw, carrying loop, one-handed push-button lid, and a leakproof guarantee.


Scrape every last drop from your jars with this clever tool

“This is my favorite gadget in the entire kitchen,” Conklin said in her video. “This works brilliantly on getting the very last bits and pieces out of a jar — peanut butter, apple sauce, yogurt.”

This nifty scraping multitool effortlessly handles tasks from folding flour to scraping bowls and jars until they’re spotless. This clever creation is also your go-to for spreading, scooping, and stirring. Great for slathering butter on toast or getting every last smear of cream cheese out of the container, you’ll never miss a beat in the kitchen.


Make sure your bottles are actually empty with this container-emptying kit

Whether you’re trying to get the last bit of shampoo or ketchup out of the bottle, Conklin suggested this bottle-emptying kit to her followers. “No matter what you're trying to drain, it all goes down to the bottom. It works for all different-sized bottles.”

This ingenious flip dispenser set is compatible with most plastic bottles and comes with two bases and six adapters. Made from food-safe, BPA-free plastic — and dishwasher-friendly — this Shark Tank-featured marvel not only saves money but also simplifies your daily routine.


Reduce drying time with these wool dryer balls

Elevate your laundry game with these all-natural dryer balls made from 100% hypoallergenic New Zealand wool. “I have had these maybe 15, probably 20 years, and what I like about them is it cuts down on drying time,” Conklin shared. “It gets in between the clothes to make sure they're not balled up, and air can get in between them and dry them faster.”

These chemical-free balls bounce around to separate your clothes, allowing air to circulate freely, and lowering drying time. Reusable time and time again, they're not just a laundry essential but a sustainable choice that helps save time, money, and the planet.


Prevent water damage with a leak detector

To help prevent costly water damage, this Redditor suggests a leak detector. “I bought a three-pack like a decade ago and I have them under my kitchen sink, next to my clothes washer and my sump pump. If water shows up in those areas, it makes a sound like a smoke alarm. Cheap option that can save 10s of thousands in damages,” they write.

Stay ahead of leaks with this vigilant water alarm. Sensing as little as 0.03 inches of water, it provides an efficient early alert system. The loud 110-decibel alarm ensures you hear it anywhere in your home. Featuring a 6-foot wire, extend it into a sump pit or mount it on a wall. Plus, it's expandable with over 100 feet of additional wire.


Reduce your takeout & grocery costs with this electric pressure cooker

Whip up meals in a flash with a pressure cooker, which comes recommended by Reddit user DeedaInSeattle. “I can meal prep a ton using the pressure cooker, cooking dry beans, soups, stews, meats to tender perfection, brown rice — and freeze the extras for a busy day or week.”

Ideal for the bustling home chef, this pressure cooker has 10 preset menus for dishes like rice, stew, and more, with a friendly beep to signal doneness. Its user-friendly interface and dishwasher-safe components make cooking and cleanup a breeze.


Cut down on toilet paper usage with this bidet

One clever way to save dough? “Portable bidet. Replace your toilet paper,” advises Reddit user ConnectionPossible70.

Experience the sleek efficiency of this bidet attachment. Its slim design eliminates toilet seat gaps, offering a neat fit. Enjoy a clean, refreshing spray with its nozzle guard and self-cleaning feature. Installation is easy and with smooth turning controls for precise pressure, it’s fully customizable.


Organize your papers with a stapler that doesn’t require staples

Redditor Paula92 recommends this staple-free stapler. It binds sheets with a simple press and has a cute, compact design that fits anywhere, from desks to bags. Easy to use, it’s an eco-friendly choice that allows for hassle-free paper recycling.


Save money on plumber visits with a drain protector

Redditor LostandConfusing spoke highly of the TubShroom’s drain-protecting abilities. “Definitely a game changer, especially if you have long hair or multiple people sharing one shower/drain,” they shared.

Dodge costly plumber visits and keep your drains clear naturally with this genius drain protector that catches hair seamlessly without blocking water flow. Designed to fit snugly inside your drain, it keeps hair out of sight and mind. Cleaning is a breeze; just a quick wipe and it's ready to guard again.


Cut your own hair with these professional-quality shears

Whether you’re brave enough to DIY your hairdo — or simply want to trim your hair to cut down on salon visits — Redditor lamireille recommends doing it with these shears. “I used to use the scissors that came with the hair-cutting kit from Costco, but these are several zillion times better and easier. They [...] have saved me several hundred dollars in haircuts over the years.”

With almost 40,000 five-star ratings, these professional hair scissors are a cut above the rest. Featuring a patented design, these shears combine Japanese stainless steel with precision-sharpened edges for the ultimate haircutting experience. Ergonomically crafted with a curved finger rest, they’re useful for both salon pros and home stylists alike.


Use every drop of expensive beauty products with this tiny spatula

A money-saving beauty spatula is recommended by Reddit user Bunzuh. “Helps to get the last little bit out of your beauty products (e.g foundation, moisturiser, concealer etc),” they write. “Helped me save more money in the long run too.”

Scoop up every last dollop with this mini makeup spatula. As seen on Shark Tank, this tiny treasure is your go-to tool for mining those elusive final bits of beauty products, turning jars upside down for up to 25% more use, according to the brand. Designed by a savvy mom, it’s reusable, dishwasher safe, and suitable for direct skin application.


Scrub dishes with reusable sponges you can put in the dishwasher

When it comes to cleaning, you can’t beat a best-seller. “[Scrub Daddy] sponges,” writes Redditor ADCarter1. “You can throw them in the dishwasher when they're dirty.”

The temperature-sensitive foam of these scrubbing sponges firms up in cold water and is soft in warm water. These scratch-free companions are safe on a variety of surfaces, from glass to leather, ensuring a gleaming finish. Plus, they’re odor-resistant for up to two months.


Catch dishwasher leaks before they cause damage with this drain pan

“I have never met a dishwasher that hasn't eventually leaked,” warns Redditor MasterHankShake, suggesting you invest in a dishwasher drain pan. “This will save you some headache by letting the leak come out the front so you can spot it before damage is done where you can't see the leak.”

This dishwasher drain pan catches sneaky leaks that could soak your floors, swell your cabinets, and ruin your walls. Its clever front opening acts like a leak detective, guiding water forward for easy spotting and stopping overflows in their tracks.


Keep leftovers fresh in these temperature-resistant storage containers

YouTuber Kyra Ann is a fan of glass food storage containers because they're versatile and heavy-duty. “I've dropped them plenty of times [...] they do not shatter, break, etc.,” she says.

These glass containers are made from durable borosilicate glass that can handle the heat and the cold. Coming in three shapes and sizes, they ensure your food stays fresh and secure. You can use them in the oven or microwave without their lids, and they’re also freezer-friendly. Made from BPA-free leakproof materials, these containers and their airtight lids will keep food fresh.


Protect your smartphone with this heavy-duty case

Rather than choosing a phone case that’s cute but not very protective, Kyra Ann suggests getting this rugged case. “With the Unicorn Beetle case, it has saved me a lot of money because they are heavy duty. I have dropped this case numerous times [...] It did not crack,” she said in her video.

According to the brand, this holster case survived a 20-foot drop test thanks to its impact-resistant bumper. With a built-in screen protector, it shields against scratches while keeping touch sensitivity intact. Precise cutouts ensure easy access to all features, and an attached stand lets your phone rest horizontally or vertically.


Wash off cosmetics with these dual-sided reusable makeup cloths

“Oh my goodness, how much money I saved with not purchasing the Neutrogena wipes over and over again,” Kyra Ann shared with her followers.

Wash off the day with these water-activated, microfiber makeup-removing cloths. Gentle yet effective, they cleanse and exfoliate without harsh scrubbing or chemicals. These reusable marvels, washable up to 500 times each, are a win for both your skin and the planet.


Keep your utility bills in check by weather-stripping doors & windows

Matt Granite, aka The Deal Guy, says, “This indoor weather stripping window foam adhesive is a game-changer when it comes to keeping cold air inside during the summer and blocking out all of that cool air from entering into your home in the winter.”

Ensure a snug, draft-free home with this foam sealer strip, great for sealing gaps between 0.16 inches and 0.20 inches. Easy to apply with a simple peel-and-stick process, this seal works on windows and doors, reducing wear and shielding against wind, dust, and noise. Each pack offers 33 feet of eco-friendly, nontoxic, and durable material.


Clean floors with these reusable mop pads instead of single-use options

If you appreciate the ease of Swiffer products but don’t like the idea of constantly buying disposable cleaning supplies, Granite suggests these reusable mop pads. “These fit beautifully onto the bottom of a Swiffer or comparable product, and once you're done cleaning your floor, your tile, or dusting, just throw one of these reusable mod pad refills into the wash,” he shared on YouTube.

Not only do they work wonders on various surfaces like hardwood, tile, and vinyl, but they also save you money by outlasting disposable duster pads. With extra thick microfiber for superior absorption and dust trapping, these reusable pads efficiently gather dirt, hair, and debris. Machine washable for easy reuse, they're eco-friendly and budget-friendly.


Make your own cold brew instead of spending money at the coffee shop

Sure, coffee shops are great for the occasional treat, but spending money daily on overpriced coffee isn’t necessary. “Based on the size of this coffee maker, you'll be hooking yourself up for at least a few days if not an entire week where you can have that perfect cold cup of ice brew on demand with no overpaying someone else to do the dirty work,” Granite said.

Crafted from durable, BPA-free Tritan glass, this cold brew pitcher with its airtight lid and nonslip handle brews a fresh quart of your favorite blend, cold or hot, thanks to its heat-resistant nature. The fine-mesh filter offers a ground-free sip every time, fitting snugly in your fridge door.


Keep your stainless steel appliances shiny with this reusable kit

YouTuber Filo Garcia of Filosophy enjoys seeing her stainless steel appliances look shiny and new after cleaning them with reusable microfiber cloths. “I know they have saved me money,” she said.

Revive the luster of your stainless steel appliances with this comprehensive cleaning kit. Comprised of a dual-sided cleaning cloth and a polishing cloth, this set ensures your stainless surfaces remain spotless and shiny without the need for pastes, wipes, or sprays. Activated by water, with one side designed for brushed finishes and the other for polished ones, these cloths will give a streak-free shine.


Switch out aerosol cooking sprays for this oil sprayer bottle

Garcia advises ditching the disposables in the kitchen. “Instead of buying PAM or those aerosol olive oil sprays, get yourself one from Amazon,” she suggested in her video. “It's so much more cost-efficient than just buying PAM all the time.”

Use this stainless steel oil sprayer to get precise with portion control, making meals more economical than with aerosol alternatives. It delivers cooking oils and vinegar in a consistent fan pattern, ensuring full coverage with less product and no potentially harmful chemicals. Made from durable stainless steel, it's BPA-free and eco-friendly with a smudge-free finish.


Create ambiance with these reusable & realistic flickering candles

If you love the flicker of candlelight, Garcia recommended these candles in her vlog: “I use them for Halloween, I use them for so many things. They look so realistic, but I don't have to replace them every time I use them.”

This set of flameless taper candles comes with a remote control so you can set the mood without ever touching a match. Their realistic design and warm light mimic the charm of real candles, creating a festive atmosphere without the fire risk.


Monitor your mouthwash usage — & eliminate bottle clutter — with these dispensers

“I swear I used to buy mouthwash packs every single time we would go to Target because we would run out so quick,” Garcia said. “Now we maybe buy it like once every two months. I no longer have to pour from that huge jug [...] The fact that this one has a stopper and it goes much slower definitely helps to save some mouthwash.”

This complete set comes with two sleek 16-ounce glass bottles, trusty pour spouts, a handy shot glass, a stainless steel funnel for spill-free refills, and labels. These bottles blend form and function, fitting seamlessly into any decor.


Save on pricey pet grooming sessions by using an at-home kit

“Dog clippers and a nice set of hair cut scissors” are a worthwhile investment, says Redditor CBus-Eagle. “I have a golden doodle that needs a haircut every three months. I do it myself and it more than paid for itself after the first one.”

Give your pet an at-home grooming session with this professional grooming scissors kit. Snip and style your furry friend with the thinning shear, curved scissor, straight scissor, and a pet comb, all designed with round-end tips to protect your pet's skin. Made from high-quality stainless steel, these tools ensure a clean cut without tugging.


Help your produce last longer — & taste better — with this vegetable keeper

Redditor Clove_707 advises investing in a good fruit and vegetable keeper. “It's less than $20 and will save you so much wasted produce,” they wrote. “The lettuce actually gets ‘crisper’ after being in there for a day and helps it stay fresh far longer than any other method I've used.”

This nifty fruit and veggie container not only extends the life of your produce but also saves space in your fridge, fitting snugly on shelves or indoors. With its adjustable vent for optimal airflow and a water reservoir to hydrate, your veggies and fruits stay fresher for longer. Doubling as a colander, it's dishwasher-safe.