People who fix up homes swear by these cheap tricks to make homes look much nicer with little effort

Bonus: They have budget-friendly finds to help out.

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Fixing up your home might seem a little daunting — it can cost a lot, and you might not even know where to begin. Luckily, you don’t have to be the ultimate DIYer or have a large budget to undertake some simple tasks. According to home experts like interior designers and handymen, you only need to fill your cart with a few helpful (and budget-friendly) Amazon finds to start upgrading your place — minimum effort required.


Add this expert-selected solar lighting to dim outdoor spaces

Adding solar lights to your yard can change the vibe of your dim outdoor space, points out Tyler Hull, co-owner of Bubblegum Flooring. “Solar-powered yard lights will illuminate any garden you are working on, as well as your walkway, without any wires or electricity,” says Hull. He recommends opting for these solar pathway lights, which charge within six to eight hours of sunlight and come on automatically at dusk. When illuminated, they’ll run for as long as 12 hours, and they’re easy to stick along a pathway with the included plastic stakes.


Illuminate your outdoor space with impressively whimsical lighting

Like Hull’s recommendation for wireless, electricity-free solar lights, these trending solar garden lights offer wire-free lighting. This pack of two firefly-inspired lights will bring 16 warm-white bulbs for illuminating dim garden spaces. One unit features eight bulbs attached to flexible wires that gently sway in the wind and a discreet solar panel attached to the base.


Incorporate calming greenery into your indoor spaces with these live plants

“Indoor plants are a simple but effective way to bring energy, life, and color into your home,” Hull explains. “Their presence not only improves air quality but also brings an earthy, natural touch to your surroundings that can be quite calming.” He recommends this live houseplant collection, which features three easy-to-grow varieties, such as snake plants, begonia, or fern species that are 8 to 10 inches tall. These are small enough to keep on a desk or coffee table and are available in different sizes and varieties, too, including nursery pot options.


Use this chic grass-weave wallpaper for a quick update

“Often, [removable wallpaper’s] patterns and interest can be added to a room without a long-term commitment,” says Hull, who adds that this removable brand is an excellent choice for renters or homeowners who want a quick update. Use this grass-weave peel-and-stick wallpaper to bring visual and minimalist texture to your space. It’s available in neutral shades like beige or a pop of color like blue, green, or turquoise, and it comes off easily, leaving no damage behind.


Stick with neutral tones (like these satin pillowcases) to create a cohesive space

Julie Hayward, realtor with Keller Williams, says “stay with a neutral tone, our favorite is a greige (our professional stagers we work with love this too) — this is a mix of beige & gray, so it will pick up both warm and cool tones.” These satin pillowcases feature a pretty silver gray reminiscent of beige-gray and will blend with any bedroom decor. Each case has a stylish envelope closure to secure your pillow and keep the lines clean. Plus, the set is a best-seller with over 227,000 five-star ratings.


Opt for neutral-colored accessories like these timeless flameless candles

Hayward’s preference for greige is also due to how well it meshes with your tastes as they change. The color won’t clash with any new decor you bring in over time. Something like this glass flameless candle set is the perfect timeless neutral accessory for your living space. It features a trio of wax pillar candles with faux wicks that flicker like real flames. And the remote control allows you to set auto-off timers and adjust the candles’ brightness.


Keep your bedroom colors similar to the rest of your place with a fluffy blanket

“Keep bedrooms and the home in a similar color palette, and the space will have good flow,” says Hayward. That means it’s better to choose blankets and textiles in a neutral color, like this faux fur blanket. It comes in white, taupe, cream, light gray, and light khaki, so you have no shortage of neutral options. Use it as a bed throw or keep it on the sofa. And it’s incredibly soft — use a durable, long polyester pile on one side or a warm sherpa on the other.


Touch-up paint on the trim around your home with these simple pens

“Trim around your home is something that I’ve found is important to touch up from time to time,” says Andre Kazimierski, CEO of Improovy Painters of La Grange. “Re-touching or repainting the trim around your home can really help and is something you can foreseeably DIY in a day or a weekend.” These fillable paint pens will make touching up trim a breeze. Fill a pen with paint via the included syringe, attach the brush head, and you’re ready to paint. The best part is these pens are mess-free (zero messy paint buckets or large, dripping brushes), and you can store them with the paint inside for years.


Accessorize your rooms with area rugs (like this budget-friendly & cozy option)

“Area rugs (under $50 on Amazon) can define a space, add a pop of color, and protect your floors,” advises Brendan Anderson, roofer and owner of Brix Systems Roofing. This fluffy area rug brings in some texture and color with a soft, non-shedding shag pile. It’s available in various sizes as large as 8 by 10 feet, and comes in neutrals and vibrant shades. It also has a nonslip bottom and over 19,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.


Add these rug corner grippers to your area rugs to keep them looking great

After you grab an area rug per Anderson’s advice, keep them secure, functional, and looking great by adding these rug corner grippers. They’ll keep rugs stable and their corners from curling. Plus, they’re easy to apply — adhere them to each corner by pressing them down — and their renewable sticky gel won’t interfere with your vacuuming routine.


Hang these low-effort solar string lights for outdoor ambiance

Anderson also says string lights are a great way to get your backyard or patio ready for entertaining or just treating yourself to outdoor dinners. “String lights draped over a patio or strung across a fence create a magical ambiance in the evenings,” he explains. Hang up something like these solar string lights, which feature handy stakes for installing the solar panels. Each string of lights has 100 LED lights that will illuminate your space with a warm-white glow for up to 12 hours. Plus, you can choose from eight lighting modes, including slow fade, wave, and twinkle settings.


Depersonalize & get rid of clutter with this sleek digital picture frame

“Sometimes, less is more. Get rid of clutter and unnecessary items that visually shrink your space,” says Anderson. “Depersonalize some surfaces like coffee tables by removing excessive knickknacks. This creates a sense of calm and spaciousness.” Something like this digital picture frame will help you consolidate the look of the room by removing cluttered photo frames. It features a 10-inch HD touchscreen, 32 gigabytes of memory, and a companion app, so you can store plenty of personal photos and videos and see a rotating slideshow of memories with way less clutter.


Trim some tree branches to add more stunning lighting to your space

“Natural light is a mood booster,” says Anderson. “If you have trees blocking the sun, consider trimming some branches strategically.” This trio of stainless steel pruning shears has nonslip, ergonomic handles and comes with some clever gardening gloves to protect your hands while you prune shrubs or trees. Choose from curved pruners for precision cuts, straight blade pruners for fine cuts, and serrated blade pruners for tougher jobs like cutting through thicker tree branches.


Apply a light-boosting window film to your windows instead of dark curtains

Anderson also recommends opening your curtains and blinds to let more light into your home. To take it to the next level, try swapping out dark curtains or blinds for a light boost and install some of this window film. It still blocks UV rays and keeps your house cooler but also allows natural light into your room. The film has a frosted texture, so you’ll still get privacy. Plus, it applies easily with water.


Upgrade your home’s address sign with this sleek solar option

“Swapping out old house numbers for modern, stylish ones can instantly enhance your home’s curb appeal,” says Pete Trentacoste, head of Interior Design at “It’s a small change that makes a big difference, giving your exterior a fresh and updated look.” Try swapping your numbers for this easy-to-customize solar-powered address sign, which has the modern appearance that Trentacoste touts. You can use it with the included lawn stake or mount it to the wall, and once installed, it will turn on automatically at dusk. It also has three lighting modes — warm, cool, and bright white.


Grab a shower curtain with a bold or luxurious fabric

Trentacoste also advocates upgrading your shower curtain. “A new shower curtain can make a significant impact in your bathroom. Opt for one with a bold pattern or a luxe fabric to elevate the space’s look instantly,” he advises. This shower curtain comes in a luxe, textured fabric and gorgeous color options like sage green, gray, and lavender. Made of durable, heavy polyester with a waffle weave, it draws your eye and adds some oomph but remains practical with its rust-resistant metal grommets and a four-layer waterproof coating.


Add more light sources with these stick-on lights to enhance ambiance

Changing your room can feel daunting, but Josh Mitchell, HVAC technician and founder of, says sometimes all you need is lighting to elevate your space. “Proper lighting can change a room’s entire vibe,” says Mitchell. “Adding more light sources or updating existing ones with brighter, energy-efficient bulbs can enhance the room’s functionality and ambiance.” These LED lights come in a pack of six, so you can use them to upgrade your kitchen cabinet lighting, under your stairs, or even in your closets. They’re battery-operated (with batteries included), and you pop them on with a quick built-in adhesive strip. Once up, you can boost or dim the lights to get the right mood.


Use this chic & surprisingly budget-friendly mirror to reflect light

Another tip for elevating your space? “Consider using mirrors to reflect natural light and make spaces appear larger and brighter,” suggests Mitchell. This budget-friendly circular mirror will fit with any decor and add the space-boosting appearance Mitchell describes. Hang it in your living room, bathroom, or hallway using the included hardware. Its high-definition glass will reflect your space, while the stylish black frame will add modern elegance with almost zero effort on your part.


Use shelving to keep necessary items organized & out of sight

“Use decorative baskets or shelving units to keep necessary items handy but out of sight,” advises Mitchell. This under-sink organizer has two shelves with plenty of room for your bathroom or kitchen essentials. Its durable plastic trays can fit a surprising amount, and stainless steel poles add extra reinforcement for heavier items. They even come with exterior hooks for hanging accessories like scrub brushes.


Organize clutter with these reusable wraps to eliminate the feeling of chaos

Mitchell also notes that clutter adds a feeling of chaos to your space. And nothing says chaos like cords strewn in drawers. Organize them with these self-gripping cable ties. A pack of 40 comes with two lengths for wrapping every cable size you own. Simply loop a tie’s end through the pre-cut hole at the other end and tighten it around the cable. Then, give the cable a neat wrap with the self-gripping strap.


Keep necessary clutter out of sight with a budget-friendly decorative basket

This woven storage basket is large enough to conceal toys, throw blankets, books, and other miscellany (as per Mitchell’s genius suggestion). Its beige and white design seamlessly blends in with all kinds of decor, and it’s also available in gray and green. Its high-quality rope texture looks expensive, which might be why it has amassed nearly perfect ratings.


Keep entryway clutter organized with these clever light switch key holders

“The entryway sets the first impression of your home,” Mitchell explains. Because it sets the tone of your space, you should consider keeping your keys off the table and neatly hung up. These magnetic key racks screw into your outlet plates in just a few seconds. Once up, hang metal keyrings up via the strong magnets. They even hold heavier lanyards up to 3 pounds.


Swap outdated hardware to modernize your space with this option

“Replacing outdated fixtures like cabinet handles, light fixtures, and faucets can modernize a room instantly,” says Mitchell. “This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update your living spaces.” Cabinet handles like these matte cabinet pulls can elevate your space in minutes. They feature a roomy 5-inch pull that looks sleek and is easy to grasp, and they won’t cost an arm and a leg, either. Their budget-conscious, modern design may be why they’ve earned a 4.7-star average rating after over 34,000 reviews.


Add some personality with the expert-selected outdoor sconces

“Every home has a front door light, but most homes don’t use this as an opportunity to display their tastes,” says Josh Rudin, owner of ASAP Restoration LLC. He recommends these outdoor wall sconces that feature a sleek design, which harkens back to vintage looks. They’re made of anti-corrosion aluminum and have toughened glass shades that protect against the elements, so they’ll look great for years. And since they’re compatible with bulbs up to 100 watts, you’ll get plenty of light.


Stick on this indoor sconce to boost your lighting in any room

Rudin’s sconce recommendation can also be great for indoor spaces, like this sleek wall-mounted reading light. The rotating ball base adheres to your wall and attaches to the sconce’s head. Once set up, you can rotate the light for comfortable reading or relaxation. Tap or long press to switch between three color temperature settings and three brightness modes.


Create a cozy outdoor seating area with a hammock chair

An easy way to upgrade your place is to focus on outdoor seating, says Andriy Boyko, seasoned handyman and masonry expert of A.O. Handy Inc. He suggests creating “a cozy outdoor seating area with comfortable furniture and accessories.” This surprisingly budget-friendly hammock chair fits the bill. With a thick, textured fabric seat, reinforced rope, and a sturdy steel bar and hanging mechanism, this chair is sturdy and practical and looks cool to boot. It also has a handy adjustable strap, so you can hang this cozy accent at the perfect height.


Protect cozy outdoor seating with a sun & water shield spray

“Outdoor cushions or throw pillows can add color and comfort to chairs or benches,” says Boyko. Protect those colorful pillows and chairs with this sun and water shield spray so they’ll stay looking great. The one-step treatment provides UV protection (so colors won’t fade in the sun) and water resistance to protect against mildew. It’s designed for any outdoor fabrics, so you can also use it on umbrellas and grill covers.


Enhance your home’s exterior with this easy-to-install solar lighting

Boyko is also a fan of upgrading your home’s curb appeal. “Planting colorful flowers, installing pathway lighting, or updating your mailbox can all contribute to curb appeal,” he says. These solar deck lights will illuminate a railed walkway or stairway and are super easy to install. Just screw them on (hardware is included), and the deck lights will provide up to 10 hours of light each night. A warm-white light offers bright but not harsh illumination, and they look expensive despite their budget-friendly price.


Elevate your kitchen or bathroom with this clever peel-and-stick backsplash

“Installing a tile backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom can instantly elevate the space,” says Boyko. “Choose peel-and-stick tile sheets for easy installation without the need for grout or special tools.” For a classic look, try this peel-and-stick backsplash with a traditional subway tile design. It’s made of durable vinyl that won’t crack or yellow, and its 3D texture mimics a warm white subway tile with black grout. It also features easy labels for where to overlap each adhere-able sheet.


Add these under-cabinet lighting strips for a cool, modern upgrade

According to Luke Kinser, community developer, home renovator, and co-founder of Virginia Builders, a little lighting goes a long way. “You won’t believe the difference a stylish light fixture can make,” says Kinser. “I personally love the LED light strips you can place behind furniture or underneath cabinets — they add a cool, modern flair.” He recommends these under-cabinet light strips with nearly 10 feet of lighting. They easily adhere underneath cabinets, bookshelves, or even behind your TV with pre-installed adhesive backing. Once installed, you can control the light from up to 60 feet away via the remote control, set automatic timers, and adjust the brightness to set the mood.


Use a chic lamp (like this sunset one) to upgrade your room’s aesthetic

“Swapping out old, outdated fixtures for modern pendant lights or chic floor lamps can brighten up your space — literally and figuratively,” says Kinser. Even a small lamp, such as this sunset projection lamp, can upgrade your aesthetic. When plugged in via USB, the lamp projects primary sunset colors onto your wall in a chic, mood-evoking circle. And the lamp’s head rotates up to 180 degrees, so you can get the perfect angle for unwinding or taking some cool photos.


Turn your backyard into a cozy retreat with this mini fire pit

Kinser also thinks small exterior upgrades should matter as much as interior ones. “Simple additions like a set of string lights or a fire pit can turn a backyard into a cozy retreat,” says Kinser. This tabletop fire pit is a simple, budget-friendly addition in line with Kinser’s tip. At under 2 pounds, this ceramic pit features a portable design that can sit on your table. Its nonslip feet keep it steady while clean-burning rubbing alcohol fuels a cozy, smokeless fire.


Conceal cords with this expert-selected & paintable cord hider kit

“If you have overhead light fixtures or wall-mounted TVs, camouflage the cords with a cord cover that you can paint to match your wall cover,” says Nichole Abbott, interior designer at FLOOR360. “This [cord hider kit] comes with connectors and covers so you can cover your cords all the way to your outlets no matter where they are in the room.” Use its 6 different cable channels to route three to four cords down to your outlets and its 13 connector pieces to conceal corners. The hider’s durable PVC is durable and paintable, so you can match it to your wall as per Abbott’s tip for a seamless look.


Install a designer-chosen overhead light to make your room seem bigger

Abbott points to a simple lighting upgrade to make your room look more polished. “An overhead light fixture will draw the eye up, making the room seem more spacious,” she says. She suggests this hanging pendant light, which features a frosted plastic shade connected to a brushed steel shade holder. Its timeless look will match any aesthetic, and its cord is adjustable, so you can hang it from tall or short ceilings. Use a dimmer switch and position it over a desk or reading area.


Get instant privacy with this expandable ivy privacy screen

Bethany Uribe, a division manager and estimator for ASAP Restoration LLC, has a tip for getting the most privacy out of a crowded yard space. “Privacy is worth its weight in gold,” says Uribe, “but fortunately, with a little lattice and some faux vines, you can make a green wall pop up over the weekend for less than $50.” This faux ivy privacy screen is her pick. It features a wooden lattice that expands to nearly 10 by 2 feet, so you can stretch it to fit your yard and secure it with some zip ties. And no matter how much sun you get, it won’t fade — the faux ivy is UV-resistant.