People with messy homes say they wish they'd gotten these genius things sooner

A clean and organized home — minus the effort.

ByRachel Bar-Gadda
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Whether chaos lives in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or living room, there are products to help clean — and people with messy homes say they wish they’d gotten these genius things sooner. Get ready to stock up on space-saving hangers, Swedish dishcloths, or a seemingly magical all-purpose cleaning paste — all just the tip of the iceberg. The sooner you “add to cart,” the sooner those little messes will be an irritation of the past.


A corner shower caddy that declutters the shower floor

Make your shower floor absolutely spacious with the help of this corner shower caddy that can hold up to an impressive 40 pounds. It comes in a pack of two and uses strong and easily mounted self-adhesive to stick to the wall. Made of attractive stainless steel and coated with rustproof black paint, its slats allow water to drain right through so that your bottles dry more quickly post-shower. Numerous hooks are perfect for hanging things like loofahs or razors, and there are even two toothpaste holders included.

One Glowing Review: “I love that the shelf is big enough to hold my 1-liter bottles of shampoo and conditioner and there is still plenty of room for your body wash. It can hold everything you would ever need in the shower. Wish I would have found it sooner!” – Amazon Customer


A water bottle organizer that tidies up chaotic cabinets

If opening your cabinet to grab your reusable water bottle causes an involuntary flinch, it’s time to employ one of these water bottle organizers. They come in sizes that can accommodate anywhere from six to 18 bottles and are made of shatterproof, BPA-free clear plastic. Easily stack them one on top of the other and alternatively use them to store other types of beverages (like sports drinks) in the fridge.

One Glowing Review: “Easy to put together. Strong plastic. No longer have to worry about these falling on me when I open the cupboard. Wish I knew about this sooner.” — Sarah


This ceiling fan duster that cleans efficiently at great heights

Not a mote of dust will escape your clutches with this ceiling fan duster in your mighty hands. It comes with an extendable pole that can reach up to 100 inches (bye-bye ladders) and is attached to a microfiber dust mop that works to trap dirt and dust within its many fibers. Use it on the tops of ceiling fans or any piece of furniture that feels out of reach. Conveniently remove the head to wash and reuse it again and again.

One Glowing Review: “Just love that the duster is easily bendable to fit your needs. You need this duster if you have high ceilings.” — Susan


A pack of Swedish dishcloths that absorb messes over and over again

If you’ve previously been a paper towel devotee, prepare to have your mind blown when it comes to cleaning up messes around the house. These incredible Swedish dishcloths with 51,000-plus reviews are made with an absorbent (and biodegradable) cotton cellulose blend and can absorb up to 20 times their own weight in liquid. They’re reusable up to 100 times as they can be popped in the dishwasher or washing machine for easy cleanup. With 10 cloths coming in every pack, you know you’ll be set for the foreseeable future as these can handle nearly any cleaning job around the house.

One Glowing Review: “I have been using the same one for a month on my dishes and it's still in great condition. Wish I knew about these sooner! Never going back to regular dish sponges!” — Mama on the move


The mounted toothbrush holder that makes your bathroom countertop spacious

This genius mounted toothbrush holder takes all those bathroom supplies and gets them off the crowded countertop and into a clean, contained organizer. It mounts to the wall using strong self-adhesive, no hardware required — and has a top shelf perfect for soap, lotion, brushes, or cosmetic tools. Store cups and up to nine toothbrushes in the provided holders. The handy toothbrush dispenser squeezes out the perfect amount of paste onto your brush.

One Glowing Review: “LOVE this product. My only complaint is that I wish I had ordered it sooner!” — Jenna


These large storage bags for neatly putting away bulky items

Blankets, pillows, comforters, towels — if not contained these items can seriously eat up storage real estate. In this case, enter these large storage bags that act as the perfect solution. They’re made of durable non-woven fabric, feature sturdy handles and zippers, and are large enough to store plenty of towels and bedding. A clear plastic window allows you to see what’s inside and they come in chic neutrals such as gray or black, in addition to a white and gray pattern as well.

One Glowing Review: “I absolutely love these large storage bags. They make fabulous closet organizers and they have the added bonus that they can fold for small space easy storage. I am able to store a large quantity of linens (sheets, blankets, and pillowcases) and have even finally found a place for our oversized beach/pool towels off-season!” — spartamac


An under-sink organizer with two tiers of storage

Messy bathrooms and kitchens will be forever changed when this under-sink organizer enters the scene. It features a slim profile that’s perfect for fitting into narrow spaces and offers two tiers of storage with the bottom tier functioning as a pull-out drawer. It’s a cinch to put together with no tools required. Made of durable ABS plastic, it also comes with four hooks to hang accessories.

One Glowing Review: “I love them. I put two under every sink in my house. I got rid of things I never use. I feel so organized.” — Cara


A versatile pots & pans organizer that can be used vertically or horizontally

Disorganized cookware can often be the number one culprit of messy cabinets — but that will no longer be the case when you utilize this pots and pans organizer with up to eight tiers of storage. Set it up vertically or horizontally to fit in your cabinet or on your countertop with the adjustable dividers making it easy to accommodate your needs. The sturdy iron material provides lots of stability and the rack can also be used to keep your baking sheets or pie pans neatly stored as well.

One Glowing Review: “I love this! it is easy to assemble, best of all it can function how you need it to. The movement of the slots make it easy to put each of the size pans you need in the space. I wish I had bought sooner.” — C Dailey


A microfiber spin mop with a hands-free wringing mechanism

This ingenious microfiber spin mop has a lot of things going for it. In fact, it has garnered over an impressive 146,000 reviews and a high 4.6-star rating as evidence of just that. It comes with a large bucket and built-in wringer that only requires the weight of your foot on the pedal to activate. And because of the mop head’s designs and its millions of strands of microfiber, it can trap dirt and grime effectively using just water and deep cleans corners, baseboards, and beneath furniture. Use it on all types of flooring.

One Glowing Review: “In 54 years of housekeeping I’ve tried sooo many mops. I wish I had found this one much sooner. It is easy to use and does the best job on my floors and baseboards. I especially like that I can control the wetness and it is easy to push across the floor.” — slo.trailrunner


This groove gap cleaning tool for those tight impossible-to-clean spaces

Try as you might there’s always that little bit of grime that’s just impossible to reach with normal cleaning tools. That’s where this clever groove gap cleaner comes in. It’s designed with a narrow brush that’s perfect for getting into small areas like window or shower door tracks in addition to crevices between appliances and countertops. A scraper on the other end assists in dislodging hardened dirt and an ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold.

One Glowing Review: “This tool is amazing! I wish I would have come across it sooner. I clean very dirty and dusty windows with it and it is amazing. Gets in small little cracks that a few other tools I tried just couldn’t get into.” — Lindsay M


These toy organizer baskets that make tidying up a cinch

These clever toy organizer baskets that come in a set of two make it incredibly easy to quickly tidy up floors. They’re made of chic yet durable jute material and, in addition to toys, are perfect for storing throws, pillows, or books. They have strong leather handles on either side and, when not needed, they conveniently fold flat for effortless storage.

One Glowing Review: “I absolutely love these. They are so easy to fold up and move or just grab a handle and go. Are super sturdy. They stand up to all three of my kids hanging over the side looking for toys. Wish I would have found them sooner.” — Amanda Ulmer


A broom holder that holds up to 11 cleaning or gardening tools

Turn your utility closet or gardening shed into an orderly paradise when you mount this broom holder with over 57,000 reviews to your wall. It comes with everything you need for effortless installation and includes five spring-loaded slots to hold rakes, brooms, mops, and other larger tools as well as six hooks to hang accessories. It can manage up to 35 pounds of weight and can even be used outside as it’s fully weatherproof.

One Glowing Review: “We put it up immediately and placed the broom, small vacuum, 2 swiffers, and my mop on it. Flipped the hooks down and hung up the dustpan and cat litter scoop. I love this thing. Everything is so neat now. I wish I had bought it sooner.” — Shawna S


A laundry detergent holder that contains sticky spills

With over 4,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, people clearly love this laundry detergent holder that makes for easy dispensing while preventing any mess. The holder sits atop your washing machine, providing a sloped shelf for your detergent bottle and a strap to hold it in place. Easily dispense the liquid into the cup as the easy-to-clean tray below catches any drips.

One Glowing Review: “I wish I would’ve bought this sooner. Our laundry room area is so much cleaner now. No more soap everywhere from the cap.” — Chelsea Rae’


This damp duster sponge that traps dust instead of moving it around

If dusting to you means simply moving dust from one area to another, you might be tempted to just give up. However, with the right tools such as this reusable damp duster sponge, dusting can feel actually productive. The sponge is activated by water and features special ridges that effectively trap dust, dirt, and grime. It’s perfect for cleaning blinds, baseboards, vents, bookcases, or basically anywhere you find dust. Because it’s compressible, you can use it in tight spaces.

One Glowing Review: “I use this item to clean pet hair off of appliances, countertops and cabinets. Works amazing and cleans up fast. One of my favorite cleaning tools.” — Vika


This turbo mop kit that can both scrub & wash

When it comes to sparkling clean floors, this turbo mop kit comes with everything you could possibly need. In addition to an extendable handle, the kit features a 360-degree rotating mop head to easily navigate around any obstacles, two reusable scrubbing pads to release deep-set dirt, grease, and grime, and two reusable microfiber pads to trap and wash away said dirt. Use the microfiber pads on all kinds of floors from tile to wood to laminate.

One Glowing Review: “This is awesome. I have tile floors & this thing picked up everything, I’m so happy I got this. It’s much more sturdy than I expected & yet glides effortlessly over the floor. [...] Couldn’t be happier with this product, wish I’d gotten it sooner.” — CRP


A set of refrigerator organizer bins that allow you to clearly see & access groceries

These refrigerator organizer bins with over 7,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating are the perfect solution to overcrowded and disorganized fridges that lead to wasted groceries. Each set comes with six shatterproof, clear plastic bins in four different sizes that include two wide bins perfect for produce and meat, two narrow bins suited for condiments, a lidded egg holder that can hold 14 eggs, and a drink holder to store up to nine standard soda cans. In addition to the fridge, these can be used in the freezer, pantry, or wherever a little extra organization is needed.

One Glowing Review: “These are AWESOME! No more yogurt containers getting pushed to the back of the fridge! I can easily pull the items I want out without messing things up or knocking them down [...] I had this in my wishlist for months and I only wish I invested in them sooner.” — Andrea Bai


The magic eraser that disappears literally any household stain

It might feel like sorcery at work when you task this highly rated magic eraser with cleaning your current impossible-to-remove stain. With just a bit of water to activate the eraser, this incredible sponge can handle anything from soap scum and toilet stains to kitchen messes and wall marks. Depending on the types of surfaces you use it on and how hard you scrub, each of the sponges in this 10-pack can be used over and over until it begins to dissolve and crumble.

A Glowing Review: “These work very well at cleaning just about anything. I use very often in the bathroom to get the sink and shower clean. Nothing else like it.” — MDM1971


This slim rolling storage cart that makes perfect use of wasted narrow spaces

This slim rolling storage cart is the perfect item to take advantage of narrow space that would otherwise sit empty. Made of sturdy plastic and available in several colors, it features three tiers perfect for storing anything from cooking oils and spices to bathroom cosmetics and accessories. The four wheels rotate 360 degrees with a handy brake built into each one to keep the cart securely in place if needed. As an added bonus, the tiers can be broken down to a set of two or one and placed underneath cabinets or on countertops.

One Glowing Review: “This has transformed the way my bathroom looks in the best way, I have nothing on my floor & top of my toilet anymore and it really just makes everything look 10x cleaner!! I wish I would have bought this sooner, literally will do wonders for whatever it is you need to keep clean & organized.” — Monika Fia


This all-purpose cleaning paste that polishes surfaces both indoors & outdoors

Over 176,000 people have weighed in on this all-purpose cleaning paste, making it a clear winner when it comes to cleaning surfaces both outside and inside. Made with non-toxic ingredients, this affordable paste can be used on anything from outdoor furniture and glass stove tops to barbecues and bathtubs, bringing each and every surface to an incredible shine. Apply a small amount to a damp cloth, gently scrub the area in question, and wash it away with hot water for a just-like-new result.

One Glowing Review: “Literally mad at myself for keeping this in my wishlist and not just buying sooner.. I’m not even kidding… cleaned my glass stove top and my shower better than actual specific cleaners for each…Wowowowow.” — Leah


A storage bag organizer that makes drawers aesthetically pleasing & functional

Bid farewell to cumbersome cardboard boxes that always end up catching, tearing, and wreaking havoc on your drawers. This storage bag organizer changes all that by providing you with a box made of chic bamboo that features four slots for different-sized bags (snack, sandwich, quart, and gallon). There are even 21 labels included to clearly identify which bag is where. Choose from four different finishes (natural, white, black, and gray).

One Glowing Review: “No more messy half-broken boxes of storage bags. Everything neat and tidy. Should have done this sooner.” — PH


The angry mama microwave cleaner that uses water & vinegar to work its magic

Not only is this microwave cleaner extremely effective, but it’s actually fun to use as well. Fill the “angry mama” with vinegar and water, place her in the microwave, then set the microwave for seven minutes. The vinegar/water mixture will emanate from steam holes in her head, helping to release hardened crud from many past reheats. A simple wipe-down is all it takes to have your microwave looking sparkling clean.

One Glowing Review: “This Angry Mama made cleaning the microwave so easy! I wish I would have known about this sooner. Watching the steam come off the angry mama provides a little extra fun and satisfaction to the task of cleaning the microwave.” — Krystal


A hanging closet organizer with drawers & shelves

If there’s simply not an inch more of available drawer space, turn to this well-reviewed hanging closet organizer that cleverly takes advantage of vertical space. Made of non-woven fabric with attractive contrast trim, it provides you with an ample number of shelves as well as five movable bins. The bins, which can be placed in any configuration you like, consist of two half-size bins, one large bin, as well as two that feature smaller slots that are perfect for storing underwear and socks. Side mesh pockets are the icing on the cake for this game-changing storage solution.

One Glowing Review: “I was surprised with how much I could fit in here. I ended up not even using the max amount of space just because it fit everything I have with room to spare [...] For the price, this is an awesome way to clear up some space and help organize your space.” — Mia P


These bamboo drawer dividers that expand to your dimensions

There’s something about tidy drawers that lends a feeling of success to every morning, not to mention making it 100 times easier to find that exact shirt or pair of socks. Enter these high 4.7-star rated bamboo drawer organizers that come in a pack of four and adjust to your drawer’s dimensions using built-in springs. They can be used in either direction as they extend up to 22 inches and cushioned foam on each end of the divider protects your drawer’s surface. Choose from three finishes (gray, natural, and white) and use them anywhere from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen.

One Glowing Review: “These drawer dividers are perfect. They look clean and classy and adjust to any size you need. Just the thing we needed to organize all of our messy drawers.” — Michele Levesque


A set of stacking basket bins that provide lots of storage within a small footprint

Whether you have fruit cluttering up your kitchen counter or beauty tools taking up precious bathroom real estate, these stacking basket bins are the answer. The baskets are fully adjustable so you can have one, two, or three total if you choose with a built-in bottom tray included as well. Made of sturdy and washable plastic, the woven design allows for proper air circulation, especially great for helping produce last.

One Glowing Review: “It is perfect! Doesn't cost an arm and a leg but gets our produce off the floor or counter. And steady enough to hold a good amount of items.” — Rayna


These small food storage containers perfect for leftovers & meal prep

These ingenious and versatile small food storage containers are perfect for organizing snacks, prepping meals, or storing leftovers. For less than $10, they come in a set of 20 BPA and phthalate-free containers that can be used in both the freezer and the dishwasher. The lids provide a leak-proof seal that makes them additionally great for soups and dressings.

One Glowing Review: “I just love these! [...] These are good quality, cute and functional and have bought them a couple times now. If you pack a lunch and need a dippin' sauce, dressing or a schmear for a bagel, then you need these.” — maggiemay


The battery organizer that arranges loose batteries in an orderly fashion

Bring order to that overflowing junk drawer where all the used and new batteries commingle in chaos. This battery organizer has earned over 19,000 reviews on Amazon and has designated slots to store up to 93 batteries ranging from AAs and AAAs to 9-volts and five-flats. It’s available in five different colors and can easily mount to your garage wall or sit flat in a drawer or cabinet. Best of all, a battery tester is conveniently included to make sure those pesky used batteries don’t end up mixing with the new ones.

One Glowing Review: “I didn't know these organizers even existed until I saw the recommendation from Amazon. I was tired of my batteries rolling around in a drawer and I was never sure if they were fresh or not. This organizer keeps them all together and the tester really comes in handy.” — r0cket73


An over-the-door drying rack that takes advantage of overlooked space

For those with limited space to hang dry clothing or who are tired of large racks taking up much-needed space, this ingenious over-the-door drying rack will be the miracle you’ve been waiting for. As stated, it hangs over the door using two metal hooks and provides you with three tiers made of a breathable mesh that helps clothing dry quickly. It’s especially perfect for drying clothing like sweaters or blouses that need to lay flat to dry. Simply fold it flat against the door when not in use or unhook it completely to be stored in a closet.

One Glowing Review: “I was tired of having a large wooden rack sitting in the middle of our living space as I wait for sweaters to dry. I bought two of these instead, and they have worked great! I know it’s better for sweaters to lay flat instead of hanging, so it’s better for my clothes, too. Wish I had discovered them years ago!” — Elizabeth A.


This kitchen cleaning brush set that addresses every nook & cranny

This kitchen cleaning brush set includes seven different tools to address every kitchen mess no matter how small or large for a thoroughly sparkling result. The set comes with two dish brushes, two groove gap brushes, a scouring pad brush that won’t scratch surfaces, a tile lines brush for immaculate grout, and a bendable cleaning brush to provide a 360-degree shine to rounded edges. Just watch as a consistently clean kitchen is yours with a mere $11 investment.

One Glowing Review: “I absolutely love these brushes. This bundle pack has everything I need from cleaning around [faucets] and drains. This would be a great gift for a new home buyer. Love the quality and sturdiness. Love love love this set! I would buy these again.” — Amazon Customer


A kitchen utensil holder that keeps tools organized with a removable divider

Have your spatula, tongs, and wooden spoon ready and accessible with the help of this kitchen utensil holder that frees up space in overcrowded kitchen drawers. It features a removable divider that provides up to three separate compartments for easy retrieval and is made of lightweight stainless steel with a matte finish. It even spins 360 degrees while a nonslip base keeps it securely on your countertop. Choose from six colors such as mint green, modern lava gray, and inky raven black.

One Glowing Review: “It works perfectly! It was just what I was looking for. It spins 360° and holds a lot of utensils!! The middle piece CAN come out which is a really nice feature! Super easy to clean! Looks sleek and nice in my kitchen [...] Definitely recommend! Idk how I lived without this.” — Ellie


This dryer vent cleaner kit that cleans vents up to 40 feet long

If you’re overwhelmed by the build-up of dryer lint in your vents over many many years, don’t despair. This dryer vent cleaner kit offers efficient cleaning and will get your dryer performing in tip-top shape in no time. The kit comes with a synthetic brush head attached to a flexible rod that can extend up to 40 feet. You can hook up the rod to a power drill to create fast rotation or simply turn by hand to extract years of accumulated lint that’s been trapped in corners or turns of your ducts.

One Glowing Review: “This deal worked great for cleaning put my dryer vent tube! Very excellent! Clothes dry faster now which saves my dryer and electricity! Must have!!” — MDHarmon


A grill cleaning kit that makes grates mess-free

Wipe the slate clean with each new grill session using this grill cleaning kit that’s completely bristle-free. The kit includes a handle made of aircraft-grade aluminum that will keep your hands cool, even if you use it while grilling. The scraper is constructed of stainless steel and features a variety of notches to accommodate round or V-shaped grates. Hang it on your grill by the built-in chain and use it on all kinds of grills from charcoal to infrared to gas.

One Glowing Review: “Cleans grates well. Can use on different size grill grates since has different size notches. Don’t have to worry about brush bristles being left behind since this is solid metal.” — Terri White


A pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner that scours without harsh chemicals

Put away the intense chemical cleaning products, because this pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner only uses the power of nature to do the dirty work. It effectively removes obstinate stains including those caused by hard minerals such as calcium deposits or limescale, all the while being totally non-toxic and odorless. Though able to scour surfaces, it won’t scratch your porcelain and stores easily in the provided storage case with built-in air vents.

One Glowing Review: “I had been scrubbing at black stains in my toilet for weeks, so much so I'd get hand cramps. [...] Got this in the mail today, and all the stains were gone within 5 minutes of me scrubbing. My toilet looks brand new.” — SheShe


The hat organizer that brings order to the closet

Those who love a good hat (you know who you are) know how easily out of control the collection can get. Instead of tossing them haphazardly in the closet or piling them up all on one hook, opt for this ingenious hat organizer that’s designed to neatly store up to 16 hats. It can hang on your closet rod or on a door and features two straps with eight metal clips on each. Securely hang anything from baseball caps to sun hats to cowboy hats and be able to effortlessly access your hat of choice when the need strikes.

One Glowing Review: “One of the best $16 organizer items I ever purchased on Amazon. Wow. Just WOW. [...] It's out of the way yet I can see all my hat choices at a glance now instead of them being stuffing in a drawer. Highly recommended and massive thumbs up!” — Spikelex


A lid organizer that makes it easy to match to the right food container

There’s nothing less fun than spending lots of time searching for the exact right lid for that one food container so you can store your leftovers and get on with your life. Well, feast your eyes on this completely genius lid organizer with over 34,000 reviews that you didn’t know you needed. It comes in several different sizes ranging from small to large (in addition to one that’s expandable) and includes five adjustable dividers to separate different lids, getting them perfectly sorted and easy to grab. Place it in your cabinet or drawer for peace of mind from here on out.

One Glowing Review: “What a great idea! For years I've been struggling with the tops and bottoms of containers. Almost as bad as finding all the mates to my socks. This makes it so much easier and efficient. It's a good use of space and I love feeling organized.” — Pam


The spice rack that perches at the back of your stove

Have your oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper all at arm’s reach when you install this clever spice rack on the back of your stovetop. It installs easily and stays firmly in place with the help of magnetic stickers (not included) and features raised edges to prevent items from toppling over or getting lost behind the oven. It’s available in three sizes (20, 24, and 30 inches) as well as several different finishes such as silver, a blue geometric pattern, and black.

One Glowing Review: “This item helps keep things where I can get to them easily. Looks great too!” — Amazon Customer


An elegant space-saving hanger that makes the most of closet space

This space-saving hanger that comes in a pack of two has so much to offer. It can hold up to five pairs of pants, scarves, jeans, or you name it and, thanks to its movable rod design, it’s easy to put things on or take them off. It can be stored either horizontally for an incredibly neat display or vertically with the second hook dropped down to save major space. And with its beech wood and chrome finish, it’s a surprisingly chic-looking addition to your closet.

One Glowing Review: “They are extremely durable, sturdy and have truly opened up my closet so much. The pants are easy to get off, they do not wrinkle and putting pants back on the rack is so easy.” — Debbie Ryan


These food storage containers with charming chalkboard labels

Whip your pantry into organized shape with this set of food storage containers that come with their own customizable and reusable chalkboard labels. You’ll then be able to easily identify the contents of each container, plus they’ll all look great in their uniform display. Each set includes one tall container, two medium, two small, and two mini containers, all with locking lids to preserve freshness.

One Glowing Review: “These are great. I use lots of different flours in my kitchen. I was tired of messy flour bags everywhere. They help me keep all of my ingredients fresh and organized.” — J. V. Grace


A kitchen sponge holder that keeps your countertop neat & tidy

Sponges, cleaning cloths, dish soap, scrubbers, and brushes all have their designated place on this handy kitchen sponge holder. Made of stainless steel, it’s easy to assemble and includes special compartments for all your cleaning tools. A tray at the bottom catches water and can be removed to empty into the sink, helping to keep the countertop nice and dry. Choose between a black or white finish.

One Glowing Review: “What a handy but cute must have for your sink! I had such a mess going with bottles of soap, hand sanitizer, scrubbers...they were an eyesore. Now, they are all in one place, nice and tidy. There's even a place for the dish rag!” — Momranger2010


This outlet shelf that stores items off the floor or counter without taking up any space

This ingenious little outlet shelf installs underneath the wall plate and provides you with a sturdy surface to store phones, smart devices or speakers, for example. It can hold up to 10 pounds of weight and features a built-in hole that makes it easy to thread the cord directly through. Use it anywhere from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom to keep floors blissfully free of clutter.

One Glowing Review: “This is perfect for space saving! We only have one outlet in our bathroom and this is a great way to put an Alexa dot without taking up space or needing an extension cord. I’m so happy I found this!” — HDL


A plastic bag saver that keeps billowy bags from taking over your cabinets

Instead of losing tons of available cabinet space to voluminous, loose plastic bags, install this plastic bag saver that keeps everything neatly contained. Mount it to the wall or inside of your cabinet with the included hardware and store loose bags by putting them in through the top to easily grab one when needed from the bottom opening. Plus, the brushed stainless steel finish will keep things looking classy.

One Glowing Review: “Before I got this plastic bag organizer, my bags were all over my kitchen pantry making it look like a total mess! But now, every time I come home with a bag, I just put it into this organizer and I feel like my whole kitchen is transformed.” — Leah