People with nice homes on a budget swear by these cheap tricks to make inside & outside your home look good

Give your home a refresh with these clever tricks.

People with nice homes on a budget swear by these cheap tricks to make inside & outside your home lo...
ByRachel Bar-Gadda and Jenny White
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It feels like the internet is overflowing with people who have the nicest, cleanest, most stylish homes. And if you sometimes wonder, “How do they get their spaces to look like that?” you’ve come to the right place. There’s no gatekeeping here: Mic touched base with a bunch of these individuals — from TikTokers to interior designers, and more — to round up tricks that’ll make the inside and outside of your home look better. Best yet, everything can be done with a budget of $60 or less.


Combine style & function with a wooden tray

This wooden serving tray is made of gorgeous acacia and is just the kind of thing that Keely Smith, lead designer at JD Elite Interiors, recommends as an easy way to add refined style to your home. “I'm always on the lookout for versatile, affordable pieces that add visual interest and functionality,” Smith tells Mic. “One of my favorite secret hacks? Wooden trays. Beyond just their outward beauty, trays excel thanks to their timeless material, varied uses, and durability — all key factors when balancing form and function in a space.” Use this tray as a way to set out cocktails and appetizers or as a great way to display living room decor.


Make the most of tight spaces with floating shelves

For creative ways to make a space look good within a small footprint, turn to this Instagrammer with a tiny house Airbnb. They employ floating shelves like these made of paulownia wood to increase storage and double as tasteful decor. Available in a set of four, the shelves are easy to install with the included hardware and can each hold up to 22 pounds. They feature a natural wood grain texture and come in a black, white, brown, and light brown finish.


Save kitchen space with a magnetic knife strip

Follow the example of Instagram’s @shed_tinyhouse and mount this magnetic knife strip to the wall, saying goodbye to bulky knife blocks that take up tons of countertop space in small kitchens. It comes in three sizes (10, 12, and 16 inches) with the magnets strong enough to hold up to your whole knife collection. Plus, it’s made of pine that comes in brown, black, or white to add texture and warmth to your kitchen.


Utilize vertical space with these hanging fruit baskets

Take advantage of vertical space while adding minimalist style with these hanging fruit baskets like the ones featured on @shed_tinyhouse’s Instagram account. The storage solution features three baskets in varying sizes, all attached to a sturdy hook at the top with an iron wire design that helps it not to take up too much visual space. Choose from white, gold, chrome, copper, and green finishes to match your kitchen’s existing look.


Choose an alarm clock that blends in with its surroundings

The digital alarm clock in this Instagram post blends in so well that you might not even notice it. You can achieve the same effect with this stylish digital clock. It features a modern minimalist angular design and allows you to set up to three alarms with a handy weekday mode available. Not only does it tell the time, but it also features the temperature and humidity thanks to a built-in sensor.


Bring life to your home with these stylish hanging planters

Take a page from this TikTok influencer who built their own tiny home in Maine and keep your surfaces uncluttered yet make your space feel lively. These chic hanging planters come in a set of two and include plastic planters to get you started, but they’re also suitable for any favorite 6-inch planter. Made of metal, the hangers feature an elegant, minimalist design that will be sure to spotlight your plant’s beauty.


Save bedside table space with easy-to-install wall sconces

Save space on your bedside table by removing your table lamp and, as demonstrated by, mounting wall sconces instead. This sconce comes in a set of two and doesn’t require a bit of wiring thanks to being battery-operated. It installs on your wall easily using the included mounting brackets with a gooseneck that can be adjusted 180 degrees to get the light where you need it.


Hide store-bought tissue boxes with these rustic wooden covers

As seen in’s bathroom tour, finding ways to create a unified look by matching finishes and textures can go a long way. This tissue box cover does just that by not allowing the store-bought pattern to detract from your bathroom look. Two come in each set and are made of wood in a rustic torched aesthetic. Designed in a cube shape, it slips over the box with a slide-out bottom panel to keep the tissue box in place.


Tidy up your junk drawer with clear organizer bins

If you’re in denial of an out-of-control junk drawer, draw inspiration from this Reddit user who mapped out the space and used clear organizers, like these ones, to create a custom solution. With over 34,000 ratings and 4.7 stars, the organizers come in a set of 25 in four different shapes and sizes to accommodate your supplies. Their clear finish creates a spacious look and small silicone pads are included to help keep the bins in place.


Neatly store linens & other items in these wire baskets

This Reddit user took it upon themselves to clean up their linen closet using matching black baskets for a sleek and clean result. These wire baskets in a black finish will do just the trick and are great for organizing anything from linens to pantry items to bathroom supplies. Made of strong, durable material, they feature built-in handles for easy maneuvering with the added advantage of always being able to see the contents thanks to the open wire design.


Corral small items with a decorative rattan tray

For an easy trick that’ll make a huge difference, Shivani Vyas, interior designer at Studio Vyas, suggests a rattan tray that does double-duty as a “decorative accessory and catchall.” Vyas says, “Place one in the bathroom to corral your hand towels, lotions, or perfumes. Or use it as a serving tray for tea or food.” This gorgeous tray comes in two sizes and features handles on either end for easy carrying. Vyas adds her own experience, saying, “I have a rattan tray on my coffee table ottoman to give our remotes and drinks a place to sit. Plus, rattan is a sustainable and timeless material and it adds a lovely texture to any space.”


Place flowers in these glass hurricane vases to liven up your space

Add vitality to any room of the house with Vyas’ recommendation of glass flower vases. “This set comes in three sizes — and you'd be surprised how a simple glass vase with fresh tulips or hydrangea can instantly liven up any space. It also adds an organic element that makes a space feel fresh and cozy,” Vyas tells Mic. These vases are shaped in the unique, vintage-inspired hurricane style and are great for displaying flowers in all their glory, adding both color and liveliness to your home.


Save cabinet space by displaying pots & pans on this rack

As an excellent way to save cabinet space while taking the opportunity to display your cookware, follow the lead of this Instagrammer. They use a pot and pan rail to hang their copper pots in an aesthetic (and practical) fashion, and this one by Greenco holds up to 22 pounds of weight. Made of sturdy metal, it mounts securely using the included screws and drywall anchors and comes with 15 S-style hooks to hang strainers and cooking tools like spoons and spatulas in addition to your pots.


Use a vertically striped shower curtain to make your bathroom look loftier

Use the trick of vertical stripes employed by @goodboneslondon to give the impression of a taller and more spacious bathroom. Clocking in under $30, this striped shower curtain is the ideal solution as it features delicate stripes on a neutral background. It’s made of natural woven cotton and features tassels at the end for a rustic look. Available in two sizes, choose from seven different styles and machine wash on the cold cycle for easy maintenance.


Keep garbage out of sight yet easily accessible with a pull-out trash can

A pull-out trash can just like this one by Beinline immediately organizes under-sink areas, as demonstrated by this Reddit user. It’s made of sturdy stainless steel with the base mounting easily to the bottom of your cabinet using four screws. The trash can slides out effortlessly and silently with the help of a solid ball-bearing system, and the shelf is adjustable to fit cans 7 to 11 gallons in size.


Create a cohesive gallery wall with black & white prints

Cultivate a sleek look by creating a black-and-white gallery wall — as seen in this post by Instagrammer @budgethomeinteriordesign — using these framed canvas prints. They come in a set of four in modern black frames and feature serene scenes of boats, beaches, sand, and sky. Thin acrylic protects the print and they come ready to hang in any orientation with a built-in hook.


Add depth & dimension with a plant stand

The same post by @budgethomeinteriordesign also features another design trick that adds style and height variation — a plant stand. This one is made of metal in a black finish and is designed in a classic mid-century modern style. Able to accommodate pots up to 10 inches in diameter, it helps get plants off the ground and gives your greenery a lift. It’s also available in black walnut and bamboo wood.


Create the look of wallpaper with these peel & stick decals

The bedroom aesthetic that you see in this post by @budgethomeinteriordesign features modernist walls — a look that can be achieved instantly using these peel-and-stick decals. Each decal features three modernist lines that seem expressively hand-painted with 14 colors on offer such as black, teal, and yellow. They come in a set of 120, measuring 5 inches each, and are made with a matte, waterproof finish, making them great for the bathroom as well as the bedroom.


Store essentials & display decor with a macrame hanging shelf

This macrame hanging shelf can be used to store bathroom supplies or display gorgeous plants, and you can see a similar effect by @budgethomeinteriordesign. With your choice of two or three wooden planks in a torched finish, the beautiful macrame lends an eclectic, artsy style and attaches to the wall using large rings. Choose from beige, black, or brown to best match your bathroom aesthetic.


Energize your space with this geometric wallpaper

Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and CEO of Arsight, offers the clever trick of geometrically patterned removable wallpaper as a budget-friendly way to upgrade your home quickly. “This allows homeowners to experiment with bold designs without long-term commitment. Geometric patterns, in particular, can energize a space and provide a contemporary touch,” Kropovinsky tells Mic.

This peel-and-stick wallpaper features an abstract, Art Deco-inspired pattern that serves perfectly as an accent wall. It includes a grid on the back for custom trimming and is easy to install and remove. Made of thick vinyl, it’s made with a matte finish and can be used on furniture as well as walls.


Or try this peel & stick wallpaper in a green geometric pattern

Per Kropovinsky’s recommendation and as another more colorful option, this peel-and-stick wallpaper offers a different geometric pattern in a warm green. Easily cut it to size, remove the adhesive, and apply it to a clean, smooth surface, whether that be your bedroom wall or the top of a side table. Plus, with easy removability, you can adjust or repair it if there are any mistakes in the positioning.


Update your doors with an elegant black knob

Founder and COO of The Organized You, Heather Aiello, suggests changing out hardware as “an easy way to update kitchen cabinets, dressers, or doors in your home.” She recommends this black door knob as one such easy swap as it instantly lends a more elegant look. It’s easy to install and can be used on both left and right-handed standard doors with durable metal parts that ensure a secure and long-lasting fit.


Give drawers a sleek look with a set of gold dresser knobs

With a high 4.7-star rating, these gold dresser knobs serve as another great way to update your furniture per Aiello’s advice. They come in a pack of 10 and are made of solid zinc alloy with a brushed brass finish to withstand lots of use. Simply screw them in to see your dresser instantly looking more refined and refreshed.


Increase curb appeal with a modern doormat

Aiello draws attention to simple ways to increase curb appeal to make your home feel nicer while staying on budget. “This could be either a new front door mat or getting some new updated planters near your front door,” Aiello tells Mic. “Both options are an easy way to give your entryway a refresh.”

This doormat is made of durable coconut coir which can trap mud, dirt, and water, while appearing chic with the large “Welcome” written on the front, surrounded by a black outline. It’s easy to clean with a shake or the vacuum and a rubber backing helps keep it firmly in place.


Refresh your entryway with a set of tall planters

These tall planters are a great way of adding style to the entryway area, as Aeillo recommends. They come in a set of two and measure 18 inches high while remaining within a small footprint, width-wise. Made of lightweight plastic, they feature a textured black finish and come with a convenient inner planter complete with removable handles and drainage holes.


Corral clutter in your yard with this roomy deck box

If you have an excess amount of stuff in your yard (like gardening tools, outdoor pillows, yard games, and more), Aiello is a proponent of using this deck box “to corral all of your belongings making the outside of your home more tidy.” It has a 71-gallon capacity to accommodate a lot of stuff and it’s made from a weather-resistant polypropylene that won’t peel or age like wood.


Choose a toilet paper holder with a design twist

This TikTok influencer is a fan of choosing everyday items with a design twist. And this toilet paper holder is a good example of this. It functions just like a regular toilet paper holder, but it’s made from beechwood and thick artificial leather to bring a natural feel to any bathroom. There are two installation options included, one of which doesn’t require drilling.


Or merge form & function with this wooden toilet paper holder

This wooden toilet paper holder is another product that combines form and function. It has a built-in metal bar to hold a roll of toilet paper during use and also a separate spot to stash an extra roll. Plus, the shelf on top is ideal for useful items that you’d want in reach (like flushable wipes) or even decor.


Change out plain light switch plates for design-forward ones

Don’t settle for boring light switch plates: Make the swap to these cool ceramic ones to infuse a little extra style in any room in your house via an everyday item. The smooth finish feels modern and sleek and various sizes can be found in the listing.


Or create a vintage vibe with this Victorian light switch cover

For a vintage vibe, install this Victorian light switch cover — it looks grand and certainly meets the criteria of adding an everyday item with a design twist. Constructed from brass, the switch plate is solid and built to last. This is the timeless bronze finish, but other finishes can be purchased via the listing.


Swap ordinary salt & pepper shakers with this sleek set

@intayriors explains that one small area that you can bring in a bit of style is with your salt and pepper shakers. Made from stainless steel (in a luxe gold finish) and oak wood, this sleek set will look nice displayed on your kitchen table or countertops, but they function well, too. Fill one with salt and the other with pepper, which twists easily to grind it up.


Or grab these modern salt & pepper shakers for an everyday upgrade

These salt and pepper shakers are another set to consider to implement the idea of changing out the items you use on a daily basis with more stylish alternatives. The body of the shakers is made from clear glass — for a fresh feel but also functionality’s sake — and the wooden oak stoppers on top cover up the holes until it’s time to shake out the seasoning.


Fill large blank spaces with one sizable plant

This TikTok influencer is a fan of using large plants in a home since they deliver an organic feel and fill empty spaces well. This artificial eucalyptus tree looks realistic with detailed leaves that can be shaped as desired. It stands at around 4 feet tall, though other heights can be found in the listing.


Or choose this large-scale bird of paradise tree

A faux plant no-no according to @intayriors? She says to avoid filling an area with a bunch of smaller plants, which can make it feel cluttered. Instead, treat a plant like you would a piece of furniture or artwork, choosing one that’s appropriate in scale for the room. This faux bird of paradise tree is about 5 feet tall with large textured leaves (with shapeable inner metal wires) that’ll take up a lot of visual space.


Use the complementary colors green & red to add instant style

While red and green might remind you of a certain holiday, this TikTok influencer says to not shy away from this complementary color combination for year-round decor. This area rug features these shades and it’s made from a machine-washable material. Plus, the nonslip backing prevents it from sliding around. A range of size options can be purchased via the listing.


Incorporate a pop of orange to boost your aesthetic

TikToker @intayriors argues that adding a touch of orange to a room is a way to add instant style. And this fleece blanket is a simple way to do so — you can drape it over a bed, chair, or couch to have it on display. It’s made from fuzzy microfiber for a soft and cozy feel, yet it’s lightweight enough for year-round enjoyment.


Or display these modern orange vases

Another way to bring orange into a space? This pair of vases. They’re bright in color (with a sleek matte finish) and modern by design thanks to the hollowed-out centers. Display them as-is or fill them with greenery.


Add an element of vibrant cobalt blue into any color scheme

Not an orange fan? No problem. This TikTok influencer says that cobalt blue items work in any space because the color is bold enough to make a statement on its own. To incorporate this tip, grab these flameless candles. Each of the three candles features a 3-D wick that flickers to mimic the real thing. Powered by AA batteries, they come with a remote for tweaking the brightness and setting a timer.


Or utilize these cobalt apothecary jars in a bathroom

To incorporate cobalt blue on a smaller scale, grab these acrylic apothecary jars. They’re ideal for a bathroom with a 12-ounce capacity for must-haves like cotton rounds, hair ties, floss picks, and more. Each of the six jars comes with a coordinating lid.


Or place this modern cobalt lamp on a nightstand or side table

This modern lamp is ideal for a nightstand or side table, incorporating a vivid cobalt hue in any space. The base of the lamp is wrapped in faux leather and the white fabric shade rounds out the clean look. Another cool element? The lamp has a built-in USB port on the side for convenient charging of your electronics.


Modernize a kitchen with these easy-to-install adhesive tiles

Melanie Summers, a professional organizer and the founder of I Speak Organized, explains that you don’t have to do a massive (and costly) remodel in your kitchen to change up the look. She recommends putting up peel-and-stick tiles like these, which are “perfect for updating backsplashes [...] on a dime and are super easy to install.” This 10-pack of 3-D tiles is waterproof and heat resistant. Choose from a few shades and sizes in the listing.


Illuminate outdoor areas with these solar-powered lights

Add lighting and charm to areas like your garden, flower beds, or pathways with these solar-powered lights. “They're environmentally friendly, simple to set up, and bring a lovely glow to your outdoor space,” notes Summers. The eight lights get charged by the sun during the day, then flip on automatically once it's dark. They’ll last for up to 12 hours on a full charge.


Buy oversize inserts for your pillow covers for a plush look & feel

Content creator for A House To Homey Megan Olivotti cautions against buying a pillow insert that’s the exact same size as the pillow cover you’re using, recommending a 4-inch difference between the two. “For example, use a 20-inch throw pillow with a 24-inch down/down alternative pillow insert,” she explains. This creates a “super lush pillow that looks like it came off a showroom floor,” she adds. These 24-inch pillow inserts feature a 3-D filling that is soft and comfortable.


And utilize these cotton pillow covers that are available in lots of shades

Don’t have pillow covers for the above inserts? These 20-inch waffle-weave ones look and feel high-end (they’re made from super soft 100% cotton) and they’re sized to work well with the inserts above to follow Olivotti’s recommendation. Many colors are available in the listing (from neutrals to vibrant hues) to match your style.


Make a bathroom seem larger by hanging 2 shower curtains close to the ceiling

A trick Olivotti has for making your bathroom nicer? Grab a long shower curtain and hang it as close to the ceiling as possible. Another idea she suggests is using two curtains, saying, “[I] leave them open with one on each side. [...] It results in a more styled and larger feeling bathroom,” she notes. Made from polyester, the 84-inch-long shower curtain is waterproof and machine washable. It’s also available in a 96-inch length in the listing.


And switch to this matte black shower curtain rod for a contemporary edge

To follow Olivotti’s prior suggestion, you’ll need a shower curtain rod. And this particular one is made from stainless steel for durability and it adjusts from 32 to 80 inches in length to work in most spaces. The matte black finish and clean lines give it a contemporary feel.


Transfer liquids like soap or mouthwash into these luxe glass dispensing bottles

To round out your bathroom’s upgrade, Olivotti says to utilize uniform dispensing bottles for hand soap, mouthwash, lotion, and other products. The two 16.9-ounce bottles are made from recycled glass with golden pumps on top. Fill them up using the included funnel and stick on the 12 printed labels if desired.


Hang these velvet curtains close to the ceiling to make a room appear bigger

“A common mistake I see in homes are curtains that are hung too low,” indicates Olivotti. To fix this, grab these long velvet curtains (available in heights ranging from 63 to 108 inches) and hang them as close to the ceiling as you can. “Your room will feel 10 times bigger,” she adds. The curtains offer insulation against extreme temperatures, block out up to 80% of light, and reduce noise overall.


Spray down your shower daily with a cleaner to keep it in top shape

Every time you take a shower, Olivotti recommends spraying down the entire area with a no-scrub product like this one to keep the area in better shape between deep cleans. The cleaner prevents the buildup of soap scum, mildew, and other grime. Included are a 32-ounce spray bottle, plus a 60-ounce refill bottle.


Eliminate stains with this spot remover that’s the “holy grail” of cleaners

Olivotti refers to this spot remover as “a holy-grail item in our home.” She says that she uses it on spills and stains both big and small, adding that it has “kept us from having to deep clean any of our upholstered items so far!” The water-based formulation is safe to use on carpets, upholstery, or any material that can be dampened with water. The set comes with two 32-ounce bottles of product, plus two microfiber cleaning cloths.