People with well-behaved cats (who used to be naughty) swear by these genius things

A kinder, gentler kitty awaits you.

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Cats are the sweetest and snuggliest of companions — but they can be real divas, too. You're not alone if you're struggling to curb your kitty's unwanted behavior; many cat owners have trodden the shredded-couch-lined path ahead of you. Thankfully you can benefit from their experience and recommendations. There are many items out there that can help you sweeten the kitty — that is, take a naughty cat and lovingly put them back on their best behavior.

Everything on this list is the cat's pajamas, from delicious treats for paws-itive reinforcement to herb-infused toys that improve catitude to grooming products that make them feel paws-ome.


This catnip alternative for a calmer kitty

You're not like a regular pet parent; you're a cool pet parent. If your fur baby wants to experiment with catnip, you'll do them one better and get them a couple of grams of silvervine powder. Stronger than catnip, it's all-natural, safe, healthy, and sustainably sourced. One reviewer says it's “Better than catnip for my cat [...] He doesn't care for catnip or boxes. But this stuff made him go nutsy. Highly recommend it, especially if your kitty doesn't react to catnip.”


A pack of transparent couch protectors

If your feline friend manages to skip a manicure appointment, they might take matters into their own paws. This couch protector not only protects against wayward claws, it actively discourages your kitty from using your sofa as an Emory board. Coming in a pack of six, these tough, flexible shields are made of transparent plastic, so they blend seamlessly with your furniture. They’re easy to install and effortlessly adhere to your couch with their own adhesive, or you can use the included twist pins. One reviewer confirms: “These shields were easy to install and have deterred my cats from scratching the furniture.”


A meowth-watering grass-growing kit

Lots of cats munch on houseplants — not exactly your favorite thing about your kitty. This organic cat grass growing kit adds essential nutrients to your cats’ diet, including vitamin A-K, and is so delicious they won’t want to chew on your other houseplants. The kit includes three grow bags, soil disks, organic seeds for planting edible grass, and simple, easy-to-follow instructions. This reviewer attests: “I purchased this with the intention of keeping our greens-obsessed kitten away from my other plants, and it so far has been 100% successful.”


A battery-operated cat toy so you can finally get some work done

As much as you may want to, it's impossible to play with your cat 24/7. So keep your kitty entertained while otherwise occupied with this interactive cat toy. It's battery-operated and easily installed onto any table in minutes, where it will randomly lift and lower the attached cat toy, stimulating your cat's natural hunting behaviors. It comes with a gray fur-ball attachment and a feather toy attachment, so your cat has their choice of prey. One happy reviewer calls it the "perfect kitten toy" and states, "As a kitten, he has more energy than you can imagine. So having this toy to help drain that energy is perfect."


A waterless shampoo that cleanses their fur

Anyone who's ever tried to bathe a cat knows it is not a fun time. Spare everyone the nightmare, and keep your kitty fresh and clean with this waterless shampoo. It naturally cleanses and deodorizes, nourishing skin and boosting shine. Free of fragrances, sulfates, and harsh chemicals, this formula is pH-balanced and veterinarian recommended. One reviewer reports that this spray "made bath time fun instead of the usual struggle".


These catnip-infused treats that aid in digestion

Picky eaters needing extra vitamins won’t be able to resist these crunchy catnip-infused treats. Made with real chicken, sweet potatoes, and catnip, these are formulated with pre and probiotics to support your cat’s health. “My two finicky cats actually beg for this treat,” shares one reviewer. “I'm happy with it because it also seems to be helping them in their cat box and with hairballs.”


A wool cave your cat will find irresistible

No kitty can resist the tantalizing allure of this wool cat cave. The interior surface is warm and cozy and it feels so safe in there. Give them a fun place to chill out when they’re feeling anxious or naughty. “My kitty LOVES this!” said one reviewer. “I look in here now when I can’t find him. It’s plenty big enough for him to move around in but it’s also a cozy place to hide or sleep.”


These stainless steel nail scissors for stress-free grooming

Untrimmed claws can wreak havoc on furniture and flesh — whether accidental or intentional, cat scratches hurt. Protect your couch and skin from damage with these cat nail scissors. The high-grade stainless-steel blade is sharp enough to cut through nails without breakage and has a convenient semi-circular indentation at the tip that allows you to see the portion of the nail you are cutting, so you can avoid hitting the quick and hurting your pet. They have a comfortable, anti-slip handle and are recommended by professionals.

One reviewer wrote: “Great nail trimmer for cats and Guinea pigs. I work at a vet clinic and these are by far the best nail trimmers I have found. Would highly recommend! Worth the money!”


This plush bed your cat won’t want to leave

If your cat has claimed your bed as their own, leaving you curled up and cramped on the edge of the mattress, offer them something better with this calming cat bed. The wraparound design is made with cozy, ultra-soft plush and orthopedic memory foam, which contours comfortably to your cat’s body and adjusts to body heat. It’s durable, machine washable — basically everything you want in a cat bed.

One reviewer glows: “My cat who literally hates everything, I’m pretty sure even us…loves this bed!!”


These big-buttoned training clickers

Pavlovian responses aren’t limited to dogs — contrary to popular belief, you CAN train cats if you have the right equipment. This two-pack of training clickers has over 20,000 reviews and is lightweight and ergonomically designed to fit in your hand comfortably. It even has a handy elastic strap to slip over your wrist or clip to your pants. One reviewer documents her success: “I use this on my cat and it has stopped me from having to run after her when she slips out the door. [...] Click click and then treat this makes my cat fly threw the air to come when I call her.”


These all-natural pills that promote healthy skin

Nobody likes being itchy, and cats are just as prone to allergies and skin irritation as humans. So address itch-provoking problems at the root with this all-natural allergy relief medication. The tiny pills are odorless, leave no bad taste, and dissolve quickly, so hiding them in food is easy. These homeopathic supplements are all-natural, with no artificial ingredients or gluten, and work to relieve allergic dermatitis, dry skin, swelling, patchy coat, hot spots, and shedding.

According to this reviewer, they’re fast-acting too: “My little cat Sarah had bumps all over her and was itching constantly 24 hours a day she was suffering and couldn’t sleep and was keeping me awake at night, I’ve tried everything and finally found this [...] I can’t believe this but it’s an absolute miracle!”


A brush for detangling a matted coat

If someone yanked painfully on my hair, I'd take a swipe at them, so can you blame your cat for doing the same? This pin brush is a must-have for combing through your kitty's curls without hurting them — each wire bristle has a rounded tip to make it safe on your pet's sensitive skin, and the handle has an anti-slip handle and a thumb rest to give you full control, meaning there will be no accidental tugging.

One reviewer's life was made much easier with this brush: "This brush is great for gently combing and removing knots on my cat, he doesn't fight me when I brush him."


This mat that prevents your cat from tracking litter all through the house

If the sight of kitty litter tracked through your house makes you want to cry, you need this litter-trapping mat. Made of durable mesh material that's soft on paws, the litter falls from the cat's feet and is trapped in the mesh. It's easy to shake or vacuum clean, and it was an anti-slip, waterproof bottom that holds it in place. It comes in four colors and acts like a beautiful welcome mat to your cat's litter box. One reviewer gushes: "I've FINALLY found a mat that stops my 4 cats from tracking litter all over my house!!!!!"


These hair-removing gloves so you can pet & brush at the same time

If the hairbrush is your cat’s sworn nemesis, you can be sneaky about grooming them with these pet hair remover gloves. Completely covered in bristles, they allow you to lull your cat into thinking they’re in for a nice petting session while, in fact, you are brushing and detangling their coat. Perfect for grooming, de-shedding, and bathing, your cat will be tangle-free. “I have 4 cats and they all love being groomed now!” writes one reviewer. “They use to hate the brush! I recommend this to anyone who has cats!”


A carrying sling so you can cuddle close with your hands free

Some fur babies need a lot of cuddling and will act out if they don't get it. This sling carrier is perfect for when you want to keep your cat close but need to have your hands free. Made of soft, breathable, and easily washable material, it holds up to 12 pounds and has a security clasp to keep your pet from jumping out. One reviewer says, "My cat loves it and falls asleep in it while I'm working from home this keeps him from walking on my keyboard."


This water fountain that provides fresh water

Cats demand the very best (and honestly, they deserve it). Who would settle for still water when they could have a fresh-flowing water fountain? Made of food-grade stainless steel, it's scratch-resistant, with a quiet pump that ensures your cat has fresh water 24/7 while its filter removes odors, hair, and other impurities from water.

One reviewer attests to its brilliance: "[...] I originally got it for one of our cats who never seemed to be satisfied with the water in their water bowls. She was the first to embrace the fountain (as soon as I got it set up, as a matter of fact) and we've never looked back.”


A slow-feeder lickmat to help prevent an upset tummy

If your feline goes feral at mealtime, guzzling food faster than is good for them, you may need this slow-feeder lick mat. Made of non-toxic food-grade TPR, it's designed to promote slow, stress-free feeding that keeps your pet entertained for longer and may reduce the chances of an upset tummy. In addition, it's freezer and microwave safe and environmentally friendly.

One happy reviewer reports: "I bought two, and boy was it worth it. I have one cat, the scarfs and barfs, and another cat that takes their time, but by the time that my other cat is done scarfing it goes to the other plate and bullying my cat into being 'done early'. This mat has given my scarf and barf cat more time to enjoy with all the grooves for boredom and slow her down enough to give my other cat time to eat."


This deterrent spray that stops your cat scratching your floors

Curtains, plants, furniture, floors, and even doorways — nothing is safe from a kitty's claws. This deterrent spray is made with naturally derived, safe ingredients like lemongrass and rosemary oil — scents that smell great to us humans but awful to your cat. Shake and spray it on desired areas to safely and effectively deter scratching.

This reviewer attests to its effectiveness: "It SEEMED like it was working, but I wasn't 100% positive until my cat stared scratching scratching something I hadn't sprayed. I shooed him away and sprayed the spot right away. He came back, sniffed it, and stared at me resentfully. I pointed out the enormous cat tree palace in the corner of the living room and he went over right away and started scratching.”


An automatic food dispenser that saves you from being nagged

If you're awoken long before your alarm goes off by plaintive yowls demanding breakfast, you need this automatic feeder in your life. You can easily program customized feeding plans for your pet, scheduling precise portion control of up to six meals a day. The granary-style feeder locks in freshness, and a clear window shows the remaining food level. You can even record a personalized voice message telling your cat it's dinnertime.

One happy customer says: "I bought this autofeeder for my cat out of desperation. She meows incessantly for 45 minutes or more before meal times […] I've only had this feeder for a couple days but so far it is working great!”


This raised feeding bowl that grows its own side salad

If your cat is making a meal of your houseplants, offer them a tasty alternative with this sleek and sophisticated raised feeding tray. The ergonomic elevated tray supports your cats’ neck and spine and is designed to grow a nutritious blend of delicious cat-friendly grasses alongside their food bowls. The included ceramic bowls are dishwasher-safe and wide enough for whiskers.

One reviewer attests: “[...] one of my little guys really loves eating the house plants. […] my little plant eater loves this thing. I would definitely recommend if you have the same problem I have had with my kitty.”


A giant set of literally dozens of toys

Idle paws are the devil’s playground, and a bored kitten is a destructive kitten. Keep your bundle of energetic destruction occupied and entertained with this set of 31 cat toys. This set has everything a cat could want; if it crinkles, jingles, wiggles or rolls, this set has got it. There’s even a tunnel, and it comes with a bag to hold them all in. “My cat and kitten were getting into mischief due to boredom,” one reviewer shares. “Now that’s not the case. They’re constantly playing with these QUALITY toys!”


This window hammock that gives curious cats a bird’s eye view

If you’re tripping over your cat because they refuse to leave the perfect sunbeam in the middle of the floor, set everyone up for success with this window hammock: they get a comfy place with perfect sunbeam access, and you get a cat-free floor. It’s super easy to install, with a suction-cup mounting system that holds up to 50 pounds. It has a soft fleece covering that’s machine washable. One reviewer calls this their cat’s “happy place” saying, “He crosses his paws, relaxes, and catnaps the day away.”


This cat pad that adjusts to your pet’s body temperature

This thermal pet bed reflects and retains your pet’s body heat to keep them cozy and warm. With soft fleece on one side and a smooth plush on the other, it’s reversible, machine-washable, and the perfect nap spot on a chilly day. This reviewer used it to comfort his worn-out kitty: “Sir Thomas is a stray, roaming the neighborhood; came up missing for a few days; when he did return, he had been in a fight. I brought out the new (still in box) thermal cat mat-pad [...] This fellow didn’t hesitate; it’s as if his name was on it, got right in, laid down and was out like a light.”


This kitty scratching post equivalent of a luxury condo

We all need a break sometimes. If you find your cat hiding in the linen closet, give them their hideaway with this scratching post with attached condo. It has a cozy, plush-lined cave for them, two scratching posts, and multiple "outside" platforms for them to relax on. It even comes with a dangling fuzzy toy for their entertainment.

One reviewer reports, "Our cats were scratching up the carpet on our staircase, so we needed something for them. I find them in the hideout all the time and I'm so happy I chose this!”


A puzzle toy that keeps your cat engaged

We all know what curiosity does to a cat — so keep your furry friend safely engaged and entertained for hours on end with this interactive puzzle box. Put their favorite toy or treat inside and watch as three inner sliding boxes continually change the puzzle, stimulating and challenging your cat’s natural foraging instincts. It’s veterinarian-recommended to slow eating as well. “When he is particularly wild and zooming and jumping on us or anything we happen to be working on, we put treats in his Cat Amazing box and leave him to it,” writes one reviewer. “It keeps him occupied and active for long periods of time, and keeps us entertained watching his efforts.”


These calming collars that can lessen anxiety

Whether it's a thunderstorm, a trip to the vet, fireworks, or introducing a new family member, some situations make cats anxious, leading them to act out. These calming collars release soothing pheromones to help keep your kitty happy and relaxed, encouraging positive behavior. Flexible, comfortable, and adjustable, they are water-resistant and long-lasting, with one pack of four collars lasting up to 120 days.

I have three indoor cats and they are all males, my oldest is a bit on the anxious side,” shares one reviewer. “These collars calmed him down, lessened the amount of ‘fighting’ between my boys, and stopped his less-than-desirable habits.”


This durable banana that’s stuffed to the brim with catnip

With over 20,000 five-star ratings, this catnip toy is truly the top banana. It has no fluff for filler — just 100% organic catnip, so you’re getting some real bang for your buck. It’s durable (and from how reviewers say their cats get into it, it needs to be!) and its size and shape make it perfect for popular cat behaviors like nuzzling and bunny-kicking. One reviewer raves: “We have tried them all, and the banana is the paws-down favorite.”


A sleek, modern scratch pad that’s made from recycled cardboard

Scratching is as natural as breathing to cats. You can't stop a cat from scratching, but you can redirect its energy. This cat scratcher is denser and more robust than most competitors, mimicking tree bark. Made from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, it's double-sided, not to mention quite fashionable. This reviewer says "I've had problems with a couple of mine scratching on the carpeting instead of their trees/poles and other toys. So I got this in hopes that the 2 that usually went after my carpet would use this instead and not only did it work but they love it!


This interactive toy that flops like a real fish

If your cat stares at you disdainfully each time you wave a feathered wand in front of their face, it's time to get fish-ical with this flopping fish toy. An automatic motion sensor makes this rechargeable fish flop and wiggle realistically every time it's touched, and it even comes with a pouch of enticing catnip and silvervine to get them engaged.

“He gets so bored in the winter and wanders around aimlessly whining about how boring his life is,” one reviewer shares. “We're into day 3 now and this fish has become his best friend.”


A bottle of mood-boosting & joint-supporting hemp oil

This hemp oil is good for both the body and mind; it not only can help anxiety, promote sleep, and boost the mood of your pet, but it can also support muscle, hip, and joint health. It’s gluten-free and non-GMO, containing omega 3, 6, and 9, and vitamins B and E.

One reviewer reports that the product really helped their cat: “She really didn’t seem to like being in our home: hid all the time, didn’t like to be touched or even looked at, super stressed all the time. We decided to try this as a last ditch effort and I’m sooo glad we did!”