45 popular home improvements people are making for under $40 on Amazon

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You don’t have to knock down the walls or get all-new furniture to make a dramatic change to your home. The smallest shifts, even something as simple as upgrading your pillows, can make a huge difference in how you use and perceive your space. And the even better thing is that it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Some of the most popular (and easiest) home improvement endeavors will set you back less than a dinner out. Whether you’re looking to breathe new life into an overlooked area of your home, extend the life of your belongings, or add functionality to everyday objects, you’re in the right place.

Not only are these 45 home improvement projects easy on the budget, they’re also easy on the manual labor. Some may require a simple toolkit, but beyond that, everything you need should be included in the Amazon box on your doorstep. Even the more labor intensive projects, like installing this rain shower head, are relatively simple and quick.

But there’s something for all skill levels here, whether you’re looking to take charge of your desk electronics with these cable clips or create a fun accent wall using this print peel and stick wallpaper. Keep reading for some home improvement inspiration that won’t break your bank account or your brain.


A pack of stylish racks that turns any cabinet into a towel bar in seconds

If there’s no obvious place to put a hand towel in your kitchen or bathroom, try this over-the-cabinet towel bar rack. The pack of two steel racks slide over most standard cabinets and drawers without damaging them — no tools or handyman skills required. These racks come in a variety of finishes to match the cabinet hardware in your home.


An easy-to-install grip pad that prevents rug slippage

Slippery rugs are an obvious safety hazard, so keep them in place using this rug pad grip. The non-adhesive pad sits hidden beneath various sizes of sizes, preventing them from bunching, slipping, and damage. This simple but effective gripper is easy to install, which is why it has over 22,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


An easy doorbell upgrade that doesn’t require wires

Replace your doorbell without the hassle of wires, pairing, or hiring an electrician — all you need is this wireless doorbell system, which works straight out of the box. It uses high-frequency, anti-interference technology, and the receiver can work up to 1000 feet away from the bell. It’s also weatherproof, and can withstand fire and temperatures from -4 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s safe in the ele. This doorbell is fun, too, it has nearly 60 songs to choose from as a chime.


These markers that breathe new life into wooden floors & furniture

Over time, your wood furniture and floors can take a beating, leaving them with scratches and scuffs that can be expensive to repair. One easy solution is to use these wood-toned markers to fill in these scratches and make it look like they never happened. The set comes with six shades from maple to espresso and they work on hardwood and laminate floors, furniture, and cabinets, so you’re sure to find a use for them throughout your home, extending the life of your belongings.


This peel & stick wallpaper for an instant, low-effort backsplash

No backsplash? No problem. These peel and stick wall tiles give the effect of real tiling without the expense, labor, or permanence. Made from an eco-friendly material that’s resistant to heat and moisture, these tiles install easily in any kitchen or bathroom. No special tools are required, and once you’re ready for a new look, they’re easy to peel off and start over.


These genius silicone caps that stop furniture from scratching your floors

Just by installing these silicone chair leg covers, you can save your floors from scratches and dents before they happen. They’re barely noticeable, easy to put on square and circular legs, and don’t damage your furniture at all. There are no nails or adhesive – just slide a cover over each of the chair legs, and be on your merry way. The felt padding on the bottom will do the rest.


A pack of motion-sensing lights that have endless uses

Adding a little extra light to those weird dark spots in your home is as easy as installing these motion-sensitive LED lights. These can be used for closets, staircases, garages, basements, hallways, and so many other places. They turn on automatically when motion is detected within 10 feet, and off again after a lack of activity. They’re battery-powered, with over 100 hours of use. Plus, they’re easy to install thanks to the included adhesive and screws.


A 3-pack of convenient cable clips to keep your chargers organized

Between your phone, laptop, headphones, and other devices, you might be struggling to keep all your charging cords organized throughout the day. This pack of cable clips is here to help. Each one has 11 slots to thread cords through, and clamps them securely in place. The plastic clamp can stick to any flat surface with adhesive, keeping them conveniently in reach and in line when you need them.


A set of door handle covers to protect appliances from dirty hands

Save your beautiful appliances from oily fingerprints and sticky substances with these handle covers. No fingerprints or food will be left behind, saving you time on cleaning. This set of five covers all have velcro fastenings, and fit appliances like your fridge, oven, freezer, and microwave. They’re made from a soft, long-lasting, and double-sided material that’s machine washable.


A fold-up mat that covers your sink for additional bathroom counter space

As a beauty lover, I know the struggle of trying to put on makeup or do my skincare in a bathroom with almost no counter space. Luckily, there’s this foldable bathroom sink cover that turns the sink itself into a usable surface for all your getting ready items. The silicone mat is slip-resistant, and you can still access the tap as needed with the handy cut-out. And it’s also super durable and heat resistant — this baby can hold up to seven pounds, and it’s safe to set your hair styling tools down on.


This magnetic spice rack to keep go-to condiments in easy reach

Organize your must-have food and kitchen items handily on this organizer rack that uses strong magnets to stick to the side of your fridge. This thing is study and is capable of holding up to 45 pounds of drinks, spices, condiments, and other items you need to grab on the reg. In addition to five hooks and three spacious shelves, there are even two wooden rods for paper towels or plastic wrap.


These devices to help you maintain an odor-free fridge

This refrigerator deodorizer removes offensive smells within hours, and helps you maintain a fresh fridge for up to six months. Place it anywhere in your fridge or freezer, and you won’t just notice a more neutral odor, you’ll also find that it extends the life of your fruit and veggies. One of these two-packs will last a year, and each one contains non-toxic, food-safe ingredients.


This wildly popular faux fur rug that’s cozy yet elegant

Drape this super soft faux fur rug over the arm of the couch or at the end of your bed, and you’ve got a recipe for hygge haute couture. Alternatively, place the rug on the floor where you step out of bed, or in front of your fireplace for a plush and stylish finishing touch. This 4.6-star rated rug comes in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes to suit your needs and exact style.


This diffuser brings that brings calming energy to any space

Allow the power of essential oil aromatherapy to transform your home and mindset. This stylish essential oil diffuser provides up to 16 hours of therapeutic smells. It has a remote control, seven different LED light colors, and auto shut-off, making it versatile and safe for any home.


These colorful smart bulbs that you can control with your voice

It’s easy to set the mood for dinner, bedtime, and more by swapping your regular lightbulbs for these colorful smart light bulbs. The multicolor bulbs can be set to more than 16 million colors, and are completely dimmable to get exactly the effect you want. They pair with Alexa and Google Home devices, and have their own compatible app so you can control them from anywhere, which includes setting schedules and creating groups of lights.


These door stoppers that reduce noise & protect your walls from damage

When your door handles collide with the walls, they can leave lasting unsightly damage, so it’s smart to protect your interior using these door stopper wall protectors. They stick with adhesive and provide a soft place for the handle to land while absorbing sound. This set of four can also be around the house to protect walls and floors from cabinets, chair bottoms, appliances, tables, and other sharp-cornered items.


A security camera that has color night vision & other smart safety features

The WYZE video camera records video when it detects motion or sound, including full-color video at night, and sends a notification straight to your phone. Use it indoors or out; it’s weather-resistant and is easy to install. This voice-controlled camera works with Alexa and Google Home and includes two-way audio too.


A plug-in air freshener that doubles as a nightlight

This plug-in wax warmer allows you to change the scent of your home as often as you’d like, and doubles as a nightlight. Place the wax of your choice into the ceramic dish at the base, and turn on the wax warmer, allowing it to slowly dissolve in the heat and release a soothing smell throughout the room. This fire-free plug-in is a safer alternative to candles for bedrooms, which is why it’s a best-seller on Amazon with nearly 13,000 five-star reviews.


This silk pillowcase that has 13,000 five-star reviews

You’ll look and sleep like royalty on this silk pillowcase. Not only does it look way more sleek and modern than your standard cotton pillowcases, it’s also better for your hair and skin. The reduced friction helps prevent tangles and breakage, and those with textured hair will find that it helps keep their style intact better. It has a hidden zipper to keep it in place, and the silky smooth fabric doesn’t absorb as much, so your skincare products will stay on your skin where they belong, not on your pillow.


This patterned throw blanket that’s made from cozy sherpa fleece

No couch is complete without a cozy throw blanket, and this sherpa fleece one is bold, cozy, and the perfect size for cuddling up underneath. It measures 50 by 60 inches, and comes in an eye-catching Buffalo plaid pattern. The retro-inspired print is made from 100% microfiber polyester, and both sides are equally soft and warm, which is why this fan-favorite throw has a 4.8-star rating on


These decorative floating shelves that hold up to 17.5 pounds each

With a unique U-shape, these floating shelves are basically home decor in and of themselves. Of course, they have functionality beyond being stylish, and each shelf can hold up to 17.5 pounds of mementos, knickknacks, books, bathroom supplies, or picture frames. These floating shelves come in tk different wood-like finishes and come with all the hardware you need to put them up.


These door attachments that can save you money on your energy bill

Older homes tend to get drafty, which is a bone-chilling energy suck on your utility bill each month. Just by installing these silicone door draft stoppers in key places around your house, you can keep warm or cold air from escaping. They fit most standard interior and exterior doors, and install in minutes with adhesive.


A rain shower head that's easy to install and so soothing

Turn your morning shower into a spa-like environment by swapping your standard shower head for this luxurious rain shower head. At 12-by-12-inches, your body will be fully covered and massaged by the ultra-thin, highly-pressurized water streams. It’s also leak-proof and easy to install yourself — it works with all standard size wall-mounted or ceiling mounted shower arms, and is made from durable stainless steel in a sleek polished chrome finish.


This magnetic knife holder that’s also a beautiful piece of accent decor

If you simply toss your kitchen knives in a drawer and call it a day, you’re simply asking for a dangerous setup that will eventually dull them out. Instead, store them on this magnetic knife holder, which mounts to your kitchen wall with ease. The heavy-duty magnet inside will keep each knife and other sharp object in place and out of reach from kids and pets, while the walnut finish looks gorgeous on the wall. As a bonus, it’s good for storing any metal object, like jewelry, keys, scissors, and more.


A convenient toilet paper holder that's actually sleek

Maybe you haven’t previously given much thought to your toilet paper storage situation, but it can make a huge difference in the appearance and function of your bathroom. I recommend this free-standing stainless steel toilet paper holder because it holds standard and jumbo size rolls, and has a raised base to keep each roll clean, dry, and off the ground. It holds four rolls in total (three in the stand, and one on the top hook) so you and your guests will never experience the panic of running out of toilet paper in the midst of doing your business.


These covers that give your old throw pillows an instant refresh

One of the things that I never would have guessed about adulthood is how expensive new throw pillows can be. If you’re seeking a new look for your couch or bed, try these faux wool throw pillow covers. The rich embroidered texture creates visual interest, and the design is available in a variety of sizes to fit your existing pillows. There’s even an invisible zipper closure to keep your pillows from slipping and sliding out.


A hanging closet organizer that comes with drawers & side pockets

Add more space and functionality to your closet in an instant by hanging up this organizer. This organizer comes with nine different compartments to store awkward-to-hang items like hats, pants, towels, and other accessories. Unlike other closet organizers, this one even comes with five pull-out drawers, so you can even use it for socks and scarves. If that isn’t enough organization and space for you, there are slim mesh pockets on the side for other odds and ends.


A set of hand-blown glass terrariums that you can mount on a wall

Transform your walls into a wonderland with this set of six glass terrariums, which come with all the hardware you need to mount it to the wall. Fill these with water or soil for any small to medium size plant. If you’ve got a trailing plant that’s outgrowing its current spot, mounting these terrariums several feet above the ground and allowing it to hang down will help it continue to thrive (and look super cool as decor.)


This bold leafy wallpaper that won’t damage your walls

Give your walls a tropical-inspired makeover using this palm and banana leaf print wallpaper. Renters, fear not: This vinyl wallpaper is easy to remove and doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind, so you can redecorate and keep your security deposit intact. The bold leafy print is reminiscent of an island paradise, and you can use it for an accent wall, as a backsplash, and so much more.


A not-so-basic standing mat that supports your joints while you cook

Spending even a few minutes standing in the kitchen after a long day can feel absolutely exhausting. This anti-fatigue standing mat helps reduce the stress and strain on your feet, knees, and legs. Use it in your kitchen while cooking or doing dishes, or at a standing desk to support your joints throughout the day. It’s made from a cushioned foam, and has a non-slip base to keep it in place on wood, tile, or laminate floors.


This creative window film that creates fun visual effects

For fun light refractions or a bit of added security, stick this 3D window film to any window in your home. When the sun shines through the frosted tulip design of this adhesive-free cling, it creates a beautiful stained glass-like effect. If you’re looking for a window treatment that allows light in but keeps nosy eyes out, this is the perfect solution for bathrooms, entryways, bedrooms, and other places in your home where you’d like a little more privacy.


These scented liners that keep your drawers from getting musty

One easy trick for keeping your dresser drawers from getting musty is to line them with these best-selling scented liners. They’re infused with pleasing scents like English lavender or sandalwood, keeping your clothes and linens smelling fresh 24/7. Each box includes six paper sheets measuring 14-by-19 1/2 inches, but you can easily cut them to size to fit smaller drawers and shelves.


A multi-use tablet mount that’s incredibly adjustable

If you frequently work or steam video on a tablet, you might benefit from putting it in an ergonomic position with this three-in-one tablet mount stand. It works vertically and horizontally and the flexible joints mean you can tilt, swivel, and adjust the height of this mount to suit your needs. A stylus for writing and drawing is included, and it fits most tablets between 7 and 13 inches in width, and users remark it can hold pretty heavy tablets.


A memory foam topper that will extend the life of your mattress

If your back is crying out for a new mattress but your bank account says otherwise, try adding this memory foam mattress topper to your existing bed setup. It offers two inches of body-conforming memory foam, infused with temperature regulating gel beads that keep you from overheating at night. Side and stomach sleepers especially will appreciate how it relieves pressure on their shoulders and hips, evenly distributing weight to alleviate aches and pains.


These waterproof labels that you can customize & print at home

These waterproof, oil-resistant film labels are perfect for customizing jars or bottles of skincare, food, soap, and more to keep your belongings clean, labeled, and organized. You can easily customize each printable label online, and print it at home using a laser or pigment-based inkjet printer. The adhesive won’t be dissolved by water, grease, or oils, so this works for all sorts of products.


An industrial soap dispenser that reduces clutter around your sink

Replacing the bottle of hand soap or dish soap on your kitchen sink with this soap dispenser will help reduce clutter and make it blend in with the rest of your kitchen finishes since this comes in matte black, brushed nickel, or polished chrome. The pump is the only part of the dispenser that’s visible, because the 17-ounce bottle stays hidden beneath your sink hole.


This clever attachment that turns the arm of your couch into a side table

With the help of this couch arm tray, you have an instant solution for where to put your drink, snacks, or the remote while you lounge. It converts the arm of the sofa into a modern-looking tray that won’t slip or slide. Use it as a coaster to prevent water damage to your furniture, and you can simply fold it up when you’re done.


A shabby chic hanging shelf that shows off your plants

Your houseplants will look great on this macrame hanging shelf with twisted cotton cords and a wooden base. Hang it from the ceiling and allow your plants, real or faux, to extend down towards the floor for a shabby chic-inspired look. The shelf measures approximately 12-by-12 inches, so it’s large enough for one to two small or medium size plants.


These sheer curtains that let light in without compromising on privacy

These ombre sheer curtains are a stylish solution for window privacy that still allows plenty of light in. These curtains come in neutral colors like gray and chocolate brown as well as vibrant colors like purple and teal and a variety of sizes, so they’ll work in any room, which is probably why this popular option has 4.6-stars on Amazon.


This handy bamboo box to keep teabags sorted & fresh

Tea lovers will surely appreciate this bamboo tea box organizer, which has eight handily-sized compartments for sorting every last kind of tea in your pantry. It’s a streamlined way to organize your collection and also helps keep them fresh and ready to drink at all times. If you’re not a tea person, this box is also good for sorting other types of small items, like beauty samples, office supplies, crafting supplies, and more.


This tiered tabletop fountain that’s really great for relaxing

Add a sense of tranquility to your entryway, bedroom, or meditation area using this tiered tabletop fountain. A quiet, submerged pump circulates water automatically and keeps the fountain clean, and it emanates a soft glow so it can be used as a nightlight. This fountain includes a set of river rocks for the base and each tier, and you can also add more of your own to get the exact look you want.


An alarm clock that makes waking up less stressful

Consider investing in this sunrise alarm clock, which wakes you up gradually with a warm LED light that starts to illuminate 30 minutes before your alarm, becoming brighter and brighter until it’s time to get out of bed. There are eight color options, so you’re not stuck with a classic sunrise color, and its easy-to-use features make it setting alarms and hitting the snooze button a breeze.


This pet water fountain that looks better than a bowl & entertains your cat

Your cat will love this fascinating stainless steel water fountain as much as you love how it looks in your home. Unlike similar products, this one is made from easy-to-clean stainless steel and uses an ultra-quiet water pump. One reviewer wrote “It's nearly silent so it can be placed in sleeping areas. It's a good height so your cat doesn't have to crane its neck down into a bucket. And it's super easy to clean and dishwasher safe.”


An eye-catching industrial light fixture that makes a big statement

Swap your dated hanging light fixture for one of these metal pendant lights, and you have a simple recipe for stylish, modern decor. With a 14 3/4-inch long adjustable cable, these globe-shaped pendants are great to hang over a dining table or in your living room. They’re compatible with any E26 Edison bulb for a real retro-modern aesthetic, including dimmable ones.


This useful rack for your entryway that holds everyday essentials

This handy key and mail holder makes the perfect entryway or garage accessory. Made from solid pine wood, it has a slot for mail and paperwork, four double hooks for keys, jackets, and bags, and an additional shelf for other small items. No assembly is required, just mount it to the wall with the included hardware and you’ll be ready to go in minutes.