Procrastinated? Here are 30 fantastic gifts under $30 that'll arrive in time for Christmas

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First things first: Take a deep breath. It’s going to be OK. It’s not too late to spoil friends and family with awesome Christmas presents, and you don’t even have to rush to the store and fight crowds to make it happen (unless you like that sort of thing). But for the rest of us, there are plenty of great gifts still available on Amazon that will reach you or your loved ones by the holiday. In fact, I have 30 fantastic gifts under $30 prepared for your consideration today, so all you need to do is scroll and have your ‘add to cart’ finger ready. Whether there’s a DIY-er, a self-care enthusiast, or a gadget guru on your list, you’ll find plenty of options that they’ll appreciate.

And the best part? They won’t even realize that you bought last-minute, because these gifts will arrive on time and quite ready to be enjoyed. And side note: If anyone from my family is still shopping for me, please take an extra close look at Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls Vol. 3, the reusable notebook, and the hoop earrings. For everyone else, enjoy this list and the great feeling you’ll have when your shopping is officially done.


These fluffy slippers that can be worn throughout the year

Comfort is always in season. The faux fur on these fluffy slippers makes them soft and cozy enough to enjoy in the winter, but the open-toed style makes it so feet won’t overheat when they’re worn in warmer weather. Plus, a rubber sole makes them durable for walking around the home or popping outside.


An aerating wine pourer for a better glass of wine

This aerating pourer does double duty. It, well, aerates, it neatly pours, and it is all kinds of useful for anyone who enjoys wine. It takes just seconds to insert into the bottle. A rubber seal keeps things secure, protecting the pourer (and their table) from potential spills. Oxygen is added to wine during the pouring process, resulting in a flavorful glass (even the cheap stuff) with little extra effort.


This set of modern wine glasses made of crystal

The unique shape and size of these red wine glasses sets them apart from other versions on the market, making them a stylish addition to any home bar. They hold up to 14 ounces of liquid, are crafted with durable crystal, and are even dishwasher-safe. Reviewers rate them 4.7 stars, and one simply says, “OBSESSED.”


A handheld milk frother for luxe coffee drinks in the comfort of home

For anyone who may want to prepare café-quality drinks at home (and/or channel their inner barista), it’s easily done with this handheld milk frother. The double-whisk design works with all kinds of milks and milk substitutes. A stand is included, and it’s available in both black and teal. Plus, since it’s battery operated, there’s no limiting by cords or outlets when in use.


These gold-plated hoop earrings that can be worn day or night

These classic gold hoops are pretty and practical, going with dressy and casual outfits alike. They come in rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold, and in four different sizes, from 20 to 50 millimetres, so there’s a shape and style to suit all the earring-wearers in your life. Almost 25,000 fans rate these a perfect five stars.


This MVP water bottle for easy hydration at home or on the go

This durable and versatile water bottle comes in 10 different sizes, and with the option of three different lids according to sipping pref (handle, straw, and chug). But there’s still more — there’re 35 different colors and prints to choose from for the exterior. Plus, it’s stainless steel and copper coated, so bevs stay cooler, longer.


A slim card holder wallet with room for all the essentials

This sleek and slim card card holder is a great choice for anyone who likes to keep cards and IDs on hand, but who doesn’t care for extra bulk. It has one identification window, four card slots, plus a separate pocket for cash or other important necessities, all at less than half an inch thick. It comes in 17 different colors.


A set of beauty tools for skincare aficionados & beginners alike

A jade roller and gua sha make a luxe addition to a skincare routine, and they can be used on their own or with a favorite serum or face oil. This set comes in six elegant colors, with the natural stone of each tool promising to relieve tension, soothe puffy skin, and to help firm skin’s texture.


These essential oil steamers that uplift the shower routine

These aromatic shower steamers infuse shower mist with six different nature-inspired fragrances, like peppermint, and lemongrass & coconut. Just add one to the corner of the shower, and allow it to fizz and release its scent during your regular wash routine. They make a great gift; each steamer is made with essential oils and has flower petals added, too.


A scalp scrubber & massager for salon-level shampoos at home

A more luxurious shower and shampoo experience is quite literally in reach with this scalp massager brush. The rubber fingers get in there to massage and wash scalp, helping remove product buildup and flakes, and the ergonomic handle makes it easy and enjoyable to use. There are nine colors to choose from, so a favorite (or bathroom-complementing) color is also easy.


This multi-tool so anyone can be prepared for (almost) anything

For gadget lovers, DIYers, and those who like to be one step ahead, this multi tool will do the trick — or, tricks, since it performs 18 different functions. Its snowflake shape includes a bottle opener, wrenches, screwdrivers, and more. The best part? It’s small enough to fit in a bag pocket or glove box with room to spare.


This smart plug to use voice control in any part of the home

“Alexa, turn on the coffee maker.” This Amazon smart plug up-levels any standard outlet into a smart outlet, in order to control electronics and appliances with just a voice when at home, or via app when away. Or, users can set a schedule so lights or other gadgets turn on automatically. Nearly half a million people rate it 4.7 stars, and say it’s excellent for seniors.


An Amazon gift card because it will definitely be spent & appreciated

What can you get the person who has everything? An Amazon gift card, of course. Though they’ll shop digitally, you can still get an actual card to present to them if you’re into physical gifts, and you have four choices for packaging and reveal design. The amount is up to you, too, from $20 up to a generous $2,000.


A microfiber hair towel for easy, gentle hair drying

This microfiber hair towel means those of longer locks can avoid heat and friction when drying, ultimately keeping strands healthier and stronger. The waffle weave material promises to dry hair up to 50% faster, saving time, too. It comes in white, grey, and a linen beige color — something to match a sumptuous new bathrobe, perhaps?


This flashlight & magnetic grabber tool that’s here to save the day

For the handyperson in your life, this magnetic grabber tool extends reach up to 22 inches, and has a bright LED light at the end, so bearers can see exactly what they’re reaching for. It’s great for outdoor adventures, home and DIY projects, and even car maintenance. The bendable neck handily collects screws, nails, nuts, bolts, and more, and batteries are included, too.


These winter gloves that keep hands toasty and touchscreen-sensitive

No more choosing between warm hands and usage of a phone. These touch screen gloves can be worn when texting, typing, talking, videochatting, and more. Plus, they’re reflective so wearers can be more easily spotted, and they’re lined with cozy soft fleece for extra warmth and comfort. They come in sizes small through x-large, and there are five colors available.


An MVP portable Bluetooth speaker with a built-in mic

This packable and portable Bluetooth speaker has a range of up to 100 feet, so it works inside and out, and it’s even waterproof, so tune enthusiasts can feel safe bringing it to the beach, pool, park, and more. It charges with included USB cables, and can run for up to 24 hours on a single juice. Discerning reviewers describe the quality as “Just amazing.”


A smart notebook for tech-savvy folks who still love good ol’ pen and paper

Yep, there’s such a thing as a reusable paper notebook. For those who have a hard time choosing between digital and analog note-keeping, it offers the best of both worlds, allowing handwritten notes to be added to the cloud. Once done, wipe pages clean with a damp cloth and use again. There are eleven different cover choices, two sizes to choose from, and each notebook comes with the necessary Pilot Frixion pen.


A sleek electric toothbrush that’s easy to recharge

If someone you know doesn’t like to travel with a bulky electric toothbrush, or simply doesn’t want one that takes up too much bathroom space, then consider this Philips One rechargeable toothbrush from Sonicare. The slim travel case is included, along with a USB cable for charging. It runs for two minutes, and each full charge can last for up to one month.


This encouraging book that champions bold girls and brave women

The best-selling Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls series features women of the past and present who’ve excelled in a range of fields, from Ilhan Omar to Rihanna, and Madeleine Albright to Lupita Nyong'o. Each profile includes a bright, vibrant illustration created by a woman artist, and women and girls of all ages (and their fans) are sure to enjoy it.


A beanie with a built-in lamp to see and be seen

Joggers and cyclists take note — part headlamp and part head-warmer, this light-up beanie is ideal for staying visible and alert while out and about after the sun’s gone down. It has three brightness settings, and nine different colors and styles are offered. Plus, the light can be easily removed so the hat can be machine-washed.


This chuckle-worthy burrito blanket for wrapping up yourself and your loved ones

This double-sided burrito blanket will bring extra smiles to anyone’s snuggles, thanks to its realistic tortilla design. It’s even round, so looks like an oversize version of the real thing. Four different sizes are available, though if someone in your life isn’t a burrito fan, there are also prints for waffles and pizzas, too.


A custom star print to commemorate a birthday or other special occasion

Astrology and cosmos fans, ahoy. This customizable star print is a great way to recognize a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or other important date. Even better, you don’t have to produce the necessary latitude and longitude — an address or description of the desired location does the trick, and the seller takes care of the rest. Three sizes are available.


These gold undereye patches for luxe skincare at home

Two ingredients that don’t normally go together, gold and snail slime, combine in these under eye collagen patches to treat puffy eyes, dryness and dullness. Each package comes with 30 sets of masks, and just 15-20 minutes of wear promises to hydrate, moisturize, and firm skin. Nearly 5,000 people give these a perfect five stars.


An exfoliating towel that freshens up & revitalizes showering

Luxuriously upgrade body-washing routines with this invigorating, exfoliating towel. It takes the place of an old sponge or loofah, working soap or body wash into a rich lather. Then, thanks to its textured weave and long shape, it helps to scrub and wash those hard-to-reach spots. When all is done, you can hang it for quick drying, too.


This magnetic wristband that keeps nails, screws, and more within reach

Know someone who’s always working in tight spaces? Or who doesn’t want to drop things when, say, they’re standing at the top of a ladder? This best-selling magnetic wristband can simplify things for the cherished handypeople in your life. With 10 magnets, it keeps nuts, bolts, screws, nails, and more at the ready. It has an adjustable fit, so it’s easy and comfortable to use, too.


A wireless charging stand that keeps devices upright & in view

Unlike other wireless chargers on the market, this charging stand keeps phones upright and in excellent viewing position. It works with a variety of smart phones, and can work with phones in either portrait or landscape mode. Both black and white are available, and a USB cable is included, too.


These disposable masks so friends and family are never caught without one

If someone you know (or, maybe even you?) has a hard time remembering face coverage when leaving home, a package of disposable face masks will definitely come in handy. With kid and adult sizes available, and an adjustable nose clip in each mask, it’s simple to pop a few in a bag or glove compartment and have one less thing to worry about.


This large-capacity hydration tracker & infuser bottle

This clever water bottle lets its holders not only infuse their H20 with fresh fruits or tea, but also has sweet little reminders on the side noting how much hydration has been accomplished. It’s lightweight with a handy carrying strap, and is made of 100% BPA-free plastic with a food-grade silicone seal to keep things fresh. Sixteen varieties are available, with shaker ball for protein shakes, strainers, and infusers.


A warming plate that keeps all sippables at optimal temperature

There are those who still glug down an abandoned cuppa joe, and those who must have it warm and just so. For the latter, this Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer is a practical gift that keeps coffee, tea, cocoa, or soup at a lovely, warm temperature for ideal sipping. It’s easy to tote anywhere, easy to clean, fits a variety of mug sizes, and almost 25,000 beverage-lovers give it five stars.