Product reviews editors say these popular, weird products on Amazon are so damn clever

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Product reviews editors say these popular, weird products on Amazon are so damn clever
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Shopping online prevents you from physically touching the product you’re looking at, which means you don’t always know exactly what you’re going to get. The solution? Taking recommendations from the trusted shopping editors at Mic. Not only do they spend all day perusing Amazon’s virtual shelves, but they’re also bonafide experts when it comes to determining which products are worthwhile. So feel free to add more than a few of these clever items that Mic product review editors recommend to your cart. Trust me — you won’t be disappointed.


These stickers that let you know when you need to reapply sunscreen

Putting on sunscreen is a must if you’re going to be outside, which is only part of the reason why I’m a fan of these stickers. They absorb sunscreen just like your skin — but unlike your skin, they’ll change color to let you know when it’s time to reapply. And since they’re hypoallergenic, there’s no need to worry about the adhesive irritating your skin.


The nonslip handle that fits onto all sorts of tumblers

If you’ve ever wished your tumbler cup had a handle, now it can — just slip this one into place about an inch underneath the rim. It’s designed to work with nearly any 30-ounce tumbler, including ones made by Yeti and Ozark Trail. Plus, the nonslip rubber exterior helps you keep a firm grip.


A portable iPhone charger that takes up hardly any space

There’s nearly no greater nuisance than a phone running out of battery while you’re out. That’s not a problem when you have this portable charger. It’s compatible with the iPhone 6 and newer, delivering up to two full charges depending on the model. Plus, the built-in lightning plug means there’s no need to pack an extra cable to use it.


The dog collar with space to mount an AirTag

If you’ve ever wondered where your dog wanders off to when you let them outside, pop an AirTag into this collar, and you’ll be able to see their location in real time. The waterproof cover helps protect the AirTag should it start to rain — and the size can be adjusted to fit dogs weighing 10 pounds or more.


The pull-out cabinet drawer that’s *so* easy to install

If your cabinets are looking a little disheveled, this pull-out drawer is absolutely worth its weight in gold. Not only is it great for organizing messy cabinets, but installation is also a total breeze using the included adhesive — no tools required. Choose from two colors: white or black.


A tub of hot honey with thousands of positive reviews

While you may not be able to taste this hot honey before buying it, you can rest assured that thousands of reviewers awarded it either four or five stars — with some even describing it as a condiment “game-changer.” Spicy chili oil and premium wildflower honey come together to create a topping with a delightful amount of sweet heat. It tastes great on pizza, roasted veggies, ice cream, or nearly any other meal you can think of.


These bamboo tongs that let you safely reach into hot toasters

Reaching into a hot toaster using a pair of metal tongs is a recipe for disaster — but that’s where these bamboo ones come in handy. Not only will they not conduct electricity, but ridges on the tips also help them keep a firm grip on whatever you’re squeezing. “Once you start to use these, you will wonder why these aren't considered a kitchen essential,” raved one reviewer. “So simple, but works perfectly.”


An umbrella that’s lightweight & windproof

Fighting with an umbrella amidst a rainstorm is never a good (or fun) look — this windproof umbrella sidesteps the battle. A clever double canopy helps allow wind to flow through without letting in rain, and despite the umbrella’s lightweight and compact travel size, it’s got a 42-inch span that can easily cover you and a friend.


A tissue holder that attaches to the back of your car seat

Rather than dig around in your center console for a napkin the next time you need to blow your nose, keep some tissues inside of this holder. There’s enough space inside for up to 120 tissues — and the Velcro strap makes it easy to secure around your headrest. Choose from three colors: black, brown, or beige.


This microwaveable ramen cooker that creates hardly any mess

Don’t dirty up the stove when you’re in the mood for ramen — instead, make it in the microwave using this bowl. Just pop in your noodles, some water, and heat it up. You can drain excess water right from the vented lid, and there’s a handle so you can keep your hands cool.


The toothpaste booster that helps whiten stubborn stains

When no amount of brushing seems to help whiten your teeth, it may be time to give this booster a try. Simply squeeze out a pea-sized amount on top of your toothpaste, and it works to help remove years’ worth of stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, smoking, and more. Plus, each tube comes with enough for more than 350 uses.


These shampoo & conditioner bars that are *so* eco-friendly

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to your regular shampoo? Search no further than these shampoo and conditioner bars. Not only is the packaging 100% compostable, but each bar is also made without sulfates or parabens. They’re fortified with rice water protein, which can help strengthen weak, brittle hair, and each one typically lasts through 100 washes.


A magnetic running pouch that won’t flop around

Wearing a running pouch — like this one — is essential if your leggings or shorts don’t have pockets. The magnetic clasp helps keep it from bouncing around as you move, while the roomy interior has enough space for your phone, cash, keys, and more. “It stays put (magnetized) without feeling bulky,” wrote one reviewer. “It’s so comfortable and has never caused chafing.”


The glass pod that helps keep greens fresh for up to 3 weeks

Asparagus, parsley, cilantro — this pod is designed to keep all sorts of greens fresh for up to three weeks. You only need to change out the water reservoir once every few days for best results. And since it has a compact base, you can easily fit it inside of most refrigerator doors.


This biodegradable stain remover that’s made without peroxide

Messy eaters can appreciate this spray, as it easily gets rid of stains created by pasta sauce, ketchup, or even wine. Simply spray, blot, then toss the dirty garment into the wash — no scrubbing necessary. Plus, the gentle formula is biodegradable, as well as made without any peroxide, chlorine, or phosphates.


A vegetable garden starter kit that comes with seeds for salad greens

You don’t need to have a green thumb in order to successfully grow yourself a vegetable garden using this kit. Each order comes with five types of seeds: lemon crystal cucumber, red lettuce, golden beet, purple salad onions, as well as rainbow radishes. Plus, the bonus packet of sowing and growing tips makes it easy to use — even for complete beginners.


These opaque stickers that block annoying LED lights

The clock on my nightstand has an annoying LED light that’s been keeping me up at night, which is why I just added these blackout stickers to my cart. They’re completely opaque, so there’s no need to worry about the light shining through — and each order comes with a variety of sizes to suit lights both big and small.


A hydrating face wash that’s fortified with French green clay

Not only can the French green clay in this face wash help shrink the appearance of pores, but it’s also gentle enough that it won’t overly dry out your complexion. You’ll also find brightening vitamin E listed under its ingredients — and the formula is cruelty- as well as fragrance-free.


The cable labels that help you keep track of what’s what

If you’re having trouble keeping track of which cable is plugged into what outlet, sidestep the issue with these cable labels. Each order comes with nine different colors, making it easy to color code your wires as needed. The wide tabs are also easy to write on — and you can even reuse them if need be.


A strong adhesive that works with metal, glass, concrete, & more

Whether you’re trying to fix that broken vase or repair a cracked piece of wooden furniture, this industrial-strength adhesive can likely do the job. It adheres to glass, metal, concrete, wood, and more, and the temperature-resistant formula holds up when exposed to extreme conditions. “This glue works very well on a plethora of items and surfaces,” wrote one reviewer. “I can always count on it doing the job!”


An expander that lets you fit large tumblers into your cupholders

Yetis, Hydroflasks, Nalgene bottles — this expander lets you fit all sorts of oversize tumblers into your car’s cupholders. Nonslip tabs on the base help keep it from shaking around while you’re driving. Plus, the universal design makes it suitable for use inside of nearly any vehicle.


A reversible sling that lets you carry your pets with you

As long as your pet weighs 12 pounds or less, you’ll be able to carry them with you inside of this sling. The reversible design makes it almost like you’re getting two slings for the price of one — and the shoulder strap can be adjusted so that it sits as high or low on your body as you like. Plus, the breathable polyester-cotton blend won’t leave your or your pet sweating.


The microdermabrasion roller that can help brighten skin

A professional microdermabrasion session is rarely ever cheap — instead, give this at-home roller a try for less than $15. A few gentle swipes is all it takes in order to help exfoliate away flakes, stimulate blood flow, as well as brighten skin. The best part? Using it before applying your skin-care serums can help them absorb even more deeply into your complexion.


This foldable laundry basket that takes up hardly any space

That clunky plastic laundry basket you’ve likely been using takes up a ton of space — instead, upgrade to this foldable version. Not only is its folding design great for cramped laundry rooms, but soft handles on either side also make it comfortable to carry around. Choose from two colors: gray or pepper black.


A battery-free fabric shaver that breathes new life into tired clothes

Whether your leggings have started to pill or your sweaters are a little too fuzzy, this fabric shaver can help get them looking good as new. It features two ends: one for swiping away lint and fuzz, as well as one for getting rid of stubborn pills. And unlike some fabric shavers, this one is suitable for use on cashmere, wool, fleece, and more.


The kit that lets you make your very own bottles of hot sauce

Anyone who enjoys a good bottle of hot sauce can appreciate this kit. It comes with all the ingredients you’ll need to make seven different types of hot sauce, as well as all the labels and bottles you’ll need in order to give your sauce a professional look. Plus, the easy-to-follow instructions mean that even the most novice chefs can be succesfull.


These gardening gloves that won’t leave your hands sweating

Not only are these gardening gloves breathable, but they also help absorb perspiration in the event you do start to sweat. They’re flexible enough that you shouldn’t have any trouble bending your fingers as needed for your task — and the grippy palms help you keep a firm grasp on your tools.


The pet-friendly dental powder that’s proven to reduce plaque & tartar

You brush your teeth every day, but your pet’s teeth are likely not so fortunate. Enter: this dental powder that’s specifically formulated for cats and dogs. There’s no brushing required — simply dust your pet’s meal with a few teaspoons depending on their size, and it’ll help reduce bad breath, plaque, and tartar. One reviewer wrote, “We are 10 days into use and our dogs’ teeth went from needing a dental cleaning to now they don’t!”


A sand anchor that helps keep your beach umbrella stable

Staking your beach umbrella deep enough that it won’t wobble around can be a real challenge — unless you have this anchor. It twists deep into the sand within just a few seconds, eliminating the need to dig a hole. And, its universal design makes it suitable for use with nearly any beach umbrella.


This cleansing balm that’s fortified with Japanese pearl barley

If you’re looking for a facial cleanser that’s gentle on skin, search no further than this balm. It’s made using only 10 ingredients — all of which the brand says are nonirritating. Japanese pearl barley works to brighten as well as hydrate skin, while vitamin E delivers a nourishing dose of antioxidants. Plus, it also rinses clean without leaving behind any residues.


A glass foot file that’s gentle on skin

Throw out that harsh metal rasp in favor of this glass foot file. Not only is it more gentle on skin, but it does just as good of a job when it comes to exfoliating away flakes. It’s suitable for use on wet as well as dry skin — and many reviewers even described it as “amazing.”


A hair tie holder that loops onto your keyring

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a hair tie around your wrist — though if it clashes with your outfit, consider keeping a few on this holder instead. It’s large enough to hold at least three hair ties, and features a loop at the top that lets you add it to your keyring or bag so that it’s always within reach if you need it. Choose from three colors: light blue, light pink, or black.


A carbonated face mask that bubbles up on your skin

Kaolin clay is an ingredient widely considered to cleanse pores, making this face mask a useful part of any skin-care routine. It’s also infused with CO2, giving it a delightfully bubbly texture as you spread it across skin — and unlike some clay masks, this one doesn’t have a gloopy texture that’ll drip all over your bathroom counters.


These hydrating under eye patches made with cannabis oil

Tired, puffy eyes are no match for these cannabis oil patches. You only need to wear them for about five minutes for best results — and it’ll only take about four days to see a noticeable difference. Plus, the added reishi mushroom extract in the formula delivers a nourishing dose of antioxidants to skin.


This exfoliating scrubber that you can use wet or dry

Dry, flaking skin is no match for this scrubber. The boar bristles are stiff enough to exfoliate away flakes, yet soft enough that they won’t leave your skin feeling irritated — and the extra-long handle makes it easy to reach that awkward space in the middle of your back.


A plush bath pillow that dries quickly when wet

There’s no need to worry about this bath pillow developing mildew over time, as its 3-D mesh fabric allows air to constantly circulate throughout, helping it dry extra-fast when wet. Six suction cups on the back keep it held firmly in place against your bathtub wall. Plus, the elongated design keeps your head and upper back supported.


The fluoride-free toothpaste that helps whiten teeth

Not only is this toothpaste made without any harsh fluoride, but it can also help remineralize your teeth as well as whiten your smile. The gentle formula is suitable for sensitive teeth. And if you’re worried about the price, don’t be — there’s enough toothpaste inside to last you for up to three months when used twice daily.


An infinity pillow that won’t leave you sweating

Whether you’re traveling or relaxing on the couch, this infinity pillow can be adjusted into nearly any position to keep you comfortable. It’s made from a breathable nylon-rayon blend so that you don’t overheat with it wrapped around your neck. And with nine colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that suits your style.


This back stretcher that lets you massage at home

If you don’t want to shell out for a visit to the massage therapist, give this back stretcher a peek. It helps open up the fibrous connective tissue within your spine, which can lead to less tension, pain, as well as improved mobility. Plus, the lightweight and compact design means you can even take it with you when traveling.


A pet hair remover that’s infinitely reusable

Always having to buy new sticky sheets for your lint roller quickly adds up — instead, save some money and upgrade to this pet hair remover. It features hundreds of tiny bristles that latch onto hair, pulling it off your furniture, carpets, and more. Plus, all the hair gets shuffled into a dustbin built into the back that can easily be emptied out into the trash when full.


The ultra-soft pillows filled with hypoallergenic gel fibers

Whether you prefer sleeping on your side, back, or front, these pillows have just the right amount of support to keep you comfortable in any position. The gel fiber fill is hypoallergenic — so there’s no need to worry about it irritating your skin or nose. But if that isn’t enough to convince you they’re worth a look, many reviewers describe them as “the best.”


This messenger bag that looks like it came out of a cartoon

This messenger bag’s unique cartoon appearance is sure to have people asking where you bought it. The shoulder strap can be adjusted so that it sits as high or low on your body as you like. And with six colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that suits your style.


A leave-in conditioner that’s fortified with silk protein

Dry, frizzy hair is no match for this leave-in conditioner. Silk proteins, rosemary extract, and vitamin B5 come together to help prevent breakage as well as infuse a nourishing dose of moisture into brittle strands. it’s suitable for all types of hair — and unlike some leave-in conditioners, this one won’t leave behind an oily residue.


These bento boxes that help you portion out snacks

If you’re looking for easy ways to control your portion sizes, search no further than these bento boxes made for snacks. Each one is divided into four small parts, making it easy to keep your portions at the proper size. They’re also BPA-free as well as dishwasher-safe.


The microwaveable bowl cozies that help protect your hands from burns

Don’t risk burning yourself when pulling a hot bowl out of the microwave — instead, place one of these cozies underneath. They fold upwards to protect your hands from hot bowls, and can even help save the bottom of your microwave from drips or splatter. Choose from 10 colors: black, light blue, red, and more.


A bamboo organizer that can hold up to 20 tumber lids

It’s almost too easy for all your tumbler lids to devolve into a jumbled mess — but that’s where this organizer comes in handy. It’s made from sleek bamboo, with enough space to store up to 20 lids. Even better, its small size makes it suitable for cabinets both big and small.


The little guy that holds up your propagating plants for you

Letting your propagating plants sink into water can lead to them rotting, making this little plastic man a clever buy. He sits on the edge of your cup, holding your plant stem up so that it doesn’t sink — and each order comes with three so that you can use them with multiple plants.


This exfoliating bar that gets skin ready for shaving

Lather up skin with this body buffer bar, and it’ll help exfoliate away flakes so that your skin is ready to shave. It’s fortified with aloe vera and shea butter to help keep skin from drying out — and the vegan formula is suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive.


A Bluetooth gadget that opens your curtains for you

You’ll be glad you grabbed this automatic curtain opener the next time you’re too lazy to get up and do it yourself. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth so that you can use it remotely — and since it runs at a near-silent level, there’s no need to worry about it disrupting anyone’s sleep.


A cutlery drainer that helps prevent water marks

Even the cleanest pieces of cutlery can look dirty if they have dried water marks — but that’s where this drainer comes in handy. It lets you sit your cutlery upright, allowing drips to fall away so that they dry without any unsightly water marks. Plus, two different sections make it suitable for cutlery of nearly any size.


These mesh bags that help protect delicates as they go through the wash

Letting your delicates roam freely throughout your washer and dryer is an easy way to ruin them — instead, put them inside of these mesh bags. They help prevent snagging, as well as keep items from getting tangled up with the rest of your clothes. “I love that these are not thin mesh material but very sturdy material,” wrote one reviewer. “Zipper is strong and has an overlay tab to secure closure when it washes.”


A universal knife block that’s gentle on blades

Unlike that wooden knife block you’ve likely been using, this one features unique flex rods on the inside that change position in order to accommodate knives of nearly any shape or size. They won’t chip or dull your blades like traditional wooden blocks — and many reviewers wrote about how it “looks good” sitting out on their counters.


This lip scrub that helps exfoliate away chapped skin

When no amount of moisturizer seems to smooth your chapped lips, it may be time to give this scrub a try. Unlike some scrubs, this one won’t leave your lips feeling dry, as it’s fortified with hydrating Jojoba oil and shea butter. Plus, the sugar granules gently exfoliate away chapped skin without leaving your lips feeling raw.


These magic sponge erasers that won’t scratch delicate surfaces

Air fryers, toasters, glass, leather — these magic erasers are great for cleaning practically anything. They’re tough on grime yet gentle on surfaces, as they won’t leave behind scratches. And at only 30 cents per sponge, they’re also a cost-effective alternative to grimy dish rags.


This spin mop system that comes with a self-wringing bucket

Don’t get your hands wet with dirty mop water when cleaning around the house — instead, use this spin mop system. The bucket features a built-in wringer that you activate by pressing down on the foot pedal, making it easy to keep your hands clean. Many reviewers also raved about how thorough of a clean it delivers, with one writing that “my floors were sparkling and streak free when I finished!”