Does the TikTok-famous Hanni Shave Pillow actually work? Here are my honest thoughts

The gel product will be my summer travel go-to.

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There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who stick to what works and those who will go out of their way to inconvenience themselves in the pursuit of trying new stuff. Unfortunately for my sensitive skin, I fall into the latter camp. So, while the gel-like Hanni Shave Pillow is completely unlike my usual shaving product (a thick traditional cream), I had to try it. Luckily for me, my curiosity, and my legs, it isn’t just a gimmick that’s big on TikTok — it worked shockingly well.

The claims

Unlike most shaving products, the Hanni Shave Pillow doesn’t require rinsing and can double as a moisturizer. It’s also supposed to work if you want to shave dry (more on that later). Billed as “skincare for your body,” by the brand, it has moisturizing ingredients including glycerin, cactus water, and adaptogenic mushroom extracts that are said to have an anti-inflammatory effect.

The product

The Hanni Shave Pillow comes in a roll-up tube with the size and look of deodorant. The product itself feels like stick deo, too. It slips across the skin in a lightweight and mostly clear layer. In the shower, it’s barely noticeable, except for the scent: The brand calls it bergamot, jasmine, and sandalwood. While the jasmine note is present, to me, the overall effect was minty and spicy, and it mostly just reminds me of Big Red gum.

The Shave Pillow is thin when applied; so thin, I had to double check that I’d removed all the packaging after the first swipe. And while it’s not cushiony (or clogging), after three weeks of use in the shower, I’ve yet to get a nick — a minor victory for me.

A single attempt at dry shaving (something I’d never normally do) had less stellar results, though I could see it working for someone with less sensitive skin. It also works well as a body moisturizer.

The verdict

It’s rare to see something actually unique in the beauty and skin-care space, but the Hanni Shave Pillow delivers that novelty and actually works. Thanks to the fact that it’s a non-liquid product that doubles as a moisturizer and would never leak, it’ll be my go-to travel option for sure. I’m eyeing picking up the mini size for my carry-on.

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