Reviewers won't shut up about these 50 genius, cheap things on Amazon

These products are inspiring some pretty next-level reviews.

Reviewers won't shut up about these 50 genius, cheap things on Amazon
ByClaire Epting
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Before I buy anything online, I take plenty of time to scroll through the customer reviews. When a product has received tons of praise from customers, I know I’ve struck gold. That’s why I’ve rounded up this list of genius finds on Amazon — reviewers just can’t keep quiet about them. From clever organizing hacks to ways to elevate your self-care routine, shoppers stand by these highly rated products.


An organizing rack for your assortment of food container lids

If you’re an avid meal prepper, you probably have an assortment of food containers (and lids) cluttering up your cabinet. This organizing rack is equipped with five adjustable dividers that keep those various lids separated and tidy. A pair of handles makes it easy to slide the organizer closer to you as you reach for a lid.

One reviewer wrote: “Very sturdy and easy to snap the dividers in place. Makes the cabinet look so much neater with all the lids organized in one place!! Easy to find the right lid!” — Amazon Customer

  • Available sizes: 3


These gel-infused heel sleeves that nourish dry, cracked skin

Show your feet a little TLC by slipping these gel-infused sleeves over your heels. Infused with moisturizing shea butter and aloe vera, the toeless socks deliver much-needed hydration to your dry, cracked skin. Plus, the lightweight fabric has a vented panel on top, so your feet stay cool as you wear them.

One reviewer wrote: “I love these. I work hard on my feet and my heels get dry. I use lotion and get my feet done but these are great for the in-between. They make my heels smooth and they are easy to hand wash. A great buy.” — Niki Johnson


Some magnetic deflectors that redirect the heat & a/c coming into your room

Easy to install with a pair of magnetic fasteners, these vent deflectors redirect the flow of heat or air conditioning, so it goes where you want it to go. This way, your space will reach your desired temperature more quickly, and your central heating or cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard — plus you won’t have to deal with a blast of cold air when you simply want a cool room. Thanks to the transparent, low-profile design, you’ll barely even notice the deflectors are there.

One reviewer wrote: “The air kept blowing toward the wrong places when I first moved into my new apartment. It was annoying to say the least! These did the trick! A very easy, inexpensive, quick fix.” — Evin Aguilar


This exfoliating sugar scrub with a delicious tropical scent

Combining exfoliating sugar crystals with moisturizing shea butter and mango puree, this body scrub is like an island vacation for your skin — and it boasts a 4.7-star overall rating after 89,000 reviews. It buffs away dead skin cells while depositing plenty of moisture, resulting in smooth arms and legs with a lingering tropical scent. Gently rub it into wet or dry skin once or twice a week for best results.

One reviewer wrote: “After the first try I am hooked. It lives up to the hype and leaves you moisturized after removing dead skin. The smell of the mango is amazing!” — Amazon Customer

  • Available scents: 3


A 2-tier turntable for easy access to your spices & condiments

Made from lightweight bamboo wood, this lazy Susan turntable is perfect for holding your spice jars, condiment bottles, and other pantry items you’d like to have on hand. Its double-tier design saves space on your shelf, while its rotating mechanism allows you to easily access each item without having to reach the back of your cupboard. Old school — but effective.

One reviewer wrote:“I would buy these again and again. They are pretty and sturdy enough for cans etc. They can be used anywhere and are very pretty. I almost feel like leaving my cabinet doors open.” — Amazon Customer


This space-saving charging station that powers 4 devices at once

Ideal for multi-person households, this compact charging station can power up to four devices at once. It even comes equipped with five short cables cables, so you can immediately start charging various devices as soon as you open the box. A set of illuminated plastic dividers keeps your smart phones and tablets propped up while they’re plugged in and turn off when your electronics are powered up.

One reviewer wrote: “This charging dock is perfect for my devices. It keep them together neatly and the short cords mean I no longer have a tangle of spaghetti like cords sitting on the floor. It will pack up easily for traveling.” - Suhabro


These flexible grill lights that let you BBQ at night

Don’t let the sun go down on your barbecue — these flexible LED lights illuminate your grill so you can keep cooking well into the evening. Designed with a sturdy magnetic base, the battery-powered lights are easy to set up directly on your grill. The adjustable gooseneck allows you to shine the light exactly where you need it.

One reviewer wrote: “These lights are so convenient! We bought them to use with our smoker and gas grill [...] They hold up really well in the weather, the brightness is just what we need for cooking after sunset, and the case is an extra bonus.” — BJ Smith


This deeply hydrating foot cream made of all-natural ingredients

Fortified with all-natural olive, almond, and sunflower oils, this foot cream soothes and restores moisture to your dry, rough soles. For a more exfoliating experience, use the included pumice stone to scrub away dead skin cells before applying the silky lotion. The addition of lavender oil gives the nourishing formula a light, relaxing scent.

One reviewer wrote: “This is gold. I had not used the foot balm before and this not only soaks in but leaves your skin so soft. Love it.” — Amazon Customer


This scalp massager that exfoliates & boosts circulation

The thick and flexible silicone bristles on this handheld brush massage and exfoliate your scalp both in and out of the shower. Great for loosening dandruff and improving circulation, the wallet-friendly brush makes washing your hair way more enjoyable — and relaxing. The ergonomic grip stays securely in your hand, even when the brush gets slippery with shampoo.

One reviewer wrote: “It has been a game-changer for me, as I have always struggled with a dry and itchy scalp. Since using this brush, I have noticed a significant improvement in the overall health of my scalp and hair.” — Amazon Customer

  • Available colors: 3


The insulated tote that keeps your groceries chilled on the car ride home

This insulated thermal tote ensures that your produce, meat, and frozen items stay chilled on the trip from the grocery store to your home. It’s not just good at keeping cold items cold — you can also use the durable bag to ensure your takeout meal stays warm. Long, reinforced straps make it easy to carry from place to place. It’s perfect if you live a distance from the store or plan on running an extra errand after shopping.

One reviewer wrote: “Have been using the bags for over a year now. Zero problems with zipper or seams breaking. Sturdy and durable. Has been very convenient in summer when grocery shopping.” — Dottie

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large
  • Available colors: 6


These organizing bins that keep your refrigerator clean & tidy

Tidying up your overflowing fridge couldn’t be any easier, thanks to these organizing bins. The set includes different designs to accommodate your eggs, beverage cans, produce, and condiment bottles, so every item has its place. The easy-to-clean plastic bins are designed with convenient handles, so you can slide them out of the fridge as needed.

One reviewer wrote: “These bins are a great addition to any organization plan. They are super easy to keep sparkling clean and can survive a slip out of my hand! I plan on buying another set or two!” — Amazon Customer


A portable bluetooth speaker that’s fully waterproof

Bring this waterproof Bluetooth speaker with you to the beach, the pool, or even the shower — it can be fully submerged in up to 3 feet of water without becoming damaged. Offering up to 30 hours of tunes and color-changing LED lights on a single charge, the compact speaker turns any gathering or solo outing into a party.

One reviewer wrote: “Colorful and so much fun. I take it with me everywhere. Out of town, to parties, to the beach, in the sewing room, from room to room or just to linger in the bathtub. Had the most fun at a family birthday party when we called up old songs on our phones and everyone could sing along.” — Margie

  • Available colors: 7


These sticky grippers that keep your rug corners flat

Tired of your rug corners curling up at the edges? There’s a simple, wallet-friendly fix — these L-shaped grippers. Designed with an adhesive backing, the rubber grippers add structure to the edges of your rug while keeping the fabric securely against hardwood, tile, carpet, or stone floors. They’re also weatherproof, so you can use them outside on your patio or porch.

One reviewer wrote: “This gripper sticks firmly to the rug and has a soft side that lays against the floor. It adds just enough weight to keep the slightly raised corners of the rug flat against the floor. Works like a charm!” — Renee


The rubber mat that traps the kitty litter on your cat’s paws

If you own a cat, this rubber mat is the key to keeping the floor around your litter box mess-free. The kitty litter falls through the honeycomb mesh pattern on the top layer, collecting on the thick, solid bottom layer. To dispose of the litter, just open the mat and shake over the box or your trash can. It’s as easy as that.

One reviewer wrote: “This mat works great! There's nothing on this planet that keeps all kitty litter from tracking but this mat sure keeps it down quite a bit! I'm quite impressed with this mat and my cat doesn't mind walking on it at all!” — D. Morrison

  • Available styles: 6


This chillable rolling pin that doubles as a measuring stick

Anyone who enjoys baking will get plenty of use out of this stainless steel rolling pin. The sleek, cylindrical body is enhanced by a set of measurements on the side, so you don’t even need a ruler to roll your dough out to your desired size. For added convenience, the rolling pin is dishwasher safe, rust-resistant and nonstick. You can even chill it in the freezer beforehand to keep your pastry chilled as you work.

One reviewer wrote: “This rolling pin is awesome! It has a good size and heft to it. It is the perfect size for basically any kind of dough. I chill mine in the freezer and I cannot believe how much easier it is to roll out pie crust or cookie dough.” — S. Harris


A plastic wrap & foil dispenser made of lightweight bamboo

Whether you mount it on your wall or store it in a drawer, this bamboo wrap dispenser allows you to easily grab a piece of foil, wax paper, or plastic wrap whenever you need it. Equipped with two slots, a pair of cutters, and a sheet of easy-to-read labels, the organizer stores your kitchen essentials neatly without any cumbersome boxes or packaging. A set of magnets at one end makes loading and unloading a breeze.

One reviewer wrote: “Long gone are the days of stuffing your foil, cream wrap, or wax paper in their boxes into a drawer. This 2 in one makes organizing a cinch! The loading was not complex and the directions were easy to follow!” — Amazon Reviewer

  • Available colors: Natural, White, Black, Gray


This bright goo that pulls the dust out from tiny crevices

While it may look like a radioactive science experiment, this bright yellow cleaning gel is so useful for getting the dust out from between your keyboard’s crevices. Just press the gel in between the cracks, then lift it up to pull out the dirt. In addition, the lemon-scented goo can be used to clear out the debris from your car’s air vents and cupholders.

One reviewer wrote: “This gooey gel is the bomb at cleaning your keyboard. It picks up everything, leaving your keyboard spotlessly clean! I will be using this for other tight or difficult to reach cleaning spots and know those places will be as shiny as the keyboard!” — Vicky Marshall


The white noise machine with 18 soothing sounds to choose from

Fall asleep to the soothing sound of the ocean, fireplace, or rainfall with this white noise machine — it’s equipped with 18 different noises that lull you into a state of relaxation. The compact unit is battery-powered, giving you the freedom to bring it anywhere. A timer function automatically shuts the device off after you’ve drifted off.

One reviewer wrote: “I love this sound machine. I like that you can plug it in for daily use but also use it with batteries for traveling. It is also quite small with a lot of sound and volume options. Works for every situation! Highly recommend!” — Amazon Customer


These clever car headrest hooks that hold your bags in place

If you’re tired of your purse or grocery bags spilling over while you drive, you should install these sturdy headrest hangers. The rotating hooks can be placed on the front or back of your car seat, providing a secure spot to hang your tote. Each one can hold up to 18 pounds, so you can feel confident that heavy bags will stay in place.

One reviewer wrote: “This is one of those things you never knew you wanted but now can't live without. I clipped on on the headrest of the front passenger seat and use it to hang up my purse while I'm driving. It's so much easier to grab it when I'm getting out of the car than if it was on the back seat.” — Amazon Customer

  • Available colors: black, beige


A glass coffee maker that makes up to 4 cups of delicious cold brew

Fans of chilled coffee will love the ease and convenience of this cold brew maker. Designed with a stainless steel filter and a nonslip silicone base, the durable glass carafe brews up to 4 cups of robust cold brew in as little as 12 hours — and all you have to do is add your favorite grounds and water. An airtight cap on top of the coffee maker ensures your beverage stays fresh for as long as possible.

One reviewer wrote:“Easy to use and easy to clean! I like that it comes with a couple different lids. Great investment considering it’s cheap and cold brew is expensive at grocery stores and coffee shops! Using this is so simple!” — Emily S.


This nifty sponge that defogs your windshield in seconds

Foggy windshields and windows are no match for this reusable sponge. Simply wipe it over your car’s glass surfaces to instantly remove condensation — no more waiting around. The sponge works both wet and dry, and when it needs to be freshened up, you can toss it directly in the washing machine.

One reviewer wrote: “This is so simple yet so effective. Great for wiping the inside of your windshield on those cold mornings when it is all fogged up on the inside and you don't want to wait for the defogger to do its thing. Also good for wiping off the side mirror.” — Cath Benedetti White


These botanical lozenges that ease stress naturally

Formulated with a unique blend of five floral essences, these sugar-free lozenges may promote feelings of calm, relaxation, and clear-mindedness. They have a delicate orange and elderflower flavor, which is delightfully sweet — but not too sweet. Simply pop one in your mouth on those days when you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed.

One reviewer wrote: “I was not at all expecting an over the counter product to be so effective. It works really well. Along with a relaxing feeling i also felt it was easier to stop anxiety causing thoughts to stop cycling through my mind. Great product.” — Amazon Customer


The convenient sofa arm tray that holds your drinks & snacks

Made of lightweight, sleek bamboo wood, this compact tray drapes over the arm of your sofa or chair. It provides just enough space to hold a mug, glass, or bowl of snacks — so you don’t have to reach too far while you catch up on your favorite TV show or curl up with a good book. There are several finishes to pick from, including mahogany, walnut, and matte black.

One reviewer wrote: “I didn't realize how much I would end up loving this little thing but I really do. This is a necessity for a small apartment. Its the perfect solution if you don't have the space for an end table. [...] Would recommend!” — Jamie P.

  • Available colors: 11


These charcoal-infused toothbrushes that can help whiten your teeth

Infused with naturally whitening charcoal, these toothbrushes from Oral-B can help you achieve a brighter smile without any additional treatments. The angular bristles are designed to access those hard-to-reach spaces in your mouth, while a textured surface on the other side of the brush gently cleans your tongue and cheeks. Several customers even say they prefer this toothbrush to whitening strips or gels.

One reviewer wrote: “This is so awesome! The carbon REALLY makes a difference!! It’s really soft and feels amazing on my teeth. They feel super clean and soft bristles. I can see the whitening already and it’s been days!! A week or so! Amazing.” — Mercy


This clip-on strainer that saves you precious kitchen storage space

This clip-on strainer is ideal for compact kitchens where space is at a premium. Made from flexible silicone, the strainer secures to the edges of your pot with a pair of clamps. Simply pour your boiling water into the sink — the built-in spout guides the water downwards while the strainer keeps your pasta or vegetables in the pot. Taking up just a fraction of the room of a traditional colander, this little kitchen gadget fits neatly inside your drawer.

One reviewer wrote: “By far my favorite strainer I’ve ever used. It clips on so easy, all you have to do is tilt the pot and boom, done. Then you just rinse it right off and it cleans up so easy.” — Lex

  • Available colors: 4


These deodorizing pouches filled with neutralizing bamboo charcoal

Instead of simply covering up odors with heavily fragranced sprays, nip those bad smells in the bud with these deodorizing bamboo charcoal pouches. The charcoal is naturally absorbent, soaking up stenches from your refrigerator, gym bag, or even your sneakers. To keep them working their best, simply lay the pouches out in the sun for two hours once a month.

One reviewer wrote: “This bamboo charcoal works like magic!! I used this overnight in my most used pair of shoes and the smell went away the next day. No trace of smell in my shoes and no smell in the charcoal bag either.” — Juan


A cooling blanket made of temperature-regulating bamboo

For those who run hot when they sleep, here’s a breathable bamboo blanket that keeps you feeling comfortable all night long, thanks to the naturally cooling, temperature-regulating fabric. While heavier blankets trap heat underneath the covers, this blanket is lightweight and encourages airflow. Plus, it comes in a variety of hues, ranging from neutrals such as gray and navy to more vibrant tones like lavender and sage green.

One reviewer wrote: “It does a great job of keeping me cool and comfortable, especially on hot summer nights. The blanket is also very lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around and use wherever I go.” — Marina Prickett

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 9


This ice roller that soothes skin & headache symptoms

Whether you have frequent headaches or easily irritated skin, this ice roller can help. The head is filled with temperature-retaining beads — just stick the handheld tool in the freezer to allow it to get cold enough to use. Roll it along your cheeks, temples, and forehead to reap the benefits of cooling therapy.

One reviewer wrote: “This facial ice roller is a must-have for anyone with sensitive skin! I suffer from both acne and swelling, and this roller has been a lifesaver. It's so gentle and effective, bringing instant relief. Even after just one use, I noticed a difference in my skin - it was brighter and less inflamed.” — Brooke Mitchell

  • Available colors: 9


These vacuum-sealed storage bags that free up closet space

Tight on space in your closet or underneath the bed? These vacuum-sealed storage bags can reduce the original volume of your items by up to 80%. Designed with a double-zip seal and a valve that allows you to squeeze every last bit of air out, the transparent bags significantly reduce the size of your bulky blankets, pillows, and jackets. You can use your vacuum cleaner to remove the air from the bags, or the included travel pump when you’re on the go.

One reviewer wrote: “Took this mini air pump and bags on a trip loved how small the pump is and the many bags it came with. This enabled me to take my memory foam pillow with me easily in a suit case. Would recommend for those with bulky items.” — Brianne Estrada


A set of Velcro cable straps that keep your drawers in check

These Velcro cable straps can transform your drawers from messy to tidy in a matter of seconds. Each strap can be used to hold together a charging cord, a power strip, or any other small item — the stretchy material expands to reach around whichever object you want to store. You get 12 pieces in a pack, making this a wallet-friendly organizing solution, as well.

One reviewer wrote: “I love everything about these straps. They worked better that I expected. I am using them to secure my trimmer equipment to my trailer and they are working like a charm; I don't see how I ever did without them.” — Amazon Customer


This exfoliating mitt that instantly removes dry skin

You only need to use this exfoliating body scrubber once every two weeks to reap its benefits. The textured viscose fabric fits over your hand, securing at the wrist like a baseball glove. Rub the scrubber along your arms, legs, and torso, and notice the dry, dead skin peel off instantly. After just one shower with this mitt, you’ll notice your skin feels so much softer.

One reviewer wrote: “They all say scrubber, but this is the only product that I found that really scrubbed. And without too much of an effort. I love how disgustingly it scrubs off all of extra skin from me. Then I feel like a clean angel.” — Leila


The waterproof trash can that secures to your car seat

Waterproof and durable, this car trash can stands up to all sorts of refuse and liquid spills — so it’s the perfect buddy to have around if you don’t want to deal with litter. Simply strap the container to the back of your car seat or center console with the straps and tighten. Available in two sizes, it has a mesh side pocket for tissues or other essentials, and the magnetic lid ensure everything stays securely inside.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a sturdy, well made product. It even comes with Velcro if you want to stand it on the floor of the vehicle. I hang it from the passenger seat and swing it around if someone is in the seat. The strap is thick and has plenty of length to adjust. It also has a lid that holds closed with a magnet if needed. This is well worth the money.” — Amazon Reviewer


A portable dog water bottle with a near-perfect rating

With a 4.7-star rating after over 38,000 reviews, it’s clear that Amazon shoppers love this water bottle for dogs. What makes it so unique? Of course, it can hold 12 ounces of on-the-go hydration for your pup, but the star is the bowl, which you can fill up with the simple press of a button. Press it again, and the water flows back into the leakproof bottle, saving you space in your to-go bag.

One reviewer wrote: “Very well made. The turn off button is great so the water doesn’t leak. No water waste as the water can be Vacuumed back into the bottle. Smart concept! I use it all the time now even inside the car when I travel with my dog. No leak no waste and good capacity. Will buy it again.” - aline


This remote control holder that’s minimalist & streamlined

With a simple, clean construction and a bamboo divider, this remote control holder looks great wherever you put it. Also ideal for holding toiletries in the bathroom or office supplies on your desk, the unit features two slotted tiers for squarely storing away your items — allowing you to easily access them when you need them.

One reviewer wrote: “How could I be so thrilled over a such a simple item? Because this little organizer box holds the mess of remotes on my nightstand, and I can easily find the one I need at the moment! It doesn't take up much space and is well made.” — Laura Champa


These bamboo drawer dividers that expand to a perfect fit

If conventional drawer dividers won’t stay in place, you should check out these extendable dividers made of durable bamboo wood. Each one expands from 17.5 inches to 22 inches, fitting snugly inside a wide range of drawers. A nonslip rubber pad on each end ensures the interiors of your drawers don’t get scratched up.

One reviewer wrote: “I love these! I hate cheap plastic looking organizers because you always loose a couple of inches of space. These look great and seem very durable!” — Amazon Customer

  • Available colors: White, Gray, Natural


Some nonslip velvet hangers with a slim construction

Covered in soft velvet, these nonslip hangers are designed to keep your clothes from slipping onto the floor — and the slim design means they take up less space. Other useful features include a sleek metal swivel hook, notches for spaghetti straps, and a built-in tie bar. This monochromatic set will also lend your closet a more unified, tidy look.

One reviewer wrote: “These hangers hold clothes in place, especially good for straps or wide necklines. They are curved enough at the corners that there is no hanger pooch on the clothing shoulders. I love them.” — Marcia

  • Available colors: 5


This muscle roller stick that eases stiffness before & after workouts

Use this muscle roller stick to massage your legs, arms, and back before and after your workout — not only will you notice a boost in circulation, but your muscles may recover more quickly as well. The ergonomic handles on either side ensure you have a good grip as you roll the stick along your body. Plus, it’s compact enough to fit in your gym bag or backpack.

One reviewer wrote: “I use this all the time. The beads really roll out the cramps and soreness without much pain. It’s small enough to pack on a camping trip or ski weekend and everyone wants to borrow it. I couldn’t get through my calf cramps without it.” — Amazon Customer


A cult-favorite hand cream that soothes rough, dry skin

With an average score of 4.7 out of five stars after 85,000 reviews, it’s pretty obvious that O’Keeffe’s hand cream has a strong fan base. That’s because the simple yet effective formula deeply penetrates dry, rough skin and instantly boosts its hydration levels. Even better, the unscented cream creates a protective barrier to maintain moisture for hours after you apply it.

One reviewer wrote: “The cream is thick and rich, providing much-needed moisture to my dry, cracked hands. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue, making it easy to use throughout the day.” — Scott


This mineral powder sunscreen that makes touch-ups easy

This SPF-30 mineral powder sunscreen from Hawaiian Tropic not only offers ample sun protection, it also works to soak up any excess oil on your face. With a matte, translucent finish, the powder blends effortlessly into most skin tones for an utterly natural look. The lightweight formula is made with fortifying sea minerals that won’t clog your pores — plus, it has a refreshing tropical scent. The best part? The fluffy brush makes it easy to reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

One reviewer wrote: “I was looking for a sunscreen for reapplying during the day and this is the perfect one! Being in powered form it can easily be applied over makeup. I love to keep this in my purse and car so I can easily reapply through the day. The ingredients are great and this is a perfect alternative to chemical sunscreen mists.” — Jenna Bahnsen


These backseat organizers that keep the clutter from piling up in your car

Attaching directly to the backs of your car’s seats with a pair of adjustable straps, these organizers really help reduce the clutter around your vehicle. Each one is equipped with a touch-screen tablet holder as well as a variety of mesh pockets for your beverages, magazines, snacks, and more. The waterproof organizers also act as kick mats, protecting your seats from scratches and scuffs.

One reviewer wrote: “When you have a full car, the extra utility is nice. We used it to hold electronics, as extra cup holders, and containing all the other items that could be useful when you're stuck in the car for 6 hours. Super easy to put on and go.” — Joey


A wall-mounted organizer that holds brooms, rakes & mops

For the longest time, I used to haphazardly place my mop and broom against the wall — this wall-mounted broom holder makes life so much easier. With five spring-loaded slots for your cleaning tools — as well as six hooks for your brushes, gloves, and washcloths — this organizing rack keeps your entryway or closet tidy and uncluttered. The unit holds up to 35 pounds, so you can feel confident that the tools will stay securely on the wall.

One reviewer wrote: “What a relief! Finally my utility closet is better organized! This helps keep my broom, mops and other cluttery things out of the way. Super easy to install. Really recommend this!” — JH


This keratin-infused hair mask that leaves locks feeling silky & soft

Infused with moisturizing vitamin E and hydrolyzed keratin (a protein that adds structure to your hair and nails), this nourishing mask leaves your strands feeling smooth and strong. Ideal for all hair types — including dry, damaged, and processed locks — Sunatoria’s rich formula delivers a serious dose of moisture without leaving behind any greasy residue.

One reviewer wrote: “What a game changer this product is. I’ve always had healthy hair until I went platinum. Fried my tresses. [...] One use following the directions produced amazing results. People noticed the difference. For the price this product is a must for hair that needs drastic repair!” — Barbara Johnson


A compact surge protector equipped with 6 outlets & 2 USB ports

What’s amazing about this surge protector is that it offers six AC outlets and two USB ports — but it takes up next-to-no space on your wall. If you don’t have the room for a clunky power strip, its compact size comes in clutch. Even better, it’s equipped with a built-in border light that’s motion-activated, providing a bit of extra visibility at night.

One reviewer wrote: “I love these wall outlet, USB chargers! I put them all over my house and their little light acts as a night light which helps when it's dark. The design is also the best. It's easy to use every single plug at once with no problem. They also have a low profile and feel secure when you attach them unlike past wall plug in outlets I've had.” — Katherine C. Malson


The sophisticated glass pitcher with a built-in fruit infuser

Want to make your drinking water feel a little fancy? Infuse it with your favorite fruit. This sophisticated glass pitcher features a removable infuser that can be filled with berries, melon, or citrus — you can even add herbs for a more complex flavor. A tight-fitting stainless steel lid and built-in strainer guarantee a mess-free pour.

One reviewer wrote: “This pitcher is a perfect size to make fruit infused water. What I love about it is the ease of pouring while straining any large fruit pieces for an exceptional cup of healthy & tasty water. It is sturdy yet lightweight, and attractive to place on a dining room table during dinner.” — Brenda B.


These rust-resistant shower curtain hooks that glide so easily

Designed with a row of rolling balls at the top, these curtain hooks glide effortlessly over your shower rod. They’re made from rust-resistant metal that comes in five sleek finishes, including nickel, chrome, and matte black. Not to mention, they feature dual hooks at the bottom for hanging both your shower curtain and your liner — without any annoying clasps or closures.

One reviewer wrote: “These hooks have saved me time and back pain. No more having to take off the liner to change out my shower curtain! No more cheap hooks with frustrating closures. These have been secure, rust free and easy use since day one!” — Chelsea Corthouts

  • Available colors: 5


A rotating utensil holder made of sleek stainless steel

Made of sleek stainless steel with a matte finish, this elegant utensil holder excels in both form and function. It’s designed with three separate compartments for your spoons, spatulas, whisks, tongs, and any other handheld cooking tools that would otherwise be cluttering up your drawer. Rotating a full 360 degrees, the holder allows you to access your full utensil collection without having to reach too far.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a wonderful utensil holder. It easily rotates, looks great, and doesn't slide around on the counter. It's sleek, and holds a lot. It's big but it's freed up drawers and I love it's usefulness and style. I got black, you will love it.” — Pam McCuistion

  • Available colors: 4


The 7-day pill organizer that reminds you to take your medicine

Remembering to take your pills isn’t always easy — luckily, this seven-day organizer helps you stay on track. Complete with dual-sided canisters labeled for every day of the week (as well as morning and night), this set ensures you don’t accidentally double up or skip a dosage. A cylindrical container keeps the collection of canisters together for easy portability.

One reviewer wrote:“They are absolutely perfect. Quality is great. Closure works great. Size is just right. Was worried might be too small, but when they arrived, they hold a lot more than I thought they would. Could not be happier with the product.” — Amazon Customer


These claw picture hangers that don’t make big holes in the wall

Made of durable alloy steel, these claw-shaped picture hangers are a great alternative to nails and screws. The hooks can be placed directly into your drywall (no tools necessary), and since they don’t leave behind any large holes, they’re ideal for those who rent their homes. Each one has a weight capacity of up to 45 pounds, so they’re a fantastic choice for your heavier frames, mirrors, and art pieces.

One reviewer wrote:“I live in an apartment and these are great! I no longer have to sit here and try to hammer nails in walls or beams and line them up. These claw clips are perfect and so easy to use. Removing them is easy and doesn’t leave huge holes in my walls.” — Victoria Jones


Some elegant iron hooks you can mount anywhere in your home

Whether you install them in your hallway, the bathroom, or your closet, these sturdy iron hooks lend an air of sophistication. Each one holds up to 35 pounds, supporting coats, purses, towels, and more. At the base, there are two smaller pegs for hanging smaller purses, keys, washcloths, or anything else you want to keep on hand.

One reviewer wrote: “These coat hooks are super easy to install and extremely sturdy!!! More than enough in the pack as well. I use these for coats in the hallway and closet — works wonders to free up space. Will definitely recommend this product as a ‘must buy.’” — Anthony


The 5-blade scissors that mince herbs fast

One of the most consuming parts of meal prep? Mincing chives, thyme, parsley, and other herbs. Speed up that step with these herb scissors that feature five blades, so you can snip through your greens five times as fast. They scissors come with a cleaning comb that makes it easy to work out any plant residue from between the blades.

One reviewer wrote: “Love this little timesaver! Super easy to use and surprisingly easy to clean. I use it a lot for green onions and it cuts the perfect size. You may have to give a second chop if you want a fine chop but these will still give you a good start.” — Lori Fornaro