So many reviewers think these cheap, clever products on Amazon are effing amazing

Shoppers are raving about these incredible finds for beauty, home, and more.

So many reviewers think these cheap, clever products on Amazon are effing amazing
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Few things beat a good review section when shopping on Amazon. That’s why I put together this list of things that so many reviewers think are effing amazing. That way, we can all get the clever products we need a little bit quicker. This list has plenty of rave review sections for home products, haircare products, and even a bike phone mount that doesn’t look bulky on your handlebars. Let these seriously good reviews back you up while you shop this list.


These durable shoe horns that won’t get stuck on your socks

It’s all about the sleek metal design with this budget-friendly pack of shoe horns. The smooth material means they won’t catch on your socks while you put your shoes on, and they won’t bend or break. Of course, it also makes them durable enough to use with all of your stiff leather shoes.

One reviewer wrote: “A shoe horn seems so simple but these are beyond perfect. They are sturdy and because they are metal, my socks slide right down into my shoe.What is so brilliant is that you know they won't break. So you can put on even your most stubborn shoe without issue.I'm obsessed!”


These core sliders that can work on all floor types

These lightweight core sliders help out with balance and support for certain low impact, full body exercises, like mountain climbers, lunges, sliding pushups, and other arm or leg moves. They work on all surface types, including carpet, gym floors, tile, and wood, and they weigh less than half a pound, which makes them an easy addition to your gym bag.

One reviewer wrote: “These are amazing! I hated doing mountain climbers, I bought these, now they are one of my favorite workouts, I use these twice a week on carpet, no problems at all!”


These heat-resistant silicone spatulas with the best scooping shapes

This set of silicone spatulas is a versatile kitchen must-have, because each one has a purposeful, useful shape, including one that’s slim enough for scooping ingredients our of slim jars. Of course, the durable and heat-resistant design up to 450 degrees means you can use them to cook everything. Best of all, you can even grab them when you’re using a non-stick skillet without worrying about damaging your pan.

One reviewer wrote: “I especially like the large spoon-like spatula because it moves the food around so easily. The smaller ones are great for scraping mayonnaise, peanut butter, jam, etc. They are my go to tools in the kitchen now.”


A bike phone mount that’s not bulky on your handlebars

You don’t have to add a bunch of bulk to your handlebars with this stretchy bike phone mount. It has a single adjustable silicone strap that attaches to the super secure phone grip. This weather-resistant, all-terrain mount is also a universal mount and can be used on any phone from 4 to 7 inches long and on all handlebars.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a really nice little holder and easy to install and remove. I bought this to use on my exercise bike . I have an IPhone XR in an Otter box phone case with a ring holder on the back. I bought a more expensive holder that claimed to hold up to a tablet. Well it didn’t . So I took a chance on this product, I’m glad I did. It is very adjustable and fit my phone with little effort. It holds my phone nicely on my bike!”


An elegant decanter set that can go in the dishwasher

This decanter set is complete with vintage-style details, especially on the intricate stopper. All of these decorative details mean this dishwasher-safe set reflects light no matter where you display them on your bar cart, adding elegance to your space. The entire set is made of super durable glass, including the six 9.5-ounce glasses.

One reviewer wrote: “This decanter set is one of the best I have seen. It is well designed and very pretty to look at. The glasses are beautifully designed and they are very sturdy as well as the decanter. Beautiful!”


This car trash can that can attach anywhere

Stop stashing your fast food wrappers and drugstore receipts in your glove box and use this car trash can instead. This waterproof, easy-to-clean trash can is complete with clips that allow you to put it on your headrest, side door, or center console, and it’ll stay secure. Unlike other car trash cans, this one has a magnetic lid to keep garbage hidden and a side mesh pocket for storing odds and ends. If you’re not using it as a trash can, this device can also double as a cooler.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought one for my teenage son as a Christmas gift and liked the way it worked so much that I bought one for myself. This is by far the best trash can I've bought for a vehicle. I sit it on the floor directly behind the center console so I just need to reach back and put things in it without even taking my eyes off the road. It has never fallen over and holds a significant amount of trash. Certainly worth the small price for such a useful product!”


A miniature exercise ball with a non-slip coating

This PVC exercise ball won’t take up a bunch of space in your closet between workouts. The miniature design is still super durable for workouts; this 9-inch ball holds up to 600 pounds, and it’s completely anti-burst. Of course, it’s also coated in a grippy non-slip glaze, which is helpful when using it for stretching or back support when working out.

One reviewer wrote: “I got this to use for my yoga practices... it was easy to inflate & seal. I didn't want it fully inflated. It's tacky for a good grip. So perfect for my needs.”


This hanging shoe organizer with spots for accessories

Not only does this hanging organizer fix up your shoe situation, but it also gives you clever spots for small accessories. There are five unique and breathable mesh pockets on each side to tuck away belts, socks, tights, and other things. Of course, there are also 10 shoe slots that are tall enough for your go-to sneakers.

One reviewer wrote: “I have too many shoes for my closet, specifically sneakers. This got a lot of my sneakers off the floor and up at eye level where I can see what I have without crawling around on the floor searching for a lost shoe. The side pockets are perfect for storing belts and little accessories. Love it! Very sturdy and the pockets don’t sag with shoes in them.”


These non-slip socks with a seamless toe

These non-slip socks don’t just have a grip on the bottom that’s great for everyday wear or working out, they’re also complete with seamless toes, so they won’t uncomfortably press into your foot. These breathable socks also have a thick and comfy cuff at the back to keep them in place. Plus, there’s a stretchy arch band that feels supportive every time you pull these nylon-blend socks on.

One reviewer wrote: “I have bought many types of Non-Slip socks, these by far are the best I have ever bought. They are so comfortable and extremely well made with thicker material that is soft on the inside and vary stretchy. They hug your feet in a comfortable and stable way. They will hold their shape for a very long time. In terms of the grips, they are fantastic and grip to my hard wood floors like a cat to a tree. I never worry about slipping on my floor or stairs, both are hardwood. You will not regret this purchase.”

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 3


An easy-to-install hook & ring game for backyard parties

This minimalist hook and ring game is so easy to install on your patio for backyard parties, yet it’ll provide hours of entertainment. Plus, you can leave it up all the time — unlike cornhole or other yard games. It’s also a compact game that won’t take up patio space when you’re not using it.

One reviewer wrote: “The installation was easy and it doesn’t take up any room. Guests love it when they come over and it’s a great activity when I’m outside grilling. Every house needs this.”


A long, lightweight foam roller with a unique texture

This foam roller is complete with a massaging texture that’s so great for post-workout stretching. Plus, it gives you a little more grip for all of your rolling exercises. It’s also lightweight (at less than half a pound) and complete with a 17-inch length, so it’s super versatile for stretching.

One reviewer wrote: “I have tried many rollers in the past and this one was the perfect density to use not only to roll my muscles but to do different excercises with. I was able to do jack rabbits and pikes from a plank position with it. It also was great for rolling my back on when it was bothering me.”


This cleansing, soothing soap that is made from Dead Sea mud

This unique bar of soap is made with Dead Sea mud, which is a majorly cleansing ingredient that can also help out with psoriasis or inflamed skin. Along with the purifying mud, it has soothing argan oil, vitamin E, and shea butter. Plus, this artificial fragrance- and color-free soap even has antibacterial cinnamon powder.

One reviewer wrote: “Over the years I’ve tried multiple OTC treatments and medicated creams from my dermatologist. Your product by far has been the best treatment for my eczema. I instantly saw a difference after only using the soaps and moisturizing cream for two days. My itching went from a 10 to a 1. You definitely have a customer for life.”


These water bottle organizers that can even go in your fridge

With these durable and BPA-free plastic organizers, there’s no more trying to stack reusable water bottles in your cabinets. You can even pop these stackable organizers in your fridge, so you always have perfectly chilled water bottles or sports drinks. This shatter-proof set can be stacked or used singularly, depending on your needs.

One reviewer wrote: “Love this item! I don’t know about you, but my family collects a ton of reusable bottles and they’re all over the kitchen. We use to have a designated spot in the kitchen but it looked messy and cluttered. Then I found this gem and we put in the pantry on a shelf. Wow! Huge difference! This holds all different sizes, and on the bottom shelf I even added my disposable coffee cups and solo cups. If you hate clutter, this is for you! Love, love, love!”


This soothing natural deodorant that actually lasts

This stick of natural deodorant with 11 essential oils is actually soothing on your skin and smells like a spa. The activated charcoal absorbs moisture, while the shea butter and coconut oil calm your skin. Plus, this clear formula protects your clothes and won’t stain them, even as the formula lasts all day.

One reviewer wrote: “I have very sensitive underarms, every deodorant I have tired, natural or otherwise, has caused blistering rashes. I thought I was going to stuck with a rash forever until I tired PiperWai. For the price, I did think that I would get a larger quantity but because you use so little it lasts for a while. However, I would gladly continue to pay it because the results have been amazing. I am a heavy sweater and I have had no issues with smell or sweat stains on my clothes. The natural herbal smell is amazing. I will be a lifelong user of this product.”


This chic lunch box that’s easy to expand

With a chic textured fabric finish, this insulated lunch box is also complete with a unique pocket on the outside for utensils, a reusable straw, or even your phone. Plus, there’s an expandable detail if you want to pack extra snacks or plastic containers. Unlike classic lunch boxes, this one has a handy and padded shoulder strap.

One reviewer wrote: “It is stylish and well made. The fabric has a nice texture and the bag is the perfect size for work lunches. The gray goes with my clothes and fits the aesthetic of a professional work environment well. The insulation is really good and the lunch box has a short profile making it the perfect shape to fit Pyrex storage containers.”


This vacuum bag kit that reduces clothing volume by 80%

The hand pump and double seal design makes this vacuum bag set super versatile, whether you want to use it in your suitcase for extra vacation clothes or in the closet to store out-of-season clothing or bedding. This unique seal seriously keeps all of the air out, and they’ll condense your belongings to take up 80% less space than the original volume.

One reviewer wrote: “Wow!! These are amazing, I literally just ordered another pack of them. My large suitcase that I am checking was COMPLETELY FULL. So full that I had to sit on it to zip it. But it still could've been another 20lbs heavier before it was at the weight capacity. So I thought of these and tried them and sure enough, they're awesome. I fit everything that was in my suitcase and vacuumed them down and my suitcase has room to spare around all the edges of the bags. Very cool. I got the medium ones and was able to fit 3 winter jackets in one bag and filled any extra space with some shirts and that sucker vacuumed down so skinny. It makes them into like a flat brick of clothes. I highly recommend!”


A spray nozzle with 8 different watering settings

This heavy-duty water hose spray nozzle has eight different watering settings, including a fine mist for gently watering those flowers, reducing the damage on your pricey, beloved plants. In total, this garden hose nozzle has eight settings, including jet, soaker, and super precise spray settings. It’s also complete with a cushioned handle that’s comfortable enough for long gardening days.

One reviewer wrote: “This is the best nozzle I have ever had. It is so easy to hold and the water pressure is amazing! It feels sturdy and strong and I highly recommend it!”


This huge set of airtight containers to stack in your fridge & pantry

This set of seven airtight storage containers easily stack in your fridge, pantry, or in your cabinet. They come in a variety of sizes for small snacks as well as large leftovers. The clear plastic design is also OK in the freezer, microwave, and the dishwasher, and these containers are leak-proof, which even makes them suitable for marinading your meat.

One reviewer wrote: “Great for organizing and left over food. Have had for months now and they have not discolored. Soups or any other liquids do not leak out.”


These insulated stainless steel wine glasses that won’t shatter

With these double-wall insulated wine glasses, you won’t spill your perfectly chilled white wine, because each one comes with a BPA-free and transparent lid that you can pop on before you sip. These glasses are dishwasher-safe and completely shatter-proof for easy cleaning after wine time thanks to the sturdy stainless steel construction. Plus, the non-slip base really cuts down on dinner party spills.

One reviewer wrote: “Love these glasses!!! Perfect for around the pool drinks! Have survived several parties and washes unlike the plastic ones they replaced.”


This organizer to keep all your batteries in one easy-to-find place

You’ll never have to store all your batteries in a worn-out plastic baggie again once you get this compact organizer. It has over 90 designated slots for batteries of all types, including AA, AAA, C, and more. On top, this durable plastic organizer has a battery tester that’s easy to take out and use, so you don’t waste space on old batteries. Plus, it keeps all of your batteries in place with the transparent lid.

One reviewer wrote: “Now I have the most organized battery drawer in the family! No more wondering if those loose batteries are dead. Now I can easily see when it’s time to replenish my AAA, AA, C, D, button, and 9 volt so I never have to run out.”


A sound machine that’s versatile around your home

It’s super easy to carry this compact sound machine from your bedroom to your office, because it weighs just about 6 ounces. You can plug it in via USB or into an outlet or simply use batteries, so your soothing white noise can move around the house with you — or even come with you on vacation. It is complete with six different sounds, an auto-off timer, and an adjustable volume so you can customize your white noise settings to suit your needs.

One reviewer wrote: “These are the best sound machines. Variety of Different sounds, vast volume control, battery or plug in which has been amazing for traveling! By far my favorite sound machine.”


These adhesive puck lights with two easy ways to turn them on

This adhesive, battery-operated puck light can be turned on and off with a simple tap, which makes it an easy solution for illuminating otherwise shadowy spaces like closets, car trunks, or kitchen counters with cabinets overhead. With a warm, white glow, this touch light is super slim and stylish at just 1.25 inches thick, making it a seamless solution for your home.

One reviewer wrote: “I had my doubts because puck lights and me have never worked well. As soon as they came I was so thrilled, they are all individual wrapped, batteries are already in device which was SOO convenient, and sticky pads wrapped on the side. So quick and easy and look amazing. we have ours in our kitchen and they do great. Definitely a must have”


This bread cutting board & knife that help you get a perfect slice every time

If you want to turn a freshly-baked loaf of sourdough into sandwiches, then using this bread slicer cutting guide and serrated knife set is the way to go. The bamboo cutting board has three slice size options to get equal portions of a loaf of bread (or bagel) that’s up to 5.5 inches wide. In addition to the cutting guide, this board comes with a serrated knife that’s perfectly suited for bread, and the tray itself has a compartment to catch the crumbs and magnetic storage for the knife. When not in use, this device folds up for easy, compact storage.

One reviewer wrote: “If you are using a bread machine and want nice consistent slices, this is for you! The knife that comes with it is great and attaches easily to the side magnetically. I'm very happy with this purchase.”


This reusable notebook with digital note storing options

Erasing and reusing the pages in this notebook doesn’t mean you’ll lose all of your notes. It’s designed to let you scan your notes and add them into your favorite note-storing app. Each page is totally reusable and complete with a dot grid. Plus, it comes with the pen you’ll need for these unique pages.

One reviewer wrote: “I use this notebook at work and wow, what a game changer being able to scan and save your notes instantly to a PDF or OCR document. And best of all - the erasable pages - no more wasting paper or having to go back to my copy machine to scan my notes.”


A stainless steel dish rack that keeps your counter clean

Instead of a drying rack with a bulky drainage tray, simply grab this over-the-sink dish drying rack. The excess water drains right through the rust-resistant stainless steel bars and into your sink. The non-slip silicone ends keep all of your dishes secure while they dry. Plus, this roll-up rack is heat resistant up to 450 degrees, so it can double as a baking rack or trivet.

One reviewer wrote: “I would definitely recommend this product! Very study and holds a good amount of dishes on without falling. If you are limited on space, this is a great investment!”


This storage case that hides inside your hanging clothes

This flexible storage case simply hangs on one of your normal clothing hangers. Drape a blazer or shirt on top to hide this water-resistant pouch. It has a large zipper pocket that’s the perfect spot for valuables and documents when you’re traveling and a smaller interior compartment that’s great for money or small jewelry pieces. Hang up your other clothes and this durable, thin bag basically disappears.

One reviewer wrote: “Works excellent... easy to hide under a shirt. Easy to maneuver zipper while not having to take it off the hanger... very discreet. I love it!”


This strong adhesive with a built-in curing light

This strong adhesive dries quickly and forms an incredibly strong bond, thanks to the built-in UV light that cures the glue in seconds. Once you’re all done, this versatile, clear-drying adhesive is waterproof and even heat-resistant, and it works on a variety of surfaces including wood, plastic, metal, rubber, and fabric. Plus, it comes with a durable metal case to keep this glue in your tool bag.

One reviewer wrote: “I don't usually write reviews, but this stuff is amazing. I've used every type of superglue imaginable, on a broken piece of my glass coffee table, to no avail. Used Bondic and had a strong hold in seconds. I even put some serious pressure on it and it still holds. I'm adding this to my essentials tool kit right next to the WD-40 and duct tape.”


A hair catcher that’s easy to stick on your drain

Instead of sticking a hair catcher in your drain, these shower stickers go right on top, catching hair, dirt, and other items. They’re easy to stick on without even touching the gross drain, and these stickers last for about two to three weeks. After that, use the grime-free tabs to pull them off your drain — no wiping of gross hair required. Each one in this pack of 25 has a durable mesh design that’s completely waterproof while you shower.

One reviewer wrote: “These hair catchers are amazing. They definitely keep your drains free of hair. After showering, I just run my hand lightly over the top of the trap, and the hair slides right off and gets tossed into the garbage can. This product definitely saves you money in the long run by not having to call a plumber to clean out your drains!”


This unique broom holder that’s waterproof

This broom holder is unique because of the strong rubber grips that secure onto broom and mop handles. There are four spring-loaded and adjustable slots as well as four super durable metal hooks that can hold a total of 40 pounds of supplies. Plus, the waterproof design means it’s the perfect spot for a wet mop or for hanging in the garage.

One reviewer wrote: “This will hold anything from umbrellas to brooms to my steam mop. Great design, sturdy hold, multiple options for different configurations (hooks vs. teeth). Love it in my tiny closet!”


A compact USB that keeps your curser active when you’re not at your laptop

Click the small button on this compact USB mouse jiggler whenever you need to step away from your work from home laptop. It moves your curser around to look like you’re active, and you don’t even need to add something to your mouse or install a program. This discreet device even complete with three different curser movements to switch it up.

One reviewer wrote: “This thing is amazing for when you're working from home and need to handle your business. You plug it in and when you need to step out to do something hold the button for two seconds and it tracks mouse movements so it'll just be moving all over the screen. Kind of bizarre and then once you're back hold the button for two seconds and BAM back to work in no time.”


A spice organizer that doesn’t clutter up your cabinet shelves

This unique spice organizer doesn’t take up any space on your shelves. Instead, it tucks your spice jars in a small drawer that hangs underneath your shelf. It holds up to seven spice jars above your other pantry items, and whenever you want to grab one of your go-to spices, just pull down the compartment.

One reviewer wrote: “This is the most practical thing I’ve added to my pantry. It’s deep enough for small spice containers and great for the little things that get lost in the shuffle. Love it so much I ordered a second one!”


This outlet extender that’s also a chic nightlight

This outlet extender isn’t only helpful because of those handy outlets and USB ports — but it also gives you extra lighting. It has a chic night LED light with a low-profile rectangular design. Pop these extenders all over your home and you’ll always have automatic nightlights, surge protection, and a bunch of charging spots that won’t cause overlap with your chargers due to the unique trapezoid design.

One reviewer wrote: “I love this thing- such a great idea. I put it in my bathroom where I can charge my phone and have several things plugged in at once- the different angles on it is genius. Love the nightlight feature- it's not too bright or annoying but can also be turned down which is awesome! Don't know what I did before this thing came into my life.”


These door stoppers that come with convenient holders

You won’t lose track of these budget-friendly door stoppers when you need them thanks to the included stopper holders. They’re basically a small pocket that holds onto the stopper when you’re not using it. As for the actual stoppers, they’re made of durable rubber that works on carpet, cement, tile, wood, and more, and the rubber grips are suitable for doors of different frames.

One reviewer wrote: “The door wedges work incredibly well. Tried quite a few others on a ceramic tile floor within our church and they all failed except for these . They held big solid glass doors in place like they were welded to the floor. Highly Recommended product..”


This insulated bottle that lets you check how warm your tea or coffee is

This BPA-free, leakproof tumbler is actually designed for your hot tea with a stainless steel infuser that sits right in the top of this insulated bottle, but the 16.9-ounce design is also great for coffee. The LED screen on top of the lid makes it easy to see the exact temperature of your hot beverage — even when it’s in your cupholder — just tap it to see if your drink is at the perfect temperature.

One reviewer wrote: “This cup is so cute . What I really loved the most about this cup is that it keeps my coffee hot all day long regardless of what the temp is like in the room . I also use this to keep my sweet tea cold which is amazing how long this cup keep things cold or hot . Way better then any other cup i have used before!”


This heat-resistant mat that’s helpful all over your kitchen

This non-slip, heat resistant silicone pad protects a bunch of different things in your kitchen, whether you use it on your countertop, glass stove, under your coffee maker, or anywhere else. It’s also waterproof and oil-proof if you want to use it under your utensils while you cook, since it’s so easy to wipe clean. But it can also withstand temperatures up to 446 degrees, which makes it a great choice as a mat to protect your table from hot pots and pans.

One reviewer wrote: “I love these mats! I love that they are a nice weight and smooth texture, and so useful. They are quite large, and I was able to cut them to size to use one piece under my dish rack, another to protect the surface of my desk, and another for baking. I don't like things that are fussy, so I appreciate the fact that they are not patterned or textured, and can be used anywhere - and they are translucent, so the surface underneath shows through. A nice product.”


This plush travel pillow with a wraparound design

Instead of only supporting the back of your neck, this plush travel pillow has a wraparound design that’s easy to adjust for side sleeping or to support your chin. This machine-washable pillow is especially useful you’re a frequent flyer, because the lightweight pillow that tapers at the front allows you to relax your head — even in the middle seat.

One reviewer wrote: “Amazing!! Used it for the first time and it’s the best one I’ve owned yet! So soft and really good neck and head support!!”


A sponge holder that doubles as a soap dispenser

This budget-friendly soap dispenser is also designed to hold your dishwashing sponge. The press-down design makes it super easy to grab more dish soap while holding onto a plate — yep, only one hand is required. The clear base stores up to 13 ounces of dish soap next to your sink.

One reviewer wrote: “Not to be dramatic, but I can never go back to life before this item. I spent a single weekend at my sisters house, and almost went insane. This is just. It’s simple joy. Joy. From simplicity. Sigh. It dispenses the perfect amount of soap, it’s easy, and it not a giant jug on the counter. It’s just brilliant.”


A sunrise alarm that doubles as a nightlight

This compact sunrise alarm clock proves that it can be a calming experience when your alarm goes off in the morning. It slowly fills your room with a warm LED glow that gets brighter over the course of 30 minutes before your alarm even turns on, subtly getting you ready to wake. This stylish alarm clock is complete with a USB charging port, seven alarm sounds, and it doubles as a nightlight with seven colors.

One reviewer wrote: “This alarm is AMAZING!! I used to have to set 20+ alarms on my phone to wake up in the morning and get out of bed but this alarm did the trick! The brightness is completely adjustable and so is the volume of the sound that it plays. The colors are very pretty too! The colors, brightness level, volume, and sounds are adjustable to your liking and it is pretty easy to navigate! The bottons are easily distinguishable in my opinion and easy to feel in the dark. Even the time display has adjustable brightness levels. I've had this for a week or more and waking up is much more easier in the morning! Since the noise and light gradually builds (you can set when it starts and when it is at its max) and I find myself waking up before it even reaches max. I even use it as a lamp at night or I just use its sundown feature when the brighness and white noise lowers as I fall asleep and it has worked wonders for me! I fall asleep and wake up great, not in a rush. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!”


These anti-slip stickers that make your shower safer

This pack of adhesive, anti-slip shower stickers comes with a handy silicone scraper that gets all of the air bubbles out when you apply them, so these stickers aren’t bumpy on the bottom of your shower. These durable and fade-free stickers also have a compact design that’s barely noticeable on your tile, all while providing a skid-proof grip that makes your tub safer.

One reviewer wrote: “I love these! I love how you can arrange them however you want and they actually stick! In the past we have always gotten a bath mat and it get all dirty underneath so I saw these and figured I would try them and I wish I would have found them earlier! They’re amazing!! 100% recommend!”


This compact shelf that sits over your outlet

This durable plastic shelf sits right on top of your outlet, giving you a sturdy spot to pop your phone, electric toothbrush, or even your Alexa on top. No matter what device you store on it, there’s a built-in cord slot that keeps everything tidy, and this compact shelf actually replaces the classic wall plate you already have, keeping things looking neat and tidy.

One reviewer wrote: “This is one of those amazing space saving products you can’t wait to tell your friends about. I love listening to music while in the shower and having my Amazon echo there is perfect. It also frees up counter space and doesn’t hide the outlets. Installation was a breeze. It comes with two outlet options and one fit my apartment outlet perfectly. It was a breeze and I don’t anticipate any damage when removing it. It’s extremely sturdy. Highly recommend!”


A car window cleaner that helps you reach the back windshield

This car window cleaner is complete with a handle that extends up to 19 inches for reaching those hard-to-clean back windows. With the 180-degree pivoting head and washable microfiber cloths, you can easily clean grimy windows without getting your hands dirty. Plus, you get a mini spray bottle to keep window cleaner in your car.

One reviewer wrote: “This thing works amazing! No longer do I need to be a contortionist to wash the inside of my windshield!! Don’t even have to use any spray.”


These microfiber hair towels that are gentler on your locks

These microfiber hair towels are more absorbent than traditional cotton bath towels, and they also are better for your hair. The soft fabric and genius turban-like design with an elastic loop help to reduce friction, thus reducing hair frizz and breakage. These lightweight towels won’t feel weighty on top of your head, making your post-shower routine better than ever.

One reviewer wrote: “With the Turbie Twist you get a much lighter option for drying your hair. I actually always have 2 clean and ready to go. I use 1 to do my first water squeeze and then I use a fresh second one which I wear while I’m doing my makeup. By the time I’m ready to blow dry the Turbie has done most of the job for me. If you have long and/or thick hair, I HIGHLY recommend getting a few of these. I replace them once/year just because I use them so much. They’ve never worn out or come apart ever, they just lose their softness after years of washing. They still work great though!”


A bottle emptying kit for bottles in your pantry or your shower

This bottle emptying kit comes with two BPA-free lids with adapters to pop them onto skincare bottles, hot sauce bottles, dish soap bottles, and more. This unique lid props each bottle upside down to easily the last bit of condiments or skincare products out — all you need to do is squeeze.

One reviewer wrote: “This was a genius idea! I hate having to flip the darn lotion bottle upside down when the pump doesn’t reach the end and makes a mess. But now this works so well I could not believe why I hadn’t bought these before ! It makes it so easy to squeeze out and they are reusable!”


This slim mat that makes it easier to slide out your appliances

This sliding mat saves your countertop and your back while you’re cooking. The slim design goes right under your heavy appliances, like your air fryer, toaster, or coffee maker. Simply grab the small handle on the front to pull that heavy mixer out when you want to use it, because this caddy can hold up to 30 pounds. If you make a mess with your mixer or air fryer, this slider is dishwasher-safe.

One reviewer wrote: “This is under my coffee pot and is wonderful!!! Slides for easy access and is durable. It doesn't tip or shift on the grooves at all. Looks great also. Easy to clean. Lovelove it!”


This phone lanyard that also holds onto your credit card

This cell phone lanyard secures to your phone with an easy-to-attach, transparent silicone and nylon design, allowing you quick and easy pocket-free access whether you’re at a concert, hiking, or just don’t have a bag. The unique straps on the back can even hold onto your wallet essentials, like your credit card. Plus, it’s complete with a simple hook on the necklace that makes it easy to unclip your phone whenever you want.

One reviewer wrote: “Great buy! Stretchy & durable. Great price. No more wondering where I put my phone down. Works great!”