10 men's flip flops with arch support (so you can wear them comfortably all day)


While many flip flops have flat footbeds, it is possible to find a pair that's both stylish and supportive. The best men’s flip flops with arch support have defined arches, sturdy soles, and chafe-free straps to make them comfortable enough for all-day wear.

Arch support helps to distribute weight more evenly across the foot, leading to greater comfort overall. When choosing a flip flop with arch support, make sure that the support is called out in the product description. It can sometimes look as though sandals have arch support in the photos, but it’s best to be sure by checking what the brand and reviewers have to say about the shoes.

Most flip flop soles are made from rubber because it’s a durable and flexible material, which is a perfect combination for sandals. Rubber soles often have tread to give you better traction, which is especially important if you plan to wear your sandals on wet surfaces. EVA is another common material that can be used either in the midsole or for the entire shoe. It’s a plastic polymer foam that provides additional cushioning and stability, making it a good choice for anyone looking for additional support.

Flip flop straps can also be made from a variety of materials, and the right choice for you will depend on your preference and where you plan to wear your sandals. If you plan to wear them in water, you’ll want shoes made from synthetic materials or plastic. However, if you want sandals for everyday wear, you may prefer the softness of suede or nubuck leather, which can still be water-resistant but are less likely to be fully waterproof.

Check out this list of the best men’s flip flops with arch support to find your new favorite pair of sandals.

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1. The tried-and-true one

  • Straps: synthetic
  • Sole: rubber

This Reef flip flop has over 23,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, making it a verifiable fan favorite. One reason people love it may be because it has defined arch support as well as wide straps with padding for a comfortable and secure fit. Great for wearing all day long, these flip flops have an EVA footbed and airbags in the heel, so your foot will be supported as you step down. They also have soles made from non-marking rubber with traction, and they even have built-in bottle openers on the bottom, which makes for a great party trick.

One reviewer wrote: “These are great sandals, SO much more comfortable than standard flip-flops. I think it's the arch support combined with how well the top strap holds. I could never go back to flat flops. They are well made, but not indestructible, the toe thong will break eventually, this is my second pair of this exact model and 3rd Reef shoe overall. All eventually broke at the toe, but last enough years to be worth the cost IMO.”

  • Available colors: 19
  • Available sizes: 4 - 17

2. The budget-friendly one

  • Straps: not listed
  • Sole: rubber

This budget-friendly flip flop costs under $20, which shows that good support doesn't have to come at a high price. The footbed of this sandal has orthotic arch support, which lessens some of the stress on your feet and can help relieve heel discomfort, according to the brand. These sandals also have elastic straps that are padded for extra comfort (though the material isn't listed). The soles are made from durable rubber and feature multi-directional tread to give you added stability.

One reviewer wrote: “I have a bad back and regular flip flops aggravate it if worn more than an hour or two. I can wear these all day with no discomfort - good arch support is the key.”

  • Available colors: 8
  • Available sizes: 7 - 13

3. The sport recovery sandal

  • Straps: synthetic
  • Sole: OOfoam

This sport recovery flip flop is designed for comfort and support, with an arch that cradles your foot and helps relieve pressure on your joints. They're made from the brand's proprietary OOfoam material, which is designed to absorb 37% more impact than other footwear foams, according to the brand. These sandals are also easy to care for because they're machine-washable, so you can throw them in the wash anytime they're not smelling fresh. With so many solid features, it's no wonder that they're a popular choice on Amazon with over 15,000 five-star ratings.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought these last year after my physical therapist recommended them to me as a house/shower shoe due to my knee problems. They're like walking on a cloud! Extremely durable! I live in them! They are highly impact absorbing and take all of the strain off your joints [...] My only regret is not buying them sooner. Absolutely worth the money! Great arch support, too. I have a really wide foot and they were perfect in width!”

  • Available colors: 4
  • Available sizes: 6 - 13

4. The casual flip flop

  • Straps: suede
  • Sole: rubber

Made by the well-known surf-brand Quicksilver, these casual flip flops are perfect for everyday wear. They have double-stitched straps that are made with suede for a soft feel and secured with a durable nylon toe post. For added comfort, they also have an anatomically correct arch on the compression-molded EVA footbed that gives the whole shoe a more padded feel. These flip flops are finished with a rubber sole that has multi-angled logo lugs to give you better traction wherever you walk.

One reviewer wrote: “I'm not one to do reviews but I had to for these Flip-Flops. They fit perfectly and can be worn all day without worrying about discomfort. Cushion and arch support is evident with these and are a good compliment to any beach wear. I currently live on the beach and love these as they can be left out in the sun without the worry of discoloration and do not lose grip upon getting wet.”

  • Available colors: 8
  • Available sizes: 6 - 14

5. The one with orthopedic support

  • Straps: vegan leather with jersey lining
  • Sole: rubber

Another popular option from Reef, this highly rated flip flop is designed with comfort in mind thanks to the ortho-grade arch support and heel cupping. The soft footbed has a shock-absorbing cushion that helps to reduce pressure on your feet while walking, and flex grooves for better movement. The straps are made from vegan leather with a padded jersey lining that feels great against your foot, and like the other pairs on this list, these flip flops have rubber soles with plenty of traction.

One reviewer wrote: “Instantly happy that I chose this product. I have high arches ( really high). It has always been difficult to find a comfortable flip-flop. I recently had a tear in ACL and nothing has been fitting comfortably since. The second I put these on, I knew that I finally found a pair that I would be able to handle. They have great support and cushion at the same time. Finally someone thought about the people whose feet have a need for more than just a flat 1/2" of rubber. Excellent product. I will probably be buying another color now.”

  • Available colors: 2
  • Available sizes: 6 - 13

6. The one for outdoor adventures

  • Straps: synthetic
  • Sole: rubber

These versatile flip flops have rubber outsoles with herringbone tread to give you great traction on a variety of surfaces, whether you're on an outdoor adventure or simply running errands. For even better stability, they have tread on the insole to prevent you from slipping when your feet are wet. That's an important feature because these sandals are water-friendly too, so you can wear them to the beach and into the water without worry. They not only have arch support, but a shock-absorbing design, which will give you maximum comfort wherever you wear them.

One reviewer wrote: “Since I work from home I wear shorts and sandals 24/7 365 and I've spent more on sandals but these are by far the most COMFORTABLE pair I've ever put on my feet! Will be buying more so I can rotate them out!”

  • Available colors: 14
  • Available sizes: 7.5 - 16

7. The one with a patterned sole

  • Strap: vegan nubuck
  • Sole: rubber

If you want to add a bit of style to your summer look, check out these patterned flip flops that have a camouflage design on the inner sole, though they come in other patterns as well as solid colors, too. These flip flops have an arch cookie (aka a pad that offers support along your instep) and a heel wedge for added support, plus an EVA footbed that provides ample cushioning. On top of that, the treaded rubber sole is non-marking and offers excellent traction.

One reviewer wrote: “Super comfortable and arch supporting flips flips. Great quality [materials] and made to last. They do ran just ever so small.”

  • Available colors: 20
  • Available sizes: 8 - 13

8. The Birkenstocks

  • Straps: EVA
  • Sole: EVA

A new take on the classic Birkenstock sandal, this versatile flip flop is made from a single piece of EVA, making it both waterproof and comfortable. Designed to give you optimal support, the footbed has a deep heel cup and four arches to help you maintain better posture, so you can wear these flip flops all day. Because these sandals are made from EVA, you can simply rinse them off and leave them out to dry if they get dirty. They're lightweight, so they won't weigh down your feet during long days of walking, and they have tread on the soles to give you more stability.

One reviewer wrote: “I wasn't sure when I first purchased these since I have always purchased suede Birkies but there are great! The arch is perfect and they offer great support. I ordered my normal size and they fit great. I am getting ready to order another pair in a different color. I was very excited to find these for such a great price and even happier when they provided all the support and comfort I was hoping for.”

  • Available colors: 10
  • Available sizes: 5-5.5 Women/3-3.5 Men - 15-15.5 Women/13-13.5 Men

9. The one with even more arch support

  • Straps: not listed (padded)
  • Sole: synthetic sole

These orthotic flip flops have wide, thick soles and generous arch support and heel cupping for all-day comfort. They feature a cushioned sole and heel airbag, which is enclosed in soft polyurethane, so your foot is supported with every step. These flip flops come in a few neutral colors, so you can easily pair them with any outfit.

One reviewer wrote: “These Flip Flop sandals fit my feet as expected/perfectly. They smelled fresh when received. I don’t feel easily tired wearing these sandals as they have some kind of “shock absorbing” feature and good arch support. The sandals also protect me from walking on slippery floor next to swimming pools near my house as they have non-slippery sole or something like it. Other available colors are interesting too and I may grab another pair soon.”

  • Available colors: 3
  • Available sizes: 8 - 13

10. The leather flip flop

  • Straps: genuine top grain leather and nylon
  • Sole: rubber

An updated version of the classic Rainbow sandal, this leather flip flop has a double-layer design to give you more comfort and support. The inner sole is made from top grain leather that feels soft against your foot, and the straps are made from durable nylon. These sandals have a rubber sole with wavy grooves to give you traction, and they come in a variety of neutral colors.

One reviewer wrote: “Love Rainbows! I swear by them. This was the first time I tried the double layer though, and I don't think I'm going to go back to the single layer. I'll admit, the double layer looks kind of weird (like you're wearing lifts), but the added comfort is real. I have very high arches on my feet, and I feel like the double layer gives my feet more material to sink into and provides more arch support. As usual, the materials on Rainbows are excellent, and hold up to every day use for the past few months and you still get the typical Rainbow experience of the sandal molding to your foot. I would highly recommend these if you have high arches, or if you like comfortable sandals.”

  • Available colors: 10
  • Available sizes: 7.5-8.5 - XXX Large / 13.5-15 D(M) US