12 leather sneakers you can wear every day of the week


If you’re ready to add a new pair of sneakers to your closet, leather is a great option, since it's both functional and stylish. The best leather sneakers for men have an upper made from real leather, rubber or EVA soles, and go well with what's already in your wardrobe.

As with any other fashion accessory, start by picking the style of shoe you want first. Some sneakers have a classic lace-up look that can be dressed up or down, while others have an athletic-inspired design that’s more casual. Think about whether you plan to wear your leather sneakers for actual workouts, or whether you want something that only athletic, since that will also impact your decision.

You may also want to consider the specific type of leather your sneakers are made from. One common variety is genuine leather, which is made from real leather that has the top layer stripped away. The quality may not be as high as some other leather types, but it can be much more budget-friendly, making it a good choice for casual sneakers. On the other end of the spectrum is full-grain leather, which tends to have a nicer finish and is more durable, but also more expensive.

Beyond the grain, there are also different treatments and styles of leather, such as suede, which has a soft texture because it is made from the underside of the hide. Another common shoe material is nubuck, which is soft like suede, but is made from the outside of the hide, making it more durable but not quite as soft as suede.

While the material of the upper is important, so is the material of the sole. Rubber is a good choice because it’s both comfortable and elastic, making it a great pick for sneakers. There are also soles made from EVA, which is a rubber-like polymer that’s light and durable. Some sneakers also have tread on the sole to give you more traction, or specialty padding in the insert to give you more comfort.

If you're ready to upgrade your sneakers to a pair that's dressy enough to wear to work but comfortable enough for weekend walks, here are the best leather sneakers for men that you can buy on Amazon.

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1. The Sperry sneakers

These leather sneakers from Sperry have uppers made from 100% premium full-grain leather, so they strike the perfect balance between dressy and casual. Because Sperry is a nautical brand, these sneakers have a non-marking rubber outsole with Wave-Siping that's designed to provide traction on both dry and wet surfaces. With a classic look that comes in three neutral colors, they're also comfortable thanks to the removable molded PU footbed and the lightweight design that won't weigh you down during a full day of walking.

One reviewer wrote: “Love this shoe. Super comfortable and fits well. I actually purchased this model in 3 different colors since it was so comfortable and I like the style."

  • Available colors: 3
  • Available sizes: 4.5 - 14

2. The versatile nubuck sneakers

Made with a 100% nubuck leather upper, these lace-up sneakers from ECCO look sharp with any outfit, whether you wear them to the office or out on the town. The brand has their own tanneries to ensure top standards, so you know that you're getting a great pair of leather sneakers. These shoes are designed to be comfortable too, with an injected PU sole that's flexible and lightweight. They also have a removable inlay with the ECCO Comfort Fiber System, which helps to keep your feet feeling fresh no matter how long you walk.

One reviewer wrote: “Love these shoes! I sure hope Ecco keeps up their quality. This is my second pair of Ecco brand shoes. My first pair, some Moc 2.0’s, my wife made me buy to break me away from the usual lowest price wins mentality. I used those shoes pretty exclusively for two years, and they’re still going strong (soles and leather). The value is in their longevity and quality. The price is double than I used to pay for my shoes, but if the shoes last 3 times longer with other redeeming qualities like comfort, quality, design, and ‘status’ I suppose, then I have come out ahead. These sneakers are meeting my expectations 4 months in.”

  • Available colors: 5
  • Available sizes: 5-5.5 - 16-16.5

3. The retro Reeboks

Bring some streetwear style to your closet with these leather Reebok sneakers, which have a basketball-inspired design. The upper is made from a blend of leather and mesh, which gives you both flexibility and durability, and they come in a range of colors with both neutral tones and bright accents. These sneakers also have a mid-cut design that gives you more stability, so you can stay comfortable whether you wear them for everyday use or for athletic activities. Another reason they're so comfortable is that they have an EVA sock-liner for added cushion, which can also be removed if you need to put in orthotics.

One reviewer wrote: “I've been a Trainer and Coach for 30 years. I remember my first pair of Reebok shoes that I purchased as soon as I graduated from a Trainers boot camp course. That's back when Trainers had to physically perform and pass a written test to work at the best fitness clubs. That said, I thought that my first pair were some of the most comfortable and stylish sneakers I owned. Though a little pricey for the time, as I paid more for a pair then than I do now, I've been wearing Reebok ever since. Reebok has always made great sneakers that perform well.”

  • Available colors: 34
  • Available sizes: 3.5 - 15 wide

4. The cult-favorite cross trainers

The perfect blend of style and sport, these New Balance cross trainers can be worn for working out and are easy to style as part of a more casual ensemble. They're made from 100% leather with a rubber sole and come in a variety of neutral color options, including this all-black version. They have an insert that's made from memory foam with a heel crash pad for added comfort, as well as a dual-density foam collar. On top of all that, they also come in standard, wide, and extra-wide sizes, so it's easy to find the perfect fit.

One reviewer wrote: “Finding comfortable shoes for my wide flat feet has always been difficult. The 574s were my first pair of New Balances and they were the best at the time. When it came time to purchase a new pair, I got the 608s and they are really like walking on clouds. I don’t have any discomfort for walking long periods at all."

  • Available colors: 11
  • Available sizes: 6.5 - 18 (standard, wide, and X-wide)

5. The ones you can wear to the office

These popular leather sneakers have a classic lace-up design that's comfortable but easy to dress up. The uppers are made from 100% leather, which comes in an assortment of neutral colors, including tan, yellow brown, and black. Good for long days of walking, these sneakers also have a breathable lining and a latex cushion footbed to keep your feet feeling great. The rubber sole comes in a bright white color to add some contrast, and it has a slip-resistant tread.

One reviewer wrote: “I wanted a high quality leather sneaker and after reading the poor reviews for shoes that cost over $100 and the glowing reviews of these sneakers at $50 decided to give them a try. I couldn’t be happier! They fit well and seem to be true to size. They look great and are very comfortable. I’ve worn them for several weeks now and still get compliments on how nice they look.”

  • Available colors: 9
  • Available sizes: 7 - 13

6. The basic white sneakers

All-white shoes, like these leather Cole Haan sneakers, are a great addition to any closet. These ones also have the added benefit of being made with a 100% leather upper and a smooth brown leather interior for an added touch of luxury. Like many others on this list, this sneaker has a rubber sole, which comes in a crisp white hue with wavy tread to give you better traction. This classic lace-up shoe also comes in wide sizes. and has rubber pods in the heels and toes to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day.

One reviewer wrote: “Been buying these exact shoes for at least 4 or 5 years now and I still love them more than any other shoe. They look far better in person and after a break in. The most elegant a mens shoe could be while maintaining a sporty casual look. I never want another sneaker.”

  • Available colors: 9
  • Available sizes: 7 - 16

7. The Lacoste sneakers

These black leather sneakers are made by the well-known French brand Lacoste and are built for everyday wear. They have a 100% leather upper and a rubber sole, which both come in a variety of colors, so you can mix and match for the look you like best. The low-rise, lace-up design gives these shoes a touch of nautical-inspired style, while the subtle Lacoste crocodile logo adds some classic flair. The outsole is injection-molded and the insole is lightly padded, so you'll love wearing them all day long.

One reviewer wrote: “The size is true to fit, you need to wear it a couple of times till the leather becomes soft and the more you wear it the more comfortable the shoe becomes.”

  • Available colors: 27
  • Available sizes: 7 - 13

8. The budget-friendly slip-ons

Another reliable option from Sperry, these slip-on leather sneakers cost less than $30. The low-top, lace-free design is not only easy to put on in a rush, but also adds low-key and versatile style to every outfit. The 100% leather upper is available in burgundy, black, and navy, and the white rubber sole has the brand's trademark "Wave-Siping" for better traction on wet and dry surfaces. This sneaker also has a soft lining, which makes it easier to break in and wear right out of the box.

One reviewer wrote: “I'm in love with these shoes [...] I despise wearing canvas shoes because of how quick they stink. I also don't like wearing socks. These leather shoes, worn daily without socks for the last month, smell only like leather."

  • Available colors: 3
  • Available sizes: 7.5 - 13

9. The Italian leather sneakers

For a look that's a bit more luxe, check out these modern leather sneakers, which are made by the Russell Wilson-founded company Good Man Brand. They're handcrafted in Italy from real Napa leather, which ensures that each pair of shoes is up to the company's high standards. These rubber-soled sneakers also have a soft calf-skin leather lining that reviewers noted is so comfortable, you won't need socks. Another great reason to buy these shoes is that 3% of each purchase is donated to the nonprofit foundation Why Not You, which aims to provide students with equal educational opportunities.

  • Available colors: 4
  • Available sizes: 7.5 - 13

10. The classic Reeboks

Inspired by the style of 1980s running shoes, these classic Reebok sneakers are made from soft white leather, which contrasts with the natural rubber sole. They also have the Reebok logo with the British flag to add a bit more vintage flair. These low-cut sneakers are comfortable enough for all-day wear too thanks to the EVA midsole cushioning and molded sock-liner. If white sneakers aren't your style, you can get this pair in other colors, too.

One reviewer wrote: “These fit as expected. They are real leather, comfortable, and lightweight. Really good for walking. It’s a good price, too. Very satisfied so far.”

  • Available colors: 8
  • Available sizes: 3.5 - 16

11. The low-key Dockers

These basic sneakers from Dockers will go with just about anything. A dependable choice for anyone looking first and foremost for comfort, they're designed with a breathable footbed and a mesh fabric lining to help prevent your feet from overheating. They also have a rubber sole with an EVA outsole, as well as a padded collar. These sneakers are made with a genuine leather upper that comes in a few neutral color options, including tan, chocolate, and brown.

One reviewer wrote: “Very light weight, look great and people notice because they’re different. A little tighter than my other shoes but I really like them. They are leather so I’m expecting them to stretch over time.”

  • Available colors: 5
  • Available sizes: 7 - 13

12. The sleek high-tops

If you're looking for high-tops with classic style, you'll want to check out these brown leather sneakers from Vionic. The uppers are made with both leather and soft suede, which adds texture to the look, and they're accented with a cool perforated V design along the side. They also have concealed orthotic support, and have even received the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. Designed by a podiatrist, the footbed also hugs your arches for a better fit.

One reviewer wrote: “My wife encouraged me to wear the Vionic walking shoe and I finally gave in and bought a pair. These are very comfortable and make walking easier. A recent Zoo trip with 12,000 steps proved they were the right choice.”

  • Available colors: 4
  • Available sizes: 7 - 13