4 comfortable, durable pet beds that your large dog will love

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ByWesley Salazar

If you're the owner of a big dog, you may already know their size can make them more susceptible to issues like joint pain and aches. But the best dog beds for large dogs help cushion and cradle their bodies so they can rest comfortably. A dog’s size is primarily classified by weight, and a large dog is generally defined as between 50 and 100 pounds. Giant (or extra large) dogs, clock in at more than 100 pounds.

When it comes to beds, dogs have different needs based on their health, age, and behaviors. As you’re shopping for a large dog bed, consider which type suits your pup the best. Any dog can benefit from a comfortable orthopedic bed, but this option is especially beneficial to large dogs who commonly struggle with joint issues, as well as senior dogs and dogs recovering from medical procedures. Orthopedic dog beds are made with foam that’s soft to the touch but offers plenty of support and won’t go flat over time.

If your dog is crate-trained, you may want to purchase a dog pad, which is designed to fit perfectly inside it and should offer a softer surface than those old towels you have lying around.

Dogs who prefer burrowing deep in bedding, or nesting, will enjoy snuggling into a cave bed, which has a built-in hood for total comfort.

An elevated dog bed, or cot, is raised off the ground and keeps your dog cool, making it a great option for warm weather or shaggier dogs who run hot. Elevated dog beds that are made of durable materials like aluminum and nylon are often hardy enough for outside use, and they can stand up to dogs who tend to dig or chew.

From heavy-duty outdoor cots to cozy indoor caves, these are the four best beds for large and extra large dogs.

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The orthopedic bed

Best for dogs up to: 300 pounds

Dimensions: 48 by 30 inches

This U.S.-made Big Barker Orthopedic Bed is designed specifically for the largest dog breeds. It's constructed of 7-inch thick, supportive therapeutic foam that meets CertiPUR-US standards (which means its free of formaldehyde, heavy metals, ozone depleters, and other questionable substances). One side of the bed has a built-in pillow where your dog can rest their head. The microfiber cover comes in four colors and is machine washable for easy cleaning.

The manufacturer guarantees that the Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed won’t flatten over time, and the bed even comes with a 10-year warranty.

One reviewer says: “This has been the best investment. Yes. It is Expensive, BUT completely worth the money. our two huskies took to the extra large bed immediately and have been fighting over it ever [since]. Our older husky who has severe hip problems has gotten noticeably less stiff..we have tried everything and nothing has helped. but this bed did it. We can't wait to get our second one! which should be a recommendation in itself!”

  • Available sizes: Large (48 by 30 inches), Extra Large (52 by 36 inches), and Giant (60 by 48 inches)


The dog pad

Best for dogs up to: 110 pounds

Dimensions: 46 by 29 inches

Upgrade your dog's crate with this Reversible Paw Print Pet Bed made by the popular crate and cage manufacturer MidWest Homes for Pets. The dog pad is reversible with a soft blue-patterned fabric on one side and a cream fleece fabric on the other. Dog beds don't get much easier to clean than this; it's safe to throw the whole thing in the washing machine and the dryer.

This particular pad is designed to fit 48-inch crates — it measures 46 by 29 inches and is just under 4 inches thick — but it comes in a variety of sizes to fit small and large crates as well. The Reversible Paw Print Bed comes with a one-year warranty.

One reviewer says: “I've had this crate pad for about two years now and it's still very soft and very durable. My dog loves it! It also holds up very well after many washes.”

  • Available sizes: 18-inch, 22-inch, 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch, 42-inch, 48-inch, and 54-inch


The cave bed

Best for dogs up to: 80 pounds

Dimensions: 44 by 44 inches

Furhaven's Pet Snuggery Burrow Bed is perfect for dogs who feel most comforted when they’re curled up in soft, plush bedding. It has a built-in hood that creates a little pocket that dogs can snuggle into. While the bed comes with removable plastic tubing to prop up the hood and make it more cave-like, reviewers reported that it might be easiest to use the hood without the tubing.

The bed's round base is made of 3-inch thick egg-crate foam and the interior is lined with a fuzzy sherpa material (there's also a velvet-like option available). When the cover gets dirty, simply slip it off and toss it in the washing machine. The bed is available in several different colors and can be purchased with cooling gel foam, memory foam, or orthopedic foam.

Keep in mind that many types of large dogs will fit in this bed, such as golden retrievers or German shepherds, but it won't accommodate giant dogs like St. Bernards or Great Danes.

One reviewer says: “The foam mattress is lightweight enough for me to move it easily but sturdy enough to support a large dog. The material doesn't "shed" [... and] the cover is lightweight enough that it fits into a regular washing machine, so no more expensive trips to the laundromat to use the oversize machines. I know that my dog loves it because she tucks herself into bed every night.”

  • Available sizes: 18-inch base, 26-inch base, 35-inch base, and 44-inch base


The elevated bed

Best for dogs up to: 250 pounds

Dimensions: 48 by 25 inches

The Kuranda All Aluminum Dog Bed is a heavy-duty option that's designed to stand up to dogs who like to chew and dig. Its aluminum frame is easy to clean (just hose or wipe it down) and difficult to destroy, and the edges of the durable vinyl fabric are even tucked in so dogs can’t chew them.

This pick is great to use as an outdoor dog bed — not only because it's tough, but also because it keeps dogs 7 inches off the ground (and therefore cooler) on hot days. Though, you'll want to keep it in the shade on days when the temperatures are high, as the aluminum could get hot. This bed comes with a one-year warranty.

One reviewer says: “I decided to try the Kuranda ‘chew-proof’ beds although they cost significantly more. TOTALLY WORTH IT. The unique way the fabric is edges are tucked into the frame are the perfect solution to my problem. I got a large sized bed for my puppies to nap on when they're outside playing on the patio. We all love it. Because I chose the vinyl material, I can hose it down right along with the patio. Low maintenance FTW.”

  • Available sizes: Mini (25 by 18 inches), Small (30 by 30 inches), Medium (35 by 23 inches), Large (40 by 25 inches), X-Large (44 by 27 inches), and XX-Large (50 by 36 inches)