The 4 best electric gooseneck kettles for foolproof pour-over coffee at home

ByMargeaux Baulch Klein

The art of making the perfect cup of hand-brewed, pour-over coffee starts with the right equipment, and choosing the best electric gooseneck kettles for pour-over coffee will help get you there. The top models are made from stainless steel, heat up quickly, and have a variable temperature control setting so your water is exactly as hot as you need it. They also have a precision spout for controlled pours and come in the ideal size for your needs.

To get started finding the right one, consider the following:

Temperature settings

An electric kettle for coffee that's equipped with a temperature dial will make it easy for you to get your water to the optimal range for rich and smooth pour-over brews (195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit). In addition, a built-in "hold" function lets you you maintain a precise water temperature for longer. That being said, if you're not that particular about your coffee or just want an inexpensive model, a basic gooseneck kettle that heats water to boiling will still suit your needs — you can use a food-grade thermometer to check on the temperature or simply let your water rest for 30 seconds after boiling to get it to the right heat for brewing.


There may be times when you want your caffeine fix in a hurry so keep in mind a kettle's wattage while you're shopping. While it won't necessarily affect the outcome of your brew, generally a higher wattage means a shorter boiling time.


The average electric gooseneck kettle holds around a liter of water (or about 34 ounces), which is about the size of four standard (8-ounce) cups of coffee. If you prefer larger pours, consider going with a bigger model. However, if you're short on storage space or like to take your barista skills on the road, consider a travel electric kettle.

With that said, you'll find the best electric kettles to perfect your pour-over coffee technique below.

(Tip: For the most delicious brew possible, pair your kettle with one of the best pour-over coffee makers.)

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The fan-favorite

  • Capacity: 1 liter
  • Wattage: 1,000 watts

Considering the features that this Bonavita electric kettle offers for the price, it's no wonder that it has racked up an impressive average rating of 4.5 stars across more than 3,000 Amazon reviews. Not only can you adjust the settings to your preferred temperature for coffee — between 140 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit — but you can also save your own presets for quicker programming.

Reviewers also mentioned how convenient the built-in "hold" button is; it allows you to keep water at the same temperature for up to one hour after boiling, meaning you can enjoy successive cups of coffee without having to re-heat the kettle. The base comes with a digital real-time temperature display, as well as a timer that counts up so you can time the coffee extraction. Made of stainless steel and a BPA-free plastic handle, this machine also comes with a one-year limited warranty for peace of mind.

One reviewer says: “I’ve had this kettle for over 4 years and have used it daily since. We use it for pour over coffee plus all throughout the day for any reason we would need fast hot water. The precision temp control, hold temp feature, and nice pour control via the long gooseneck are indispensable features. We start with filtered fresh cold water and use various temps for pour over coffee, americanos, tea, and other hot beverages.”


The budget-friendly one

  • Capacity: 0.8 liter
  • Wattage: 1,000 watts

This 27-ounce Bodum Melior kettle is an attractive and budget-friendly option for an electric gooseneck kettle. Made of stainless steel, it features a nonslip cork handle and is available in a sleek matte black or matte silver finish. Keep in mind that this device doesn't offer precise temperature control. Instead, it has a simple one-button operation that brings the water to boil and then shuts off. However, you can simplify the process even more by pairing your Bodum kettle with a food-grade thermometer so you'll know when the water has cooled off slightly and is ready to pour. Even with the combined cost, it's still a more affordable full-size option than others on this list, if slightly less convenient to use.

One reviewer says: “This is exactly what I was looking for. A small, countertop electric kettle with an attractive design. I love the matte black against the cork finishes, and it looks great next to my coffee maker. The cord isn’t too long and is easy to hide away. I filled it to the max line and it took about 3 minutes to boil, way faster than a kettle on the stovetop.”


The rapid-heating one

  • Capacity: 0.9 liter
  • Wattage: 1,200 watts

With 1,200 watts of power, this Fellow Stagg EKG electric pour-over kettle is the fastest-heating gooseneck kettle of any option on this list, capable of firing up a full kettle in as quickly as three minutes, according to Amazon reviewers. Plus, it has a modern, minimalist design and an array of high-tech features that will appeal to coffee enthusiasts. Among them is a variable temperature control that ranges from 135 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and an LCD screen that displays both the set and real-time temperatures.

Once the water has reached its desired heat, you can push the machine's "hold" button to maintain the temperature for up to an hour. Plus, this device also has a built-in stopwatch to time the coffee extraction. The 30-ounce machine comes in three finishes (matte black, stainless steel, or warm pink) all of which are constructed out of food-grade stainless steel with a BPA-free plastic handle. With your purchase you'll also get a one-year warranty.

For those who want even more flexibility powering their kettle whenever they're in the mood for a warm cup, consider upgrading to the Bluetooth-enabled Fellow kettle. Though it's a bit pricier, the smart kettle is compatible with a number of apps (including the Stagg EKG+, Brewbar, and Brewmaster) that let you save and duplicate your favorite coffee brewing recipes.

One reviewer says: “I was hesitant to spend this much on a variable temp gooseneck kettle but I am so glad I did. It checked off all the boxes: variable temp, hold setting, quick to heat, gooseneck, AND it was the best looking one! We have been using a gooseneck stovetop kettle for a few years for pour over and wanted more control over the water temp (I’d often forget I put the kettle on and start multitasking). This heats the water so quickly which is great in the morning. And the hold feature is my best friend for when I’m multitasking. I’m able to pour over my coffee when it is convenient and not have to worry about taking it off [the] stove top immediately like I did before.”


The portable one

  • Capacity: 0.59 liter
  • Wattage: 750 watts

If you're on the go a lot, consider this Gourmia electric travel kettle. Although it's not a gooseneck and doesn't boil as much water as the other options on this list, it is easy to store and carry thanks to its lightweight, collapsible design, detachable power cord, and silicone construction. With the touch of a button, you can quickly bring water to a boil. (Combine this with a food-grade thermometer so you can know exactly when the kettle is ready to pour.)

This travel kettle also offers safety features like overheat and boil-dry protection. Just note that while the brand states it has a 32-ounce capacity, many reviewers pointed out that the fill line only accommodates 20 ounces. That said, when you're traveling, the smaller frame of this kettle (and thus the smaller capacity) will make it easier to pack and bring with you.

One reviewer says: "I take this handy little kettle with me whenever I travel. Great in the hotel room for making hot water for tea, oatmeal, instant soups, and ramen noodles. I used to use the little coffee maker in the room for hot water, but I always wondered about how clean that could possible be. Now I don't have to worry about that!"