Upgrade to these reusable silicone bags & you'll never want to mess with disposable baggies again


Whether you're an eco-warrior or you just want to save some money, integrating reusable food storage bags into your life is a great way to cut down on your household waste (and silicone, in particular, is a durable, easy-to-clean material for them). The best reusable silicone bags typically share several traits in common:

  • Durable: Generally speaking, silicone is much tougher than the flimsy plastic of disposable bags. This is why it makes such a good option for food storage bags. When you're shopping around, read the reviews when possible to make sure customers agree that the bags are built to last.
  • Temperature-resistant: Your food storage bags may be subjected to a wide range of temperatures. You'll be happiest with your new purchase if you can put them in places like the microwave, oven, or freezer, so make sure they're heat and cold-resistant.
  • Leak-proof: There's nothing worse than bagging up a soup only to discover it's leaked all over your refrigerator. See what reviewers have written about the closure system — it should be leak-proof and fully airtight to keep the food fresh.
  • Dishwasher-safe: One of the biggest hassles of reusable bags is keeping them clean. Make it easy on yourself by opting for bags that can go in the dishwasher. Also make sure the seals won't get food caught in them easily, or be tough to rinse by hand.

With these considerations in mind, I put together a list of the best reusable silicone bags below, with a variety of sizes and sets to fit your needs.

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The starter set

These sturdy silicone food storage bags, which come in a set of six, offer leakproof, airtight seals. They're safe to put in both the freezer and microwave, making it especially easy to store foods. Amazon reviewers have noted that the sliding closure system works like a charm and that the bags themselves are exceptionally durable (not to mention dishwasher-friendly).

One reviewer says: "My kids and I love these reusable snack bags! I can fit two sandwiches in the medium size bag for kids lunches on the go and my son takes the small one to school for snack. I love that the large and medium sized bags stand up on their own. They are super easy to clean too!"


The budget set

In addition to five sturdy food storage bags, this versatile meal prep set also comes with five mesh bags for grocery produce. The storage bags are tough and durable, with BPA-free silicone you can put in the freezer, oven, dishwasher, and microwave. You can even use them in boiling water for sous vide cooking, and the seals won't leak. Meanwhile, the mesh bags are made with strong, biodegradable cotton mesh that's machine washable, making them easy to keep clean.

One reviewer says: "Great quality, and very very useful. I’m using the silicone bags to freeze meat and other cooked food, and the mesh produce bags for fruits and veggies. Since the bags have come in different sizes, that has made it easier to store food according to its quantity. The different colors (of the sliding lids) of course make them identifiable from one another, thus great convenience in organizing the food. Definitely a way better substitute to [disposable] bags!"


The half-gallon bag

For folks looking for something a little bit bigger, this half-gallon storage bag is extra spacious, and it's popular, too, with more than 5,000 reviews on Amazon. It's constructed with 100% platinum silicone that's strong and tear-proof, yet it's also easy to open and close. The robust seals rely on a pinch-lock system that doesn't leak — even when full of fluids — and it's safe for the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. If the half-gallon size is too large for you, it also comes in four smaller sizes.

One reviewer says: "LOVE Stasher bags. The bigger half-gallon size is great for freezer storage, especially smoothie ingredients and for freezing meat. I can thaw fish and shrimp and chicken and whatever other kind of meat I portion out in these directly in the bag without having to deal with frozen-on butcher paper from the grocery store. Great for when you buy several pounds of meat or fish or poultry when it's on sale and want to freeze in portions."


The gallon bag

This full-gallon silicone bag, which you can buy alone or in a four-pack, is the mother of all food storage bags. The ample design makes it perfect for large helpings of leftovers, like soups, marinated meats, noodles, and sauces. It is versatile and extra durable, according to reviewers, and the easy-to-close seals are airtight and don't leak, even when turned fully upside down. BPA- and phthalate-free, this bag is safe for the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave.

One reviewer says: "The durability of these bags is impressive. They feel very hefty and likely won't break unless something extreme is done to them. Definitely recommend these to any trying to cut down on their disposable plastic use."