Yes, you should be wearing liners under your ski gloves — and here are 4 effective pairs


When you're looking for a good pair of liners to wear underneath your ski gloves, warmth is an important (if not obvious) factor. But it's also crucial to find an option with solid moisture management. If your hands are so warm that they start to sweat, inferior liners will leave them feeling damp, clammy, and — eventually — cold. Aside from being insulating, the best ski glove liners have two key traits:

  • Moisture-wicking: Since managing sweat is a key function of glove liners, it's important that the fabric is made of materials that are moisture-wicking. Merino wool, polyester, and even silk are all good choices for this, and they're soft, too. (Additionally, Merino wool boasts odor-fighting properties, which can be an added bonus).
  • Bulk-free: If your liners are big and bulky, it will be hard to get your gloves over them — not to mention, it'll leave your fingers feeling stiff and clumsy. Look for a low-profile design combined with flexible materials like elastic or Lycra.

In addition to these main qualities, look out for liners with touchscreen compatible fingers if you want to be able to use your phone without taking them off.

With these factors in mind, check out the best ski glove liners below. These unisex picks all come in multiple sizes, so you can find the right fit for your hands.


The overall best

Made with a blend of acrylic, nylon, elastic, and Merino wool, these Smartwool glove liners are a great combination of comfort and functionality. The soft-brushed material feels smooth against your skin, with a windproof overlay that reduces drafts and cold air. These gloves have moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties thanks to the Merino wool, plus a stretchy, bulk-free fit thanks to the nylon and elastic.

Best of all, the thumb and index fingers are touchscreen compatible so you'll only need to remove your outer gloves to use your phone. Available in four colors, these gloves are machine-washable (in cold water) but they do need to be air dried.

One reviewer wrote: "I got these to protect my hands when taking off my ski mittens to access my phone. Even in subzero weather they kept my hands warm for the short time my mittens were off while on the mountain. [...] I like them so much that I have been using them when driving my kids to school in the morning even though I bought them to use as liners while skiing."

  • Available sizes: X-Small to Large


The runner-up

Similar to the previous pair, these Merino wool glove liners are soft and moisture-wicking, with anti-microbial properties to help prevent odors. In addition to Merino wool, the fabric consists of nylon and elastic, for a sleek, stretchy fit without any unnecessary bulk. The ultra-fine material is breathable and well-ventilated yet still keeps your hands extremely warm, according to reviewers. And, like the Smartwool pair, these have touchscreen-enabled thumbs and forefingers.

But there are a few key differences with these gloves. First, they only come in one color (the slate gray pictured above). Additionally, the previous pick accommodates a slightly larger range of hand sizes (despite the actual size range noted making it seem otherwise). These gloves are a little bit cheaper though, and they're safe for both the washer and dryer. All in all, they're a great quality option for the price.

One reviewer wrote: "Excellent quality and value. Fast delivery. Very lightweight and exceptionally warm. I teach skiing in the Rockies and use these as liners under my mittens. Finger swipe on both hands allows me to use cell without removing glove."

  • Available sizes: Small to X-Large


The best silk glove liners

For those who value softness above all else (or have an allergy to wool), these lightweight glove liners are made with Mulberry silk and elastic, meaning they're smooth and non-irritating, not to mention flexible and moisture-wicking. The insulating silk fabric combined with the breathable weave means these gloves will keep your hands sufficiently warm without leaving them sweaty.

Unlike many silk items, these gloves can be machine washed in cool water (just make sure to air dry them). The only drawback is that they aren't touchscreen compatible. Also, like the last pair, they only come in one color.

One reviewer wrote: "Soft and well made gloves! great as inner layer for ski gloves. simply love it!"

  • Available sizes: Small to XX-Large


The high-tech pick

Built with a special far-infrared heating element, these are some of the warmest glove liners you can find. With simple rechargeable lithium polymer batteries (which are included), the heating element covers the back of the hands and fingers, offering up to six hours of warmth underneath your regular gloves. Available only in black, the fabric is a mix of polyester and Lycra that's stretchy, bulk-free, and moisture-wicking. The wrist section, which houses the batteries, is constructed with soft, Velcro-free neoprene. All this, and they're touchscreen compatible, too.

The only drawback is that these glove liners are hand-wash only. But it may still be worth the splurge if you're someone who really struggles with cold digits.

One reviewer wrote: "These gloves are amazing. I hate my hands and feet being cold it ruins the whole day. [...] I swear these gloves are from the heavens above I don’t mind wearing them while cleaning off my car after work because that is how warm they keep my hands and you can still use your smart phone with these gloves on."

  • Available sizes: X-Small/Small to X-Large/XX-Large

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