Upgrade your sound with these audiophile-approved soundbars — & one is less than $100

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ByTiana Crump

When you want to upgrade the sound quality of your TV, computer, record player, and more without breaking the bank, you’ll want one of the best soundbars under $300. These budget-friendly add-ons can quickly transform audio into an experience while taking up minimal space on your TV console. Although there might be some features you'll have to sacrifice like having multiple HDMI inputs and additional customizable settings; you're not really missing out on much. But you can still get features such as Bluetooth, wireless subwoofer, built-in voice control compatibility, and bass and treble controls.

One of the things that will make the biggest difference in price is if you get a subwoofer or not. While they will greatly improve your bass experience, these take up a little more room and will cost a bit more. When looking at under $100 soundbars, you also likely won't get control over the bass and treble, but no matter how much you spend, all my picks include Bluetooth so you can easily connect your devices. They also all come with a remote control or are voice command compatible, adding even more convenience.

To make the selection process easy, read on for the best soundbars under $300 that you can find on Amazon — one's even less than $100.


The overall best soundbar under $300

The JBL Bar 2.1 Home Theater Starter System with Dolby Digital features a 38-inch soundbar and a 6.5-inch wireless subwoofer for rich bass that's super easy to set up and get stanted. And the sound quality is just what you'd expect from a trusted brand like JBL, according to reviewers. "JBL knows sound and I bought and returned 3 different sound bars before settling on this one. Very crisp sound and amazing power in bass. For best quality sound turn on surround sound and set the mode to [movie]," one reviewer noted.

In terms of features, you can adjust the bass and treble controls to best suit what you’re watching or listening to via the included remote control. There’s also an option to control the soundbar with your regular TV remote. With its wireless subwoofer and Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily toggle between any device, including your smartphone, computer, or even additional speakers. Plus, it has HDMI input along with AUX and USB wired connections.

One reviewer says: “I’m an audiophile and extremely picky on quality sound. However, I was looking for an inexpensive wireless sound bar for our living room tv (I have a media room with large screen and Home theatre system). It truly does sound amazing for the size and especially the price. Crisp high, and rich tight bass. I’m amazed at the bass for such a small sub woofer box.”


The best soundbar with built-in Alexa voice assistant

For hands-free voice control, the Polk Audio Command Sound Bar with wireless subwoofer is a top pick. This soundbar is 43.3 inches long and has built-in Amazon Alexa voice control and also has Fire TV compatibility (sold separately), so you can stream from a wide range of apps including Amazon Music, Spotify, iHeart Media, TuneIn, and Pandora. The command bar has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but it can't connect with Bluetooth headphones like my previous pick. Though, there is an option to customize bass, treble, and voice levels for more precise sound. It also features a built-in dual HDMI 2.0 inputs and optical cables for connecting multiple devices.

One reviewer says: “It looks great, set-up was easy, and the sound is AMAZING. The Command Bar fills my entire home with full sound and great bass. The controller was a big surprise - it is literally nicer than any controller I own. Also, the Alexa aspect is an impressive added component. It flawlessly picked up my voice and executed on my commands.”


The best soundbar under $150

For less than $150, VIZIO gives you their 38-inch 2.1 Channel sound bar and a wireless subwoofer. With Dolby Digital and DTS TruVolume, your entire room will be filled with up to 100 decibels (as loud as a hovering helicopter) of clear sound. Plus, with built-in Bluetooth, it's simple to set up. While you don’t get voice control with this one, the remote works up to 60 feet away within the line of sight from the soundbar. Plus, the remote features controls for adjusting the bass and treble.

One reviewer says: “The sound is great. The bass is great. Connectivity couldn't be easier! I am using the digital optical cable with my TV. I previously purchased a $380 Samsung sound bar that I returned. The sound was better on my TV than that bar.”


The best soundbar under $100

For a budget option that still boosts your sound, the TaoTronics soundbar is an excellent option. This affordable soundbar features both wired and wireless connection and a wall-mounting kit to suit most TVs. It’s 34 inches long with deep base settings to enjoy fuller sound while watching movies, listening to music, or playing games. However, you don't get a separate subwoofer with this pick, and there's no control over the bass and treble. With Bluetooth 4.2, you can play music directly from your phone to the speakers or adjust your soundbar via the remote control.

One reviewer says: "This sound system really amplifies your tv's sound, making watching a movie a great experience. Love the sophisticated look it gives my house."

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