These are the best tablets if plan to watch a lot of movies

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ByTiana Crump

Tablets make it easy to stream your favorite movies on the go, but not all of them are created equal. Popular streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or Apple TV often perform better on some tablets due to the model and its features. For the ultimate streaming experience, you’ll need one of the best tablets for watching movies specifically.

There are plenty of different options available from the Apple iPad to Android-based tablets, Amazon Fire, and more. However, some are best suited for specific streaming apps. For example, the iPad is fully integrated with iPhones and Apple TVs, while the Amazon Fire tablets are designed to provide Amazon users with easy access to their Amazon account, Amazon Prime Video, and downloads. When you’re shopping for the perfect tablet, consider which platform would suit you best, though most tablets will be compatible with a variety of apps.

The display quality and size will also be big determining factors. The best tablets for watching movies should have an LCD screen with a high resolution. Most tablets range from 7 inches to 10 inches in size. The larger the screen, the easier it is to view — but keep in mind that these larger devices won’t be as portable, so they might not be as good for watching videos on the plane. You’ll also want to make sure that your tablet has a long-lasting battery life.

To make selecting a stream-worthy tablet easy, here’s a roundup of the best tablets for watching movies. All of these options are top-rated with quality streaming capabilities to match.


The Overall Best Tablet For Watching Movies

The Apple iPad is one of the best all-around tablets for watching movies, gaming, and working on the go. It features a 9.7-inch retina display with 1080p HD video for top picture and photo quality. You can watch Apple TV or download your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. There are two audio speakers to deliver crisp sound for watching movies or listening to music. Plus, with up to 10 hours of battery life, it won't die just when you get to the good part.

What fans say: “It’s a speedy little unit and was easily able to load all the familiar applications I use on my iPhone X. It streams movies with ease and does everything one could want for the day to day use.”


The Best Amazon Tablet For Watching Movies

The Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet is one of the best options for watching your favorite movies and television shows, especially if you're devoted to your Amazon Prime. This tablet has Prime Video, but you can use popular streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu, too. The tablet can also easily connect to any other Amazon Echo devices. You get a large 10.1-inch screen, a 1080p HD display, and 1920 by 1200 resolution — great for watching widescreen movies, playing games, and more. This tablet has stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos audio for great sound, and the battery life lasts up to 10 hours so you can watch your favorite movies all day long.

What fans say: “The screen resolution and quality of video playback is very crisp and very good – I thought last year’s model was a big improvement, but they stepped it up another notch with a screen resolution and pixels per inch 125% greater than last year. I watched portions of the same video with this year’s and last year’s model side-by-side and there was a noticeable difference in the quality.”


The Best Two-In-One Tablet

For Android users willing to spend a little more for a tablet that can double as a mini laptop, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is ideal. This tablet was designed for watching movies and browsing the internet. It features a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display for stunningly clear picture and quad speakers with cinematic Dolby Atmos surround sound to give you a great viewing and listening experience. Plus, it has 16 hours of battery life between charges. There’s also an S Pen included for sketching, drawing, and being productive, too.

What fans say: “I love the fact I can watch a movie and have spectacular sound. I use the tablet mostly to play games and do odd jobs on the internet such as taking surveys, all of my personal life is on my tablet. This thing rocks! No need for a larger hd since everything is cloud based. The fact it has a built in Google Hub is awesome."


The Best Budget-Friendly Tablet — And It's Great For Travel

If you’re looking for an inexpensive tablet that still offers quality video, the Amazon Fire HD 8 is a good choice. With its 8-inch LCD display, 1280 by 800 resolution, and 720 HD video, you get a crisp, clear picture with minimal glare. It also has dual stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos for quality picture sound, and you have the option of 16 or 32 gigabytes of internal storage.

This budget-friendly tablet also has a 10-hour battery life to last you during a long flight — plus, it comes with free unlimited cloud storage for all your Amazon content.

What fans say: “At under $100 it performs exceptionally well for streaming on WiFi, movies, music, lite games and general amazon apps."

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