5 comfy hammocks for backyard lounging


When you're picking out a hammock for the backyard, you want something that's easy to hang and looks good. But you also need to think about durability — unlike options that are designed for indoor spaces, outdoor hammocks must be able to endure the elements. Generally speaking, the best backyard hammocks are made of tough, durable material that's weather-resistant and capable of withstanding extra wear-and-tear.

To avoid odors and mildew, a hammock that's water-resistant and quick-drying is a must. For that reason, it's best to look for options that are coated with a material like vinyl (or PVC) to prevent them from soaking up moisture. It also helps if you opt for choices that are easy to clean and available in colors that don't look as dirty when exposed to dirt and debris.

Beyond that, consider stability and comfort. The design shouldn't be wobbly or make you feel folded up like a taco. A breathable design is another key factor. Even if you live in a cool climate, hammocks tend to trap heat, which is why it's best to look for lightweight materials like cotton or nylon so you won't stick to it and feel uncomfortable.

Lastly, be sure to check the size and weight capacity to make sure it's compatible with your frame and the amount of people you want it to hold (aka one or two).

With these considerations in mind, check out the best backyard hammocks below.

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The basic one

Maximum capacity: 450 pounds

Total length: 168 inches

Bed size: 77 by 55 inches

With a clean and simple aesthetic, this lightweight Patio Watcher recliner ranks among the best double hammocks out there. It's sized so that it has enough space for two people to lie comfortably together, or for one person to have extra room to stretch out.

The spacious hammock is made of tough, vinyl-coated polyester that's soft, breathable, and weatherproof. Not only that, but it's quick-drying and easy to clean, too. Each end of the hammock features 20 braided ropes that add strength while also lending it a chic look. This hammock is easy to set up, according to Amazon reviewers, and comes in seven different designs.

One reviewer says: "Great color, very durable, comfortable and looks wonderful in the yard. Quick drying too"


The freestanding one

Maximum capacity: 450 pounds

Total length: 110 inches

Bed size: Not specified

If you prefer the hassle-free design of a freestanding hammock, this enormously popular Vivere cotton hammock is a solid choice. With nearly 10,000 reviews on Amazon, it has a sturdy stand that's built with robust stainless steel legs to offer stability. The ropes at each end are woven with tough polyester, and the adjustable hooks allow you to customize the length. Plus, the soft fabric comes in your choice of cotton, mesh, or polyester, all of which are breathable and durable. This hammock is big enough to fit two people and comes with a convenient carrying bag. What's more, it's available in almost 40 colors.

One reviewer says: "The cotton fabric is sturdy and breathable. I never feel stuck to it the way I do in a nylon hammock. The set up/take down is super easy and the frame is very sturdy; we have definitely put 300+ lbs in it. The ability to raise and lower the hammock with the multiple hook positions might be the best feature. [...] We have accidentally left it out in the rain several times and it dries great, hasn't faded from the sun, hasn't had any mold, and hasn't developed any weird smell."


The budget one

Maximum capacity: 450 pounds

Total length: 108 inches

Bed size: 84 by 60 inches

For those interested in a more wallet-friendly option, this one from Anyoo is one of the best budget hammocks, according to Amazon reviewers. It's made of strong, tightly woven cotton that fans noted is soft, comfortable, and weather-resistant. With tied rope loops at each end for extra durability, this hammock comes with two thick straps and a set of carabiners for easy assembly. Available in seven different designs, it can hold up to 450 pounds, and it's spacious enough for two people at once. As a bonus, it has a drawstring bag you can stuff it inside to take it on the go.

One reviewer says: "Hung this between 2 trees in my yard and it is beautiful and sturdy! I've had it out continually (even through a hurricane and other storms in Florida heat and humidity) and it has held up fine and kept its color. I wanted it more for aesthetic reasons than longevity, so if you want it to last longer probably don't leave it out when not in use."


The chair swing

Maximum capacity: 330 pounds

Total length: 108 inches

Bed size: 84 by 60 inches

This uniquely designed hammock delivers a solid blend of style, comfort, and utility for your backyard lounging needs. This versatile option lets you sit in it like a suspended chair or recline like you would with a traditional hammock. The material is hand-woven with UV-resistant yarn to prevent color fading and it tolerates weather elements well, too.

Reviewers noted that it's comfortable to sit in and doesn't give you that scrunched-up or folded-in feeling that some hammock chairs do. Each one is made by women in Thailand as part of a socially conscious project to bring high-wage jobs to rural areas, so you can feel good about your purchase, too. Just note that it can probably only handle one person at a time.

One reviewer says: "Sooooo very comfortable! Bought it for a vacation rental and enjoy it so much I am purchasing another for my home. You can sit or cocoon your entire body inside."


The one you can take camping

Maximum capacity: 400 pounds

Total length: 108 inches

Bed size: Not specified

Constructed with ultra-lightweight nylon taffeta and an easy-to-hang design, this option works well for the backyard but it's also incredibly portable, making it one of the best camping hammocks out there. The 70-denier, high-quality fabric is strong but also airy — and the whole thing packs down to a 5-inch tall bundle that weighs just 19 ounces. The popular hammock has more than 2,500 reviews on Amazon, many of which praise its simplicity and travel-friendliness. It also comes with carabiners, nautical grade rope line, and stainless-steel snap links. Best of all, you can choose from nearly three dozen bright colors.

One reviewer says: "I mostly keep the hammock in my back yard for relaxing, but I have traveled with it and I [don't] even notice the weight from it in my hiking pack, which is a big deal when you spend an entire day hiking and then want to rest. [...] All in all my ENO Doublenest is one of my favorite purchases ever. I'm in it relaxing at least once a day."