These stylish men's sunglasses will actually protect your eyes — and they're all less than $25

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ByTiana Crump

Want to protect your eyes from the sun on the cheap? The best cheap sunglasses for men look good, cost less than $25, and offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays, which can help with preventing a number of eye issues, including macular degeneration and cataracts. To choose an appropriately protective pair of glasses, look for a UV 400 label, which indicates protection from all UVA and UVB rays. Most good lenses are also polarized, which means they filter out light to minimize glare and reduce eyestrain.

Protection isn’t the only thing that matters when you’re shopping for sunglasses — it’s also important to get a pair that you like and feel good wearing. Sunglasses come in a wide range of styles, from wraparound to aviator to suit your needs and preferences. It’s even possible to find sunglasses that combine cool design with functionality by folding in the middle for easier transport.

Choose the style that suits you best — and if you want to get more than one pair, go right ahead. After all, most of the pairs on this list of the best cheap sunglasses for men cost less than $20.

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The fan-favorite

With more than 26,000 Amazon reviews and an overall rating of 4.5 on the site, these sunglasses from MERRY'S are a popular option. The lightweight frames, made from plastic with aluminum-magnesium arms, have a sleek, classic style. Plus, they were designed with UV 400 protection to protect against 100% of UVA and UVB rays and polarized lenses to reduce glare.

These sunglasses are available in a range of colors and styles. Each order comes with a carrying case, cloth, soft pouch, and a polarized test card, too. Choose between 54- and 56-millimeter-wide lenses.

One reviewer wrote: "By far, I've found the best cheap sunglasses on Amazon, mostly due to really nice polarized lenses. The accessories are nice, but they actually did good work in keeping clarity, and scratch resistance as priorities, something most cheap sunglasses don't do."


The aviators

If you like the aviator style, these sunglasses from livho have anti-reflective polarized lenses with UV 400 protection to block 100% of UVA and UVB radiation while reducing unwanted glare. With a stainless steel frame, mirrored lenses, and a silicone nosepiece, these shades are lightweight and comfortable to wear. And unlike many cheap sunglasses, they're available in six sizes, with lenses ranging from 50 millimeters to 66 millimeters in width.

Choose from multiple frame and lens colors. The glasses come with a microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth.

One reviewer wrote: "I love the classic look of a good aviator sunglass pair! They are lightweight and definitely provide a lot of coverage. They were great for driving and for playing around in the yard with my kids."


The value pack

If you're looking for a great deal on multiple sunglasses, this three-pack of Kaliyadi sunglasses costs around $20 — or less than $7 a pair. Each pair has a lightweight plastic frame with UV 400 polarized lenses.

These inexpensive sunglasses are also available in packs of one or two, though they're not as cheap per pair. The three-packs come in single or a variety of shades, all with 52-millimeter lenses.

One reviewer wrote: "They're great for the price. I ordered the set of three for a trip with my family to Hawaii. Wanted polarized glasses, and they work great."


The one for sports

Whether you're into hiking, cycling, running, or fishing, these sporty sunglasses feature a lightweight plastic frame and scratch-resistant, shatterproof lenses for durability. The lenses are also polarized to minimize glare, with UV 400 protection. The frames have silicone nose pads and textured, skid-proof arms that can be bent to keep them comfortably on your face. An included lanyard also helps ensure you won't lose the glasses while you're active.

The sunglasses are available in 11 different colors and come with a hard carrying case, a soft case, and a cleaning cloth. With lenses measuring 62 millimeters across, they're wider than most one-size glasses, giving you better coverage.

One reviewer wrote: “These wrap-around sunglasses are perfect for a day on the water, sun sports, and even recreational flights. The price is great & the accessories are well thought out. I will probably purchase a second set as a spare.”


The folding sunglasses

Sunglasses aren't exactly big and bulky, but these Hindar Panda sunglasses are even more portable than most, since they fold in half at the nose to fit in your pocket or bag. The plastic frames make them lightweight, and the polarized lenses block out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. You can get these vintage-style shades in seven different colors. The lenses measure 52 millimeters in width.

One reviewer wrote: "I travel a bunch -- and size of items I put in my backpack and luggage always matters. These sunglasses are great. Their ability to fold dramatically reduces the likelihood that they'll get damaged when I pack them."