These vegan men's belts are as stylish as they are sustainable

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ByElizabeth Enochs

For cruelty-free style that’s built to last, you need the best vegan belts. In the roundup below, I’ve selected belts to suit a variety of getups, ethics, and body types. Whether you wear belts daily or prefer to save them for more buttoned-up events, there’s bound to be a pick for you.

To help guide your search, I’ve detailed some of the most popular vegan materials for belts:

Take a look at the best vegan belts; they’re all highly rated on Amazon.


A reversible faux leather belt

Crafted with faux leather that’s made of synthetic microfiber, the Vegan Collection Julian Reversible Belt is ideal for dressy outfits and formal wear, but it's also great for work and could pair well with casual outfits. This belt features one black side and one brown side, with a metallic buckle, and Amazon shoppers give it an impressive 4.1-star rating, as well.

One reviewer says: “I am very happy with my belt! The quality and fit is perfect. I will continue to look for quality products from the Vegan Collection for all my work attire needs!”

  • Available sizes: 30 inch - 40 inch


A canvas belt with vegan leather backing

SlideBelts Men’s Canvas Belt is made with a cotton-polyester canvas blend and a vegan leather backing for added durability. Even though it only comes in one size, the adjustable buckle makes this pick easy to fit. Additionally, it belt boasts a four-star rating and over 600 reviews on Amazon.

One reviewer says: “This belt is awesome! Really good quality and genius technology. Great for someone whose weight fluctuates. Also easy to loosen up your belt without having it flop around! It's the third one I've bought from Slidebelts. First one is a year old and still looks great. There are a bunch of knockoffs, but this is the real, original one! It's the best!”

  • Available sizes: One size
  • Available colors: Seven colors, including brown with a brass buckle, burlap with a matte black buckle, and brown with a graphite buckle.


A budget friendly a braided belt

For just $7, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better budget-friendly pick than the DG Hill Braided Belt. Made of 95% elastic and 5% faux leather, this pick is probably best for business casual and casual wear, although it could certainly be dressed up, too. This belt is designed without any notches — you simply use the flexible braided design to fasten anywhere that’s comfortable. Plus, it's popular among reviewers, with a solid 4.1-star rating on Amazon.

One reviewer says: “This belt is exactly what I needed. I recently became vegan and wanted a stylish belt free from animal products that would stand the test of time. This belt does just that. I like the fact that there are no holes and feel like I'll be able to wear it for a long time as my weight continues to decrease.”

  • Available sizes: Small (27 inches to 31 inches), Medium (32 inches to 35 inches), and Large (41 inches to 45 inches)
  • Available colors: Five colors, including khaki, gray, and black.


A sustainable vegan belt made from cork

This pick boasts a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and it's easy to see why. Great for casual or formal wear, the Corker Vegan Belt is made entirely of FSC-certified cork — an amazing alternative to leather. It uses belt notches and a belt buckle, and personally speaking, I can vouch for cork accessories having owned some I can tell you they hold up fantastically.

One reviewer says: “I love this belt, great quality and I love the design. I love cork in general but I love that I am not hurting any animals for a stylish belt that in my opinion looks better than a leather belt.”

  • Available sizes: Medium (34 inches), Large (38 inches), and X-Large (42 inches)
  • Available colors: Black and brown


A buckle-free faux- leather belt

This Buckle-Free Unisex Elastic Belt features no notches or buckles, making it the perfect, no-fuss pick. It holds your pants up by latching around your belt loops, and you don’t have to worry about undoing your buckle when changing or using the restroom. Probably best for casual wear, this option features an elastic weave with vegan leather details, and a 4.5-star rating to boot.

One reviewer says: “Such an innovative idea, love it. I really hate wearing belts but also hate hiking my pants up, so this solves both problems. It's comfortable and solves the problem. I highly recommend this belt.”

  • Available sizes: Small (22 inches to 40 inches) and Large (34 inches to 50 inches)
  • Available colors: Five colors, including black, navy, and brown.

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