5 clever sex toys that were designed for long-distance play

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Whether you and your partner are in different states or an entire ocean apart, distance can put a major strain on a relationship. But with the best long-distance sex toys, you still can take part in your partner's pleasure without having to be in the same room.

When shopping for toys, you'll find plenty of vibrators and butt plugs that work wonders and only require few things: a Wi-Fi connection, an app download, and a bit of imagination. Of course, all of these interactive options also work for solo play, but the real fun begins when the toy is synced up to your partner's smart device (or vice versa), thus turning it into a personal remote control. From there, you or your partner can do things like create vibration patterns and set different levels of intensity.

The types of toys that can be used this way are varied in shape, size, and pleasure type. From plugs to adjustable cock rings and wearable vibrators, you'll find some of the best long-distance sex toys below. All of them are waterproof, made of non-porous, easy to clean silicone, and rechargeable via USB cable (with the exception of one that can be charged wirelessly).


A bullet vibrator with a unique twist

This bullet vibrator looks a bit unconventional with its hammerhead shape, but it's actually a potent toy for long-distance couples of all genders. The LOVENSE Ambi Bullet Vibrator is app-controlled and has up to 5,000 downloadable vibration patterns (as well as the option to customize your own). Made of silicone, its curved shape helps it stay in place and allows for a comfortable grip. The pointed tip will feel great on a clitoris, while the flat side will feel amazing against the perineum. Plus, it's USB-rechargeable, making it easy to power up on the go.


The flexible vibrator for all genders

The MysteryVibe Crescendo is a great pick for anyone in a long-distance relationship because of how versatile it is. Made of silicone, it's completely flexible and bendable, so it can adapt to be serve multiple different purposes — from a vaginal or anal vibrator to a dildo or even a cock ring. It feels incredible when used on breasts, backs, and necks, too. It has six different motors throughout the shaft, and those vibrations are completely customizable and controllable via the companion app. It's also the only pick on this list that can be charged wirelessly.


The clitoral vibrator with a sucking sensation

Long-distance oral sex sounds nearly impossible, but this We-Vibe Melt device was built to bring you pretty close to it. Using what the brand calls "pleasure air technology," it mimics the same suction on the clitoris as a mouth. Using the compatible app, it can be powered from anywhere. Whoever is in the driver's seat will be able to choose from 12 different intensity levels, which range from a sensation as gentle as a kiss to a vigorous pulsating wave. You can explore other body parts with this toy, too. That sucking sensation feels great on the nipples and the shaft. This USB-rechargeable vibrator is made with silicone that's durable and easy to clean.


The basic butt plug

If you're new to the plug game, this LOVENSE Hush Butt Plug is a worthy option for you and your long-distance partner. It's 1.5 inches in diameter at its widest point, so it's a comfortable size for beginners yet stimulating enough for seasoned pros. It's rechargeable via an included USB cord, and it's crafted from flexible silicone. You can create an endless variety of vibration patterns and even sync it up to music to experience the pulsing sensations in a whole new way.


The plug for internal and external stimulation

For a next-level plug experience, upgrade to the LOVENSE Edge Adjustable Prostate Vibrator. It provides both internal and external stimulation, vibrating against the perineum and the prostate. You can customize vibration patterns via the app, so you and your partner can get creative — and then save your favorites for later. Like the previous option, it's also made out of super smooth silicone and rechargeable with the included USB cord.