The best men's grooming kits that have everything you need in one package

Get prepped for every part of your morning routine.

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Buying a grooming kit is a solid way to stock up on essentials and upgrade your everyday products. There are a variety of sets out there, but the best men’s grooming kits include just the right combination of tools and products, with nothing you don't need.

Today, you can find grooming kits to round out just about every part of your daily routine from skin, nails, and hair (body hair included). To find the right one, think about what part of your body needs some extra care, as well as your threshold for time spent attending to those needs. Do you like the satisfaction of manually shaving with barbershop-level tools, or do you prefer the simplicity of an electric razor that can work in the shower? Do you want to focus on cleaning up your nails or doing a little manscaping? Whatever your primary concern, there's a kit for you below.

If you're interested in beard maintenance specifically, it's important to know that different beards require different care, so look for a grooming kit that combines tools designed to work for every hair type, including tough curly hair. That usually means an option with a comb and a brush, plus some oil and balm to keep things polished.

These six grooming kits include everything you need in your quest to clean up your look.

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The best grooming kit for hard-to-reach spots

This five-zone body groomer stands out for its ability to tackle any type of body hair, with an attachment that makes it easy to reach your entire back. Three bi-directional trimming guards let you choose from a couple lengths or opt for a smooth shave. Its shower-friendly features include a water-resistant design with a rubber grip for safer handling. The lithium-ion battery recharges in an hour, and gives you up to an hour of cordless use.

One reviewer reported that it, "Works great, usually with one pass. Great for chest, arm, legs and the extension works fantastic on the back." Another reviewer added that, in terms of maintenance, "The battery charges relatively quickly and lasts longer than I expected. Clean up is easy, rinse and let dry."


The best grooming kit for beards

This beard grooming kit wins out over sets with more Amazon reviews because it combines two naturally derived products and three high-quality tools that can maintain pretty much every beard type. The lightweight beard oil is formulated to moisturize and add shine with a blend of natural oils, like almond, grapeseed, jojoba, tea tree, and citrus. The thicker balm, which features beeswax, shea butter, argan oil, and coconut oil, helps with styling and prevents split ends.

The set also comes with a grass wood comb, boar-bristle brush, and sharp stainless steel barber’s scissors to keep everything groomed. Lastly, the design actually looks nice enough that you won't mind leaving any of it out on the counter. One reviewer noted, "Oil and balm make [facial hair] soft and add natural shine. I only needed a little bit of the product to style the beard. The smell is very light and good for a daily use."


The best tried-and-true grooming kit

This comprehensive body grooming kit includes a foil shaver, full-sized face trimmer, and smaller detail trimmer for getting into small spaces like the nose and ears. There are three attachments for trimming down stubble and beards, plus hair clipper combs and an attachment for trimming body hair. All the attachments can be rinsed out with a little water for easy maintenance (although unlike the first pick, this one is not showerproof), and the included countertop stand keeps them organized. The trimmer comes with a lithium battery that offers 70 minutes on one charge, although it takes four hours to fully charge it up.

Reviewers liked having the versatility of different heads and reported a good battery life, although a few wished for a charging base. Despite that, one reviewer commented, "I love all of the changeable heads it comes with! It's a very versatile trimmer." Another called the results "almost as close as a razor."


The best grooming kit for nails

This nail grooming kit gives you exactly what you need without any filler. This one has just five stainless steel tools, and they’re all essential. There are two nail clippers built for hands and feet, plus a pointed file that can clean out stubborn dirt from under your nails and smooth rough edges. You'll get extra mileage from the included pairs of scissors and tweezers that can pull double-duty for a variety of small precision tasks. Keep it all together in the faux leather envelope that snaps securely shut and doesn't take up room in your travel bag. You can choose between a black or silver set of tools.


The best grooming kit for below the belt

This high-end manscaping kit was designed for nick-free maintenance of the most sensitive skin, and it's Shark Tank-backed. The Lawn Mower 2.0 trimmer features extra-small, double-sided trimming teeth with easy-to-replace blades. It has an ergonomic handle that was designed to help you maneuver hard-to-reach areas, and it's completely waterproof so you can use it in the shower.

Two detachable trimming combs add up to four guide settings, and the included pH-balanced "ball deodorant" moisturizes freshly shaved skin and dries to a powder finish that helps prevent chafing. It also includes disposable mats (designed to look like newspaper pages) for easy cleanup if you prefer to use it out of the shower.


The best grooming kit for classic barbershop shaves

This shaving kit has one safety razor and includes five Astra replacement blades, plus a 100% badger hair brush and a stainless steel mixing bowl that looks nice enough to leave out on your bathroom counter. The glycerin shaving soap, which features moisturizing coconut oil, has a light sandalwood scent, while a traditional alum block is naturally antiseptic for staving off razor burn and irritation. After trying it out a few times, one reviewer reported that "Everything seems well-made and razor has a quality weight to it. Shave is as good as what you can get in a barbershop."


Also handy: a solid skincare set with everyday essentials

This skincare set includes four decently sized bottles: a gentle cleanser, a scrub that removes dead skin, an all-purpose face moisturizer, and aftershave balm. The star ingredients in these products are aloe and green tea, a combo that's calming and moisturizing for most skin types. The only downside is that there's no sunscreen included, but the vegan-friendly formulas are certified cruelty-free and made without synthetic fragrances or dyes. The brand also has a three-piece set with moisturizer, face wash, and shave gel, if you don't need that many products.