The 6 best whiskey glasses on Amazon, according to reviewers

Best Whiskey Glasses

Depending on their shape, some glasses help whiskey aerate more quickly, while others aerate more slowly but can accommodate larger pieces of ice. When shopping for the best whiskey glasses, you'll also want to take into consideration the amount of liquid they can hold, how much you're willing to spend for flavor-boosting designs, and whether or not you intend on using them for other cocktails. Many whiskey drinkers also prefer the heft of a weighted base, so decide if that matters to you.

Traditional cocktail glasses with a wide mouth are usually a safe bet. Most will be large enough to accommodate ice balls, which melt more slowly than regular ice cubes so your drink takes longer to dilute. These glasses are also a versatile choice you can use with many other drinks.

The shape of your glass can also impact the way your whiskey tastes and smells. A wobble-style glass helps aerate and looks sleek, while Glencairn-style glasses feature a unique curved shape that helps amplify the sensory experience. However, these two types also tend to be more expensive and less versatile to use. And in order to cool down your drink with these speciality glasses, you might also want to pick up a pack of whiskey stones (which don't dilute your drink at all) since they have a narrower mouth.

No matter how you like your drink, you'll find some of the best whiskey and whisky glasses on Amazon below.

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1. The traditional glasses

If you plan on using your whiskey glasses for cocktails and other drinks, you can't go wrong with this affordable set of two. The glasses have wide mouths that are large enough for most ice balls, and they're made from hand-blown, lead-free crystal. These also feature weighted bottoms to give them a firm, solid feeling as you sip — but they are a little hefty to lift at just under a pound each. You can also easily use this set for a variety of other drinks and spirits, too.

One reviewers says: "Love the heft of these glasses. Seems super high quality for the price.”

2. The wobble glasses

With their narrow mouths that help include your nose with every sip, these diamond-shaped glasses might be a little more expensive than the first option but they also offer a delicious and stylish whiskey-sipping experience. And unlike many other glasses, these lead-free crystal ones are dishwasher-safe. While they're not large enough to accommodate ice balls (nor are they well-suited for most cocktails), the design means they're still versatile enough that you can use them for wine.

One reviewers says: "Poured some Irish whiskey into a normal cup, and all I could smell was alcohol. Poured the same whiskey into one of these glasses, and could actually pick up the flavor notes of the whiskey. They look like they would tip over and spill at some point, but they are sturdy!"

3. The Glencairn glasses

These Glencairn glasses feature narrow mouths that funnel up aromas and also help aerate your drink. They're made from clear, lead-free crystal, and the tapered rim helps create a full-bodied nose while you sip. However, the rim is too small for most ice balls, so you'll need whiskey stones if you want to chill your drink. But these glasses are dishwasher-safe for convenience.

One reviewers says: "Highly rated, these glasses are the perfect shape to enjoy all of the characteristics of your fine whiskey. Quality glass."

4. The budget glasses

For less than $25, you can get set of six traditional whiskey glasses that are perfect for everything from whiskey to mojitos. They're scratch- and chip-resistant, as well as dishwasher-safe. Plus, they're large enough to accommodate medium-sized ice balls. And while other affordable glasses are typically flimsy, these feature slightly weighted bottoms for added heft.

One reviewers says: "I love that these glasses look sleek and fancy...they wash fine in the dishwasher (no cracks or discoloration), and they're a little thicker than I thought they'd be."

5. The whiskey set

While the traditional whiskey glasses in this W Whiskoff set aren't quite large enough for ice balls, they do come with whiskey stones so you can chill your drink down without dilution. In fact, you get eight granite whiskey stones, a protective velvet pouch, two tongs, and two slate coasters. The glasses feature a unique, twisted design for added style, and everything arrives packaged in a wooden box that you can continue to use as a storage case on your bar.

One reviewers says: "The wooden box alone is quite handsome. The contents inside are all nestled in their own little velvet recesses. The glasses are sturdy, the stones are naturally cold and smooth to the touch, with each one being a bit larger than a die (or a pair of dice). To sum all of this up, I really love this whisky set.”

6. The one with an ice mold

This traditional whiskey glass comes with a unique mold that allows you to freeze a slanted piece of ice that'll fit right inside of it, for a cool alternative to the ice ball that's similarly slow to melt. The mold is made of flexible silicone, so the ice easy to remove from it. While you only get one glass per order, hundreds of Amazon reviewers have endorsed this option, and it boasts a 4.7-star overall rating on the site.

One reviewers says: "This is such a fun way to drink my Whiskey. The glass is study and the ice is very cool."