These are the most comfortable flip flops, according to thousands of Amazon reviewers


Whether you're running errands or kicking off a day at the beach, flip flops are an essential part of your summer tool kit. The tricky thing, however, is that lower-profile, thinner-soled shoes often equate to less comfort. To find the most comfortable flip flops for men, you need to think about a few things before making a purchase.

First, consider the footbed. This is the part that makes direct contact with the soles of your feet. Make sure it's constructed with a high-quality material like EVA foam that can deliver the softness and comfort you're seeking.

Next, think about the midsole. This is the section in the middle that provides shock absorption. Without it, your feet will tire more quickly and be more prone to soreness and pain. Read over the specs to make sure the flip flops you're considering have shock-absorbing features.

Lastly, evaluate the sole itself (also called the "outsole"). You want a little bit of shock absorption here, too, as well as good traction. Look for TPR (thermoplastic) or another type of rubber that's durable and able to maintain tread.

As a bonus, you might also consider features like strap quality (are they soft and secure?) and water-resistance (do they dry quickly and stay grippy when wet?).

To help you find the right fit, I've compiled the most comfortable flip flops for men in a variety of styles. Scroll on to find your next summer sandal.


The Overall Best Flip Flops For Men

With more than 2,800 reviews, these hugely popular men's flip flops are strong, durable, and comfy. The soft midsole, which is made with dual-density EVA foam, offers great shock absorption, and the footbed starts molding to your feet within a few days. On top of that, they are lightweight with plenty of traction. I have the women's version myself, which I love because they're easy to slide on and they can be worn with anything. The only con is they tend to get squishy in water and can take a while to dry.

Fans say: "These are hands down the most comfortable flip flops I have ever had. I just bought my second pair ... If you're looking for a quality, lightweight, comfortable footwear option I would not hesitate to pick these up. I think you will be very pleased with all aspects of this simple piece of footwear."

  • Available sizes: 7 to 16


The Runner-Up

These comfortable men's flip flops offer a fantastic combination of high-quality materials, lightweight design, and style points to boot. Available in 10 colors, they have a sharp look and offer a soft footbed (courtesy of their "recliner comfort foam"). That means no blisters or sore, achy feet. The non-scuff sole is made from molded thermoplastic rubber (or "TPR"), which offers solid traction, and they have a padded LYCRA lining, as well. Similarly to the Tevas, they don't do as well in water, though.

Fans say: "Great flops! These fit very nice as expected and are super comfortable already on day three. The first thing that surprised me was that they're not cheap feeling lightweight foam. They are actually about the same weight as my Nike running shoes and it's actually better with a little weight ... Very stylish with bright logo[s] and comfortable little pillows under your feet."

  • Available sizes: 6 to 15 (regular, narrow, wide)


The Most Durable Flip Flops

Constructed with strong, synthetic materials and tough, non-marking rubber soles, these Olukais are among the most durable flip flops out there. On top of that, they're comfortable, too. This can be attributed to their cushy, anatomically-designed midsole that's compression-molded with a soft EVA footbed on top. They're also lightweight and water-resistant, so you can get them wet without hearing squishing sounds all day. Plus, they float and they're vegan-friendly, too.

Fans say: "The best flip flops I have ever tried in my life, they seem to be [incredibly] durable and are amazingly [comfortable] to wear all day, at the beach or while walking a lot. Great grip, soft, awesome! Worth every dime!"

  • Available sizes: 7 to 18


The Most Lightweight Flip Flops

If you want to be comfortable in your sandals but you don't want a lot of extra bulk, these lightweight men's flip flops are the answer. They're built with soft footbeds made out of yoga mat material, and the top straps feature the squishy fabric used for beer cozies (hence the name). The bottoms showcase shock-absorbing rubber and, like the Olukais above, they're vegan, too. Though they're not specifically designed for water, many reviewers said they perform well in it.

Fans say: "If you're looking for flip flops that are super comfortable but are not slippery when wet, look no further. I'm a boat captain and my feet are constantly in and out of the water. The Beer Cozy Light flip flops have outstanding grip when wet ... Also, my heels crack and hurt but these are one of the few pair that don't hurt my heels."

  • Available sizes: 7 to 14


The Best Beach Flip Flops

If you're not sold on the built-in bottle opener alone (which cleverly resides in the sole of the shoe), these water-resistant flip flops also have compression-molded EVA foam and a polyurethane-encased airbag. The combination maximizes foot comfort and reduces soreness. They're specifically designed for the beach and other activities where you're in and out of the water a lot. And though they're not made for constant submersion (for something like, that try these Chacos), they're perfect for lounging around on a boat or poolside. They offer anatomical arch support and boast nearly 3,000 reviews. And did I mention the bottle opener?

The only drawback is that some reviewers said they get a bit odorous when wet, so you may want to hit them with an anti-microbial treatment.

Fans say: "These may be my all-time favorite flip flops. And without a doubt, my faves for wet weather. They're terrific, they're comfortable, and they open bottles of beer. What else do you need?"

  • Available sizes: 4 to 17


The Best Flip Flops With Arch Support

What could be more comfortable than a shoe version of orthotic insoles? These comfortable flip flops with arch support are made by Superfeet, which is a brand that also designs shoe inserts. And while several options on this list offer arch support, these ones are specifically made for folks with achy, easily fatigued feet. The high-impact top layer provides cushioning, while the deep heel cup cradles your foot. In addition to that, the straps are made with a neoprene and synthetic leather blend that dries fast without being wobbly. These flip flops have great reviews, with users saying that they feel good and absorb shock well, too.

Fan say: "Much better [arch] support than most footwear of this type. I have had problems with my feet for years. Mainly a high arch and the pain and tightness that goes along with that ... My natural step is much more athletic in these shoes than in most other flip flops. I can confidently step up and forward knowing that the shoe is going to stay on my foot."

  • Available sizes: 7 to 13


The Best Leather Flip Flops

Featuring anatomically designed arch support and soft, comfortable footbeds, these are some of the best leather flip flops you can find. The suede straps are stylish and durable with 100 percent leather that won't chafe your feet. Reviewers vouched for their comfort and said their soles are stable and grippy, too. They come in five color choices and a wide range of sizes. As a bonus, they are surprisingly affordable for real leather.

Fans say: "They are the most comfortable 'flip-flops' I've worn. The between-the-toe strap is soft, soft, soft, and ridges on either side exactly fit my toes for grip. I wear them daily, inside and outside, and walk the dog in them."

  • Available sizes: 6 to 14

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