7 comfortable sleeping pads that are worth packing for your next camping trip

most comfortable sleeping pads

When you’re spending the night in the great outdoors, a quality sleeping pad can make all the difference. The most comfortable sleeping pads provide a sufficient buffer between you and the hard ground thanks to textured surfaces and soft, supportive materials like memory foam. They're also light and easy to pack, so they won’t add unnecessary weight to your camping gear.

When it comes to the best camping sleeping pads, you’ll want to look for the right mix of support and portability. Inflatable options made from nylon or polyester will provide a few inches of space between you and the ground, and since they're lightweight and roll up small, they're a great option if you're on the move. If you do opt for an inflatable sleeping pad, you'll have a choice between different fill methods: a built-in foot pump, an inflation bag, an electric pump, or — if you're looking for something totally effortless — self-inflation.

On the other hand, if you want a supportive sleep surface that replicates the feeling of a real mattress, you can go for a memory foam sleeping pad; just note that they're significantly heavier and harder to carry, making them a better option for camping in one spot, rather than hiking. Last, if you’re going car camping, you can choose a large sleeping pad that’ll fit perfectly in the back of your vehicle.

For even more comfort, you might want to opt for an insulated sleeping pad that keeps you warm at night, or a pad with a built-in pillow, so you can save space in your backpack. Whatever your camping style, these are the most comfortable sleeping pads on Amazon.

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The best seller

Thickness: 2 inches

Weight: 1.32 pounds

What makes it great: This best selling sleeping pad provides 2 inches of buffer between you and the ground and features an ergonomic honeycomb design that relieves pressure points on your body, so you can snooze comfortably under the stars. Weighing in at just 1.32 pounds, it's a great choice for backpacking as it won't add too much bulk to your bag.

To inflate, trap air inside the accompanying inflating bag, attach it to the leakproof valve, and then push it into the sleeping pad. It’ll take a few bags of air to fill the pad, but you don’t have to carry a pump (big plus), and the inflating bag can double as a storage bag or pillow, too. This waterproof option also has thermal insulation to keep you warm on chilly nights. Choose from three colors: orange, green, or blue.

One reviewer says: “It is easy to inflate in 5 minutes. Really great that it basically does not take up any space. I tried it out for sleeping outside, and it was quite comfortable to sleep on. I didn't feel any lumps or bumps from the ground! Very good air cushioning, and that's saying a lot because I'm not the best sleeper.”

  • Available sizes: 74.8 x 22.8 inches


The memory foam one

Thickness: 3 inches

Weight: Approximately 10.4 pounds

What makes it great: If you want extra support while you’re sleeping outdoors, this roll-up memory foam mattress is a worthy option. It features 2 inches of support foam, topped by 1 inch of memory foam that contours to your body for optimal comfort. When it’s time to pack your things, the mattress rolls up, secures with sturdy straps, and fits right into the included carrying bag. However, since this pad is bulkier and heavier than the other options (the shipping weight is 10.4 pounds), it's best for camping in one spot, rather than backpacking.

The waterproof cover is removable and washable for easy cleaning, and you also get a gel eye mask and memory foam earplugs for maximum restfulness. Even better: This pad is available in three sizes.

One reviewer says: “Went camping with this memory foam mat and I got one of the best night’s sleep in a tent that I’ve had in a long time. Very comfortable, supportive and easy to transport. Made life so easy.”

  • Available sizes: 75 x 25 inches, 75 x 30 inches, 75 x 38 inches


The one with a built-in pillow

Thickness: 2.5 inches (according to Amazon reviewers)

Weight: 1.4 pounds

What makes it great: You can save even more space in your backpack, thanks to this sleeping pad with a built-in air pillow. Made with waterproof nylon, it features a supportive, textured sleep surface to evenly distribute weight and, since it weighs only 1.4 pounds, it's an extremely portable option. There’s a built-in foot pump for easy inflation, and the convenient storage bag makes it easy to tote around.

One reviewer says: “The mattress held the air for the entire night of sleep and provided much needed cushion as the ground underneath the tent floor had rough terrain and small rocks. The integrated pillow was the best, I don’t have to carry a separate air pillow. I’m looking forward to more trips with this mattress.”

  • Available sizes: 75 x 25 inches


The one for 2 people

Thickness: 3.75 inches

Weight: 3.64 pounds

What makes it great: This double sleeping pad is roomy enough for two sleepers and, at 3.64 pounds, it’s still a relatively lightweight option. Made from PVC-free polyester, the sleeping pad is durable and waterproof, and it measures just under 4 inches thick when inflated, making it one of the cushier pads on the list. The built-in foot pump makes it easy to fill, but for a few dollars more, you can opt for an inflating bag instead.

One reviewer says: “My wife and I went tent camping up in Maine with this product. We ended up on some ground that might as well have been cement. But with this product, while we were laying down on it, you would never have known this. This product was very comfortable to sleep on and honestly, I may have slept better on this than my bed at home."

  • Available sizes: 79 x 47 inches, 79 x 55 inches


The one that self inflates

Thickness: 1.5 inches

Weight: 2.2. pounds

What makes it great: This self-inflating sleeping pad does most of the work for you. Just open the leakproof air valve, unroll the sleeping pad, and it’ll automatically start filling itself up. Then, you can top it off with a few breaths of air to reach your desired inflation level. The durable polyester pad is water- and UV-resistant, and the hypoallergenic coating keeps sensitive sleepers comfortable. Plus, there’s thermo-insulation foam to help you stay warm at night. The sleeping pad weighs 2.2 pounds and comes with a storage pouch for easy packing.

One reviewer says: “It's super easy to inflate. Just open the valve and it starts inflating on its own. I blow air in through the valve 2-3 times after inflating. It's quite comfortable to lay on. Used it for backyard camping. It's easy to carry and would definitely use it on my next camping trip.”

  • Available sizes: 72 x 22 inches


The lightweight one

Thickness: 0.75 inch

Weight: 14 ounces

What makes it great: If your goal is to keep your pack as light as possible, this 14-ounce backpacking mattress will be your best bet. Made with heat-trapping closed-cell foam, it features a coating that also reflects heat back to your body, so you can stay comfortable and cozy throughout the night. Be advised that it's the slimmest pad on the list, so it's not the best option if you're looking for something plush. However, it doesn't require inflation, and the accordion design makes it easy to fold up and pack. It also comes in silver and blue.

One reviewer says: “It's been superb for backpacking. Incredibly light weight, comfortable and easy!"

  • Available sizes: 51 x 20 inches, 72 x 20 inches


The one for SUVs

Thickness: 5 inches

Weight: Approximately 9.1 pounds

What makes it great: One of the best car sleeping pads out there, this option transforms the back of your SUV into a supportive bed for the night, and the included pump plugs right into the car’s socket for easy inflation. With a soft sleep surface and a waterproof PVC bottom, it has eight separate air chambers, and you can inflate them all to use the full mattress or just partially inflate it for a single sleeper. When deflated, the air mattress folds up and packs away neatly in the included storage bag. And while it might not factor into your decision since this air mattress is meant for cars, the shipping weight is 9.1 pounds.

One reviewer says: “Fit perfectly in the back of my 2019 RAV4 and slept myself and two pups comfortably! Loved how you can air individual parts to customize the fit and the cord on the pump was long enough to reach each nozzle.”

  • Available sizes: 75 x 48.5 inches