These $38 pants are lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and perfect for traveling

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Shopping for travel-friendly pants is a whole different beast than searching for your regular, everyday pair to wear around town. There are certain features that become a lot more important when you're on the road. In order to find the best men's travel pants, there are a few things to consider.

First, the pants should be lightweight. The most obvious reason for this is that they'll be easier to pack and carry. But there's also a good chance you'll be more active than usual while traveling, between taking tours, running to catch transportation, and otherwise trekking around. You may even be heading to a particularly warm destination. For these reasons, having breathable, lightweight pants will make all the difference.

Another thing to think about is how well the pants pack. Materials like polyester and nylon tend to be better at resisting wrinkles, allowing you to arrive at your destination with pants that are ready-to-wear. Some are better at this than others, but I've made sure all of the picks on my list are non-bulky and made from wrinkle-resistant materials.

Lastly, comfort is even more important than normal while traveling. When you're dealing with cramped airline seats or crowded buses, the last thing you want is pants that feel tight, restrictive, itchy, or otherwise uncomfortable — you're on vacation, after all. With all of the options on my list, I checked to make sure reviewers attest to their comfort. I also included a pair of compression pants for people whose legs tend to swell on long flights.

With all of this in mind, read on for the best men's travel pants.


The overall best

On top of being incredibly comfortable, these lightweight men's pants are also remarkably versatile, making them great for travel. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion, which means that if you like to maintain a "one-pair-of-pants" policy when traveling, they'll fit the bill. The material is constructed with 98 percent cotton, which makes them exceptionally soft, plus a touch of spandex for stretch. They're bulk-free and easy to fit in your bag, but they're also relaxed enough to wear on the plane or train.

Fans say: "Very nice pants. They are literally the most comfortable pants I've ever worn! Great for plane and car travel."

  • Available sizes: 30W by 30L to 42W by 34L


The best lightweight pants

If you're planning a trip where you'll be counting ounces in your suitcase, these lightweight travel pants for men don't weigh much and they're extremely comfortable, too. The lightweight material is made up of polyester, which is breathable and moisture-wicking, as well as a small amount of spandex, which gives it some stretch. They come in six colors and a wide range of sizes.

Fans say: "Bought these for my teen for travel - he is very picky about his clothes - he loved these for the plane and hot weather."

  • Available sizes: Small - XX-Large


The best convertible pants

Constructed with convenient zip-off legs, these convertible men's pants are ideal for travel due to their clever design. They come in particularly handy on a trip where you're conserving space, essentially allowing you to pack a pair of shorts and pants all in one. They have more than 3,300 reviews, many of which tout their comfort and breathability. This can be attributed in part to the nylon-polyester fabric, which offers a lot of stretch while being moisture-wicking and quick-drying, too. On top of that, the material features built-in UPF 50 sun protection, making these great for sunnier days.

Fans say: "Took them on a recent trip overseas and they were perfect for traveling ... I was very impressed as they were very comfortable, ultra light weight (great to keep weight to a minimum), and the pockets were perfect ... zipper pocket for my phone, velcro pocket for my wallet, and normal pocket for a train card ... I am so impressed with these for traveling that I ordered a different color and the non-convertible version to try out on another trip."

  • Available sizes: 30W by 30L to 54W by 34L


The best dress pants

With these men's microfiber travel pants, you can hastily shove them in your bag and they'll still come out looking pressed and wearable once you reach your destination. The wrinkle-free travel pants are perfect if you're heading on a business trip or simply want the option to dress up a little on vacation. They have a sleek, stylish look with pleats and button-through back pockets. On top of that, the polyester-microfiber fabric is breathable, quick-drying, and soft.

Fans say: "I travel all the time and don't have time for ironing or pressing. These travel so well! I take them out of my suitcase, throw them on and I am good to go! They also stay really clean somehow, must be the microfiber. My co-worker wanted to know what kind of suitcase I had since my clothes always traveled so well! Also, they have worn well in the seat even with all of my changing planes, cars, taxis, and business meetings."

  • Available sizes: 29W by 30L to 44W by 30L


The best anti-theft pants

These travel pants with hidden pockets offer excellent anti-theft protection during your vacation. This comes courtesy of a secret security pocket you can use to stash cash, a key, or credit cards to keep them safe should your bag or wallet get stolen. The lightweight pants are designed with a cotton-elastane blend that's both soft and stretchy, along with a flexible, non-constricting waistband. The material is wrinkle-resistant with durable stitching and, best of all, they can be dressed up or down, depending on what your plans are.

Fans say: "One of the front pockets has a secret, extra pocket that zips up. This is a great safety feature if you work or have to walk in a big city. You can place your wallet in the hidden pocket in the front and zip it up. These pants are a favorite of mine and enjoy wearing them."

  • Available sizes: 30W by 30L to 44W by 32L


The best for hot weather

If your vacation plans have you visiting a warm climate, these are some of the best travel pants for hot weather. Constructed with 100 percent linen, the fabric is lightweight, relaxed, and breezy. Not only that, but the design itself is loose and laid-back, too, making it look like you're ready for a day at the beach. They have a durable elastic waistband and come in a large range of sizes and colors.

Fans say: "I wear them in my trip to Thailand and I feel more comfortable than in summer shorts. Good quality and fabric. Highly recommend for summertime especially in hot regions."

  • Available sizes: X-Small - XX-Large


The best for hiking

For trips involving hiking or other outdoor activities, these men's travel cargo pants are probably your best bet. Like some of the other options on my list, they're lightweight and wrinkle-resistant, but they have the added benefit of being rugged and waterproof, too. The material is a mix of nylon and spandex, with a scratch-proof construction and sweat-absorbing properties. The water-repellent coating helps keep you dry if it starts to rain, and they also have UPF 50 sun protection. If all of that's not enough, they're also loaded with practical pockets and have an adjustable belt built in.

Fans say: "Recently took these on an 8-day camping trip across Iceland, where it rained a solid 80% of the time. By day three I gave up even attempting to wear any other pair of pants. Breathes well, surprisingly warm when climbing freezing mountains in the wind, and surprisingly cool when sweating [during] hikes by boiling geothermal pools. Water resistance is fantastic, and no tears or dings even after living in them for a week through a lot of activity. Highly recommend."

  • Available sizes: 30W by 30L to 42W by 32L


The best compression pants

Made specifically for people who experience swelling during air travel, these are some of the best travel pants for long flights. They feature class two medium compression (i.e. 20 to 30 mmHg), which helps boost circulation while also preventing soreness and aching. They're not quite as stylish as some of the other options, but if you really need compression when you fly, you'll be grateful to have them. This option is especially great for folks with conditions like edema, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and blood clots. Just note that if you have existing health concerns and you haven't tried compression pants before, you should consult a doctor first.

Fans say: "They have made a huge difference in mobility for me. My legs don't hurt, and they are not swollen."

  • Available sizes: Medium, Large

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