The 35 cheapest, most clever things for your backyard on Amazon

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If you’ve been planning a backyard makeover for as long as you can remember but don’t exactly want to spend a small fortune, this list provides tons of clever and budget-friendly ways to improve, decorate, and organize your backyard without a major investment. Whether you want to create a relaxing seating area to enjoy a glass of iced tea on a hot summer day or your lawn needs a little extra TLC without the expensive professional service bill, we’ve got you covered.

Turn your patio into a luxurious cabana that will make you feel like you’re vacationing on a tropical island with this breezy patio curtain. Or, if you’re looking for some fun pool floats to lounge around in the water, you can’t beat this super cute pizza-shaped float. And while you’re at it, turn up the tunes with this floating Bluetooth speaker for the ultimate backyard pool party. All you’ve gotta do is keep scrolling.


A 3-Arm Water Sprinkler That Rotates To Keep Your Entire Lawn Green & Lush

Skip the pricey equipment and keep your lawn green and lush with this $22 three-arm sprinkler that rotates 360 degrees. It has 12 adjustable spray nozzles and covers up to 3,600 square feet evenly, spraying as far as 32 feet. You don’t need to worry about it tipping over, this clever sprinkler has built in metal weights that keep it stable and in place.


These Outdoor Metal Stakes So You Always Have A Spot For Your Drink

These handy outdoor metal stakes take the words, “Hold my drink,” to a whole new level. The four-pack includes black, white, red and green stakes that are made from solid steel and have double pointed ends to make them extra sturdy. You can step the stakes into the ground whether it’s hard or soft and easily move them around as needed to hold your water bottle, soda can or glass of wine.


A Pair Of Lawn Aerator Shoes To Help You Achieve Greener Grass & Your Daily Step Count At The Same Time

Instead of paying big bucks for a professional lawn service, get these lawn areator shoes that’ll aerate your grass for under $25 and help you get those 10,000 steps in. The heavy-duty shoes have a plastic base with 13 metal spikes to dig into the soil and allow for more water and nutrients to get in, while the three adjustable straps ensure the shoes always stay on your feet. Strap these on and start walking.


These Clever Hand Rakes That’ll Speed Up Leaf Pick-Up

Don’t spend more time than you have to raking leaves — get these inexpensive hand rakes that make leaf pick-up so much faster, easier, and yes, more fun. The two lightweight scoops are made from durable plastic and have supportive wrist guards to minimize strain with slots that allow for easy hanging. Besides picking up leaves, you could also use these for spreading mulch and other gardening tasks.


These Magical Flame Packets For A Rainbow-Colored Bonfire

Bring a little magic to your summer bonfire nights with these colorful flame packets. Toss up to three of them into the fire and watch it light up into a rainbow of vibrant colors. They are long-lasting and suitable for both indoor and outdoor wood burning fires. More than 19,000 shoppers give them five stars.


A Hexagon-Shaped Bird Feeder So Birds Can Eat From All Sides

Add a decorative touch to your backyard with this hexagon-shaped bird feeder with a copper finish style roof that also gives birds a spot to hide from the sun and rain. It has feeding slots on all six sides and because the panels are clear, you’ll always know when it’s time to refill it. For just $13, this fully assembled bird feeder comes ready to hang and can hold around two pounds of seeds so you can feed all the birds in your backyard.


A $20 Dimmable LED Light That Clasps Onto An Umbrella Pole

Enjoy warm summer nights in your backyard under the glow of this LED umbrella light that has a built-in clamp to easily attach to the pole. The battery-operated light has a dimmer so you can set it to the perfect brightness level whether you’re hosting a big family dinner or having a quiet date night at home. It comes with a remote that works from up to 50 feet away and also has timed options to automatically shut off at the end of the night.


An Adjustable Hammock Chair With A Built-In Neck & Leg Cushion For Ultimate Comfort

Take outdoor relaxation to the next level with this adjustable hammock chair that you can sit in upright or adjust it to lean back for a long afternoon nap. Hammocks can cost hundreds of dollars, so this one is a total steal for less than $30. It’s made from a lightweight nylon that’s fast-drying and has heavy-duty tree straps for safe hanging. And for ultimate comfort, it has built-in neck and leg foam cushions.


This Electric Bug Zapper So You Can Enjoy Your Backyard Without Being Eaten Alive

Sure, we all love a good backyard barbecue or late night drink on the porch, but the mosquito bites? Not so much. Get this electric bug zapper that uses a UV light to attract bugs on all sides and collects them into a tray so you can easily dispose of them. Either stand it on a surface or hang it up and enjoy a bug bite-free night thanks to its large (up to a half-acre) coverage.


These Portable LED Lanterns You’ll Definitely Want In Case Of A Power Outage

Summer storms often mean power outages and if you’re not exactly ready to invest in a pricey generator, get this pair of LED lanterns and you won’t have to sit in the dark waiting for the power to come back on. They have a strong magnetic base and foldable hook so you can use them as an overhead or stationary light and they fold down so they’re easy to store or pack.


A Tiki Toss Ring Game For Backyard Fun All Summer Long

Bring in some fun competitive vibes to your get-togethers and outdoor parties with this ring toss game. It’s a fan favorite with nearly 2,000 ratings, and shoppers have raved about how well made it is and how quick and easy it is to install (it should just take a few minutes to set up). The ring toss game comes in a couple different designs — this one features a handy built-in bottle opener.


A Weatherproof Smart Outdoor Outlet That You Can Control With Your Phone

Get this three-in-one smart outdoor outlet and turn your electronics on and off using an app on your phone or with Alexa or Google Assistant. It’s weatherproof so it can withstand rain, sleet, and snow, and it allows you to schedule when you want lights and other devices to turn on and off. The outlet is not just super convenient, this $20 purchase can also help you conserve energy and save on your electric bill.


This Foldable Dog Pool To Keep Your Furry BFF Cool & Comfortable

Your furry BFF deserves to join in on all the pool fun, so get them this foldable, portable dog pool. Put it in your backyard or take it on vacation with you; it’s easy to set up and doesn’t involve any inflating. Made from a strong PVC material, it’s nonslip and has a side drain for easy draining and refilling. And if you’re wondering where you’d store yet another backyard accessory, no need to worry — the pool collapses and folds for easy, space-saving storage.


These Stainless Steel Wine Glasses That’ll Keep Your Glass Of Rosé Nice & Chilled

These sleek stainless steel wine glasses are the perfect addition for your outdoor entertaining this season — they won’t fall and shatter if the wind blows and they’ll keep your wine nice and chilled. Another plus — they’re dishwasher safe, so you don’t need to bother with hand washing a ton of dainty wine glasses at the end of the evening. Get a set of four for under $20 and if you want to make them look a little extra special, have them engraved for a more custom look.


A Giant Inflatable Pool Float So You Can Louge Around In Style This Summer

Make relaxing in the pool extra fun with this giant pizza-shaped inflatable float. It’s made from durable PVC and comes with a patch repair kit (just in case). It also includes bungee connector straps so you can connect up to eight of these “slices” together if you’re having a pool party. The floats come in tons of different designs, from this whimsical pizza slice to pretzel and popsicle floats and more.


A Water Hose Nozzle With Eight Spray Patterns & Adjustable Water Flow

Save money on expensive lawn care services with the help of this water hose spray nozzle that fits all standard hoses. You can choose from eight spray patterns including a shower, mist and soaker, and you can control and adjust water flow depending on whether you’re watering flowers or washing the patio. Reviewers love this product for how comfortable it is to hold, the fact that it doesn’t leak and has a lifetime guarantee.


A Big Beverage Dispenser For Easy Backyard Drinking

Whether you’re having a casual backyard picnic or hosting a baby shower, use this glass beverage dispenser so everyone can easily get their own drinks. It’s made from ultra-durable glass and won’t tip over when placed on a level surface, and the stainless steel spigot ensures that it’s leakproof. The dispenser also includes an ice cylinder that’ll keep your beverages cold without diluting them.


A Deck Box Cover That’ll Protect It From Bad Weather & Pests

Get this adjustable-fit cover and protect your deck box from bad weather so you don’t need to replace it yet again. It’s made from UV-protected polyester and has drawstrings on all sides to keep the elements and pests out. The heavy duty all-season cover is available in three sizes and two colors and is a popular choice.


These Color-Coded Marshmallow Roasting Sticks To Help Keep A Safe Distance From The Fire

Make summer bonfire nights extra fun with these marshmallow roasting sticks that have wooden handles and stainless steel telescoping forks so you get a perfectly roasted marshmallow every time. The heat-resistant handles are color coded to make keeping track of everyone’s marshmallows easier, and the sticks are 32-inches long to ensure a safe distance from the fire.


A Large Melamine Serving Tray For Effortless Backyard Entertaining

Instead of making 12 trips to carry all your snacks outside, use this large melamine serving tray to hold everything. It’s lightweight and made from BPA-free melamine, which means it’s both durable and shatterproof — perfect for backyard entertaining. The modern design gives it an elevated look that’ll instantly dress up your picnic table whether you’re serving hot dogs and potato salad or fancy wine and cheese.


This Elegant Wind Chime For Relaxed Vibes

Relax and doze off to the gentle breeze of summer nights and the soothing sound of this elegant wind chime. It’s 28 inches in length and consists of six long aluminum tubes that are hand-tuned to create beautiful melodies. Installation is super easy — a sturdy nylon rope holds the rust-proof tubes together and all you need to do is hang it up using the provided hook.


A Waterproof Picnic Blanket With Padding For Ultimate Comfort

Forget those thin picnic blankets and get this padded gingham blanket that’s made up of three layers — a soft polyester top, a spongy padding in the middle, and a waterproof bottom. It’s extra large and can seat up to eight people, but it also folds up easily and comes with a carrying handle if you want to take it to the park or the beach. And if there are bbq sauce stains all over it at the end of the day (which is a sign of a successful picnic, of course), simply toss it in the washer and it’s ready for next time.


A Pedestal Bird Bath That Has A Vintage Look For A Budget Price

Add a touch of vintage charm and keep the sweet chirping birds in your backyard all year long with this weatherproof pedestal bird bath. The aged finish and fleur-de-lis motif give it an antique-like quality but for the budget price of $35. It’s made from long-lasting resin and has a hollow space inside the pedestal that can be filled with gravel or stones to weight it down and anchor it in place.


A Magnetic Screen Door That’ll Keep The Bugs Out But The Breeze In

Enjoy fresh air without bugs and flies getting in the house thanks to this magnetic screen door. It’s an Amazon fave with over 38,000 shoppers giving it a five-star rating and raving about how effective and pet-friendly it is. The screen is made from heavy-duty mesh and easily opens and closes —for both humans and pets— using a magnet-lined middle seam.


These Solar Pathway Lights For Some Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Light your path and create an ambiance with a set of these solar pathway lights that create a cool star-shape as they illuminate your backyard. They absorb sunlight during the day and begin to light up as daylight turns into dusk. There’s no wiring necessary, just insert the stakes into the ground, push the “on” button and they’re ready to use.


A Patio Curtain That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re Vacationing At A Luxurious Resort

If a beach resort vacation is not exactly in the cards (or budget) this year, add this patio curtain to your cart asap. The panels are made from a durable, waterproof polyester that’s thick yet soft, and provides total privacy as well as a shield from the sun and rain. Choose from 13 colors and 15 sizes and enjoy relaxing afternoons in your very own at-home cabana.


A Waterproof Speaker That Floats To Make Pool Hangs More Fun

Bring your tunes with you wherever you are, whether that’s splashing around in the pool or eating a romantic dinner on the patio. This portable Bluetooth speaker is weatherproof and has a strong suction cup that allows you to attach it to any surface, but also floats in water if you’re lounging on your favorite pool float. It’s available in three colors and holds a charge for up to 10 hours of 360-degree high-quality sound.


These Bamboo Gloves That Are Breathable & Touchscreen-Friendly

Don’t spend a fortune on expensive gardening gloves (or a manicure re-do if you don’t wear any) but get this affordable $15 pair instead. The gloves come highly recommended with an overall 4.6-star rating from thousands of customers, and you’ll love them for their breathability and the fact that they are touchscreen-friendly. They come in five sizes and if you don’t want a snug fit, the brand recommends you size up.


A Pack Of Wildflower Seeds For An Inexpensive Way To Start A Garden

Get this pack of wildflower seeds and fill your garden with 23 colorful flower varieties while providing food and shelter for hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. The seeds are 100% open pollinated, non-hybrid and chemically untreated, and the pack comes with step-by-step instructions for how to plant as well as harvest. If you’ve been wanting to get into gardening, this is an affordable way to get started.


These Meteor Shower Lights For A Mesmerizing Light Display In Your Own Backyard

Hang these meteor shower lights off tree branches or the roof for a mesmerizing way to light up the night sky. The pack includes 10 warm white lights that can be hung inside or outside and look so magical as they turn on and look like falling rain or snow.


A Garden Kneeler That Converts Into A Bench

Protect your knees and keep your back from straining with this lightweight garden kneeler. It easily flips over and turns into a bench if you need a seat for a minute, and the sturdy side rails provide support if you need help getting up. The kneeler comes already assembled and folds down so it’s easy to store, and also includes a handy little pouch on the side to hold your gardening essentials.


These Wall-Mounted Tool Holders To Declutter Your Garage

Get your broom, rake and shovel off the ground and organize them on the wall using a set of these tool holders. Each of the spring-based clips can hold up to 35 pounds while gripping the tools to safely hold them in place so they don’t slide and fall. The holders are weatherproof so they can also be used outside, and they’re quick to install with just a couple screws and a drill.


A Durable Hose That Expands With Water Pressure

If you’re tired of your garden hose constantly being tangled and kinked, you need this clever expandable hose that goes from eight to 25 feet as water pressure increases. It’s made from a high-strength polyester and has rubber washers inside the brass connectors that prevent leakage. The hose shrinks back to its original size and is easy to store unlike the classic unruly ones.


This Compact Portable Charcoal Grill So You Can Have A Cookout Anytime, Anywhere

This small but mighty portable Cuisinart charcoal grill is a great option if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new grill this season. It’s 14 inches wide and only weighs two pounds, so it’s easy to transport and set up. The inside of the grill has a chrome-plated cooking rack that provides plenty of room for lots of burgers and hot dogs, while cooking them evenly so you don’t end up with a plate of half raw and half charred meat.


A Canopy For A Cool, Shaded Spot On Hot Summer Days

Set up this shade sail canopy and have a place to hide from the blazing hot sun, your favorite ice-cold beverage in hand. The rectangular canopy has curved sides to provide four-sided shade and can be easily attached to your structure with the provided D-rings and rope. It’s available in six colors and 13 sizes giving you lots of options to match your style and patio size.