The 30 cheapest, most clever things for your dog on Amazon

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

ByChristina X. Wood
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Life with a dog is always an adventure. And, as any dog parent who has purchased a last-minute leash or food bowl knows, that adventure goes a lot more smoothly with the right tools. Sometimes a dog tool is a toy or treats to make that pet happy. Is there anything cuter than a smiling dog? And sometimes that tool helps a dog exist more safely in a human world that’s full of dangerous automobiles, dog-averse neighbors, and furniture you’d like to keep fur-free.

It’s possible to drop a lot of money on fancy accessories for a dog. And I’m sure that there are billionaires out there who think nothing of dropping thousands on a designer pet kennel or diamond collar — but most of us don’t want to be “that guy” even if we do have the billions. Your dog is your best friend, not a status symbol. That dog cares about you and wants you to stay within your budget, which is why I found the 30 cheapest, most clever things for your dog on Amazon.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


These gloves that de-shed while you pet your furbaby

Pull on these grooming gloves and pet your furry friend. Your pet will love it because not only are you petting them, but you are doing it with nubby little bristles that feel great. And, those bristles pull out shedding fur so you don’t have to vacuum it up later. They are ideal during a bath, too. This is a pair and they come in blue or yellow.


The dog bowl that stops your pup from eating kibble too fast

Some dogs inhale their food so fast it can’t be healthy. But this slow-feed dog bowl has a built-in maze that will slow that habit down and make mealtimes healthier and more fun. Just add the kibble in the usual way. The ridges in the bowl make it a challenge to get every piece so your pup will take much longer to eat and enjoy it more.


This dog scooper that makes cleaning the yard so much easier

If your dog is lucky enough to have ready access to a yard, you probably have to clean that yard of pup poo on a regular basis. And this dog pooper scooper is the tool you want for that job. Just rake the poo into the flat bin, and empty that into your trash bin. You don’t have to bend over, grab the offending item, or get too close to any of this process.


This dog toothbrush you wear on a finger

Brushing your dog’s teeth isn’t difficult if you wear this finger toothbrush. It’s very healthy for your dog and does much work by way of preventive care. Just put the brush on a finger, rub the teeth, and be done. Your dog will likely enjoy it and you won’t have to pay a veterinary dentist later. This package has seven finger toothbrushes so you can switch them out frequently.


A silicone feeding mat to keep the meal area clean

Set the food bowls on this neat silicone feeding mat with two big paw prints to create a welcoming area for your pet to enjoy meals. It has a raised rim to keep stray kibble from getting all over the kitchen, keeps spilled water contained so it doesn’t damage floors, and is easy to pick up and wash.


This retractable dog leash for an off-leash-like experience anywhere

If your dog is well trained, it’s nice to walk them off-leash. But it’s not always safe. This retractable dog leash gives you and your pet off-leash-esque walking freedom while maintaining a safe grip on the situation. If danger appears, shorten the leash and lock it with the big brake-and-lock button. The ergonomic handle is easy to hold and the ribbon extends and retracts seamlessly.


A dog pool for cool fun & outdoor bathing

Giving the dog a cooling play area is easy with this foldable dog pool. You don’t need to inflate it, and that means the pup can’t pop it. Just unroll it and fill it with water. Your dog will enjoy cooling off on a hot day. You will enjoy having a clean dog without getting the entire house wet. It’s a win-win.


The protective seat cover that’s also in-car canine containment

Give your dog a safe place to travel in the back of the car with this back seat cover that not only protects the dog from its own impulse to run around a moving car, but also protects your car seat from whatever wet and smelly mischief your canine companion got into before getting in. It snaps in place firmly, also works in a hatchback, and is easy to wipe or hose off.


This seatbelt clip for your dog so everyone is safe

Buckle up your beloved pooch when you both get into the car and prevent all sorts of terrible, car-related outcomes from the dog leaping into your lap when you are trying to drive to even worse. This simple and easy-to-buckle dog seatbelt clips to the dog’s collar and into the seatbelt clip so it’s as easy to buckle as your own seatbelt.


A poop bag dispenser that’s easy to carry along

Clip this bone-shaped poop bag dispenser to your belt loop or dog leash and you will never be caught without a poop bag when walking the dog. It holds a roll of 15 leakproof, heavy-duty, clearly labeled, lavender-scented bags and is easy to load with a fresh roll when that one runs out. The dispenser comes with four rolls for a total of 60 bags.


This backpack stuffed with sturdy rope toys

You love your dog, right? And your dog loves toys? This bag full of dog toys, then, is a no-brainer. It has seven rope balls, pull toys, and rope tugging games in it and you can wear it so your dog knows where the toys are. “My puppy loves these!!” said one reviewer. “I barely got it out of the bag before she tore out of the house and was throwing it around the backyard. They feel very sturdy but also soft.”


A complete dog-training kit in a wearable belt bag

This wearable collection of dog-training tools is everything you need to bring your pup to heel. There’s a clicker, which is a much-recommended tool for training, bells that help aid potty training, treats, and a dog whistle all in a compact belt bag that holds everything for training sessions. It also comes with a guide on how to train a puppy so you know how to put it all to proper use.


The potty time doorbell your dog can ring

If you want to teach the dog not to bark or scratch at the door, you have to give them an alternative way to get your attention. Mount this wireless doorbell ringer at snout height and teach your pup how to use it. You won’t have to listen to barking, your dog won’t scratch the door, and everyone will be happy. Just stick the bell at your dog’s entry, choose an alarm sound you like, plug the receiver in where you will hear it, and enjoy how smart your furball is when they use it.


A mat that’ll make sure your floor isn’t covered in water and kibble

Dogs are sweet, but they’re not necessarily the neatest animal to exist — especially around mealtime. This mat from Leash Boss may be the game-changer you’re looking for. Available in three colors, it has raised edges on the side to keep any mess contained. It’s ideal to put around a pet fountain, or just a bowl of dry food. The mat itself is dishwasher safe, meaning it’s easy to clean.


The no-pull harness that looks sleek & feels good to your dog

This dog harness takes pressure off your dog’s trachea so that you can clip a leash to your pet without worrying about injury or discomfort. There is a clip in both front and back, it comes in four colors and four sizes, and it’s a great way to train your dog not to pull on the lead.


This easy-to-transport paw washer for dogs

Dogs love to run in mud, swamps, sand, and all manner of other unpalatable ground coverings that you don’t want in your car or home. Port this puppy paw washer with you and you will never have to endure cleaning up a huge mess after those canine decisions. Fill it with water, dip the paws in, and let the soft interior brushes scrub those paws clean. Then just empty the water and get on with your day.


The travel water bottle with a bowl-lid all dogs can handle

Some dogs can drink from water bottles. Others simply cannot master it. This dog water bottle enables all dogs to drink water that humans can carry in a bottle because the lid is a little bowl. Just press the button, pour water into that bowl, let the dog drink, and you have enabled mobile hydration. It’s easy to fill and wash and comes in two sizes and colors.


A fresh water fountain that encourages hydration

Dogs and cats love water that seems to come from a moving stream, and this pet water fountain manages to convince them that this water bowl is that. Fill it, turn it on, and the water movement will attract your pet to it and encourage water consumption. It holds three liters of water, has a viewing window so you know when to fill it, filters the water, and gets over 4,000 five-star reviews from pet owners.


An elevated pet bed that helps your pup catch the breeze

This elevated pet bed lifts your poor pooch up off the ground so that the air conditioning, ocean breeze, or whatever cooling air circulation is available keeps them cooler when they nap. It’s supportive without being a hard surface, too, so your dog will be more comfortable.


This nail grinder for safer puppy pedicures

Trim your pup’s nails without worrying about cutting too deeply by using this nail grinder. It takes the edge off of sharp nails so they don’t scratch or tear up fabrics and trims them so they don’t bother your dog or damage the floor. Simply hold the nail briefly to the diamond drum grinder and it gently files back those nails. The speed is adjustable, it has three ports for nails of different sizes, is rechargeable, and comes in six colors.


The treat-dispensing ball to keep pup’s mind & mouth entertained

Fill this treat ball with pup’s favorite treats, toss it to them, and rest as the dog gets to work trying to get every tasty morsel out of there. It’s a great way to keep a pet occupied when you go out and is good for your dog’s mental acuity. You can also use it to slow feed a dog that tends to gobble too fast.


A licking mat that keeps even the most bath-averse dog busy

If you want to distract a dog from getting a pedicure, bath, or from being bored, fill this lick pad with peanut butter or another tasty treat and let them lick it. Licking is calming for dogs and if you give them something really good to lick, it will help make them more relaxed and even prevent them from licking themselves, which can lead to problems.


A sling that’ll give you a new way to bond with a smaller dog

If you have a clingy pup, this sling may be the best way to transport them around the house while still retaining the use of your hands. Perfect for dogs (and cats, if you’re daring) 12 pounds and under, this is also a good way to relieve your dog on long hikes if they get tired midway through. After use, you can also easily throw it in the wash.


This pet backpack so you can take your companion anywhere

You know this backpack carrier is exactly what your dog wants. (And maybe the cat, too.) It’s a comfortable place to rest and yet be right near you at all times. You will do all the walking but you won’t be uncomfortable because the weight of carrying your pet is distributed evenly and easy to bear. Your pet will peek out from the comfort of the shaded interior, and there will be treats in all the pockets. Your bud will be so happy in there, they won’t even mind that the destination is the vet’s office.


A fancy car booster seat for small dogs

Keep everyone in the car safe from a small, roaming puppy while giving your little dog a comfortable place to sit and sleep with this car booster seat for small pets. It clips to the headrest to hold it in place, has an interior leash so your dog can’t leap out, and provides a comforting and safe place for your little canine to ride shotgun.


A handheld shower attachment that makes dog baths easier

Attach this clever shower attachment to your shower or hose, wear it on your hand, and get complete control over where the water goes when you give your dog a bath. There is a button on the palm of the dog bath brush so you can turn the water on and off with one hand, the water shoots out of the center, and soft, silicone, nubby fingers on the palm section help you get water under thick fur.


The classic Kong chew toy you can stuff with snacks for long-lasting fun

When you want to leave a dog home yet prevent the destruction a bored or anxious dog can wreak on your unattended home, fill this Kong chew toy with that dog’s favorite snack and give it to them when you are walking out the door. It will keep that canine energy focused on getting every last lick out of it, stand up to the chewing energy of even the largest dog, and make your dog very happy and, eventually, tired. It comes in six sizes


This 2-pack of super absorbent, washable pee pads

Did you know that dog pee pads could look so good? Whether you’re training a young pup or have a senior dog who’s starting to have more household accidents, these washable pee pads are a clever way to get the job done. These pads are ultra-absorbent and won’t damage your floors, thanks to their innovative leak guard design. “I’ve already washed it several times and it definitely holds up,” said one reviewer.


A plush & comfy dog bed you can throw in the wash

Line your dog’s kennel or sleeping area with this super plush dog bed so your little buddy has a comfortable place to sleep that’s not your couch. Your house will stay cleaner, your pet will be happier, and you will have an easy way to manage dog fur and muddy play outings. This cushy bed is both comfy and machine washable. It looks nice in the house, too.


This playpen that keeps your pet safe & contained

When you want to bring your dog camping, traveling, or visiting but can’t give them the run of the woods or house, pack this portable playpen along and give them a safe place to chill in. It comes in two sizes to fit dogs up to 50 pounds so it’s a solution for all but the largest of beasts. “I needed a way to keep the puppy out of mischief while I was busy,” said one reviewer. “We use it inside and outside to let him have more freedom than in his crate. He loves it so much he takes himself into it during the day to take naps.”